December 26, 2007

is as as is

competing nothingness
sitting around reading
knowledge context pendant
on a reduced state of being
pondering whole harmonic
engagement of present as is
As Is, awareness of present
intuition complements reason
awareness - a disengagement away
let go of tomorrow and yesterday
be in this moment to cooperate
with the destiny of universal spirit
unity from duality through time
time - the illusion of body and soul
emitting wavelength particles
or massive wave guides set
novel spheres - emotion
change is as it ever was
as is, competing nothingness

(c) 2007 lemme howdt


Still alive - but not all here - back soon, i hope

December 19, 2007


step back for a moment
to glance at what is here
how to let go when
what was important before
becomes not important now
but we still grip to hang on
xxxxxxx tightly
look to this day, when
acceptance and forgiveness

mean not so much denial
that whatever happened happened
but that it did and its okay
so our fears do not drive us
xxxxxxx insane

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

December 17, 2007


Events unfold - we can take them as they are or as we perceive them to be. If the latter, then we are deluding ourselves. Spirit, the great spirit, abides within us and allows us to be whatever we wish we be, but not so much in the form we see. We should grasp that form is elusive and that all structures crumble when no longer supported.

December 06, 2007

Odd man howdt

The saga continues ...

At the end of the summer, Dr. Lenny travelled across the country searching for self and getting away from an insanity that took over thanks to the stress of keeping up with a society gone mad. The result was an organization, Universal Sovereigns of the Living Earth - a group dedicated to self-actualization based on personal accountability. To be walking the walk that is consistent with talking the talk was a major goal; being grounded and thinking rationally was another mission. Since september, the work has been healing the soul and bringing context back to enjoying the flow patterns of life.

Well, a summons brought me back to the old home turf and then the notion of the universe deciding its own humour came about. For the time being, i can go home again - in fact i will have to. The circumstances dictate being responsible and understanding what that means is well beyond my ken. But the boys need their dad right now, so other missions will be on temporary hold until the work of getting jump-started back into the herd gets going. Decisions have a way of making themselves, thanks to unique events dictated by karma, rather than dogma.

So if you know anybody that can use a natural resources chemist to work on permaculture education, the next circus is about to begin. Drop a comment, give a suggestion and who knows what can occur. Remain positive and wish us luck - the roughest time has passed, but there will still be much craziness, joy, and challenge in the near future.

December 01, 2007

The game - which game is that?

Grounding takes a lot longer than one would normally expect. Discharging bad karma that was piled up at the outer limits of reality is like shedding layers of clothing when you come back into the house in winter. It all comes off , when you wish to get down to the bare bones. Then rebuilding with the components that are desired, rather than the ones that happened to be there, comes next. It is a game, within a game, within a game. Ongoing forever...

The time to play the new paradigm game is now. We can see by scrolling the crosslynx to the bloggosphere, that everything we expected is coming upon us in spades. Isn't it funny how expectation works - we get the queen of spades even though we aren't dealing cards. It isn't a chess game either - the scenario is going to be exactly what we make of it. Believing anything is a challenge - our senses are going to have to help us. It is no longer okay to ignore intuition in the name of science. Order comes from chaos comes from order...

So where do we go? Follow the Children! Open up your mind to new ways of learning - facts change depending on the political outcome desired. We have accumulated learned behaviors which are terribly counter-productive. When confronted with a hole, the first thing to do is drop the shovel and stop digging. There are a million billion ways of doing any task - one size fits all is the cost of efficiency where it really was not warrented. Our measures of value are all quantitative - how do we measure quality without discriminating by making choices about what we prefer? Oh - we are not allowed to choose - we must obey the nice occifer who has the gun and the flashing lights.

The ideas of sovereignty are massively important. If you are not up-to-date on the Liberty Coin issue - go ahead and google it. The whole incident is a major league sign of the times - we will have to determine reality in our own spheres of influence, because the ability to travel and interact is being seriously limited to the ownership class - which currently seems to reside in Abu Dhabi. Hope you started collecting seeds and are still feeding the rabbits.

The plan for now is to focus on writing and have the enablement happen this spring. There is a new game in town, where us Sovrins will exchange hours, and find a productive assessment of concurrent exchange value. If you wish to connect, it requires you to define how you would spend your time in a perfect, self-operated system, then get started. Dr. Lenny can help develope attitude, but you have to use your own lattitude to get to the proper altitude, where you wish to be. How many of us have time to think of what we want for ourselves, amongst our ever-present responsibilities. Time to take that time, to find your space within space. We can all use the help of each other, to make it through this time/space puzzle game.