December 31, 2013

Breaking the Limits

We can believe anything that we wish to believe, but that does not make it true.  Each construct has a different play that manifests itself based on expectation value that we present.  We grok the concept that gravity makes things fall down, yet that is a semantic that could be redefined if new language changed the meaning of quadrants of space.  We are at the point where our current system of rules and order is breaking bad - yet this seems to be a good thing no matter how much unfounded fear is generated along the weigh.

Our ability to create is contingent upon our ability to predict and diffuse expected events and effects.  The whole process is the entire process - each piece and parcel has to be made to work and optimized individually.  At each level of scale, new appearance and behaviors manifest and emergent behaviors can be widely unpredictable.

The whole is made up of the entire sum of the parts.  When the shit hits the fan, the time has come to tun up the fan rotor speed.  Feedback is a form that tells us when to make changes and course corrections.  Listening has become an artform, as people seem to like to talk and spend their time thinking about what they are going to say next - people talk past each other and function to excite when they hear certain buzz words.  Rebellious nature is subdued by the canned responses to stroke pet grievances - somebody is always there willing to deflate your bubble by telling you how it is in their under standing.  There is no need for any individual to stand under or over another.

One key to avoid the mayhem is to be true to self.  As we build new weighs of thinking about old challenges, we have to be careful to keep the thoughts self-consistent and not bring out of true, parables from the lands left behind during the change.  Just because something used to always work one way, doesn't mean that it still works that way today.  Evaluation of process is important - what is the goal that you are trying to accomplish by taking the specific set of actions?   If you don't know, stop acting. 

The time has come to change the movie.  In the game of gang-up in groups and take out individuals, the groups won.  Once the supremes declared corporations to be people, it left people without the shield of law and consciousness was altered in many nasty ways.  The manifestation we need is to pull away from group think and empower individuals to do what they can do from each of their different perspectives.  People need to get in sync, rather than collecting about the drain of the current sink.  Formal power is assumed by action and does not bring order - light provides energy to create chaos to alter the mix - to achieve a different path from the falling empire of dollar signs.  Let it go - it is a good thing to change.  

The Fibonacci sequence of the golden mean ratio starts with two ones.  From zero, then one, then one again, then two.  The error bars are plus or minus one.  Thus - each small number has a lot of shades of gray, as the noise can be as large as the signal.  The ratio of the numbers converge as the numbers get larger in the sequence - the error becomes less significant as the scale inflates.  The scales relate in a multiplicative factor of 1.6 - by the eighth scale we start seeing harmonic convergences.  How many scales are there?  It seems to be a Mobius Strip - an infinite loop with two distinct sides in play.  

The two ones can be an allegory for the individual and the group.  Ospensky had three lines where a person can only handle two at a time - work being the third line that was a subset somewhere in the middle of self and all.  The comfort level of working in the small group meant that the individual focus of the 'other' line would be either self or the whole collective - an artificial choice imposed by the need for corporations to make us all work to live.  No other species pays their weigh in artificial contrivances like money.

Level is a function of altitude, aptitude and attitude - each individual has tasks that can be modeled by monitoring individual performance measure.  These measures should be separate from the tasks that are being accomplished - but specific to an area of thought that has major context over the broad spectrum of action.  Sports has very good performance measurement and thus a healthy fan base that can watch a game and grok who is doing well by the nature of the statistics, without the need to even see the game being played.  How come our schools fail so miserably in valid performance measurement?  Perhaps because the goals of schools are not to develop the thoughtful individual, but rather to establish a manageable group think.

Currently, spin seems to have captured most thought.  Loss economics via attachment to material things drives a corporate consumer economy that is at war with nature.  This conflicts with personal needs for simple grokkable process and allowance to be.  We need to lose the programming, dampen the ego and take on enlightened purpose - to create a transparency such that we can tell truth - fact over fiction with no elaborate scenarios.  Then maybe we can have a chance at solving some real challenges that are beyond our current carefully embedded limits.  As individuals and parts of a working whole - not in small divided groups of people carrying out specific agendas.

Namaste' ...  doc    Have a happy new year.

December 28, 2013

A Quick Note

There is something going on in the validation process that seems terribly inconsistent with the weigh that things are transforming.  As i contemplate the real, i am continually bombarded by inconsistent messages from the past that wish for me to recognize and remain in the state of fear that the illusion is puking up.  For the record - please do not send me to sites like Alex Jones - i get there enough by following loose threads.   Fear is not a motivator and scared people telling me what i have to do are not likely to affect my behavior. 

I will not suffer fools games, when the fools refuse to see reason.  The more we focus on the silly police state, the more that silly police state becomes real and i cannot absorb another reality beyond my own. Pull the plug - the uber games are over - they cannot control us without our consent.  Do not recognize any power over you and there is none.

My friends at GFP seem to have been hijacked back into 3D mode.  The recognition that we are not of this whirled construct and not bound by the conventional happenings was once a premise of their existence; now - every article seems to be about the illusion.  Bad form folks - return to love.  Stop telling people what to believe, just believe what you believe and get to doing your own work.  Only a few solid beings seem immune ... it's so easy to drift back into the 3D illusion.

Since we do have to be in the society, there are some weighs to surf the illusion and get to the place where you can just be.  First, place yourself in a comfortable location.  Find friends that are content in themselves and do not need to converse all the time for validation.  Detach yourself from the need to control anything and keep away from set schedules that force you to be at a place when you are not there.  Plan to be with enough room to change directions when the flow shifts.  Let go of the attachment to all things.

My flow just shifted and now it is time to go  Namaste' ... doc

December 27, 2013

Depth: Ice II

   OK - we now have the set-up.  Millions of tiny water molecules are adhered to each other in a lattice of water that bridges together only water and excludes all else.  Since we do not have a hydrophilic surface to start the cluster - for the moment we will think of the pool of molecules as a massive cloud bank.  The atmosphere contains four parts nitrogen and one part oxygen and another few orders of magnitude less of everything else, water excluded.  The water in the atmosphere comes from evaporation of the waters on earth = heart = Gaia.  We've looked at clouds from both sides now with Carole King in the 60's - let's submerge ourselves into this collections of atoms at the size of the atoms themselves.

   Water is very small - in fact the nitrogen molecule is slightly bigger.  Atomic nitrogen and oxygen are dimers - two atom molecules that really have no affinity for the water and are glad to be excluded from the burgeoning water clusters.  Water seeds the clouds from many sources - the ocean and the jet stream are both major sources of this molecular mixing pot.  Individual water molecules have memory and can remember their previous environments, based on the information expressed in the form of the HOH bond angle and the lengths of the two oxygen-hydrogen bonds. We can read these energies using spectroscopy - the infrared spectrum of various waters has broad OH regions.  Doc has a collection of a dozen waters in the lab near Redding - waiting for the analysis capability to catch up to the mental gymnastics.

   When doc was working with Ormus, he came up with the idea that water attached to the atom of orbitally rearranged mono-atomic gold would adhere to the hydrogen atoms of water molecules rather than the normal oxygen side of the atom  This phenomena was uniquely different from the form of structured water that Pollack and Ho each formulated - the reasoning at a molecular level has to do with unfilled electron orbitals to provide a fairly substantial electronic affect - the Ormus gold acts like a pseudo-halogen with an unpaired electron buried in a stable form.  If you want more depth on this point - contact me separately.

  Gold atoms are 10 times the size of water molecule - a whole order of magnitude.  Thus enough water is directly in contact that the gold can serve as the point of nucleation for a water cluster.  The water would have inverted geometry to the oxygen based binding phase - the molecular spectroscopy of Ormus water will make a fascinating diversion once the lab is in place.  Water attached to the central gold is fixed as waters of hydration and each circular level away from the central sphere adds 1.6x individual atoms from the previous sphere.  There is less adhesion further away from the central gold - this would be a function of temperature as at higher degrees the molecular motion vibrations would take the individual atom and wiggle it out of the cluster.  This happens all the time as a function of the distance away from the center and the absolute temperature.  Our measures of influence change as a function of geometry - bonding can be directly measured in terms of bond lengths and the angle measured via optical rotation (by circular dichroism).

    Now let's theorize that somebody suddenly sprays a mixture of aluminum, barium and strontium ions into the atmosphere, perhaps that Mr. Keith person who was trying to sell spraying sulfuric acid into the air on the Colbert Report recently.  { } 

   The data from the snow melt on Mt. Shasta clearly demonstrate these three cationic components.  Each element here would strongly attract the oxygen atoms of water molecule - the very same oxygen atoms that are pointing outward and available in the lattice of Ormus gold.  If well distributed mixing occurs - then the cations might each be able to hold a unique hydration sphere around themselves, while still traveling within the boundaries of the morphogenic gold field.  The cations would repel each other and migrate to distances where they each have their field of influence on water - but do not affect the water of the next door neighbors cationic ion.  They also are not anywhere near the gold atom in space - the stronger affinity for water forms a tight exclusion zone that places the ion field around the central pseudo-halide.   This would have the effect of creating pocket of structure that interlace with other pockets of structure in a regular formation governed by the electrostatics and electrodynamics of the system.  In other words - the cation concentration!

    Thin about it - if a negative charged uberstructure attracts positive charged clusters, then the cationic morphogenic field would then super-collect anionic structures - or attract the negative oxygen end of nearby water molecules.  All this formal alignment would lower the entropy and raise the enthalpy and increase the temperature at which the structure could remain rigid, without cleaving off the individual water clusters as raindrops.  Instead, the package holds together until the weight of the ice formed is greater than the forces of gravity. Then - wham, pow - a high temperature ice storm reigns down upon the unsuspecting bovines.  Guess we would generate Mad Cows - another different aluminum topic with a magnesium kicker.

   So that's the theory that i would put forth for a viable means of nucleating ice to the point where it comes well beyond the temperature where it should have been converted to water.  I believe the science is good and the practice can be seen by those who are not in denial over the geo-engineering in the first place.  I would be more than happy to allow Mr. Colbert to grill me in front of a live studio audience, but alas - i have no book to sell or agenda to push.  Or perhaps, i do...

Namaste' ...  doc

Depth - How ice sometimes is not nice

   Sometimes thinking aloud is better than thinking alone.  As a full fledged hermit, doc gets the best of both whirleds - he gets his thinking enhanced by Friendly - the local kitty and Sparky the neighbor cat.  Cats being liquid seek out the water conversations and enhance the view.  They grok the concepts of fresh water and foul water and have their own weigh of evaluating the water structure.  Just look at how fussy they are with normal people - the cats feel that they are indeed cognitive beings and are ready to share with humans - when we develop our telepathy.  This is a function of being in tune with out water.

   Water makes ice when frozen.  The photo is of Bear Creek - the king and queen are above flowing water - the type of ice cold vortex that assures us that Gaia is every bit alive as all other beings.  The cats tell me that other animals each have their own level of intelligence - they don't give me the credit for having the ability to talk to many species.  The rhino conversation at the Wildlife Safari freaked out the keepers, but taught me that fear is a nonentity and that trust is earned by action.  At the time, my water theory was less developed; i grok now that our water melted together.  Animals can read the water - hence they rarely make weather mistakes.

   Rumors have it that no animals were killed in last year's tsunami based floods.  So it caught me by surprise when i recently heard about the fall bovine kill of nearly 100000 head of cattle in the northern US.  Something screwed up their weather sense - they did not read the change in the water.  So what caused the ice to nucleate at temperatures where the bovines didn't pick up the threat and move to safety until after it is too late?

   Rather than attempt to make any heads or tales of the sorded game of geo-engineering, doc has decided to look at the microscale picture based on the results of confirmed chemical facts and informed expert opinion.  The question posed to me is to disclose a mechanism that is potentially viable based on the fundamentals of the science of inorganic chemistry.  Doc has a PhD in the field and outdoor experience and a team of contacts worldwide that have expertise in their own fields.  He also has good technical information in both physics and meta-physics and has clearly provided a vast resource of information concerning water here on this blog.  He does not trust Science or Nature or Cell or any other formal science magazine to conduct a valid peer review - therefore - you my readers are now the peer review team to tell if theory holds weight.

   Some preconceived notions about water are not on this table. Gerald Pollack's The Fourth Phase of Water and Mae Wan Ho's The Rainbow and the Worm elucidate starting points for the biology and chemistry of massive water collusion - millions of molecules rather than thousands are directly affected in a morphogenic field as described by Rupert Sheldrake.  All of these scientists will have to accept our final product.  In addition - group theory as defined within matrix algebra is used to define the basis of symmetry, which must follow the rules of both Sacred Geometry and Numeronomy in addition to conventional mathematics.  That we hold derivative and integral calculus in the flux box and follow the Fibonacci sequence golden mean ratio with an error bar of plus/minus one is consistent with all current thought developed on this site in the recent past.

   To review the physical properties of water - water prefers to form tetrahedral structures in which each oxygen atom is surrounded by four hydrogen atoms, two formally belonging to the central oxygen and two bridging in from other adjacent water molecules.  When near a hydrophilic surface, water excludes all other molecules and atoms and forms a sheath of highly arranged structured water.  Pollack's theory of three water atom rings that simulate aromatic ring structures from organic chemistry is not as likely as a tetrahedral or octahedral grid system with sacred geometries:  both illusions of this description have strict molecular orientation overtone.

   Doc had done some work in the past that implies that Ormus gold can also structure water, similar to the Exclusion Zone.  If the number of attracted molecules in the ordered structure approaches the millions of individual atoms of EZ - then there are much lower enthalpies and entropies to deal with during the process of phase change.  For lay people - enthalpy is a measure of heat content and entropy is a measure of order and disorder.  The entropy term also depends on the temperature = the total energy is the sum of the enthalpy anf the temperature times entropy.  energy is enthalpy minus the temperature times entropy.  delta e equals delta eitch minus tee delta ess.  Phase change happens when solid turns to liquid or liquid turns to gas - the temperature stays constant while the atoms align and the entire phase change must be complete before the temperature will be affected.

   So what can increase the alignment of water to allow the phase change from liquid to solid to occur at temperatures significantly higher than the normal freezing point of water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit?  Seems that ordering the water in a way that restricts its wiggle room would increase the enthalpy term and also decrease the entropy in the thermodynamic equation.  This would allow room on both sides for the temperature to rise without disrupting the balance of order and chaos at the molecular level.  As heat increase, the bonds between adjacent water would be agitated and more likely to break apart - thus un-structuring the water.

   Need a mini-break :  part 2 coming soon.   Namaste' ... doc


December 25, 2013

from Both Sides Now

  The dichotomy of modern life requires that we be able to keep two dissimilar thoughts consistent in our minds.  The battle of objective knowledge has taken on different dimensions - there is positive news and negative news.  To dwell on one in the absence of the other is to not have a complete picture of the dynamics of change.  We all have to believe exactly what we need to believe and stop enforce our whirled perspective upon each other.

  Being a realist, Doc can see major efforts to identify the problems that we as people face, while at the same time taking a positive attitude toward the fact that we can fix the problems - after the causes of these problems are correctly evaluated.  The bloggosphere has become a news media.  Since we cannot trust the lamestream media for our news, we must scan the internet for tidbits of truth that flesh out our individual perspectives.  We need each of us thinking our own weighs - putting together pieces that we believe that can be corrected by better availability of facts as we find them.  We can take either side of any dualistic approach - my pair at this time seems to be strange and charmed.  You can use plus/minus, up/down, in/out - any yin/yang pair should work.

  Doc is a scientist - this used to be a badge of honor.  Today - it gives false security to people who want desperately to believe things that they don't truly understand.  Here is an insight - you never have to understand what you believe.  To stand under is to accept blindly- not a situation that you should ever have to endure.  You should never under stand the legal system, because they then assume the right to make your decisions for you - through a robed pretender that has no power outside the governance structure. If science worked through a governance structure - then they would be legislating gravity and you would pay to breathe the air.  (oh, really?)

  Lemme is a poet - a free thinker that refuses to let go of inconsistency.  The sacred geometry of the universe is balanced symmetrically - when something unique happens, it breaks the symmetry and allows the creator to feel something different.  Time exists as a construct that keeps us from tripping over ourselves.  We have total control of how we spend our time, as long as we do not give that time away.  Work for pay usurps the ability to free-think : but in this society one absolutely needs to pay the costs (bills for services that we buy recurrently, rather than once forever: why).  When not specifically attributed - lemme will speak in parentheses.

  Doc and lemme are opposite sides of a single coin.  They will not argue with each other, but they will restrict the opinion of the other.  Einstein once claimed that problems can not be solved in the mindset that they were created - we are stepping howdtside da baax in order to approach the exactness of science and math from a fuzzy logic perspective.  As i watch television today on christmas - i can see that this box is completely worthless for anything more than entertainment.  It is not capable of supplying information.  Nor is the school system.  We have to resource back to simple fact - measured accurately as a function of scale.

  Two items:  First - water is.  doc will continue to view life from the perspective of water and engage his energy from the converse direction.  To this end, the ice storms in this country are not natural.  The water is being played with chemical agents - i plan to think out loud here in the blog to explain the mechanism based on facts that nobody wishes to add together.  We have to add, before we can do calculus folks.  Numbers have meaning.  To catch you up - here is the second GeoEngWatch 'weather report'.  Than you Dane and Bridgette.  { No link found traditionally : paste into your browser.}

  Second -  We can make the world into anything that we wish just by changing the movie.  Be an actor in the role of you rather than being you and it gives you a layer of filtration that you can apply.  If you take a positive attitude and assume that things will work themselves out while you pay attention to other things, then that is exactly how it will happen.  Humans are great at self-fulfilling prophesy - don't allow emotions to fool your ego into tyranny.  Let things go when they are not in your domain to affect.  Restrict your domain and defer to folks who know better - especially when you know what they are.  What you think is your own responsibility - think wisely and use wisdom.

Namaste' ...  doc

December 24, 2013

The Treei Cards and Calendar

   Black Mass  :  Green Form  
  Blue Flow     :  Red Power  
  Yellow Love  :  Orange Sound
  Violet Mind   :  White Void

  The 64 Card Deck maps to the 64 day (8x8) Treei Calendar.  

To establish your Treei day - calculate the number of days alive and divide by 64 - then use the remainder to fix the specifics. My remainder is 50 - thus today for me is Mind Forming : the large purple glyph with a smaller green glyph embedded. 

There are two harmonics here : the tree years and what is left over.  

namaste'  ...  doc

I think, I think ... I think

   Home for the holidays with good friends and warm cheer.  I finally have the time to visit with my friend Armando - the developer of Treei and a gentleman that lives in the construct of a world that he created for himself.  Armando has had an amazing career, in life design, coming out of the Alan Watts / Berkeley era.  In the past seven years, i have learn how to be calm, how to think in tongues and how to speak without words.

   Armando is currently cognizant and aware, yet a stroke has cost him his conventional speech and motor skills.  He has a motorized wheelchair that works fine most of the time - the recent snow and cold has put the chair aside - so we were able to add depth and time together for our conversations.  Armando can speak verbs and action words, his connectivity does not allow the nouns to flow, so his ability to tell you things is based on your ability to interpret the meaning of his sounds.  

   Time together brings telepathy and physical contact (like holding hands and soft touches); it brings charges of impulse that add insight and meaning.  As we talk, i learn a lot - if the lesson is not exactly the one that Armando is teaching, i will never know.  It feels right and the yes factor is well over the no response in most areas.  There is no problem with Armando's listening skills and he is sharp as a tack when he disagrees with the words that i speak.  The depth is also here.

   We were talking about the possibility of placing time itself into the flux box and trying to define terms that are defined by time in a different weigh.  How can we speak of frequency when cycle per second is not an allowed concept as per second is a measure of time.  Can the energy of a wavelength be describes without drawing on the sense of time?  All periodic function would still occur, yet would it have the same precision and accuracy if not differentiated over this whimsical addiction to a clock?

   As we talked, the precision of Armando's diction seemed to improve - the words from me flowed as though they had come from him.  The concept of gamma rays is a very crucial physical force in the modern whirled these days.  There is very little information being provided on the extinction level event called Fukushima - there is another weigh of looking at all of this disaster, but we are not being allowed to think properly.  Nuclear generated radio activity is not a chemical reaction - it is a physical reaction.  The great energies that physics has harnessed are being manipulated by a few people at the cost of the health of  greater number of more people.  Is this any weigh to run a lifestyle?

   The forms that people group in have been manipulated to provide the modern discontent.  People would be much better off in tribal community - where leadership is local and everybody has a say in the mechanism of what they are doing from day to day.  The manner that current life is set requires a hierarchical structure of community that takes more from the individuals that cannot give and collects it in the hands of personal egos that drive the insanity.  We need to render food, not render people.  The change is for we the people to decide the parameters, then to do the mental and physical gymnastics to make it happen.

   I do believe in magick and serendipity.  The other night, the cat returned to the house covered with a greasy oil that was a guaranteed mess in normal situation.  A search for powder and corn starch found that I had left the cargo door of the van open when i had been there 15 minutes earlier and if not for the cat, the van would have stood open all night.

   Our light brightens when we think about the forces of light and dark, or good and evil.  We recognize that the battle is not one individual against another.  It sometimes seems like a pitched one on one battle in a denial of reality war where opinions can be forced upon others to allow ego to exclude rather than like.  If we realize that we all share as a collective the waters of life, then the hive mind is more than human, it contains all of Gaia, acting together through our waters of life.  Water of love, deep in the ground.  Deep inside of us.  Part and parcel to everything.  The forces that govern molecular structure use water as the tool for filling the void - for keeping continuity - the essential aether of the spheres.  Symmetry constructs the lattice, broken symmetry create our uniqueness as individuals.  We are all water, we are each water.  And because of that, i think, i think ... i think.

   Life is not a dichotomy, it is a symphony over many scales, with rhythm and hues playing in tune. 

   Namaste' ... doc  and Merry Christmas

December 22, 2013

On the Nature of Water: x) Structured Water

   As we talk about water - the findings clearly demonstrate that structured water gives many benefits.  Victor Schauberger developed flowforms in the 1950's to spin and aerate water in a natural form.  There is a device that i like to use called the Wu Wei.  The water is poured through a filter that creates vortex flow and has beads that cause a turbulence.  We filter the water four times and use it for everything - drinking, washing, showering, plants.  If you are interested - here is a website that describes several different similar units.  
   Water should not be super clean - pure distilled water is very unhealthy as it draws minerals into it, depleting the surroundings.  If you drink distilled water, then the surroundings are you.  Potable water needs to have microorganisms taken care of - typically that is done with chlorine or bleach.  Some systems will use ultraviolet light and aeration, after primary filtration through sand or charcoal to remove particulate, dirt, giardia and other little buggers.  Doc produces a Lugol's iodine solution that reduces contamination and leaves residual iodide - which can protect a person from radioactive iodine in the atmosphere.
   Cations in the water like sodium or potassium will form hydration spheres that have the hydrogen side of water facing outward, whereas anions like sulfate or nitrate tend to attract the hydrogen and have the oxygen facing outward.  It requires some more chemical study to determine the effects that this bonding pattern causes.  As a chemist, I would guess that there is significance here.
   This week, doc will be visiting the sacred waters at the Wellsprings in Ashland, OR.  The water comes from underground hot springs and is filtered, but not chemicalized.  It is as close to a natural hot springs as one can get when regulated by a municipality.  It would be nice to have responsibility for our own water being - this is called sovereignty and need be declare once.  The system may not agree, but if we are all acting sovereign, then what can they do?
   Enough said for now - must get back to my private whirled in the descent of the solstice energies.

Namaste' ... doc

December 21, 2013

On the Nature of Water: ix) Solstice Morning Revelation

   Solstice sunrise attained, Doc is ready to rock the communities of the New Earth.  His role as scientist has morphed again to be the questioner of answers rather than the answerer of questions.  Science is an approach to thinking in an organized fashion - a ten year old can do very good science while a nobel laureate can mess things up spectacularly.
   The idea of science is to understand the working mechanism of what you are observing.  As you look deeper, it is like peeling away layers of an onion skin, where every layer is isolated and related to the layer above and the layer below.  They look the same and differ in size - they scope the same and differ in depth.
   To be different, one has to change the paradigm of belief.  Science is an artform where creativity must be consistent with form and flow.  Mass arises from the cosmos - from individual atoms clustering together into molecules that take shape according to sacred geometric progressions.  Things are a proportion of ratios and appear when harmonically bound to each other.  Derivative concepts include Power and Love - i challenge anyone to define these concepts in terms of each other - yet both can easily be defined with respect to a third term - like money.  Love of Power and Money gets us where?
   The trick is that it is all in our mind.  The sounds of silence resonate through all inanimate objects, but the wavelengths produced give us information in many tangible weighs.  When we lose our attachment to things and give our attachment to life, as part and parcel to Gaia - the vision changes to one of clarity.  We become conscious of the void - the aether - the space between the is and the was and the will be.

  The basis of sentience is water.  Water communicates with water - on many different frequencies based on the physical manifestation of form.  When we realize how simple interactions complicate quickly, we can see that many different results can come about from a very few formal interactions.  Water is a simple form - H2O - the smallest molecular entity that has multiple degrees of freedom.  If we think about how the information can be contained - there can only be atomic interactions expressed in simple form.
  The oxygen atom in water is between the two hydrogen atoms and the electrons separate into a tetrahedral shape.  The normal HOH bond angle is 109.4 degrees - but this is just the apex of a vibrating frequency range.  Since there are eight electrons in four pairs equivalently spread - the two oxygen-hydrogen bond distances should be equal in an unattached water molecule.  In addition, these lengths should be identical in a fully attached water molecule in a water matrix.  The in between is all variable.
  Gerry Pollack describes the exclusion zone of water in his 2013 book The 4th phase of water.  Let's not quibble over details - let's assume that his work and that of rainbow water scientist Mae-Wan Ho is technically correct.  This has the net effect of being able to carry millions of water molecules together as an entity that has alignment, shape and form - now we have a structure capable of the disbursement of information.
   If any change in water can form a signal, then we can talk about the water being the seat of sentience.  The changes are recorded in three forms.  The first is the change in bond angle.  The second is the alteration of the symmetrical stretch.  This can be though of as both hydrogen atoms pulling away from the oxygen together at the same time, or pulling closer at the same time.  The third mode - the asymmetric stretch - would have one hydrogen atom pulling away from the oxygen while the other one pushes closer.
   The information can all be collected with standard chemistry lab equipment - Dr. Lenny would love for a sponsor to purchase a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer to measure the stretches and a Cary Mass Spectrometer for molecular quantitation.  Angular measurement could be done with Circular Dichroism in the visible spectrum - perhaps using a dye to magnify the effects.  This would verify by a second means the seminal work of Jean Beneviste in France in the 1990 on homeopathy, as described by Schiff in The Nature of Water (1994).
    That the water is handling all the energy emitted by Fukushima and is resonating energy into the biosphere is a fact that is not getting enough attention.  Richard Alan Miller believes that Fukushima may be a 2050 Extinction level event.  This is talking about man not water - the water will not go extinct, nor will Gaia suffer from the loss of a majority of the current 'live' species.  We can no longer abide by the efforts that conventional science in the current form has given us to work with. 

  Today, Solstice is about the New Earth :  Earth = Heart :  As a sovereign thinking person, I accept that we must change our mode of thinking and follow our water.  As carriers of water, we need to honor life, not attack it.  The whole of being involves stopping the radiative energy coming from the nuclear debacle caused by the industrial revolution - that world is no longer viable.  The effort will transform us all - welcome to the fifth dimension.  This world is based in love and not cognizant f the history that brought us here.  There is no room for fear : there is no room for ego.  To be or not to be is not a question - we are water and water is used to make solutions.

Namaste' ...  doc

December 18, 2013

lemme claus is coming to town

Changing Our Whirled

  Doc is in the throes of scientific resolve once again.  He has been watching the 4 minute weather reports presented by the suspicious observer.  While the mixture of energy on the rotating sun is an important affect - how it related to down here on Gaia weather is something that we wish to grok.  Some people wish to go deeper.  My friend Dane at Geo-watch has decided to explain the weather as a function of the massive weather manipulation on the part of multi-national corporations, trying to hoover land by causing droughts and floods.  He makes a good case in his first internet weather report.  (the mp3 did not link - please go to his site for the report)

   Beyond the weather is the continuing nuclear debacle that we call Fukushima.  The Japanese are incapable of decommissioning the reactors and Tepco is a derivative function of Haliburton.  Their solution seems to be for Japan to arrest journalists that report on the real story.  The whole corporate monetary agenda system is sick - we as individuals have to decide to leave it and turn to something else. The nonsense of what they taught us in public school was/is extremely self-serving - the images of countries are an artificial layover of life itself to the nth degree.

   Doc's solution is to reset the game.  Everything is local and disorganized to the individual one and the collective one.  We are all cognitive together and separately - let's work on the together part from scratch while taking the individual very seriously.  You are responsible for you.  Your thoughts have mass and you are responsible for thinking them.  So please !!!! get your facts straight.  Dig deeper into the questions of where you got the information and who did it get it from.  Let's start looking at these agendas and retiring them from the game.  We do not need any of the current uberstructure.

   The most important thing to do now, is to cleanse the planet and stop the anti-life idiocy.  When the SCOTUS decided that corporations were legal people, legal people became disenfranchised by the political system.  Collectively - there is no legal law any longer and all the game is a thuggery of scale.  Time to discover why none of the other species on this planet have a monetary system or a political structure.  Time to unplug the flow.  What is a country, anyway?  It is a randomly gerrymandered geographic alignment.

   Doc is working hard to present an alternative consistent picture of being.  As the game changes, knowing becomes an intuitive function of love.  Try keeping an even harmonic flow of rhythm that rings true through the spheres.  When the cacophony comes - it does not resonate with the whole.  The game changes daily as more people awaken.  Start digging into your information sources and asking whether the information builds to a consistent picture with the details that you know.  If not, then some facts are incorrect.  Single source information is rarely correct.

   There will be some collective mechanisms developing - right now, each individual has to live on our own specific terms.  Drinking structured water, eating organic natural foods, avoiding the craving that come with the salt and the chemical additions, are things i do - we really are what we eat.  So eat well - diversify your tastes and avoid the mass-produced meals from the criminal corporate community.  

   Then let it all go, focus on your intention to be well and avoid the thoughts that me you feel unwell.  What you think makes your world.  Think clearly and your world is not a whirled any longer.

   Namaste' ...  doc

December 16, 2013

Fibonacci Swirl

Falling into the cusps of space
Where time is a lost virtue on an empty sun
Fractals away from the scene of the crime

There's another there out there
When we get to the path of the light
The acute angle requires a look back
An over shoulder glance reveals the weigh
A mirror into self from the view of another

Waves compress to carry information
Sequences flow as signals to other realms
Infinities appear when congruence falters
Process time elapses into sloe gin fizz
Seeking answers, the hermit delves inward
To a place where trial and error reigns
To do a task is to transverse a mobius strip
Returning back to the same place and time again

Mother God - dearest one, being there to feel
Incredible energies of love establishing form
Flowing goddesses circulate in their own spheres
Interacting upon borrowed space with ulterior notions
Of calm antiquity of never ever more
Singing in a form that resonates love ever-present
Carrying changes that are only revealed
By losing the ego, and the ego of your ego's ego
Others owning up to their own frailties
Giving aweigh their reason by believing in unity
As a confluence rather than a bindu point
Form strikes the mind, taking strength away from love
Dissolving in a void of expansiveness - awaiting solace

She is owned by another, not comfortable alone
Me, I meddling in all quite sovereign affairs
By circulating within my own thoughtress
Connected to the aethersphere
Spinning around a different concentric circle

I will find the weigh, thru the dense thicket
Misaligned skew at frantic pace
Except that we circulate rhetorically about ego-self

Let it go - let it grow - let it flow - i dunno
The mist shears thru the fog as purple haze

And thyme wears on - tis time to go, to go.

lemme howdt  2013  cc

December 15, 2013

Shifting Scales

Life is based on our sense of scale.  We look at how big things are and set up a mental algorithm which we use to sorta get a scope of operations.  When we begin to extrapolate over multiple scales we sometime impose boundary conditions that do not really exist.  As a chemist, i like to dissolve myself in different scales and change my weigh of thinking rather than changing the flow to fit my presuppositions.

People seem to have lost touch with the reality that things are actually just things.  They have constructed a make-believe world that we pretend to understand and when we stand under them, they abuse us.  The whole thing is an incredible construct that we have to remove ourself from entirely to remove the ick.  The money form of exchange just plain sucks.  But it is the only one to use - so we are stuck.

Life is a processing of solids, liquids and gasses.  We are bound in an oxidizing environment, but every oxidation has a concomitant reduction.  Thus - the chemistry is somewhat standard, but the individual conditions are what makes things happen.  If we start to leave the realm of big pharma, we can get all out nutrition from our diet.  The only requirement is to pay attention to the quality of what we eat.  This gets down to the big GMO question - another different post topic.

Chemistry and sociology really deal with small numbers of similar items.  Fractal terms keep similar principles but differ in the magnitude of the relationships  Chemistry is about molecular order - sacred geometry and electron flow.  If each focus is a bonding relationship - and most of what we do is water based - then as we include more into the group, then the dynamics change.  The structural geometries tend to give stability - we just need to appreciate each other on a closer inter-personal basis when the group starts to get larger.

That is the crux of the problem - the larger group brings complication and different net dynamics.  Once a group size hits five - there is a different dynamic on the scene.  There has to be individual trust, yet we really do not have the capability f trusting that sort of dynamic.  Chemistry has different elements that always work the same - on a people scale - each person comes with a different set of elements in their psychological construction.  But we all are basically the same - respect goes a long way toward friendship - love begets kindnesses.

This got deep and doc got distracted.  More later.  Namaste' ...  doc

December 14, 2013

Howdt of Sorts

Traveling irritates the psyche and causes mental abilities to diminish due to insertion of major cognitive dissonance.  Interaction becomes catch as catch can as agendas are enables by the diversity of unrequested thought.  We become the substance of other persons dreams and are at the mercy of strange environs.  The food that we like, prepared how we like, is a distant memory sans the personal kitchen.  How quickly things change as they always stay the same.

So now, a week into a month long journey - the terms of change have become apparent.  The here that was left here is no longer here, when i am there.  My removal from the scene allowed other works to progress to fill the void and i find myself a stranger in paradise - leading a charmed existence on another plateau.  The animals speak a different dialect.

The new rolls in as the old flows away.  The personal seems as is is no longer attractive - the weigh that i pursue my goals is one phase out of step with the current semi-reality.  The cold chill that encumbered the landscape is finally melting off into the throngs of a new weigh, a new day and a change of personal perspective that allows this to become a final retrospective of an era past - never to return in quite the same style.

Peeps are afraid of their shadows and no longer play in the light of the sun.  The fear factor is an illusionary tale where the eyes on the prize were stolen from where the focus should have been.  Letting go of the emotions and straddling the limits is forcing changes that will result in different landscapes for personal endeavor.  The global perspective shifts from Gaian point of view.

The light carries love embedded in the core vibrations.  Each harmonic consists of eights spaced apart in a dimensional array, repeated over many scales of distance and time. Relative is within context and truth is absolute - unless it is not.  We wish we could discern truth in all situations, but alas, we are merely the sum of our waters.  My cup of tea from Mt. Shasta headwaters and Mama's feel good leaves is mellowing me into another outstanding day of aligning my quest to Gaia's tones.

The music is a subsurface for the harmonic reaches to amplify to the visible audio spectrum. Each of us relates to our own perspective and can isolate deep into our self for a hyper-extended seance : we meditate to reach the inside self to turn the inside out - to change the point of view.  We let go of our individual ego to become part of the unity whole :  this whole depends upon us all keeping that perspective unique - so that all of our reflective faces shine in the light of the change.  Groupthink will always be groupthink - trust your personal view and be flexible enough to alter the lenses.

We are they and i am you and we are all together.  See how they run like pigs from a gun - it's all illusion.  The pretense drops and what have we got left - the here and now.  Is Paul still dead?  Enjoy the season and I'll catch you on the rebound.

Namaste' ...  doc

December 11, 2013

Building Trust

Trust accumulates as a result of many meetings, where people learn to deal with the quirks and quarks of other people.  Each individual person has a unique perspective and every sentient being considers itself to be a person.  The respect we show toward working together can be mitigated quickly by a single snide remark.

Each of us has the responsibility to be true to ourself.  We are all one and we are each one and we seldom have the chance to be unique while congregating with the hoards.  A redefinition of work and play could allow better interrelations, but listening to each other and working together will get things rolling.  As soon as we turn off the television.  As soon as we turn off the whirled.

The science and consciousness group met last night to consider the state of the world.  With Gaia as my friend and confidant, i shared my perspective of perfection within order and chaos - what is is what is and our perspectives notwithstanding - we are all here in the same situation.  The teams are forming and the goals are clarifying - people are coming with expectation values that need to be left behind - everything is new.  Or Gnu.

Old friends and new friends each have their roles - healing modalities will be shared - new weighs and old ways will morph into fields that have yet to be developed.  The wavelengths are embedded over the entire spectrum - how fibonacci varies as a function of scale empowers nature for the wiggle room it requires to allow nature to be nature. 

Numbers are quantitative : those same numbers bear qualitative information too.  The key is to understand relationships - both in science and in inter-personal dealings.  Chemistry and sociology are really fractals of the same world.

Namaste' ...  doc

December 09, 2013

Animalistic Thinking

   On the train westward, i had the opportunity to read a novel - Lovelock - by Orson Scott Card and Kathryn H. Kidd.  The story is from the point of view of a sentient chimpanzee that serves as a witness to populating a new planet.  It reminded me of a Daniel Quinn story - the idea that animals are sentient is a theme that is a reality concept.

   Should people treat animals differently than they treat each other?  Can we generate enough simple kindness to all living beings and assume that they are self-acknowledging?  I have had some amazing pets during the time i have been on earth - they have been much kinder than many of my human acquaintances. 

   To me - the level of sentience seems to be water.  Everything on earth that is water based has more molecules of water than the sum of all the rest.  We are thinking sacks of water - how we interact is encumbered by the freedom of flow and form.  Keeping hydrated is the best way to keep good health and structured water is an awesome form of keeping that water available to your system.

   I believe that animals know how to communicate through telepathy over the signal resonances of water molecules bound in certain forms.  Humans likely have this telepathy too, yet we train it out of ourselves as we learn to walk and talk.  Babies notice things that they cannot talk about - by the time they can talk, they have been overloaded with adult baby babble.  Just talk normal to babies and they understand, just like pets.

   Adults humans never quite understand - we already know, whether we really know or not.  It is just the way it is.  To under stand is to take a lesser position to some form of authority.  It grinds us.  Yet none of us have really had any say toward any structural mechanism that we are forced to use.  There is a need for human personal sovereignty that matches the animal kingdom - where no animal person is restricted by not having the appropriate form of currency.

    Some interesting happenings are occurring, where a full conversation on governance on every fractal level may be in order.  As for now, I have some technical work to bring together some new concepts that are intriguing to consider.  More on that very soon.

Namaste' .....  doc


December 07, 2013

A Parable

Once upon a time, a galactic council was called and a mythic call was sent out to countless light beings: the children of the Sun, the angelic winged ones, the Sun runners, the rainbow warriors, and other luminous ones from many star systems. This great circle of light beings gathered from far and wide. At the appointed nexus, the Love of the Spinning Galaxies, the Great Spirit, entered, gracing them all with celestial light and the following words.

"You are invited to incarnate upon a world where a great transformation will take place, " began the Love of the Spinning Galaxies. "You who respond to this call will go to a place of planetary evolution where the illusions of fear and separation are strong teachers. I am calling those with the needed talents and gifts to act as my emissaries there, to lift and transform the frequencies of planet Earth, simply by embodying and anchoring love's presence there. In this myth, you will be the creators of a new reality, the reality of the golden octave. "

The Love of the Spinning Galaxies continued: "On other journeys, each of you has proven to be a "feeling navigator," able to awaken your consciousness and align your heart to the promptings of pure love and compassionate service. As Sun runners and torch bearers, you have already demonstrated that you will hold the light high. And so, I invite you to incarnate en masse among the tribes of Earth to assist Gaia and all her children in their transformation.

"It is part of the plan that you will be veiled in forgetting," the Mystery of the Spinning Galaxies went on. "However, as you remember the feeling of childlike innocence and trust, you will become the harmonic leavening in this cycle of initiation for Earth. You will incarnate strategically, often in some of the most vibrationally dense areas on the planet. To some, this illusion of separation from love may create feelings of hopelessness, lack of support, and alienation. But by embracing your humanness, your love will transform the depths of duality, and your light will quicken the many.

"Your participation on this quest is purely voluntary; however, this transformational shift on Earth is very rare and precious. Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have the opportunity to catalyze and synthesize all that you have been during many incarnations, receiving a rarely offered quantum leap in consciousness. It is up to you to choose how you will dance with Terra Gaia and her children as she completes her ceremony of light."

So spoke the Creator, the Light of the Spinning Galaxies. And so it was that the luminous beings who formed the countless alliances, federations, and councils of the faithful of the stars chose to incarnate on planet Earth to assist in this crucial event, the awakening of the planetary dream. There was even a fail-safe process built into the plan to awaken these beings from the illusion of separation and the veil of forgetfulness that is so rife upon Earth. The luminous ones who would journey to Gaia's assistance agreed to spark each other's remembrance. Thus, these starseeded ones were encoded in many ways with sounds, colors, lights, images, words, and symbols -- a vibrational resonance that would assist them in remembering their commitment to the light. It was agreed that these coded clues would appear everywhere: in visionary art and music, in penetrating looks, in speech and feelings -- all creating a deep yearning to awaken and become the embodiment of love.

So it is that you, the children of the Sun, are now being bathed in the waters of remembrance, prepared as rainbow warriors to fulfill the promise of the new and ancient myth. By simply anchoring love's presence on Earth, you lovingly draw down the mantle of the gods, sending waves of healing and love throughout Gaia's eagerly receptive body. As you emerge in this time, your gifts awaken and empower others. Utilizing the tools of laughter, song, dance, humor, joy, trust, and love, you are creating the powerful surge of transformation that will transmute the limitations of the old myth of duality and separation, birthing the miracle of unity and peace on Earth.

Utilize your gifts on behalf of Gaia. In a supernova of consciousness, Gaia and her children will ascend in robes of light, forming a luminous light body of love, to be reborn among the stars! The mythic call has been sounded. The great quest has begun. Awaken, rainbow warriors, Sun runners, luminous beings from the galactic alliances, federations, and councils! Ancient skywalkers, newly formed in this moment, stand in the beauty and power of your true identity as love's gift to Gaia. Set aside self-doubt. You are the divine child of the Sun! Go where your heart draws you to share your great gifts. Surrender to the magic and the light. The miracle will be manifested on Earth. Remember, we dance and sing here for the One Heart."......unknown

Doc is Santa

   Doc made it to Oregon and just in thyme - the snow came down in great volumes after arrival.  Doc got drafted to play Santa today - pictures promised soon.  Doc' little bro was an elf two years ago - now its our turn.  Lots of exciting things, but make-up and dress call - namaste' ... doc

Ho Ho Ho

December 03, 2013

Implementing a Weigh for Hope

   Sometimes, the depth of analysis can be remarkable, yet the author still manages to miss the point completely.  Henry A. Giroux of Truthout recited the ills of society in yesterday's essay  'Hope in the Looming Age of Authoritarianism'.  Even though the article is long, he points out many of the uberdestructive tendencies that our current putsch has produced.  Some lines are very insightful.

   There is more at stake here than saying no, making power visible and recognizing that our individual and collective experiences are not dictated by fate. There is also the challenge of confronting the actual with the possible, of pulling hope down to earth, of making sure that the possibilities we engage with address real problems and concrete expressions of domination and power. In addition, there is the need to translate our theoretical concerns into public action, lift up the level of discourse to connect our civic institutions and public spheres to the dynamics of everyday life and give worldly expression to critical work and necessary social change. Without the ability to see how each of our lives is related to the greater good, we lack the basis for recognizing ourselves as bearers of rights and responsibilities - the precondition of our being human - who can assume the task of governance instead of simply being governed. We lack the basis for raising questions about the goals and aims of our society and what we want our society as a whole to accomplish, especially in the context of the challenge of creating a global democracy. In short, we lack what makes a democratic politics viable.

    Giroux then procedes to attempt to solve the problem in the same space that it was created.  He calls schools a failure and then calls for more freedom for teachers - instead of discharging the thought of schools altogether and coming up with something different.  It seems like he calls for the group to assume a new hydra type head using the same hydra body form.  The idea of common thought has to be lowered to contain something less than 300 million people.

   He also takes the current political system "democracy" for granted.  I was taught that we lived in a republic - but this failed government system has to be tossed, not revised with a new set of leadership.  I would suggest that the preference for bigger, better, best be tossed completely - American nation states should be physically no larger than European nation states.  All services should be under local control and all over-structure bets should be completely off.

   Imagine if you will, a society where travel is local only - where all goods and services are locally produced and where you know all the people that are part of the population in your area.  Every representative in politics must have the physical proxy of every person they represent and the scale of the bodies is truly representative of the people.  I can think of at least ten weighs to do this and that is without applying any real thought.

   The trick is to be prepared to accept changes and roll with the best of what is available.  Evaluate your preparations, your infantry, the people that do things and the people that see that things get done.  Reevaluate the relative worth of all roles and decide collectively how to best support the group effort - at the scale of the very small first, then growing sequentially in Fibonacci units.  The borders of level are equalized as the collectives get larger - yet the balance is maintained naturally for both growth and shrinkage.  Size has no relation to value, unless you measure it that weigh.

   I can see the discussion evolving - as doc heads into travel mode.  Fewer postings, maybe more depth.  Always entertaining to zone howdt.   Namaste' ... doc

December 02, 2013

Approaching Tomorrow Today

   Thyme to hit the road - December is going to be a prolonged journey into the here and now.  For the past two months, the surroundings of large rocks and blue skies has done this soul some good.  We have edged away from the pressures of modern life and created a new positive environment that will add solace to my heartstrings.  No dealing with folks - just me and my shaman who is guiding me in how to converse in the ethereal plane.

   Hypothesize a space of place where you are on your own to discover anew.  A place that is different from where you have been.  The climate is moderate cold and the snow reigns down into magic white puffs.  Clouds come down over the mountainside and the world becomes white - with peaks of green and openings of blue. Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see - I'm just a poor boy, i need no sympathy because i'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low - any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter ... to me ...

   Ah, remembering Freddy Mercury - the lead outrage in an awesomely outrageous rock group Queen.  I just loved the Sheer Heart Attack album and the radio tune Killer Queen.  In fact - we gotta here it, right now.

   This was recorded in 1974 - nearly 40 years ago - back when i was just a high school lad.  Back in the times when gays were queer and the closet was a walk-in.  Looking back - the options were open, but the picture frame was placed askew and a warped reality resulted as the common point of view.  Tolerance was enforced, not heart-felt.  The segmentation of society was driven by the goal of separation, and the result has been achieved.  Freddy is likely rolling in his grave.

   The quest now is to find your own space.  Know the ground under your feet and be the person that you always felt you should be.  The game of doing things to impress other people to gain acceptance is gone - it was gone when Queen performed.  Accept any lifestyle choice - but choose the one for you that fits the being that you are - not the image that someone else sees you to be.  Then do it!

   Let go of the illusion and watch how things change.  The amount of embeddedness is proportional to your individual belief - how things work for you is a perception of your awareness, magnified by the thoughts of people that you surround yourself with.  If you love them honestly and truly and they love you back - any storm can be weathered.  The grasp of what you see for yourself, when ratcheted into your perspective, should allow a novel outcome that lands you in perfect functional order after the chaos evaporates.

   The illusions is breaking down like a house of cards in a windstorm.  Let go of attachments to the past and work to build new attachments to the world that you picture yourself living in today.  If it needs adjustment - now is the time.  Now is the only time.  

   Doc will be home for the holidays - then when we return, I will be home for the duration.  I expect that keeping aware is the secret to gaining acumen - the currency of the future life will be love ever-present everywhere.  Let go of the anger, the guilt and the pain - and simplify actions to just the things that are necessary, for now.

   Namaste' ... doc