December 21, 2013

On the Nature of Water: ix) Solstice Morning Revelation

   Solstice sunrise attained, Doc is ready to rock the communities of the New Earth.  His role as scientist has morphed again to be the questioner of answers rather than the answerer of questions.  Science is an approach to thinking in an organized fashion - a ten year old can do very good science while a nobel laureate can mess things up spectacularly.
   The idea of science is to understand the working mechanism of what you are observing.  As you look deeper, it is like peeling away layers of an onion skin, where every layer is isolated and related to the layer above and the layer below.  They look the same and differ in size - they scope the same and differ in depth.
   To be different, one has to change the paradigm of belief.  Science is an artform where creativity must be consistent with form and flow.  Mass arises from the cosmos - from individual atoms clustering together into molecules that take shape according to sacred geometric progressions.  Things are a proportion of ratios and appear when harmonically bound to each other.  Derivative concepts include Power and Love - i challenge anyone to define these concepts in terms of each other - yet both can easily be defined with respect to a third term - like money.  Love of Power and Money gets us where?
   The trick is that it is all in our mind.  The sounds of silence resonate through all inanimate objects, but the wavelengths produced give us information in many tangible weighs.  When we lose our attachment to things and give our attachment to life, as part and parcel to Gaia - the vision changes to one of clarity.  We become conscious of the void - the aether - the space between the is and the was and the will be.

  The basis of sentience is water.  Water communicates with water - on many different frequencies based on the physical manifestation of form.  When we realize how simple interactions complicate quickly, we can see that many different results can come about from a very few formal interactions.  Water is a simple form - H2O - the smallest molecular entity that has multiple degrees of freedom.  If we think about how the information can be contained - there can only be atomic interactions expressed in simple form.
  The oxygen atom in water is between the two hydrogen atoms and the electrons separate into a tetrahedral shape.  The normal HOH bond angle is 109.4 degrees - but this is just the apex of a vibrating frequency range.  Since there are eight electrons in four pairs equivalently spread - the two oxygen-hydrogen bond distances should be equal in an unattached water molecule.  In addition, these lengths should be identical in a fully attached water molecule in a water matrix.  The in between is all variable.
  Gerry Pollack describes the exclusion zone of water in his 2013 book The 4th phase of water.  Let's not quibble over details - let's assume that his work and that of rainbow water scientist Mae-Wan Ho is technically correct.  This has the net effect of being able to carry millions of water molecules together as an entity that has alignment, shape and form - now we have a structure capable of the disbursement of information.
   If any change in water can form a signal, then we can talk about the water being the seat of sentience.  The changes are recorded in three forms.  The first is the change in bond angle.  The second is the alteration of the symmetrical stretch.  This can be though of as both hydrogen atoms pulling away from the oxygen together at the same time, or pulling closer at the same time.  The third mode - the asymmetric stretch - would have one hydrogen atom pulling away from the oxygen while the other one pushes closer.
   The information can all be collected with standard chemistry lab equipment - Dr. Lenny would love for a sponsor to purchase a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer to measure the stretches and a Cary Mass Spectrometer for molecular quantitation.  Angular measurement could be done with Circular Dichroism in the visible spectrum - perhaps using a dye to magnify the effects.  This would verify by a second means the seminal work of Jean Beneviste in France in the 1990 on homeopathy, as described by Schiff in The Nature of Water (1994).
    That the water is handling all the energy emitted by Fukushima and is resonating energy into the biosphere is a fact that is not getting enough attention.  Richard Alan Miller believes that Fukushima may be a 2050 Extinction level event.  This is talking about man not water - the water will not go extinct, nor will Gaia suffer from the loss of a majority of the current 'live' species.  We can no longer abide by the efforts that conventional science in the current form has given us to work with. 

  Today, Solstice is about the New Earth :  Earth = Heart :  As a sovereign thinking person, I accept that we must change our mode of thinking and follow our water.  As carriers of water, we need to honor life, not attack it.  The whole of being involves stopping the radiative energy coming from the nuclear debacle caused by the industrial revolution - that world is no longer viable.  The effort will transform us all - welcome to the fifth dimension.  This world is based in love and not cognizant f the history that brought us here.  There is no room for fear : there is no room for ego.  To be or not to be is not a question - we are water and water is used to make solutions.

Namaste' ...  doc

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