December 15, 2013

Shifting Scales

Life is based on our sense of scale.  We look at how big things are and set up a mental algorithm which we use to sorta get a scope of operations.  When we begin to extrapolate over multiple scales we sometime impose boundary conditions that do not really exist.  As a chemist, i like to dissolve myself in different scales and change my weigh of thinking rather than changing the flow to fit my presuppositions.

People seem to have lost touch with the reality that things are actually just things.  They have constructed a make-believe world that we pretend to understand and when we stand under them, they abuse us.  The whole thing is an incredible construct that we have to remove ourself from entirely to remove the ick.  The money form of exchange just plain sucks.  But it is the only one to use - so we are stuck.

Life is a processing of solids, liquids and gasses.  We are bound in an oxidizing environment, but every oxidation has a concomitant reduction.  Thus - the chemistry is somewhat standard, but the individual conditions are what makes things happen.  If we start to leave the realm of big pharma, we can get all out nutrition from our diet.  The only requirement is to pay attention to the quality of what we eat.  This gets down to the big GMO question - another different post topic.

Chemistry and sociology really deal with small numbers of similar items.  Fractal terms keep similar principles but differ in the magnitude of the relationships  Chemistry is about molecular order - sacred geometry and electron flow.  If each focus is a bonding relationship - and most of what we do is water based - then as we include more into the group, then the dynamics change.  The structural geometries tend to give stability - we just need to appreciate each other on a closer inter-personal basis when the group starts to get larger.

That is the crux of the problem - the larger group brings complication and different net dynamics.  Once a group size hits five - there is a different dynamic on the scene.  There has to be individual trust, yet we really do not have the capability f trusting that sort of dynamic.  Chemistry has different elements that always work the same - on a people scale - each person comes with a different set of elements in their psychological construction.  But we all are basically the same - respect goes a long way toward friendship - love begets kindnesses.

This got deep and doc got distracted.  More later.  Namaste' ...  doc

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