December 22, 2013

On the Nature of Water: x) Structured Water

   As we talk about water - the findings clearly demonstrate that structured water gives many benefits.  Victor Schauberger developed flowforms in the 1950's to spin and aerate water in a natural form.  There is a device that i like to use called the Wu Wei.  The water is poured through a filter that creates vortex flow and has beads that cause a turbulence.  We filter the water four times and use it for everything - drinking, washing, showering, plants.  If you are interested - here is a website that describes several different similar units.  
   Water should not be super clean - pure distilled water is very unhealthy as it draws minerals into it, depleting the surroundings.  If you drink distilled water, then the surroundings are you.  Potable water needs to have microorganisms taken care of - typically that is done with chlorine or bleach.  Some systems will use ultraviolet light and aeration, after primary filtration through sand or charcoal to remove particulate, dirt, giardia and other little buggers.  Doc produces a Lugol's iodine solution that reduces contamination and leaves residual iodide - which can protect a person from radioactive iodine in the atmosphere.
   Cations in the water like sodium or potassium will form hydration spheres that have the hydrogen side of water facing outward, whereas anions like sulfate or nitrate tend to attract the hydrogen and have the oxygen facing outward.  It requires some more chemical study to determine the effects that this bonding pattern causes.  As a chemist, I would guess that there is significance here.
   This week, doc will be visiting the sacred waters at the Wellsprings in Ashland, OR.  The water comes from underground hot springs and is filtered, but not chemicalized.  It is as close to a natural hot springs as one can get when regulated by a municipality.  It would be nice to have responsibility for our own water being - this is called sovereignty and need be declare once.  The system may not agree, but if we are all acting sovereign, then what can they do?
   Enough said for now - must get back to my private whirled in the descent of the solstice energies.

Namaste' ... doc

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