September 30, 2014

Omegas and Alphas: Group Theory

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega ... It's all Greek to me.  The order of the letters begins with Alpha and ends with Omega - people line up the same weigh.  There are only a few true alphas in the world today - way more people believe that they are alpha, but that is another issue altogether.  The Alpha is the top dog on the sled, a role that comes only to those without trepidation or fear.  

Each Alpha requires a true Omega to be effective.  The Omega is the tracker at the back of the pack: the one that sees that members of the group don't stray.  The omega watches everything that happens from his place back in the shadows and is a second set of eyes and ears for the alpha.  The more invisible the omega appears, the more effective at being included in all that goes on.  With the alpha leading the weigh, the omega covers her back and shapes the flow such that it goes the alpha's weigh.

Everybody is both alpha and omega in their own private domain.  There are two ones in the Fibonacci sequence - group structure follows patterns that fit this golden mean ratio.  Group growth depends on having a consistent platform of knowledge and ideas flowing forth in direction to a specific area of life.  We take for granted that the here will always be here now, but the now is here right now and always here, o it is what we make of it.  

In small groups, everybody shares the weigh and has a place in the participation.  In chemistry, small groups take on distinct shapes based on sacred geometry.  The forces ebb and flow such that a dynamic equilibrium is established between mutually distinct entities that work together for the betterment of the whole.  The best weigh to combine small groups is to meet and see which group leader establishes herself as the alpha of the larger group.  If a second alpha shifts to the omega role, then both ends of the spectrum have a capable leader.  The polarity can be balanced as in mitosis cell division - it follows that the ends are 1/6 and the muddle in the middle is 2/3.

If you did not follow my logic there, that is okay.  Each member of the group is in power equally, only some pigs are more equal than other pigs in the animal house.  The role that you play is chosen by the needs of the group and each part requires an understudy to fit the role, in the event of anything that happens.  Groups having apprentice systems can teach the roles of omega and alpha to willing students - the muddle in the middle rarely provides candidates for this type of endeavor.  Nobody has experience with horizontal power structures, since the old whirled was entirely vertically aligned.

The alpha leads by example and strikes off in a new direction by her sense of feel.  The Omega trusts the Alpha to choose the direction by feel, but the teamwork is built on the basis of trust and accomplishment - you have to be in love with the group and the ideas that you pitch to your community.  The methods will vary, the goals are the same.  Survival, existence, meet needs, create more, be.  There is depth, breadth and width to the game - the letter of your role is just a greek letter.  There are many weighs to share, love is the bond that holds atoms and people together, when their vibrational frequency resonates in harmony with Gaia.

Change is whatever you make of it.  Doc can play alpha, but prefers omega because the role is more difficult, especially with far-sighted alphas.  Lemme is more of a Psi, sigh.  There are other characters within this individual that come out from time to time - Hari is a Nu playing in a different field program altogether.  The hermit, nameless, plays the entire alphabet.

One last note - this blog feed is being rebroadcast over FB by the Mandala group.  There are 13 different tribes collating, where each players role is dependent on the Tribe that they choose.  Lemme is in the mole clan - he speaks from the viewpoint of this entity.  The goal of the game is to collect 144,000 peeps and have your clan outnumber the other clans.  Our goal is to measure the growth and use the projection as a model for community growth in an organic fashion.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

September 29, 2014

Off Kilter, On Board

Time taken off was very well spent. There is much happening on the planet, the belief systems have skewed and everyone is now a free agent to think for themselves.  The common denominators are no longer common: the is is in the moment of now.  I have been traveling without ever leaving and have participate in cosmos changing events.  The more things change, the more exciting the existence where free will dominates and nothing is quite as it seems.

Adventure started when the personal shaman changed.  The current scene evaporated and i found myself standing on top of a cliff, being with being that dwelt there about a thousand years ago.  There was so much there, there that we decided to return, after our equinox ceremony with best intention.  The nether whirled had its own ideas and the medicine was charged with high magick.  The travel aborted, the logistics of the trip became a walk through the mine fields of the mind.  Once a thought is thought, the idea is picked up holistically and transmitted intact through the holograph.  We are responsible to it, our reality becomes shape shifted.

All good - the events required no rescue and there was hot chili cooking in the crock at the house.  Cognitive function is a funny thing, when the shaman lost a portion and had to rebuild, the network circuitry is now different.  I was able to hold space, something that i have been called to do from time to time.  The battle here was not mine - i am a healer, not a fighter.  We cannot make compensation - when dealing with the new, you just change the pattern of how you think, and the new changes accordingly.

Sometimes life is not at all what it appears to be.  Change happens when the time to change comes: nothing is capable of stopping the flow.  Like a snowball rolling down a snowy incline.  Shaping the direction and momentum of flow is necessary to achieve the desired results.  Getting out of the way at the proper time is also quite necessary.

Peeps are going to operate business as usual.  One sixth will do what they can to support the flow of change, one sixth will do what they can to oppose the flow of change; the other two thirds are the muddle in the middle, the place where common consensus must grow.  There is a tunnel through the back door that leads off into the change which requires no support and bears no substance.  It is the place that only is, where we can be as we are.  The place is so distant from the false reality of 3D now, that being there requires not being here - but here is where we are, right now.

The symbols of time from Mesa Verde demonstrate the same effects as the etymology of words, as used by Jordan Maxwell in a 90 minute talk on the net.  There is a cerebral network of folks connected telepathically throughout the world - yet we cannot use that system until we step into our own divinity and believe in the power of magick, and the power of now.

Now magick is more than just alchemy and wisdom, it is the temperamental use of the psyche to see inside the mind the picture of how things should be.  We live on Gaia.  Gaia has 13 dimensional forms related in pairs, where each pair of yin/yang governs an aspect and the seventh solo central world is the real, or as real as it gets.  Where we be, now, depends on our individual dispositional frequency - we emit with a sense that allows animal detectors to see colored auras.  Some peeps can see auras too, but the intensity becomes a separate feature distinct from the color wavelength.

I am light, when i am not dark
I am up, when i am not down
I am charmed, when i am not strange
I am bottom, when i am not top
I am breadth, when i am not depth
I am out, when i am not in
I am who i am whenever and wherever
I can be you, only when i can no longer be me...

2014 lemme howdt

The wheel outside spins clockwise; the wheel inside spins counterclockwise and the spokes can change at any time.  Penetration to great central is one way, there can be no return to a specific paired orbit sequence.  The aura colors will lend themselves to themes within the rainbow courtroom, where different bodies of thought can be heard and weaved into the new fabric of today, on Gaia, as Gaians.

namaste' ... doc

September 19, 2014

Real is what you believe is real

Doc generally attempts to ignore the whirled in favor of remaining in heavy depth of thought.  Sometimes, however, the three dimensional world intrudes - hard to find places to stay without contributing for rent and food or go without vehicle liquids.  The cost of living doesn't have to be, we are wealthy enough to support everybody without greed, but there is no way to get there from here.

Corporations are people without conscience - there is no greater good than profit for self.  No humanity there, how can the Supremes be so howdt of touch?  We must allow the entire system to expire - what passes for work does not accomplish anything.  Running squirrels wheels neither allows perspective of pace, nor rate of objectivity - the game ramp up to the speed of full pace to where the only point of focus is making it by.  The farm welfare system rewards rich cheaters by making the hoops costly enough for the peons to be peed on.

He who understands resource distribution groks the system. The takers set rules like tenure to protect useless feeder from reality. Change must come from outside the box and ignore the inside, not transform it.  The only weigh to appreciate reality is to escape the system entirely, which has not been allowed here since the passage of the federal reserve act in 1913.  The current works require a new horizontal symmetry where power is diffused amongst many professions that require access to raw material.

A new system has to reward merit and create things durable enough to withstand the tests of Thyme. The current encouragement to distrust everyone and go it alone has been seeded into every one of us, because the powers that used to be fear what can happen if we actually acted together.  Guess what.  We play along and continue on the treadmill of futility.  The 'have to dos' generated to keep the sheep in line require persistence from every one of us to just not quit. 

Now is the time to quit their game and pursue your own interest. Don't listen to anything that doesn't resonate as true, within the context of how you think. Let go of the programming - unschool to learn.  Listen to the small children, they know.  Or ask a cat.  They know too.  Do you?

Namaste' ....  jammin w Bob M.  ...   doc

September 17, 2014

Modern Seussian Poetry

Rarified air blows cool white winds
adjust the context of your visual cortex
seemingly strange, the top quark spins
fields dissipate into an expanding vortex

Equinox brings fall and cooler clime
changes that will rock the weather
fear mongers insist that you heed their slime
simple unhook yourself from their tether

Let go of the things that they think you should know
develop a sense ability for creating unschool
everything taught is part of the grand 'Truman' show
no need to keep up with what others find cool

Common sense is simply an elaborate illusion
you are unique in your rhythm and flow
turn off the TV and avoid the confusion
excite yourself with the depths you can go

Imagine yourself on the crest of a wave
with your cosmic surfboard, skipping along
creating a space that you wish you could save
there is nothing out here where you have to belong

Trust your own senses and mean what you say
sharing your thoughts on solutions today
ignoring the hand that you don't want to play
removing the fear card, they cant make it stay

Each one of us is our own micro-nations
The rules that we follow are sovereign laws
Our courts now form with diligence and patience
The old system riots, with pitches and yaws

Not your battle to fight, it all goes away
When you decide that you don't wish to play
By the rules that they make to take things away
Just ignore them except to say have a nice day

lemme howdt -  2014 (cc)

September 16, 2014

A Brief Water Lesson

I have pledged support to Aeon Pi's 90 challenges/ 90 solutions. The key to problem solving is to look at things with a different mindset. The need to worry about what other people think is a totally merikn waste of time - we need to march to the drummer that we resonate unto.  To address each issue individually would consume many of us - however, approaching the challenge systematically allows us to gain insight with each success.

The water is the key. Our entire Gaian network communicates through the common substance water.  Molecular chemistry requires revisiting, especially considering that a good portion of the material is rote. When you get beyond the textbooks and think about the theory, well, people don't think about theory any longer.  We have to change.

Water communicates throughout life.  Each molecule rotates and vibrates and translates depending on the degrees of freedom. This concept - a degree of freedom depends on the molecular geometry.  When molecules are attached to each other, the bonds can bend and stretch.  Each bend has a characteristic angle, for every three attached atoms.  Water has three atoms - a central oxygen atom flanked by two hydrogen atoms.  The normal bond angel of water is 109.4 degrees.  This is true when water is surrounded primarily by water.

Water also has two distinct hydrogen-oxygen bonds, which can stretch together symmetrically, both short or both long, or asymmetrically - one short, one long.  These have different vibrational frequencies in the infrared spectrum.  When something is in the water, it changes the modes of vibration and hence the frequencies.  Water is polar - but adheres to different molecules by a variety of metabolic pathways.  The water solubilizes bio-materials by surrounding them with a coat of many waters - way more than anyone might expect at first glance.  Water is the solvent that allow life - everything else is solute and this is a grand solution.

To have clean water, we have to stop using water as a sewage and waste carrier.  We can be creative in our reuse, but the corporate pass to dump raw waste into rivers has to stop yesterday. Water you waiting for?  Thyme 2 Change. More depth about how water works coming in the near future.

 Namaste' ... doc

September 08, 2014


Process requires diligence. Following the protocol allows comparison of technique. Changes are encouraged with proper documentation. Derivatives are offshoots of segments of flow.  The idea of following process exactly establishes discipline.  You are responsible for disciplining yourself, be easy.

Repetition is central to process.  Taking the same path by the same means, time after time, develops a sense of being able to follow process in your sleep.  It enables sharp critical analysis - when things change due to the inevitable mistake, there is a cause and effect relationship established.

Process in nature happens because it is what things do.  Plants cannot decide, i do not wish to flower, i will stay in growth phase - the proper quanta are assembled and the plant follows the process of annual growth - based on the season, unless you fake them out.  Ecosystems are as diverse as people, in the world outside, beyond the systems in which peeps circulate.

I have a process for change that I follow, embracing the new without releasing the old.  The blending of two perspectives from different angles enhances each - the assumption that we have a common story to tell within our cultural background is complete poppycock.  Each of us is unique - if we wish to share perspective, well, we should create a process that allows us to be us without assuming that any of us actually speak for each other.

What if - we had a choice of a million jurisdictions of rules to play by - where you can essentially choose your own rules, but have them be binding. Of course, the laws of physics and the laws of nature would seemingly have priority, but perhaps not - your choice.  If you choose not to abide by, say, the law of gravity; you are free to float off at your leisure.  Everything is local, from your personal perspective scale.

The process I choose to use is the Weigh. I take what i know and balance it against what i don't now.  I make educated guesses and estimate or predict the results that i expect to see.  I keep very deep notebooks, but rarely refer back to them, they serve as a log for thought and a record of personal events. We are all blessed and charmed. I can be wrong, i reevaluate based on how it feels - i can sense emotion and would prefer not, as Bartlebey opined.

Love and blessings for another day ...  Namaste' ... doc

September 04, 2014


The media paints a picture and the sheeple believe what they hear.  We are surrounded by voices telling us how to think by the nature of how they think; an old monkey see, monkey do technique.  Imagine that you are in a pool of people with every person in the world - all seven billion of us.  This is still several orders of magnitude less than the number of water molecules in an 8 oz glass of water.

WATER - the universal solvent!  Each of us is an aqueous solution.  The number of water molecules in our bodies outnumber every other non-gaseous molecule by 99:1.  Water is so much smaller than any other liquid or solid, that each macromolecule carries a residual team of maybe a million water atoms, per 100,000 molecular weight.

As you all know, Doc takes different perspectives on the shape and relevancy of established science.  He does not believe in the mythos of science - The Baroque Trilogy by Neal Stephenson is a more likely factual account of the Locke/Newton division of science and spirituality about the turn of the 18th century.

We need to build a new foundation of thought that takes form of magick. To believe something new, it has to be consistent with the patterns that you already know to be true. However, our underlying premises are based on truths that once again need to be verified.  We should unschool and get down to the bottom of how we know what we know.

Water is the place where this natural resource chemist has chosen to start. I structure my water before I drink it, using a Wu Wei filter.  Another filter resides on the shower, just before the head.  The centrifugal forces erase prior memories in the water - and your body takes in over a liter of absorbed water every shower.  Doc is considering a distributorship for these thousand dollar units - a high initial cost that gets paybacks of a lower per shower cost every time you use it.  The New Weigh talks about water in depth - publication is scheduled for early spring.

Doc will be running classes and is looking for apprentices.  Light workers with a depth of understanding in either botany and biological life science and/or shamanism are preferred, but no formal education is required.  You must bring a skill to the table.  

The Many Faucets of Water will not be offered until publication of the text, or of a workbook that can serve as a study guide for us as we break new ground.  Meanwhile, this blog will serve as a layman's guide to chemistry and i will take a topic like solvents into a different depth.  There will be a tangible cost involved in the process and the currency of the realm is not cash.

Namaste'  ...  lemme