September 16, 2014

A Brief Water Lesson

I have pledged support to Aeon Pi's 90 challenges/ 90 solutions. The key to problem solving is to look at things with a different mindset. The need to worry about what other people think is a totally merikn waste of time - we need to march to the drummer that we resonate unto.  To address each issue individually would consume many of us - however, approaching the challenge systematically allows us to gain insight with each success.

The water is the key. Our entire Gaian network communicates through the common substance water.  Molecular chemistry requires revisiting, especially considering that a good portion of the material is rote. When you get beyond the textbooks and think about the theory, well, people don't think about theory any longer.  We have to change.

Water communicates throughout life.  Each molecule rotates and vibrates and translates depending on the degrees of freedom. This concept - a degree of freedom depends on the molecular geometry.  When molecules are attached to each other, the bonds can bend and stretch.  Each bend has a characteristic angle, for every three attached atoms.  Water has three atoms - a central oxygen atom flanked by two hydrogen atoms.  The normal bond angel of water is 109.4 degrees.  This is true when water is surrounded primarily by water.

Water also has two distinct hydrogen-oxygen bonds, which can stretch together symmetrically, both short or both long, or asymmetrically - one short, one long.  These have different vibrational frequencies in the infrared spectrum.  When something is in the water, it changes the modes of vibration and hence the frequencies.  Water is polar - but adheres to different molecules by a variety of metabolic pathways.  The water solubilizes bio-materials by surrounding them with a coat of many waters - way more than anyone might expect at first glance.  Water is the solvent that allow life - everything else is solute and this is a grand solution.

To have clean water, we have to stop using water as a sewage and waste carrier.  We can be creative in our reuse, but the corporate pass to dump raw waste into rivers has to stop yesterday. Water you waiting for?  Thyme 2 Change. More depth about how water works coming in the near future.

 Namaste' ... doc

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