September 29, 2014

Off Kilter, On Board

Time taken off was very well spent. There is much happening on the planet, the belief systems have skewed and everyone is now a free agent to think for themselves.  The common denominators are no longer common: the is is in the moment of now.  I have been traveling without ever leaving and have participate in cosmos changing events.  The more things change, the more exciting the existence where free will dominates and nothing is quite as it seems.

Adventure started when the personal shaman changed.  The current scene evaporated and i found myself standing on top of a cliff, being with being that dwelt there about a thousand years ago.  There was so much there, there that we decided to return, after our equinox ceremony with best intention.  The nether whirled had its own ideas and the medicine was charged with high magick.  The travel aborted, the logistics of the trip became a walk through the mine fields of the mind.  Once a thought is thought, the idea is picked up holistically and transmitted intact through the holograph.  We are responsible to it, our reality becomes shape shifted.

All good - the events required no rescue and there was hot chili cooking in the crock at the house.  Cognitive function is a funny thing, when the shaman lost a portion and had to rebuild, the network circuitry is now different.  I was able to hold space, something that i have been called to do from time to time.  The battle here was not mine - i am a healer, not a fighter.  We cannot make compensation - when dealing with the new, you just change the pattern of how you think, and the new changes accordingly.

Sometimes life is not at all what it appears to be.  Change happens when the time to change comes: nothing is capable of stopping the flow.  Like a snowball rolling down a snowy incline.  Shaping the direction and momentum of flow is necessary to achieve the desired results.  Getting out of the way at the proper time is also quite necessary.

Peeps are going to operate business as usual.  One sixth will do what they can to support the flow of change, one sixth will do what they can to oppose the flow of change; the other two thirds are the muddle in the middle, the place where common consensus must grow.  There is a tunnel through the back door that leads off into the change which requires no support and bears no substance.  It is the place that only is, where we can be as we are.  The place is so distant from the false reality of 3D now, that being there requires not being here - but here is where we are, right now.

The symbols of time from Mesa Verde demonstrate the same effects as the etymology of words, as used by Jordan Maxwell in a 90 minute talk on the net.  There is a cerebral network of folks connected telepathically throughout the world - yet we cannot use that system until we step into our own divinity and believe in the power of magick, and the power of now.

Now magick is more than just alchemy and wisdom, it is the temperamental use of the psyche to see inside the mind the picture of how things should be.  We live on Gaia.  Gaia has 13 dimensional forms related in pairs, where each pair of yin/yang governs an aspect and the seventh solo central world is the real, or as real as it gets.  Where we be, now, depends on our individual dispositional frequency - we emit with a sense that allows animal detectors to see colored auras.  Some peeps can see auras too, but the intensity becomes a separate feature distinct from the color wavelength.

I am light, when i am not dark
I am up, when i am not down
I am charmed, when i am not strange
I am bottom, when i am not top
I am breadth, when i am not depth
I am out, when i am not in
I am who i am whenever and wherever
I can be you, only when i can no longer be me...

2014 lemme howdt

The wheel outside spins clockwise; the wheel inside spins counterclockwise and the spokes can change at any time.  Penetration to great central is one way, there can be no return to a specific paired orbit sequence.  The aura colors will lend themselves to themes within the rainbow courtroom, where different bodies of thought can be heard and weaved into the new fabric of today, on Gaia, as Gaians.

namaste' ... doc

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