September 17, 2014

Modern Seussian Poetry

Rarified air blows cool white winds
adjust the context of your visual cortex
seemingly strange, the top quark spins
fields dissipate into an expanding vortex

Equinox brings fall and cooler clime
changes that will rock the weather
fear mongers insist that you heed their slime
simple unhook yourself from their tether

Let go of the things that they think you should know
develop a sense ability for creating unschool
everything taught is part of the grand 'Truman' show
no need to keep up with what others find cool

Common sense is simply an elaborate illusion
you are unique in your rhythm and flow
turn off the TV and avoid the confusion
excite yourself with the depths you can go

Imagine yourself on the crest of a wave
with your cosmic surfboard, skipping along
creating a space that you wish you could save
there is nothing out here where you have to belong

Trust your own senses and mean what you say
sharing your thoughts on solutions today
ignoring the hand that you don't want to play
removing the fear card, they cant make it stay

Each one of us is our own micro-nations
The rules that we follow are sovereign laws
Our courts now form with diligence and patience
The old system riots, with pitches and yaws

Not your battle to fight, it all goes away
When you decide that you don't wish to play
By the rules that they make to take things away
Just ignore them except to say have a nice day

lemme howdt -  2014 (cc)

1 comment:

Christine said...

Love this poetry Lemme! Thank you for your beautiful words!!