September 19, 2014

Real is what you believe is real

Doc generally attempts to ignore the whirled in favor of remaining in heavy depth of thought.  Sometimes, however, the three dimensional world intrudes - hard to find places to stay without contributing for rent and food or go without vehicle liquids.  The cost of living doesn't have to be, we are wealthy enough to support everybody without greed, but there is no way to get there from here.

Corporations are people without conscience - there is no greater good than profit for self.  No humanity there, how can the Supremes be so howdt of touch?  We must allow the entire system to expire - what passes for work does not accomplish anything.  Running squirrels wheels neither allows perspective of pace, nor rate of objectivity - the game ramp up to the speed of full pace to where the only point of focus is making it by.  The farm welfare system rewards rich cheaters by making the hoops costly enough for the peons to be peed on.

He who understands resource distribution groks the system. The takers set rules like tenure to protect useless feeder from reality. Change must come from outside the box and ignore the inside, not transform it.  The only weigh to appreciate reality is to escape the system entirely, which has not been allowed here since the passage of the federal reserve act in 1913.  The current works require a new horizontal symmetry where power is diffused amongst many professions that require access to raw material.

A new system has to reward merit and create things durable enough to withstand the tests of Thyme. The current encouragement to distrust everyone and go it alone has been seeded into every one of us, because the powers that used to be fear what can happen if we actually acted together.  Guess what.  We play along and continue on the treadmill of futility.  The 'have to dos' generated to keep the sheep in line require persistence from every one of us to just not quit. 

Now is the time to quit their game and pursue your own interest. Don't listen to anything that doesn't resonate as true, within the context of how you think. Let go of the programming - unschool to learn.  Listen to the small children, they know.  Or ask a cat.  They know too.  Do you?

Namaste' ....  jammin w Bob M.  ...   doc

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in8 said...

It seems the best solution is to transition to a resourced based economy. Always open to proactive solutions. xoxo