October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

And it's a full moon too!

October 30, 2009

Whiz Bang

My world is full of flow - the dynamics of the law of attraction and the warped sense of time conspire to allow everything to happen all at once while nothing really happens in real time. There is so much that we don't know we don't know that when chaos hits - the absence of form will lead to a better resolution than overarching pre-set order. Let's hope it goes with a whimper rather than a bang.

People believe what they wish to believe no matter what you say or do. They continue their mythos in the face of the stunning realization that all that there is is not all that there is. As you peel away layers of the onion skin, you eventually find that there is no onion there - you've peeled away the substance along with the surface. Surfaces are interfaces where things touch - but mass and void are complementary currencies of matter and energy.

October 28, 2009


The crowd has arrived in force. My peaceful domicile that usually holds two or three is up to a population of six at the moment. Is this a portend of things to come? As people have more trouble dealing with each other, we fractionate into small enclaves and take in our friends as they free-fall their way howdt of the present debacle.

Home should not be grand central station. However, we take care of people who can't take care of themselves. We also tend to over-commit ourselves - how can you not take in people. The idea would be to get people back on their feet - we never can go back. I need some space.

Ah - a little extra space. Quiet is not here, must aspirate my need to climb into the silence and just get on with the temporary adjustment. The sun is howdt, so i may just migrate streamside. Consideration of the balance of cost and privacy - the latter has great value. A node of two can disappear off the grid and never be disturbed : until ... Still something to consider.

Every additional point of view has a story - we need to listen to some of the stories with much deeper regard - every story is a tale of an approach that didn't work on the pathway toward finding things that do work. We know that what eusta work, doesn't. Sometimes things work differently under different conditions. The fractal nature of life comes up again and again - everything repeats with a slightly different twist.

People learn differently - i don't like being talked at. I can handle a discussion with, but unless the actor has new information that nobody else in the group knows - i dislike the powerpoint presentation and the 'lecture'. I can only imagine what our kids think about this - the school system is an abject failure for anything except indoctrination. Can we let it go and find other ways to transfer knowledge.

October 25, 2009

Cats Channel Life

Cats have it all figured howdt - this frequency thing. They can act as a remote transmitter that operates outside of the regular space/time continuum. Schroedinger's cat provides a basic conumdrum - the cat didn't care if it was alive or dead. There are multiple levels of illusion.

Isn't it funny how you never notice some things until they play themselves into view, then you find that they don't quite fit the world perspective. The space/time talk at Urban Survival got me thinking on so many tangents that it is safe to say that i am ready for anything. Tonight's plan is to be at the grange for soup and cinema - the movie is What a Way to Go - Life at the End of Empire. I have not surfed the site because i don't want to spoil the movie - i do wish to talk about it afterward. Then see if my interpretation meets the media blitz.

Unsettling is occurring - we share resilience. Interpersonal contracts require several operating depths - with fewer access points to deeper modes of feeling and thought. The web interconnects some with others in the wavelength of their thought plateau and the vibes transmit. Let your cat be your antenna and let go of the angst - the scenario can change rapidly. The crowd grows and suddenly the free floating becomes critical and PoP! the next illusion develops to fill the void. Get thru today, then tomorrow will take place as it will.

October 24, 2009

4D --> 5D

Influence is behind the scenes power using a different type of force. The current power structure attempts to create decisions by committee, using a set stage for the portrayal of public participation, when the decision has already been made at another level and the actors are portraying their roles with illusionary intent. If you want to stop progress - form a committee.

Consensus is true agreement between people using influence to persuade, so that there are no blocks to the process. Ferreting out the real issue that is causing the hold up in the process is one of the keys to building consensus. Address the issues, realizing that the lone person who is thinking in depth has value to share when listened to. It is hard to listen and not talk over other people - but multiple directions of thought exchange build a better mousetrap (or model).

The sources speak and say hold the course. The philosophy is going to require comprehension from many different circuits. Issues of trust are going to come to the fore - already there are shaky planes underlying the foundations. Keep doing what you need to be doing, but realize that you are doing for your own edification, not because you have to or you are supposed to. Wake up to a smile and a song.
Or maybe a bowl of soup.

October 23, 2009


Images of Sunflowers - it that a face i note, looking howdtward? Sunflowers do not have to deal with banksters, or their higher gummed lawyers. Sunflowers have patterns in resonance with the sacred geometry of the golden mean spiral. Sunflower inner seeds are much less developed than the outer seeds. The seeds at the nodes where form takes shape are misdeveloped, as though they serve some other function than producing more sunflowers. Sunflowers get their heads whacked off at the end of their growing lifetime.

which one of these statements allows the change of words from sunflower to human???

October 21, 2009

Odd and Wierd together

i am at peace with me. the notion that the universe works thru the powers of distributed energy is amazingly clear. the focus of waves upon particles where the dual nature becomes a singularity should become the fundamental uniting concept of a new world field theory. distant interaction can become local as space-time folds - the stories you read are beyond the imagination to begin with, but we do not imagine in very big or very small terms. or at least most of us don't.

i am at peace with me. if a particle is a wave is a particle is a wave - can a wave be a wave without a particle nature? when a wave crests with another wave, the sums become additive. If the vectors are pointed in different directions, then maybe some of the energy is relieved into a non-mass, non-energy form. this is the world called spirit, the home of shamans and charlatans. as the collective gaia DNA line approaches the end of the chain, the current strands representing matter and energy are moving to ground. the spirit strand is causing forces that have been hitherto unknown by the persons shaping the current notion of history - they have not been factored into the transposition (or were blatantly ignored for profit by prophet).

so the physical constants are changing and time is just a parameter in the game. the notion that the higgs boson should not be discovered and hence is being affected by the future time travel is patently absurd by modern day science rules. but those rules have been skewered and are skew to the current motif - magic can happen. It just depends on your definition of magic. imagine an off the time time line that is perpendicular to the conventional reality time line - where what happens doesn't really happen, because it's all a test of the players playing an unknown game with unreal rules.

i am at peace with me. my wave frequencies got amplified but then the emitter popped and i was left back at the real home. the phone rang and the emission changed the field, so the current morphogenic response is to step back into that field, but at a lower vibration that will be amped back by the flow of thought into the same channels. sort of like an old tube television warming up.

i am at peace with me. the day has arrived to take stock in the current accounts and devote forethought to the next set of working conditions. the void voids tomorrow and the current intention will have been accomplished - a new cycle is set to begin. the void minds today, because the refection will open the interface to the pools that harbor the spirit that can talk my specific language. i know they call, the wanderlust grows stronger, but the unknown is, well unknown. for now. i am at peace with me.

October 20, 2009


So many songs spin their messages deeply - giving us the jingles that burn memories and influence philosophies. There is a Beatles tune on every topic imaginable and the lyrics make quite the short story when they come together. Y'say y'want a revolution. Grabbed my coat and grabbed my hat, made the bus in seconds flat. She's leaving home after living alone for so many years. Strawberry fields forever. Isn't it good? Number nine. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll put in an unsolicited plug for Pandora Radio. It is almost like being your own DJ. Al Stewart is crooning in the background as i think - dream - emote. The system picks up your vibes by coaching you to reject songs that you don't appreciate. It blends similar theme artists - you get to play what you are in the mood to hear. They sometimes stretch, but the similar artist interlink takes me to new places and tunes that i wouldn't associate.

The music has also been used as a control mechanism. The messages in the headphones speak to each individual and allows them to disengage from the mass turning into self. Temporarily happy disconnected self. The mind turns internal and the lyrics become the coin of hand for how to act. If you listen to good music, you make better decisions, by being in tune with the artist's harmony. Ah - but everyone has their own definition of good music and it is the music that we listen too. Time in a bottle. Time to switch modes - Ammonia Avenue by Alan Parsons Project.

Just a song before i go. - Can ya hear me calling you? Each tune yields a walk-away philosophy that allows me to vibrate on the channel that it brings. Mood enhancement without altered stimuli. If it's not there, i don't miss it - sometimes you need to quiet the other voices that speak in your head so that you can talk to the ones that matter. How many voices do you carry - do they speak with or without sound? Do they listen to the music with you or do they make up their own? When a song pops into your head - what brought it? Pink Floyd! Coming back to life. Never know what the next curtain calls. I'll be there.

October 19, 2009


A nice warm bowl of oatmeal for lunch on a cold blustery day. Raisins, strawberries and a tad bit of honey. Lubrication for the forethought of a tinge of hunger. Alas, no one home to share the meal with. Everybody is too busy racing around being part of the flow to notice the shift in direction. Time to smell the aroma - what can we do to compete? Why must we compete? Consult the origin of the premise - change is in the air...

Where do we land? Is there a wicked witch under the house? An old man behind the curtain? Who will save us? Here i come to save the day - mighty mouse! Is this what we truly believe? Didn't think so. The jetson's, maxwell smart, star trek - all surrealistic promises sold to us based on the positive future of science based endeavor. Not quite what we've got, here in maxwell edison's world.

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you. Does it add up in the sense of one? Something big is happening - here and now. I wish that i could put a tangible grasp on the way it plays howdt. Trust in the people to make good decisions when all of the facts are considered - how do we wake us up. Too late? No, not really. Planning stages for the next few seasons. So fast and yet so slow. 2012 is nearly upon us.

October 17, 2009

The Carbon Agenda

In trying to get the jump on the next bubble, i began paying attention to the carbon games - aka climate change. I have been collecting information on the topic for years and am a scientist in the camp of Bjorn Lomborg and the Skeptical Environmentalists. A recent article by Robinson, Robinson and Soon (Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (2007) 12, 79-90) pretty much addresses the sum of the evidence, which point to solar activity as being orders of magnitude ahead of anthopomorphic carbon dioxide generation.

With the Copenhagen IPCC summit coming up in December - I started working with a few colleagues on carbon monitoring for small business. If we look at the carbon cycle, we can gauge the net flux in all directions. The atmospheric chemistry of earth changes from time to time based on the gas composition - some of what we are riding now may be indicative of behavior approaching limits. Chaos theory and climate behavior have distinct overlaps.

So - what is the carbon agenda for Copenhagen really about. This little tidbit from the Aussie Press drew this comment, buried about six deep. The first paragraph is an Oct 15 quote from Lord Moncton, then the real info starts.

"At [the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in] Copenhagen, this December, weeks away, a treaty will be signed. Your president will sign it. Most of the third world countries will sign it, because they think they’re going to get money out of it. Most of the left-wing regime from the European Union will rubber stamp it. Virtually nobody won’t sign it."

I read that treaty. And what it says is this, that a world government is going to be created. The word “government” actually appears as the first of three purposes of the new entity. The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the countries of the West to third world countries, in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, “climate debt” – because we’ve been burning CO2 and they haven’t. We’ve been screwing up the climate and they haven’t. And the third purpose of this new entity, this government, is enforcement."

For those who want to read this treaty, here's a link.


For those who want to read more on Lord Moncton's speech, go here:


The science argument is moot, the real issue has always been about world governance and wealth transfer. If it wasn't CO2 it would be some other pretext. CO2 was just handy because it's global in scope, it promises future and uncertain negative consequences and it's scaring the hell out of a lot of people. Fear makes people malleable.

This treaty is the real issue that needs attention.

Amazing what you find when you read between the lines...

October 16, 2009

Vibrating Meta-physically

Weaving thoughts together to create a picture of what should be - even though we don't really have that in the visible spectrum of our minds. Intention allows us to focus howdt there while recording the current somnambolistic journey thru time and space. Sometimes we wake up to find things slightly different - not quite sure how we came to be in the place where we're at.

Time to ground things. I used to collect baseball cards, now i barely can collect my wits. Things have substance - the void has mass. Almost 90% unaccounted for, if you ask Dr. Yuri. Relative to all things - space is the place where we find ourselves. We like to hold on to the old and carry on rituals that we take comfort in, but we do not seem to allow others the same freedoms to conduct their own rituals. We get small, yet live large.

Somewhere in this harmony of scale, we resonate to a beat frequency. Our nodes ground to a point where energy dissipates and then we ramp back up into the state where we carry howdt our day-to-day business, while watching and waiting for the other shoe to drop. How many more peaks and valleys can we handle before the wave flattens. Pressure affects acoustics - we need healing as we attune to new emissions. The very small is tangible, but the very large is inconceivable - yet they are the same.

The system persists yet another week. Tomorrow takes shape one day at a time, where we do what we enjoy doing because that's what we wish to do. Emotion regulates the micro-spheres, while logic dominates the brain-waves - the mixing of the forms requires a new type of self-regulation, a knowledge of when to be there and when to turn off and just float along. Time balances out, so when the pace seems too fast - notice the grasses growing. Or climb into a picture. Winter is here - we have food and seeds for next spring. Life is a blessing. Plus.

October 15, 2009

Yesterday's News

Somewhere, back down on earth – a new chapter opens in the book that had been set aside. The change in seasons brings a change in entities – the summer was developed on the laptop rather than the tower. Slowly life transferred away into the new modality and the habits of the past slowly dissolved away. New truths became apparent and the old ways are going extinct, the way of the dodo bird. Change happens, Shift happens.

So I will take a smoke and drink a cup of coffee and continue on trying to develop a new patchwork of life – on a mind minding day. Place howdt intention to accomplish – the new pattern of though takes a back seat to old staid patterns that become useful in controlling us. Though not any more. ‘I’m going to report you to the authorities’ – what authorities - would they care. The system is set up to malfunction. ‘Everybody knows.’ Who cares what they think – the form of interaction is interpersonal, such that if behavior holds up people’s actions, then they are missing the boat.

Where do I go – follow the children
Where do I go – follow the sea
Is there an answer – in their sweet faces
That tells me why we live or die

Ah – music lyrics as a measure of societal voice. The representation of the collective as expressed through the individual is the voice of feeling. Attune the emotional state through natural harmonic and allow the cognitive dissonance to melt off. Who knows what to believe any longer – we sovereigns have to set our own level of volition to how much we feel bound to the mores of the past.

The major difference is being hooked into the Internet information system. It is a two-way relay with a lot more input influence that output influence on an individual basis. The idea that people have to make money to earn their keep was easy to ignore from offline – it is totally in your face in the on-line world. If you know something else is going on howdt there, it influences how you measure things. We see exactly what we wish to see and have blinders on for the rest.

Blogging on-line has replaced blogging off-line – I share my journalized thoughts back out into the internet field – adding to the dissonance in my own cognitive way. The goals are simple – I have demonstrated to me that I can work within myself and attract the field base that I wish to emit. I have attuned my senses such that I can feel the subtle differences of the electromagnetic order as though they were connected direct. I have become the barometer for the standard of measure – does it feel right? Does it blend in with the way I used to think it worked, or is it something that takes a different strategic order to make sense of the chaos. The key is that we don’t need to enforce order onto the chaos because the chaos itself will respond to produce a very simple natural order as it leaves off steam.

The communication wavelengths are enclosed by the focus of approach. The more we narrow down the stream of vision, the more dependent we become on the past system approach in the field. We view things in a concrete form developed by the scale of approach – molecules, quarks and superstrings all have different parameters in their models boundary conditions. As we approach an event horizon, the changes in image are striking. Alignment is taking place as the chaos leaves pockets of matter (mass) in the surroundings of void. What happens on other scales eventually affect our scale. Ideas nucleate at a point that serves as a strange attractor and sways the prana flow at very small levels. Phenomena build to a point where it becomes tangible before we take notice, if at all. It can come from several directions – the very small is the very large; as above, so below.

So we have a translucent image of a Morphogenic field that has a dissonant economic and social reality where the rules, the physical constants, are changing faster than we can keep up with the changes. The system has hiccupped and barfed and now slowly eats people alive as we fall into chaos caused by micro-vision. People are kept from communicating on a deeper level by the system of protecting themselves as an individual and working through the maze of dealing.

Phermones are the root of the problem and the key to the solution. Elemental frequencies enable connections deeper than the superficial. As we get to know each other, we exchange micro particulate that share information and the chemistry takes off. The game works at several different depths – too much bonding scares people as much as too little – always stepping through different boundaries.

October 13, 2009

Pop goes the Bubble

The illusion of the possible arises from the stream of collective being. We progress through our day to day lives working to change the things that mean something to us. Then some magic occurs and things start to sail along on a different path. The lifestyle and responsibility levels change frequencies and we attune to a slightly different reality.

The rain has come to grace the land and the mushrooms are popping out all over the lawn. The senses are attuned and the book has opened a new chapter. Like the mushrooms, we were kept in the dark and shoveled manure and suddenly - it feels different. But the rain has come and the pressure dropped so it should feel different - i no longer have need of my barometer, as i am attuned to be the barometer.

Frequency radiance will have to adapt by getting a good solid grounding. After listening to Dr. Yuri Kronn speak at the Angel Organics Health Faire, i have a deeper comprehension of energy exchange mechanisms and levels of sensitivity. What people call Chi or Prana now has a tangible overlay - the wavelengths become available depending on the mix of subparticles - which are sub waves - because of schroedinger - that darn cat.

So nature has sent me signals to stay the course and just do what i feel that is important. Several scenarios played themselves howdt. Not only are there fewer pieces on the chess-board, but also a shift in dark and bright. The garden data needs processing, the garden food needs processing and the design of next year's experiment depends on the distribution of this year's seed. The mage will return with the wonderment of spring. We have a seed bank plan for this winter, Now we iron howdt how to get the best use for our feed stock on hand for fall, while planning where to plant this spring.

October 09, 2009

Another Story Line?

There is a huge world out there begging to be explored that is entirely different than the one that has been presented to us. The numbers can be added up in different ways that reshape the picture into a world that is hidden behind the scenes. Much of history is translated stories, molded like a game of telephone - who knows what the actual details were - the story improves with the skill of the raconteur.

I try to ignore the system while focusing attention on what i enjoy. A bit of nature, some measured data and the game of putting the pieces together differently to tell another story. The bard in me just wants to sing his side of the tale. But this morning - Obama and the Peace prize? Give me a break. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite; so yesterday America bombed the moon. This is peace? Tell me, is George Orwell scriptwriting for the MSM?

So how long do you think the dollar game will last? Silver sets above $17.50 - over 20% increase in the past month. The value of silver is not increasing. Yet we are interested in bombing the moon? And Afghanistan. And Iraq. And Pakistan? And Iran?? Time to withdraw all support from the current flow and redirect mental attention to things that will have an impact in our lives - like growing food. Or tracking carbon.

October 07, 2009


Distractions are things that we pay attention to when we want to avoid paying attention to more pressing urgency. It is a necessity to take some down time when you can stop worrying about the flow of life and instead connect with life you don't have time to enjoy when the demands of the workplace put pressure on your system. I use sports and chess as my current distractions - worlds that have no connection to the body of work that i do. The entire entertainment industry serves this role, while the main stream media loses it's grip.

The latest discussion on the
Lew Rockwell Blog focuses on building blog credibility. To me that means speaking howdt on issues that resonate truth. Our collective leadership has fumbled the ball at the goal-line. The truth blurs with the fiction - as demonstrated by these PSA's. So how do we manage to sustain as the cork on the champagne bottle reacts to the shaking?

We build our own reality, our own mindsets and our own system of working together. We stop the personal disintegration based on the MSM fantasy of illusion and stop plowing deeper into the abyss. Chess is a game where you follow a book agenda through the opening into the middle game, looking for a spacial advantage. I belong to a community at
Scheming Mind that uses chess pieces as a take-off point to new games of skill and chance.

Alice and Stanley sitting in a tree

As the intensity ramps up, who is controlling the pieces in the cosmic chess game, and what game are they really playing? The only one playing your game is you - and you are a role player in the many games being played by the people you know, in both the real and virtual domains. It seems that we are playing games where each of us has different rules of engagement. What is real and what is the distraction? Let's sort out where we want to be, in terms of time and space, because our response to the changes depends on which set of rules we are playing by.

lemme howdt is in lao tzu land, where the pieces are scattered, kept in the dark, and can return on the other side after capture. These themes are too close to the current reality - way more complicated than basic chess. Alice chess is a two board game, where your pieces change board after each move. Stanley Random chess has the computer make the nearest legal move for you - but doesn't really have concrete rules. Come play chess derivatives as your new distraction - while preparing mentally for the coming changes that these games model.

October 06, 2009

Dynomyte's New Reality

My friend dynomyte has his own spin on dealing with this reality. It is good to share reality with like minded people thru this blog and other sources. When our virtual village engages with our actual village, we can share the fruits of our production with the love that feeds the Gaian soul. Plus it's always good to add another universal sovereign to the fold. Welcome to the State of Jefferson.

Math Lesson: How much is a billion?

Here is a short video by the not quite so mainstream media that has subtle implications for teaching the lemmings to count. Note the circular financial perspective - especially that red umbrella at the 36 second mark. The folks that bring you Citi advertising are selling a concept that we should not buy - that we owe the banksters this enormous debt.

I often deal with this topic when teaching chemistry. Molecules have to be accounted for in terms that rationalize billions of trillions of particles in tangible space. The log scale helps to take this concept and turn it into a linear function - where each number is ten times the next. Thus, one becomes zero and one becomes ten. Then two represents a hundred and three equals a thousand. Thus a million is six, a billion nine and a trillion twelve. The numbers increase exponentially.

This is about halfway to human on the scale of tangible size. A single grain of salt weighs in at about twenty. But i started at molecules and didn't go backward down to quarks or superstrings or anything like that. If i did, molecules would be about 10 and you could add ten to each corresponding number.

Now suppose that we are just in the middle of the scale rather than on the biggest end. This would set the size and scope of the multiverse at 64. This is a hugely significant number in a whole bunch of mathematical correlations - from chess to vaastu to I-Ching to ...

So where does that leave us as a course of action? We work on a dynamic scale where we don't recognize the very big at all and have to dissect reality to make models of the very small. People work on scales similar to molecular levels - count the number of people at the next big group conversation that you sit in on and send me the number - i will translate it into an element and then tell you whether the meeting was stable (successful). Emulating organic natural circumstance produces effective results.

So back to reality. The time has come to start thinking in terms of another reality.

October 05, 2009

Sitopia - The world shaped by food

What we eat is what we are. Developing a personal relationship with food was one of the main purposes of developing the Sovereign Garden. Being able to share our land with the RED Earth Descendants has taught me a lot about indigenous culture. This morning i was accumulating the statistics on the harvest of the experimental garden, as i prepare to distribute the fruits of this bountiful harvest.

Allow me to introduce a woman named Carolyn Steel. Her TED talk about the place of food in history demonstrates a valuable concept. It also develops a context to the history of civilization and where we may be going within our immediate future. Open Source Control of the trade routes is imperative for cities and rural areas to have manifest destiny over their own lives. We grow too large to maintain when we lose our heritage links to our own food.

The harvest results will need to be written up and documented properly. I plan to self-publish the results on the Existence website. If you would like to volunteer for peer review, i will send a copy of the file to you when it is in the draft and comment stage. Science needs to be shared with real people as the peers - i can't think of anyone more real than people who enjoy reading the context of thought and then developing action plans to build from. I have much pumpkin seed on the hoof and over 50 ears of seed grinding corn. Choices - what to Do, What to do.

Peace Plan

There is a tinge of oddness here on another Monday morning - the idea that mebbe we are not seeing a big portion of the picture. The stress of everyday life is ramping up and all we can do is ground ourselves solidly with the people we love, trust and respect. It's the middle word, trust, that is the problem - the people who are saying trust me have done little to earn that trust. Everybody seems to have an opinion on what somebody else is doing, rather than being concerned to sort howdt their own affairs.

The way it was is not the way it will be. This seems obvious to me, but people are trying real hard to prevent the changes that need to happen as a precondition of things working. As i listen to people looking for jobs - i get the impression that a job is a cure-all, rather than a chain that locks us into a position in the status quo. The real initiative should be to get yourself in a position of doing what you love to do in exchange for the support and encouragement of the community of people doing what they love to do. None of this shuffling of papers between trips to the cubicle.

Tension between people in need of money to balance their accounts is thick enough to become visible. Our assumptions need to be validated - but that takes time for thought. Instead of looking global and acting local, we should be developing our networks in both realms - as above, so below. Economics has dominated ecology and social context for so long, that there is no way to reverse the flow of Gaia's changes without major revision of the world view. As long as there are big countries with guns - the equation is one of force. A new Ghandi leading a Satyagraha of peace is on the horizon - but the events have to align in order for the show to begin.

So i sit back and wait, grounding myself by meditation with nature. The deer feel comfortable enough to graze in comfort on the lawn - at the same time, deer season has opened in the hills. The people are not hungry enough to go back to hunting and gathering - yet. It is coming. I just hope that we can see ourselves as part of the natural scene, rather than above it. Gaia knows, and will take care of those that support her with stewardship and loving kindness. Time to clean up the messes and address the world from a different point of view - internal peace.

October 01, 2009

Bringing in the Crops

Plentiful pumpkins and maize type corn have been harvested from the Sovereign Garden in the past few days. The landowner now has his cows howdt in the field - they seem to be congregating in the area where i had my crops. Good Vibrations!! Section 2 was the most prolific - this region had as much biomass as the other three areas combined. Must write up the experiment.

If you wish to look at more photos - visit this