April 27, 2015

On Camel Rats

As we watch societal meltdown from a detached point of view, allow me to remind us all that this process is a good thing, no matter how badly the spin is spun. The crooks in control are in full panic, as well they should be. The insights gained from actually measuring things, leads one to believe that the faster it all falls down, the quicker we can start on the rebuild.

As i look to see what others are doing, every list tells people to get out of debt. How wrong can that be? Debt is what you live on as a functioning cog in their wheel and the owners of your debt made up the money that they loaned you. The whole fiction of the money game is that you do not get out by paying off debt, that is how you stay in and prop up their system. If everyone paid off no debt and cut no checks with their electronic account money beginning today, then there would be no system by the end of this week.

So, lets ask the right questions. What is my time worth and how can i trade it for the things that i need? If you went to school and followed it with college, then you think your time is worth more because of the value that you put into the system, following what you are told. How is that working? The box of control is a square - we need to think in terms of torus and antahkarana and merkaba. Sacred geometry is the feature of nature that belies the perfection of mathematics with its own different skew.

So what? The way we currently perceive time is finely divided into equivalent slices that partition the space with a flow coordinate. Time is directional and the seconds, minutes, hours and days are clocked to a 'constant' rotation of the earth. Finely worshiped nonsense! The amount of time that you spend interested is what manages your time and if you are focused on a task to the exclusion of all else, you lose track of time.

I want one of Bugs Bunny's portable holes. The type that he peels from his lapel and throws on the wall, then climbs through and reaches out to pull the hols into the hole, as Fudd waddles past. Imagine that that hole holds four hours and you can be out of time, working on something that you think you should do, then can come out at the same instant that you left, with your new knowledge functional. Some yogi's have done nearly this, it is a matter of practice, not choice. I can be in space-time that has nothing to do with the time we are in now, yet i know that i.am in our time now, each morning when i awaken.

One of the major challenges that i see is our refusal to accept that other systems could be used, because our current one size fits all equivalence is all encompassing. That 'not allowed' has moved into our vocabulary is a crime - that it has descended into our education structure has made what we learned in school mostly worthless. I seem to remember Douglas Adams joking in the guide that the humans of earth were so happy to double their word space in the guide with the word mostly. What really is important is to conceive a different weigh - a new way of doing the things that we take for granted that we should do, because we were taught to do them.

This is not to say that everything must go. It is using yesterdays sh*t for today's compost and developing the infrastructure of support by a different method than hierarchy. We get caught up in horizontal and vertical lattices and forget that if we didn't set our coordinates, there would be no orientation in space. Astronomy and astrology are both derived from the same stars, yet one is gospel and the other pseudoscience because of the way we were taught to believe. What if we let our training go and we learned what to believe against a different measure?

Now we are talking, but instantly someone will say well, you can't do that. When you ask and give them a blank-faced why - the answer always has to do with the rules they were taught to follow blindly without any critical thinking. The idea that our current governance pays for the living style of more than half the people at the expense of the other half is considered normal, depending on whether you are in the rat race, a breeder/feeder rat, a bureau rat or a camel rat. 

The camel rat saddles himself between humps and allows all the sh*t on top to get piled higher and deeper as he/she creates theory to support more rats at the expense of the creative rats - who should be keeping the wheel spinning rather than looking at what might be outside the box. Until he breaks - then new camel rats to saddle. Guess what this rat race has runs out of - gas.

If you are a former camel rat reading this piece, welcome to the new world. You have a niche, you may set it at your own pace. Watch the waves from atop the surfboard - we quit serfing and no longer believe that we gotta believe in the way we were taught. Were not gonna take it, anymore. We have more than enough to keep ourselves busy while we manage to take each 'day of time' and use it as a beginning for tomorrow, rather than a consumptive product of yesterday.

Namaste' ... lemme

April 23, 2015

Sh*t happens - how to deal - BH

Things are changing so fast that the tether tangles. We get all twisted up in things that matter not, and then worry why we don't have any time to be ourselves. The peeps who create drama for other peeps just have to be ignored and if they whine too loudly, excluded from the premises. The idea that peeps can be excluded is a fundamental right for the people on the inclusion side - we really do not have to include everybody.

Inclusion should be a self-selection process. If you choose to be somewhere where you do not belong, the universe will let you know in a variety of weighs, mostly by making your life miserable. You can do that for yourself, by making poor choices. To make good choices, you have to ask yourself what your goal is. If your goal does not make you happy, go talk to my friend Pherrell.

To be happy, remove yourself from places that depress you. Each of us can raise our frequency to any level of the spectrum - when you set your vibration above the range of the sh*t, then the sh*t disappears. If you miss your projection and allow yourself to get low, then beware of fans. You never wanna let your sh*t hit your fans. However, you always wanna deal with the sh*t as soon as it forms, else you get constipated.

Most of our current society is constipated because they intake too much sh*t each day. When you turn off your telly and allow the penguin to explode, you immediately see a reduction in many forms of sh*t. The flow of the lame stream media is worse than sewage - yet some bathe in the latest words from faux news or cee.bee.ess. To calm down, we need to be away from the flow of all electrical circuits, this computer included.

If you wish to play in the current 3d system, you have no business worrying about the 5d future. The current moment is always the current moment and if you cannot wake up to the now and make change, then you are one of those that i willingly exclude from my picture of lemmeland. The converse should also be true - but it is not. Peeps who wish to be in 5d still have to put up with all the game of 3d - because we have been included without be asked whether we choose to be. To leave that system requires stepping out of the mechanics of everyday life - which is not practical.

Try to avoid using money at a grocery store or a gas station. You have a choice to swipe an electronic card or use pieces of paper (and some small coins). They will not accept payments in any value other than credit or debt. The banksters are even leading a current assault to stop the paper - creating a cashless society. Stop believing that fiction and they whack your mole. There are all sorts of exclusion mechanisms that change the rules for those who do not play and so even by ignorance, they credit actions to your straw man. Are we off to see the wizard?

Yes - welcome to lemmeland, soon to be home of this wizard's castle. The food is growing, although where it goes when it grows has yet to be determined. If the markets are open and travel has cheap gasoline, then the food will fly away. The GMO sugar beets planted here across the road from our organic farm are not amusing at all - that the monsanity can bribe small farmers with money and change our elections has been demonstrated here in rural merika - we are not a third world nation! The forth whirled is a rather barren place - so let's now create a 5th field - a watershed governance level. More on this topic to come.

Attach to the land and the sh*t takes on different proportions. Something in the weigh she moos leads to calves and beef and raw brown starting material for compost. The green mix will come from the food waste, although waist is a category of 5d that also needs further discussion. This is my world #42 - lemmeland - and you have my permission to construct you own world and give it a number. It will go onto my map, which will be kept in a Spells book - and each word like howdt or thyme or waist that we can miss spell can also be added to the spell book - to give ourselves a 5d lingo. Lingo jingo - lunis on that (ok?).

When dealing with sh*t - remember everybody poops! So let's get our sh*t together and create so many imaginary lands that are real to the individual that creates that we can assemble a context of 5d choices, so that no size fits all and we can be happy with Pherrell.

namaste' ... lemme       BH : Be Happy!

April 22, 2015


Dream On, dream until your dreams come true. Try not to step on other people's dreams as you pursue your own goals. Set a goal and keep to a distinct path - a philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat. One of the few things that i truly remember from middle school. Nowadays, middle school is like juvenile prison and the average teenager is both bored to death and scared to death. Is this any weigh to run a system?

Doc is working on a system that involves healthful exchange of time and effort. When people work in isolation for their own benefit, exclusion is the result. Inclusion on the current terms means having to go along to get along and accepting a circular payment of permanent continuance of a broken record. We have to let it go to change the weigh. To get there from here may take baby steps for most sheep - the time curve will not allow that sort of approach.

Connections are made by doing the things that you know have to be done. We are all points of light illuminating dark tunnels, when we come together, we are powerful because we can manifest what we need. It all begins with vision and setting forth a table of what you can accept and where you will not go. Difficult people are ones who conform to their own standards and cannot compromise with the go along to get along crowd - because that crowd will never live up to the agreement to go along when times get rough, Well, they are rough now and we cannot be bribed with words to just go along with the bankster scheme of getting everyone else to grab ankles.

Resources is a funky word. What is a resource? Something of value that you can use, but when you consume the resource, it no longer is there. To keep resources, you have to minimize their use and work to build them up. Fortunately, resources are renewable, because everything takes shape and has form. The weigh seems like a vapor path; when you are on your own weigh, you know which decisions to make based on the outcomes that you wish to achieve. 

The consumer society is consuming itself. The places where things are easiest are places where the resources have already been devoured. The herding crowd sees no value left and avoids the empty desolation - just what we need to start a new system by starting to acquire resources to achieve the interactive economy that supports us without draining our resource base. 

The true resource is measured by you - it's all up to what you value. The ownership of the commons by corporations is an overlay that lays waste to our common resources, in the name of profits rather than prophets. The end is neigh, the beginning starts right after the end as a new movie reels. Casting call, coming soon to a theater near you.

Namaste' ... doc

April 20, 2015

Becoming Locally Centered

Doc has been traveling away from 'home' for most of the past two months. Since mid-February, home has become a rural space where there is little governance of folks and much to do within the space in question. The assumption that everything will continue 'as is' is assumed to be false and reconstructing a new arrangement seems to be the first order of business.

The idea of local economy is the basis of establishing permaculture. The grass roots implementation means that we all have to roll up our sleeves and do the things we do the best weigh we can do them. To look at the system as a function of 'no system' is required - everything we do as individuals is breaking new ground.

The basis set of things to have is what we need first to fill immediate needs. Clean air and clean water are very high on the list, but we can purify both air and water if available and unclean. Having a source of charcoal - a carbon material consisting of mostly burnt organic compounds will allow us to make filters for both air and water. Charcoal absorbs most everything on its surface and goes a long way toward being a complete fix. Making air masks and water flow units becomes trivial, when you have your own source of char.

Home had people who are growing food, building summer shelters and developing ideas to keep people entertained and busy. To congregate in a single place requires enough basic resources for food, shelter, clothing and things to do. If the lights work things are much easier, but i would not plan on the electrical infrastructure remaining in place for very much longer. We are on a path set by peeps that had a social agenda - getting howdtside that box as soon as possible is key to being the change that we need to see.

Start by starting. You are capable of keeping yourself alive, no matter what the conditions are. You have a choice to rely on other peeps, or make it all work for yourself. The movement from globalization to localization will be in fits and spurts - nothing will go as expected, but everything will go - the current track has no sustainable essence at all. To do things in the old whirled requires the time spent to be on old whirled affairs - this time is essentially wasted on the New Earth. Money is not worth pursuing; the jubilee will take care of restructuring the wealth system after we see what we need for change.

The old political system is hopeless and we should not even pretend to cater to it any longer. Unless you voted specifically for a representative autocracy, you have had no say in the matter. The idea that you vote and are empowered is nonsense - no choice of Hillary vs Jeb is a free choice - and the socialism/communism of Marx and Engels is specifically taught as horrible. I trust my own judgment for people - i have nobody in the paths of power that seems to have a clue how to make change.

That is because the path of power is cluttered with debris of the self. We have been taught over and over to rely only on self and grubbermint - the latter has no real effect except to play reverse robin hood - steal from everyone to keep them poor and feed the rich. The banksters who run the corporate sphere are laughing all the way to the bank - which we need to close yesterday. Stop using the monetary system - reject paying for any goods or services that you can get for free or barter. Your time cannot be monetized unless you allow it - just work for food and a common place to be, within a different system structure.

To whit, you are sovereign as you. How many peeps depend on you. Children and spouses are dependent on the arrangement of the nuclear family - which was inserted for us as a weigh of life after the horrid war of the 1940's. The rules were rewritten in 1913, when the federal reserve (not federal and with no reserves) took over and began printing and holding all our money. Stupid Woodrow Wilson tricks - we do not have to recognize this as legit. The whole game these days is a farce - thyme to create a new game based on local economics.

This means not paying any over-structure any taxes to support anything. Your choice of how to spend your wealth must remain with you. The whole idea of the IRS enforcement follows what is specifically prohibited in the RICO acts - what we have is pure and simple extortion. The fact that they skim it off your value before they pay you what is committed is a socialist nonsense passed off as capitalism - but really - we control our human capital and they use and abuse the working class, for the benefit of ... well who really benefits from this decayed system?

If we look at the big picture, we find that we have a skewed concept of the big picture. We have been taught to pledge to a flag - that now seems to always have yellow military trim. Sorry - not my idea of sovereignty - i pledge to no greater flag that i can realistically accommodate. This means keeping local and having local control of local resources. This blog should serve as a clearing house to create the change we need to see. If you have ideas - this is a good place to blog them, unless you wish to start your own blog. We absolutely need to have personal media access for every thinker - and we need to employ that logic in our brains to get howdt of the dark and into the light. I am already there - so welcome to my whirled. 

Kylie is always welcome.  Namaste' ... doc

April 19, 2015

Keep the Faith - Big Changes Cometh

--------- Archived with graphics at: Keep Faith - Big Changes

There's a method to the madness we see in the world today.

Understanding the method helps to overcome the madness.

We're told what's real in the mainstream media, and then we find what's really happening from good sources on the Internet.

Then it comes down to which "BS" (Belief System) you believe is true, or by default, going along with whatever "BS" that fits your comfort zone.

It's a different world we live in now.  A global village for the Family of Mankind is emerging.

That's the reality of almost 4 billion global Netizens connecting over the Internet. The technology has arrived for connecting hearts and minds worldwide. The Internet infrastructure is now installed and operational.

The global mind is activating and organizing along more enlightened lines - universal principles for global common sense.

Imagine what that world will look like. Win/win cooperation for an economics of abundance will sooner or later overrule win/lose powers that sustain the prevailing economics of scarcity.

How soon is the big question the whole world is asking. HOW SOON?

That's a big paradigm shift to holistic integration in response to systemic disintegration in core social institutions worldwide.

Global Economic Reset is happening fast.

Social Evolution Revolution is brewing worldwide.

Urgent Signs of the Times fall on deaf ears.

Civility is strained folks. But we're at a turning point. Future vision of the opportunity for all is moving us in that direction.

Now is the time foreordained for many souls to wake up, wise up and rise up with enlightened social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

Remember that there are only divine solutions to human problems. We've got to rise up higher than the consciousness that caused the world problems we see. And the culturing of social Conscience with the co-creation capabilities of heartware can correct and direct the trajectory of our conscientious common sense in an upward-mobile way of "self-elevation" (salvation) for the Family of Mankind in our new global village.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good and Make it So!

~ Christopher

Namaste' ... lemme

April 16, 2015

Correlating Perspectives to End Cultural Wars

Doc has been working on developing aspects of stewardship programs, for management of forests. It appears that the current mismanagement tactics are slowing because the infrastructure has stopped functioning outside the narrow realm of war games. Thus, We the People, may find ourselves left alone in our local regions, without the means to carry forth trade in the traditional manner.

Thus, it is time to recreate civilization from scratch. The ideas require us to think through many portions of the operation from several different perspectives. The key is to realize that each of us have a unique perspective and have to integrate that with the commons. Note that i did not say lost the viewpoint to the common thought - we need everyone thinking for themselves and working on their own set of priorities.

The only place where change in the world is not visible is from your own perspective. You see the same things that you saw yesterday and they are still here today and likely will again be here tomorrow. Why? Because that is what we expect. If we broaden our scope and expect the unexpected, we will see the change, when we look for it.

Doc is the agent of change. lemme is the agent of change. Lemme changes doc's perspective as doc changes lemme's perspective. One person seeing with two sets of eyes, from 3d and 5d, very different perspectives. You cannot get there from here. But, we can get back. The question is how far back do we need to go?

That is an inconvenient question for people who have to function in modern society to address. People do not want to change from the comfortable crookedness of the way that things are, because they would not be able to keep their stuff. Guess what? We really do not own any stuff - the 3d game is badly skewed in favor of the most powerful physical force. The 5d game is based on peace - with several wars being cancelled unilaterally. 

Unconditional love is required to bring peace. To get there, the hippies have to quit being righteous and respect the rednecks rather than pissing on their boots. The rednecks have to get off their high horse and realize that their conservatism is fine for them but dogma for everyone else and quit pissing on the hippies tennis shoes. Both groups think the same weigh, enjoy the same vices and have a similar perspective - but the 3d game has pitted them against each other, effectively destroying both factions, to the benefit of religion and government.

There are two other massive wars that must end yesterday. The first is the battle between age and youth. The elder folks have aarped their weigh into a position where their costs are a large burden on the youth - especially with the silly student loan game. Corporate dominance of the monetary system has pitted these group in a pitched battle for government resources, which are extracted from the working class via just over broke jobs. You cannot do anything while you are chasing your shadow and trying to make your monthly nut. Banksters win this one, everyone else loses.

The second war to curtail is the battle of the sexes.The desire for security by creating a comfortable nest is not in alignment with the need to have radical change. We have to change traditional roles and allow all people to be who they are. This means developing a new and novel system that caters to the most difficult people to include and works to make them comfortable with the inclusion. By insisting that everybody be included in every task, we boggle ourselves down at every turn. I want to be in the kitchen, but not the garden - doc doesn't grow plants worth a darn. But he does turn them into tasty treats, a traditionally female role that brings scorn when he tries to involve himself in 'women's work'. What nonsense.

If we unconditionally surrender to love, and let go of the stress that we incur when we don't get things to go our weigh, then we can live with other people doing things that we wouldn't do. Morality is self-governing - each of us has to live with the specific choice that we make. So let's let up on each other and accept who we are for what we are and get to recreating existence in a form that we all benefit from and enjoy!

Namaste' ... doc (and lemme)

April 15, 2015

Who Are We?

Currently reading the Ringing Cedars series book #5 Who Are We? by Vladimir Megre. The book features life in the Russian Tioga with Anastasia - a nymph of nature. The series captures a different vision of how the world can live at peace and demonstrates the weigh to get there. As we begin to question the current social strategy as extremely self-serving for those in charge, we realize that in reality there is nobody really in charge, except each and every one of us. So, Who are we?

Imagine a flow chart that asks questions that narrow down a broadened scope. This is the weigh that current science tends to pretend to work, by asking questions, finding answers and eliminating possibilities. The reality is that science has been an agenda and that all the techno gadgets do not help us answer some of the basic questions. Like, Who are we?

Let's begin our answer with first the statement that i am part of we. If i am not part of we, then we cannot exist in this form, so inclusion in the we presume both me and you. That is you the reader, who i am talking to as one of the we. If you choose to exclude yourself from this we, then by all means be yourself, and loan me your interest, to include you as a reader, if not part of my greater whole we. So, at this moment, we should be okay with you and me as part of we.

How about the other readers? May i include them with you and me, since we are all reading the same insight? If our group of we includes all the readers, should we all each of us in this we include our immediate families?To me this is the first stop. In this we, i speak to everyone willing to read or share information, but for a larger we, must i include people that do not directly interact with me? In some groups, yes, in other groups, no. Inclusion in the group of we should have some criteria that sets us different from other groups. But in reality, isn't everybody part of the we?

Are pets part of the we? We, you and I and the other readers, all treat our pets as part of the circle of love - and they return that love unconditionally much better than other people. They have a sense of when we need them and they're there, yet they also know when to be scarce. If we include our pets as part of who we are, we are happier than when we have to exclude them because of some other person's rules.

Perhaps our group can be thought of as we and not have a consistent membership. If we is a variable that can expand or contract in number depending upon our inclusion zone, then we can use the term we to represent different we's, if we keep ourselves clear. We the people now includes corporations in our structure as defined by the legal system, which is an archaic fiction imposed upon us, people. Can we work through this problem in an inclusive manner, or must we conform to the self-serving edicts of the banksters and cronies? I exclude myself from their we, strawman and all. Feeling is mutual, as i.am excluded from their system for past transgressions of unknown detail, because i will not pay for their information.

If you want to be we in this small community, there may be land stewardship possibilities. Keep in tune with the harmonics and expand your personal we to include everyone that you believe would like to share our changing the movie experience. 

Namaste' ... lemme

April 14, 2015

Dear lemme - 5D Advice Column

Why do you think some people have the ability to understand people's consciousnesses so much better than other people can? To the point where they can ride the "waves"? I don't feel I have this ability... And so it confuses me greatly.‏.. It was stupid to say I don't have this ability. I do. I feel social consciousness waves very intensely. And then also feel very intensely the poison they create in other people.
I have some theories that I made by observation and then looked to see if they held up. I am an emotive I can sense people's feelings. I cannot tell what they are thinking, and I get overloaded if too many people are around.‏ I like to have a familiar with me to help me deal with interpersonal interaction, especially when greater than five people are present.
What I have learned is not to understand other people, but to comprehend them based on what I would do in the situation. Have you heard of Enneagrams? They are a way of assigning personality types that Gurdjieff used back a century ago. I am a five, an 'observer', #5. Numbers mean more than just counting - the quality of numbers allows us to interpret meanings. Hurley and Dobson - What's My Type is an awesome book on the topic.‏
The waves are patterns that we can learn to recognize, when we remember ourselves in the scene. When we get too caught up with other people, we forget who we are and act upon impulse. Then we feel bad about ourselves as a result of the actions. The key is to detach, breathe, then pick up again with control of ourself - at least to know who you are and what you want from the situation. Mostly, it is careful removal from the drama.
There is also a matter of being aware that what we are presented with as fact is not true. The lame stream media provides its own spin on the whirl of the world and the viewpoint is not even close to what I believe. So I let go of the fantasy and focus on the 5D world of love - how can I get people from there to here, when they believe in the fear state and are not willing to let go of what they think they have. Yes, it is scary, but really, there is more out there that most peeps cannot see because they fail to look.‏
The poison can only affect you if you allow it to. I watch what I eat, bless the food and avoid processed non-food. I have a benefit that my city has 825 people, yours has what - 20 million? I do not believe in governance the way we have it, so I live a simple lifestyle as a traveling bard. I have an advanced degree in chemistry and prefer to be outside, amongst the natural resources. My accordion is wider than most people, when it is open full, yet I like to get away and be out in nature, rather than hang with people. NYC wouldn't work for me as a lifestyle, but is awesome as a place to be to visit and bring it all in.‏
So - as Lou Reed says - Take a Walk on the Wild Side. Listen to what people say; they usually tell you what they are doing, right when you first meet them. Trust yourself and your family, but always question how you got that knowledge - how do I know what I know? Sometimes, you know what is right, even though everyone else there doesn't seem to have a clue. That is where the cosmic surfboard comes in and you ride the waves, rather than looking up at them as they crunch down upon everyone else. Hope this helps. 
Namaste' ... lemme‏

April 10, 2015

Weekend Update without Chevy Chase

Have moved up in life recently, traveling from home city of population of 850 to the big city with population 20,000. The insanity diminishes as there are more people to dampen the outlook. The things that people believe have been repeated often, but why we believe these things is well beyond my ken. Let's say that the change has already happened, but most peeps are too busy to notice.

The unawareness of the situation has become extreme. People walk right into traffic without looking, as though that ton of metal wouldn't hurt if it hit them. The drivers weave from side to side in their lanes, totally impatient and looking to zip past the car in front of them. The idea of winner take all leaves all of us zombetic.

Fortunately, lemme has taught doc how to breath. By focusing internally for a second on one sharp breath, all consciousness returns and we remember who we are. I.am who I am, as Popeye would say. The Daft Punk lyric - we've come too far to give up who we are comes to mind - the time to create the change you wish to see is right now.

Doc now has ONRRI-CAM, a simple digital video collator that does snapshot and real reels. I can film a lecture or mount the device on my bike - we now have a weigh to peer into peer-to-peer relationships. Somehow, this seems like it can enhance the memory, which has been sliding though Asbergers Syndrome onto Alzheimers. We guess its Assheimers, but only the characters in South Park know fer sure.

Keeping a higher vibration level than most peeps has some highly interesting effects. It seems that only some individuals can share my space, the vapor pressure of the folks who bring you down must be very high, because none of them are here. I gather that if you don't allow them to complain at you, they are not happy. So they leave my presence for someone else who gives good ear.

I am Dear Abby for 5D fellows. It seems that i have been here for so long that my beard has turned to uznia lichen. The population is increasing - as people decide that Love is the Answer to all their queries. I hope to love the one i'm with, because CSNY knew what they were talking about (by the time we started Woodstock, we were half a million strong!) The game is to let go of everything that you do not have to pay attention to, especially if it is not real.

Be well and enjoy the weekend. Namaste' ... lemme


April 08, 2015

Learning to Survive

Strange things are happening across the landscape. Amerikkan refugees are being created, folks who do not belong to the chattel that underwrites the fedral reserve banx, which are not fedral and keep no reserve. The game is over, thyme to create a new weigh. Slowly, shirley, we shall survive.

How we choose to survive is another endeavor. If we look at the latest news, there is only one method of thinking here - beat the war drums. If you are for peace, you are not of this whirled. That is a good thing. As soon as we let it go, we begin to see options that were not there before. You have to focus on yourself, decide what you need, and go for it. Respect the fact that we are all in the same boat and paddle your oars in the direction that you wish to go. You soon find that a philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat.

So what is your philosophy? Mine is to live every day and be done with it. I have had the best of times, i have been through the worst of times - i.am still here, rejoicing in the light. Forgive yourself for your transgressions and be the person that you know you can be. If you wish, you can even be happy. There are many things to do, yet to start before things begin doesn't quite work. Thus, invest in yourself and spend the time to learn about you.

Doc writes books and sometimes reads them too. The ability to learn happens in different weighs, some audio, some visual, some intuitive, some via hard work. However you set your dial, find something of interest and collect the physical books to be able to learn about it. If the power grid fails, there will be something on hand to keep you busy. The distraction away from the cabal version of reality is necessary.

Be aware though, that this is not a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil game. The light and the dark are dancing in shades of grey. Changing the movie is part of the reality we have to experience - the why is simple because the director says so. The actors rarely question the part, instead they subsume it and become the role that they wish to be, temporarily for the duration of the play. Act accordingly.

You should always remain in control of you. If you give your power to others by allowing them to jerk with your feelings, then you are not in control of yourself. If you feel you cannot control yourself, apprentice with a sovereign and learn to be like them. There is a trade of value in the student/teacher relationship. Unfortunately, the teachers who do not learn are about as useful as a thrice darned sock. There is no enthusiasm for the experience, so it becomes dry and rote. Not good. Learning is an experience that we should enjoy together, not fear apart.

We will survive - with Leah leading us in song. Enjoy the day. Namaste' ... doc

April 06, 2015

Between Travels

Back from travels A and off to travels R with a brief stop here at home. The whirled out there is spinning violently as people live in fear of each other. The Beatles already had it right - nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. SFF. We have to begin to cultivate our strawberry fields.

The weigh it works is based in love - I met a pair of heartists this weekend who agree with me that love is the answer. Doc is developing a network of people who can discharge the current and restore the distant past into the future. It actually has - the mythos of history is repeated over and over. I follow David Wilcock theory - his divine cosmos website has many verifiable revelations. I was a witness to delivery of documents that were revealed by Wilcock - he speaks well.

My thoughts were taken back to Gurdjieff and looking at the social interaction of personality types. The Enneagram is a manifestation that works with the Marco Rodin mathematical model - the science and mathematics taught in school is limited in the frame of presentation. The illusion that we know is comfortable to most people because they mechanically follow what they have been taught. The repression of self, as taught in school, is a personal capitulation, a trap that we fall into because we fear the reality that our behavior is not ideal. Guess what - nobody is perfect. Forgive yourself and look inside rather than outside.

To be together requires working through our weaknesses and developing each others strengths. To try something new and different requires a loosening of restriction. The idea of evaluating information, to see if the information is valid is, should be a basis of the idea of personal responsibility for information that can be passed along. We get back into o triad of philosophy outlooks - that people are effective, affective or theoretical. Only two of the three register with most of us - we are asleep to the world that we have not given thought to.

There are many routes to finding yourself - you only need to get here. Here is a mental state - we are positive in the light and see weighs to change ourselves - we can make anything happen, by simply changing the movie. Sometimes we reserve ourselves, sometimes we come together. Well, here come ol flattop, he come groovin out slowly, etc...  When you are ready to participate for yourself - then you can elevate your vibrational frequency - the ability to emit energy is a collective measure. This is a multi-entendre - energy comes in all forms. 

Just Labelled ONRRI-cam #1 - a small head-mounted video camera. As soon as i can afford a micro-SD chip, the game will be functional. My plan is to film the development of social permaculture as we make it happen. The model requires capitalizing of community resources without individual ownership, yet for a purpose of stewardship rather than following current management practices blindly. The development of cottage industry, using a Mondragon model, is our local attempt, yet it is so much more because each of us are a point source of ideas and abilities. It's just a game we play for fun - supertramp lyric.

Serious though, we can grow food and work for ourselves here, on the frontier. The play that we want to write is one of sovereign interdependence - a place where everybody has a role, which they keep until they train their replacement. Apprenticeship and inquiry are valued here - but many things are not what they seem. Iff, big if, but if you wanna pitch a tent and be, we may have opportunity in the near term future. Just a place where you can learn to put out fires and walk in a not quite yet free world, learning Gaian stewardship : past and future.

Will use this space to announce more as community grows - any resources contributed to the commons with effective support brings full sovereign initial membership (although details of measurement are a whole different episode - search Existence for the term metrix. Enjoy!

Namaste' ... doc