April 10, 2015

Weekend Update without Chevy Chase

Have moved up in life recently, traveling from home city of population of 850 to the big city with population 20,000. The insanity diminishes as there are more people to dampen the outlook. The things that people believe have been repeated often, but why we believe these things is well beyond my ken. Let's say that the change has already happened, but most peeps are too busy to notice.

The unawareness of the situation has become extreme. People walk right into traffic without looking, as though that ton of metal wouldn't hurt if it hit them. The drivers weave from side to side in their lanes, totally impatient and looking to zip past the car in front of them. The idea of winner take all leaves all of us zombetic.

Fortunately, lemme has taught doc how to breath. By focusing internally for a second on one sharp breath, all consciousness returns and we remember who we are. I.am who I am, as Popeye would say. The Daft Punk lyric - we've come too far to give up who we are comes to mind - the time to create the change you wish to see is right now.

Doc now has ONRRI-CAM, a simple digital video collator that does snapshot and real reels. I can film a lecture or mount the device on my bike - we now have a weigh to peer into peer-to-peer relationships. Somehow, this seems like it can enhance the memory, which has been sliding though Asbergers Syndrome onto Alzheimers. We guess its Assheimers, but only the characters in South Park know fer sure.

Keeping a higher vibration level than most peeps has some highly interesting effects. It seems that only some individuals can share my space, the vapor pressure of the folks who bring you down must be very high, because none of them are here. I gather that if you don't allow them to complain at you, they are not happy. So they leave my presence for someone else who gives good ear.

I am Dear Abby for 5D fellows. It seems that i have been here for so long that my beard has turned to uznia lichen. The population is increasing - as people decide that Love is the Answer to all their queries. I hope to love the one i'm with, because CSNY knew what they were talking about (by the time we started Woodstock, we were half a million strong!) The game is to let go of everything that you do not have to pay attention to, especially if it is not real.

Be well and enjoy the weekend. Namaste' ... lemme


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