January 26, 2010

What's Up

Somewhere, back down on earth – a new chapter opens in the book that had been set aside. The change in seasons brings a change in entities – the summer was developed on the laptop rather than the tower. Slowly life transferred away into the new modality and the habits of the past slowly dissolved away. New truths became apparent and the old ways are going extinct, the way of the dodo bird. Change happens, Shift happens.

So I will take a smoke and drink a cup of coffee and continue on trying to develop a new patchwork of life – on a mind minding day. Place howdt intention to accomplish – the new pattern of though takes a back seat to old staid patterns that become useful in controlling us. Though not any more. ‘I’m going to report you to the authorities’ – what authorities’ - would they care. The system is set up to malfunction. ‘Everybody knows.’ Who cares what they think – the form of interaction is interpersonal, such that if behavior holds up people’s actions, then they are missing the boat.

Where do I go – follow the children

Where do I go – follow the sea

Is there an answer – in their sweet faces

That tells me why we live or die

Ah – music lyrics as a measure of societal voice. The representation of the collective as expressed through the individual is the voice of feeling. Attune the emotional state through natural harmonic and allow the cognitive dissonance to melt off. Who knows what to believe any longer – we sovereigns have to set our own level of volition to how much we feel bound to the mores of the past.

The major difference is being hooked into the Internet information system. It is a two-way relay with a lot more input influence than output influence on an individual basis. The idea that people have to make money to earn their keep was easy to ignore from offline – it is totally in your face in the on-line world. If you know something else is going on howdt there, it influences how you measure things. We see exactly what we wish to see and have blinders on for the rest.

Blogging on-line has replaced blogging off-line – I share my journalized thoughts back out into the internet field – adding to the dissonance in my own cognitive way. The goals are simple – I have demonstrated to me that I can work within myself and attract the field base that I wish to emit. I have attuned my senses such that I can feel the subtle differences of the electromagnetic order as though they were connected direct. I have become the barometer for the standard of measure – does it feel right? Does it blend in with the way I used to think it worked, or is it something that takes a different strategic order to make sense of the chaos. The key is that we don’t need to enforce order onto the chaos because the chaos itself will respond to produce a very simple natural order as it leaves off steam.

The communication wavelengths are enclosed by the focus of approach. The more we narrow down the stream of vision, the more dependent we become on the past system approach in the field. We view things in a concrete form developed by the scale of approach – molecules, quarks and superstrings all have different parameters in their models boundary conditions. As we approach an event horizon, the changes in image are striking. Alignment is taking place as the chaos leaves pockets of matter (mass) in the surroundings of void. What happens on other scales eventually affect our scale. Ideas nucleate at a point that serves as a strange attractor and sways the prana flow at very small levels. Phenomena build to a point where it becomes tangible before we take notice, if at all. It can come from several directions – the very small is the very large; as above, so below.

So we have a translucent image of a Morphogenic field that has a dissonant economic and social reality where the rules, the physical constants, are changing faster than we can keep up with the changes. The system has hiccupped and barfed and now slowly eats people alive as we fall into chaos caused by micro-vision. People are kept from communicating on a deeper level by the system of protecting themselves as an individual and working through the maze of dealing. I dunno – I try but have to say – I don’t try when not motivated. And currently…

Phermones are the root of the problem and the key to the solution. Elemental frequencies enable connections deeper than the superficial. As we get to know each other, we exchange micro particulate that share information and the chemistry takes off. The game works at several different depths – too much bonding scares people as much as too little – always stepping through different boundaries. How do you make an interesting game out of the observations?

January 20, 2010

Still Offline - All is Good

wow - that's pretty radical. It all came together at so many different levels that my head is spinning. complex systems evolve into simplicity. ideas are shared externally via the aether, we are evolving emergent systems in real time. My heart is racing - things happen in the blink of an eye. I am in a sphere of eternal providence and thank the great spirit for this enlightened pathway. Karma succeeds dogma - enjoy

January 12, 2010

Another Quik Take

Things happen for a reason, but we may not see those reasons clearly when the things happen. So we roll with the punches and neglect those concepts that don't quite make sense. The resonance of the world is shifting, the actions that we take are highly stress related as we relearn how to cope. Teddy R. used to speak softly and carry a big stick - sarcasm fit well into the TR world. Nowadays, we tend to take ourselves too seriously. I'll chill out and become comfortably numb.

Fightin Words

Adventures in Paradise
Never quite what they seem
Anger howdt of control
Disarms seriouscity -
How can you believe them
When they lie to themselves
Imaginary control of vapor
Can you feel their sense of hate
Self induced dimentia
Over several inadequacies
Just have to laugh out loud
My thought to the topic is over
Thyme will be moving on...

January 08, 2010

Pining Away

Still isolated in a world of my own - the lap-top refuses to recognize the power cord and the server for wireless burnt itself howdt. People coming and going and just not getting that isolated down time with the person i wish to spend thyme with. Things are going downhill as the mental clutter has to be dusted off every so often, in order to continue. My routine is disrupted - must accommodate to new reality. Just want a cabin in the woods at the edge of nowhere in particular. Can't even change font in this browser - egadz.

January 05, 2010

Modulus Shift

The shape of things to come - our heads need to be engaged, but our hearts are not set in their modes yet. I will be ready ; the energy generator is the only function that tunes after the mind and feeling senses are in harmony with each other. Requires a baseline calibration - My who is a bit howdt of whack!

Resolution must take place in the proper order, or the proper chaos will ensue. We are each the dynamic pivot point in our own universe - the current mission is comprehending how to provide intent. Gaia, the earth, as demonstrated through nature, seems to trust us - we should not violate that confidence. Time to start clearing surface acne - our tools contain all we need - love !! Envision the beauty unenmeshed and enwrapt in the splendor of it all. Hold this vision and we can make it come true.

The sorting and packing has begun. Filing and boxing - some for now, some for later. The books have found a home - a library where they will be used rather than wall apolstery. Seeds are travelling in order to be dispersed - we need to grow this summer season. All is motating slowly.

January 03, 2010

Speaker for Gaia

Many things have happened while i was on the road - the earth calls and i sing in compliance. Water quality is the focus of a technological stretch that has me cultivating a thought that mebbe things will work themselves howdt for the better. There is carbon to count and a new endeavor under every molested molehill. Happy new decade!

The hyperbola is the mathematical function that most resembles the current illusion - with a quantum mechanical jump between states at the event horizon. The pot thickens as the stew cooks. Until later...