February 28, 2014

Time gets Lost

Sometimes, the fractal reality slows us down, and sometimes fractal reality speeds us up. The clocks are set to encumber time and partition it into segments, so that we can take a second or two to catch our breath.  Time limits us to an artificial overlay that pre-supposes that we require a constraint.  Life is ephemeral - just one poof.

When i get lost into the fictions revolving about my own mind, i sometimes find that hours worth of thought took me roughly 15 minutes to accomplish.  The zen state where everything is tooned howdt except the desired thought of focus is a place that i only go to when i know that i have undisturbed time.  If i get taken away from my meditative state - i cannot attain the thought level to where I was unless i put in the same effort again.  This is a drill skill, but to think flat and even on the ground is absolutely necessary before attempting to travel at altitude.  

Whereas formerly, i required brain candy;  i find now that i can regress into any experience that i have ever had. In addition, i can alter that holographic experience to remember it how i wish it to be, rather than how it really was.  I can see where a lot of peeps do this and imagine their own hero story based on the failures in actual experience and the myths of how those failures could have been changed to victories.  There is a single weigh to alter consciousness - change perspective.

Not so easy - you say.  The current method of distribution of resources is so badly askew, that to participate on any level other than to attain your own individual maintenance is foolish risk taking - the events of the day seem to be orchestrated as a larger stage play where the outcome has already been decided.  The actors continue in their roles because of lack of insight.  If you can see your own role, then you have the ability to direct the scenario.  

You must decide for yourself whether your role in the other person's play requires audition.  The setting is what you see around you; travel to where you wish to be and there is a setting there that you can set as home turf.  There is a lot of study that goes into each role - you are a supporting actor in every other endeavor except your own.  You get to be a shadow of your self - from a different perspective.

We are each the featured performer in you own existence and you get to allocate the time that you have.  When you partition it into days - then you see the whirled in a daze.  I have a calendar where one tree day equals 64 human days and the sequence evolves in rotation such that 64 years makes one tree year.  Til then, we are all but babes in the woods.  If each day requires a focus - then i can run the gamut of perspectives every 64 days.  If i blink - then my daze is complete.

Let's watch Gaia evolve through the current situation and then see what we have left to deal with.  Miracles happen, when you allow them to.  Believe in yourself, then choose others to believe in.  Come join our unity group and search with people that have let go of the furor and embraced love, as the music plays and we enjoy being with each other.  We generally have something going on at 11:00 am PST - a guided meditation or open discussion.  

Namaste' ...  Hari'

February 27, 2014

Fake Sports - one Weigh

We all have our addictions and my current time sink is fantasy basketball.  I got myself involved in a winner's league in yahoo! and the game shifted form.  Whereas last season I played in an accumulate the totals on the season league - this year the game is head to head on a weekly basis.  As the season winds down, I have found that my numbers based approach has secured my berth in the playoffs with three weeks of the regular season left.

What makes this all the more interesting is that I do not have a television and do not watch the games themselves.  I have a feel for who the players are, but other than looking at the numbers and reading a daily article or two - the only team i follow is the Portland Trailblazers.  That is a very good team to root for this year as a 40-18 record provides the first reasonable team since the jail blazers got broken up due to owner embarrassment.

The reason that i am writing this is to introduce the value of derivative statistics.  Everybody has a sense of derivatives in banking - they are marginal tricks of second generation mathematics that allow the realization of meta-trends - things that wouldn't necessarily sift themselves out unless you were looking broader than the initial numbers.  For this game - i use the yahoo! standard 9-category algorithm as my initial metric.

Each player in the game is ranked on a daily basis, based upon metrics that are gathered from the box score of every NBA game.  If a player plays on a particular day, he affects all 9 metrics that include both accumulated offense and defensive statistics and scoring percentage.  Each of 12 teams carries 13 players - there is a limit of ten players in the line-up on any given day.  Most days, most team's players can play every game - once a week there may be a conflict.

The game requires maybe 20 minutes a day worth of attention - to change line-ups, move players into positions to keep everybody playing the maximum amount when they are rostered and to replace injured or slumping players.  There is a lot of hype in the game of basketball and the 'name' players do not necessarily come across as the statistical best.  This year - nobody is close to Kevin Durant.

I spend another half hour per day collating and digesting the player statistics.  I keep track by hand in a journal - that has been my learning method of choice for many decades - it is a memory enhancer and a calendar substitute.  I never fail to follow up on things that i have written down, except when i lose track of the current journal.  I generally run two concurrently, for that very reason.  I plan to mine the journals for ideas, eventually, but toting around nearly 50 volumes of daily grind is not a convenience that i can afford.   I do have the last one, then next one, one almost finished and two new blanks - to choose one from.

I plot the change in Yahoo! rank each day and note whether the player actually plays a game that day.  If a player is injured, his rank goes down marginally for each game that he doesn't play.  I note the variance of each player's ability for the continuity of only games played and the sum of the entire season.  By the end of the season, the 82 game schedule will provide statistical significance based on player performance.  

Thus this one rank will give me a summary of the nine other measures.  I am only keeping track of my own team;  i suspect that with a decent algorithm, i could generate this measure for the entire league.  It might be interesting to plot each of the starters on each of the teams.  In retrospect - perhaps i can, now that the idea is registered - all it would take is the time to do the research.

Now - if we can do this with athletic performance, why can't we do it with middle school and high school performance measures; such that our kids can have real feedback with what they know and don't know, relative to standards and other kids?   In fact, if the entire workforce had valid measures of how their performance stacked up to where it mattered in pay grade, don't you think things might get ship-shape rather quickly?  If we scored on actual performance, using proper metrics, then ...

Namaste' ...  doc

February 25, 2014

Group Theory II: The quality of number

When number are used to portray quantity, everybody gets the count.  Use numbers for the sense of quality and people melt down and complain about math.  Yet both are sides of the same coin and we get loads of information by looking at the weigh the numbers show trends that are real or are not.  The math of today's schools is designed to chase people away from real understanding - you get their reel information by watching their tele and listening to their voices put you to sleep.  Not me.

To get to Fibonacci level of five is to get six fold deep.  The count is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 - five is the sixth number in the sequence.  Each space between the numbers takes the same amount of time to make the next jump.  The jump can be up to the next fib number, down to the previous fib number or to the same level as you are already on.  However - when you reach any level of group, you can always return to the one - you.  The second one is the whole, in this case, this group.

You are always you, even when embedded into a group.  The number of the people in the group can be reset to a one as a group, if there is agreement between the persons in that group.  When this happens, it changes the dynamics of the lower level orders.   To change the perspective of a group is to change levels of the golden mean ratio sequence.  

When we get up to a group of eight, the choices for the next group are - go up to a group of thirteen - go down to a group of five or hold forth as a group of eight.  Any number between a Fibonacci group resonates to the number of its direction of arrival.  Thus, once a group reaches eight, then six and seven are part of that group as well as nine thru twelve until either five or thirteen change the fractal.  

At each Fibonacci number, the order of the group changes as a dynamic function of the size of the group.  Each individual's influence in the whole is diluted, and the group takes on a different nature from the prior size rendition.  There is always a one, that is each individual.  The initiator of a new group of one, that expands larger than a group of eight has a changed responsibility, once the next fractal is attained.  

The history of the group morphs through each next number and the amount of time shrinks on a relative basis while remaining constant on an absolute basis.  Thus rapid growth - has the power to break through limits that would otherwise stop a flow that didn't have enough pace to carry forth to the next sequential Fibonacci number.

So let's look at a group of 21. { Paige - if you are here , listen - your group hit 23 on the first go - so this is the fractal in play - uniquely large for an opening salvo. }  The options for growth are - 34 to the next upper limit - 13 to the shrink wrap limit - 14 to 33 as the treading of water on the range clock - and you with a sub-group team of whatever fractal level you wish to call the previous one ( like five or three or two {Danny}), and then one you as you will always be you.  This is a 9th level group.

One can see how options manifest - especially when you consider that groups of 21 are collections of smaller groups of 2, 3 and 5 with the eight and thirteen that followed the treadle of the growth pattern.  Take a look at this mushroom and you can see the pattern unfold in nature - the beige trim is an eight.

Namaste' ...  doc

February 24, 2014

Losing our Religion

Monday morning metaphysics returns with a question - if we comprehend the vastness of the scale of life - why do we insist on a search for life across the vast distances of time and space on the human quantum scale, instead of looking deeper and broader at the manifestations of life across all scales of being.   

Or to paraphrase - if we can keep going smaller and smaller and finding life in novel forms : things like virus' and mitochondria :  then why are the only larger entity that we can envision are rocks and stars?  It seems to me that if we start studying emergent behavior we can understand life as the continuum that it is over every scale and develop some imaginative theories of what might be of a grander scale.

The oort cloud that contains hydrogen that our solar system has moved into is enough science to explain global warming.  The fact that the sun burns hotter is manifest by the increase in temperature on neighboring planets - Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all are increasing in global temperature too.   

The gentlemen who have brought together the hypothesis of an electric universe deserve kudos for stepping outside the science box and looking at things in a new weigh.  They also listen to Gerry Pollack - who is out there far enough to get the balls rolling downward off the limb of his branches.   If we add the rainbow of Mae Wan Ho - we can start to see that there is more there there than meets the eye.

Let us return to the concept of emergent behavior associated with growth.  We know enough anatomy and physiology to understand biochemistry - but the mechanisms of how this works are locked into a comprehension system that has been distorted to meet the needs of non-human entities.  The entire medical establishment profits from our illness and is anti-life.  

Semantics aside - we really need to stop fouling our nest immediately, if we wish to have a valid chance to sustain life on planet earth.  If we buy into Lovelock and Margulis' theory of Gaia as a living entity - then we have a handle on how to envision larger forms.

Lovelock also wrote an essay called small science.  He specified that science was an approach common to most 10 year olds - as they bailed and bluffed their way though the system of integration with all that is.  Before life got crowded and peeps became fearful, many children got to see how things happened by participating in some aspect of life where they could learn a trade by observation and receive proper social skills from interaction with folks from all walks of life.  The idea that youth are segregated by age and kept in barbarous conditions to learn how to manipulate the current social game never dawns on the adults that perpetrate the mess - the school system makes money.  What a sad commentary.

So instead of learning science by indoctrination in school - how can we allow our kids to learn life through experiential learning?  How do we share our quest for knowledge with their proper innocence and help kids grow with love and peace in nurturing environments, rather than the prisons we currently call middle school?  As we bring change - can we stop the mechanisms to the point where we can evaluate alternatives, rather than rushing forward at blistering pace to wherever the rudderless ship happens to be going?  We need to do some things vastly differently.  Just imagine ...

Namaste' ...  Doc

February 23, 2014

Role Play

Today is a sound voiding day - kicked back and listening to Steely Dan and being tempted to go pour another cup of qophy - coffee in lay terms.  The habit of misspelling certain words is a deliberate attempt to highlight the meaning of the word in the context of misuse.  That howdt implies out and not how-dee-tee is one that i would think is obvious, yet escapes comprehension in some highly intelligent peeps. Thyme usually refers to time, but sometimes it is my weigh of saying that the doc persona is up to something.  The role play within revolves around being able to keep ones own characters in their own specific roles.

Most role play characters take their definition by having certain mutable characteristics.  As the game progresses, the skills that the characters acquire get accumulated into improvements that show up as score.  Attaining an ultimate score is the goal of the game - having other characters with similar scores demonstrates a ranking system within that specific area.  When we call the game an experiment, then the score that we collect during the game is data and the ultimate achievement from the game is the ability to answer the question that the test was designed to answer.

Role playing is acting and it is not just dungeons and dragons.  We can have spy games, secret agent games, fantasy games, hero's journeys - any scenario that we design can have players that stay within the bounds of their characters and share common experience.   Existence was designed as a role play game - it became a website under freely accessible conditions.  The site is a demonstration of what can be done with local permaculture - one group's journey into the sublime reality of food production.  It was a place to share - the whirled was not ready for it at the time it came through.  Que sera'.

The character attributes give definition to the roles that one is playing.  These criteria include things like physical strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, charisma/charm and constitution.  The game rewards bring experience in dealing with features of the landscape and may be relayed in dynamics such as power and influence, via the accumulation of tools, skills and skill sets.  Thus healers have different goals than warriors or merchants - the goal of the experiment is to collect statistics that allow prediction of the phenomena of the larger scale that the game relates toward.  

All games share a common feature - to win the game.  We do not win experiments, but when the game and the experiment are one in the same - we bring in a new cognitive dissonance.  The goal of these games is to learn to build community, from the local level to the global level within a horizontal hierarchy built on love, compassion and trust.  It removes the fear factor embedded in the current society and requires some factors that suspend belief in the reel whirled.  We all know what is true based on what we have already learned - what we have already learned is to be a tool for the corps(e) of decaying empire.  New input required.

Seems to me that we need to look very closely at the current indoctrination system called education.  The premise that information is freely exchanged to give the collective of people the ability to improve their lot, is the myth we have been sold to keep us contained within the parameters of the current system - which supposes that our vote buys us the ability to control grubbermint for the common good.  There is no common.  You are not an average person.  Everybody is unique and worthy and has value as a person from their own personal perspective.  Common sense is a farce for social control - you control your own social behavior.

So the role playing that you see hear and act upon is conditioned on developing a new system with a horizontal hierarchy that enables people to be themselves and live together in a unity community for all.  As a chemist, using group theory, i grok (heinlein - to understand) how small units interact with each other.  Beyond eight is a whirled that is bigger than one can handle - except for the tool of symmetry - which allows projection of like groups into dimensional arrays.  If you use matrix algebra, the results simplify and are readily modeled.  

Each game satisfies a simple hypothesis - the distribution of space and time within the game belong to the players.  The first immediate goal is to tell a story from the perspective of the individuals living 'on the land'.  Each community forms in isolation around an individual who starts something that will achieve a personal goal.  As the player enlists the aid of a community - the individuals bring the land perspective into the architecture of the essence of that community.  The form and style are interpersonal - the results will be measured in terms that branch the differences and offer multiple perspectives.  It will develop better as we play - remember - it is a game and should not be taken too serious.  Yet.

If you want to become part of a unity community with lemme - follow this link ... (warning : alice's rabbit hole, you may lose track of time ).  There is a short (15-20 min) meditation at noon PST daily.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

February 21, 2014

Group Theory I : Systems Analysis

   Systems analysis provides a depth check to ensure that process is working by design.  The methodology involves looking at each component of the system as a stand-alone unit and then seeing that internal consistency is forthcoming.  The system gets analyzed from many different directions, depending on the outcome desired from the sum of the parts.  For electrical and electronic systems, for instance, the question is whether there is signal within the noise.

   The criteria chosen represent things that can be measured.  As systems become more complex the ways of measurement change, but the overall goal at every stage is to ensure the integrity of the little system within the bigger system, as the entire system.  When a system suffers a catastrophic failure, it is taken out of use and replaced by a system that is better suited for the task.  No matter what scale is acted upon, there are systems for approaching effects on that scale.

   Our Thyme Zone approach has been to provide a different means of looking at information in a systematic context.  Probability and statistics play a governing role in satisfying the choices that we have to make - we are given free choice and free will, yet are subject to the results of the choices that we choose.  As we learn to make better choices, we are given rewards by the system as manifest by all the other people playing in the system.  We look at our score as compared to something or someone - we rarely see score as an absolute all or nothing.  Except at the end of the game when we have to total the points up to see who wins, then the records are set and a new game should begin.

    One of the very best things about the current system is that each individual gets to determine their own happiness based on how they perceive their own play in the game.  'Whoever dies with the most toys wins' doesn't cut the mustard as a philosophy because in the end, you can't take it with you.  The consumption of goods based on unlimited resources and incomes is manifest in the undercurrent of belief in this system - we can see it breaking badly and we all yearn for a healthy alternative.

   As a kid, i was always rolling dice and playing games.  I could sit in on a card game and pick up the flow quickly - i mastered the solitares, hearts, spades, euchre, cribbage and bridge.  Checkers, chess, go and other board games came easy, while sports made sense as a game and was above my skill level.  I was born 15 days before the annual age limit cut-off and always had to play sports with kids a whole year older than me in school.  Thus, i kept the book.

   In baseball, every play gets scored in a score book as to what happened during the at bat.  Each pitch is recorded as to strike or ball and the ball in play gives an outcome that is recorded in numbers according to position.  To be able to recreate a game from a box-score is an easy task for a person who has kept the book during a game.  The book then yields all the statistics - based upon the accurate reflection of the game just played.  The performance indicators are immensely accurate - the movie Moneyball accurately depicted the ability to manage systems with statistical input.

   As i got older and moved into science - the ability to convert numbers into tables of information that could be evaluated with repetitive scan became the basis for learning.  Chemistry is about measurement ratios - finding the right amount of A to add to B to get as much C as possible.  With weights assigned to mass - it is a matter of tracking and getting numbers to add up.  As a numbers junkie - i learned to project off the numbers and see things for what they may be in parallel to what i was doing.  Most people see lost in the concept of series - one after another - science often gets run in parallel to be able to answer a what if.  What if i skip this step?  Try it and see what doesn't happen.

   I was involved in enough other stuff, that i considered myself a renaissance man - along the lines of Pauling and Russell.  I dabbled in other fields - politics with Ross Perot and the Reform Party in the 1990's was enlightening for the inside look at the political system.  I jumped through the securities game with Primerica - a branch of too big to fail Citigrope - to learn how the monetary system works from the perspective of the banksters - fate needed me there.  I learned to volunteer and work locally - to be out there on the front lines in a chosen area - natural resources.

   The game should never have been allowed to become solely about the money.  While most of society was doing what they do, the banksters and politicians were pulling a fast one; enabled by the liars - er, lawyers - they allowed the rules to deviate away from the realities.  When the idea became dominion over nature rather that co-existence with-in - the system shifted away from a paradigm that was part of the absolute basis set of reality.  We are now watching how illusion falters when it escapes reality.

   I enjoy teaching because it is a means to learning new things and meeting new people.  The education indoctrination system needs to be replaced by a game system whereby individuals are rewarded for their work within teams that are set up to achieve certain goals within the learning process.   The idea that a group of people can focus on a common project together from different perspectives allows a team teaching aspect that brings participation into the group.  By having metrics that reward mechanical things actions that have to be accomplish as part of the process, we can get away from valuing the absolute knowledge as opposed to being able to contribute to the group as the individual.

   We all learn things in different weighs.  Some people can watch a video and learn that way.  I can't.  I try to argue with the speaker and find myself unable to reflect on what they are saying because i want a deeper explanation of their unwritten assumptions.  I always try to integrate knowledge with what i already know.  I have a sense for true that guides me and i can usually rationalize anything if i carry the proper caveats.  Often, the common assumption is so invalid, that it never comes to my mind.  But what is common knowledge today - how can we verify it?

   As things move along, there are many changes that will occur as we move closer in time to the time where we realize that there is no concept of time.  To this end , Dr. Lenny Thyme and the Thyme Zone are a bridge to the reality of the distant past and the reality of the near future - passing through the zero point of the infinite void and connecting two diverse worlds by living through characters in their individual separate dualities until the day when both worlds dissolve into the only one we know - the present moment of now.

  Be Here Now says Ram Dass.  Hari Seldon developed a whole slew of fantasy based on Isaac Asimov's projections of what time had to be.  He set off a foundation: the Our New Earth will carry us forth in a similar means as this piece of ever-expansive fiction guides the weigh.  We have to decide first, who we are and then, what we want and envision that in a form that we can place on display for other like minded folks to develop the film.  If we ask the proper questions, i can write an algorithm to set off 256 different forums - each taking a perspective driven by the collection of beings in the group that gathers.  The form of the game is together enough, to open the system and look at the initial flow.

We shall see what comes of it - that's all for now, so to speak ...

Namaste' ...  Hari'

February 19, 2014

Wave Theory: Light = Music

Imagine wonder.   Sometimes, paying attention is too costly.  Let the world glow and the light will find weighs of seeking you.  Wisdom is a learned asset - try things for the novelty of doing something different and having the experience.  What qualities do you have that you are pleased to share, and what things would you prefer to stay back in the recesses of your heart?  Let those latter things go.

Sometimes, we tackle difficult tasks, because we are up to the results of the transformation, even if we know that the work will be difficult - we assume the result and the journey will both be worth the effort.  The focus of direction can be self directed or outside focused; the individual that moves to make change takes on a responsibility for the results of the effort.  On different scales it is like giving birth to a child, or birth to an idea, this birth to a change.  We shift our frequency.

The visible light spectrum is noted by the moniker Roy G. Biv :  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, clear.   The clear is the sum of the all - the absence of any wavelength would be black.   What is a wave - a vector that has direction and carries information.  We use frequency to measure waves in terms of cycles per second passing a fixed point.  Each wave length is a distance and we count how many of these distances pass a fixed point in a second.  To us, a few blinks of an eye.  But to someone riding the crest of the wave, what would the time environment look like???

We all serve for the time being.  The time being is a she person and she gladly accepts our sacrifices of our time to her lot - but she really wishes we would control our own time better rather than worshiping her.  Time is an illusion that tethers together morphogenic holograms in a sequence of patterns that resonate within the information field that we generate.  In other words - we create what we have based on what we think.  Poor Rene - he still thinks that because he thinks that he is.  Everything is and self-recognition is the basis of our thinking style.  Or so we think.

The thyme has come to step back and watch - to let go of concepts of time and space and distance and seconds and to be, as we resonate at frequencies that enhance our individual moods.  Share the love, joy, and peace by letting go of the fear based misery of what seems rather than what is.  It is so hard to tell, that we get caught up in our mind rather than our hearts - just let the love flow.  

Love sounding in the background is music to my ears.  Music is light at a different frequency - waves that hit our ears rather than our eyes.  As we build our imaginary alcove - it will become real; we can see the interplay of dream time into current reality - if we let the reel whirled go.  When we do, there is no going back - bridges swing in the wind and one crossing per person is all that they can hold.

Be - for the purpose of being.  Ask - what would make me happy?  Guide yourself toward your intention and be at peace within yourself.  Ask yourself - why?  Why, me?  Because we are all we, we are all one and our personal experience is important to each and all of us.  Create a voice that represents your point of view and then, seek others that enjoy similar traits.  The music can flow - listen to it and enjoy the context.

Namaste' ...  hari'

February 18, 2014

Port in the Storm : Game # 52

How does one create a world, within this world, to get yourself to a place where you resonate at a light vibration?  First thing is to get into the state where you have the time to think.  If you do not have the time to think, then you will not be part of a mind based group - but there will be  64 base groups and only 15 of the are mind based - with Mind Minding being a basis set that crosses itself.  The Mind Minding location is doc's home location in the game/experiment - the world number is not released.

Mind Minding is a knowledge tracking station.  It is also the home of ONRRI - the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute - where Doc does his analytical chemistry in support of the mining industry to earn his annual celery.  The idea that each field has a knowledge base that is internally self-consistent, yet not interchangeable in scope, is extremely frustrating to watch - each science describes the same natural system which works without any description necessary.  Mind Minding is an area that provides an education architecture - you can teach what you know.

So, what we have in the reel whirled is the different sciences coming together in angst because the mechanism of flow does not allow the form to be supported.   The basis for the common knowledge of the cutting edge has been removed from the purview of the average citizen - in fact, from most citizens.  We have a schizophrenic law making process with absolutely no law unmaking process.  We have a fear society that needs to be transformed through love - and we have a light battle with dark where the light has obvious victory, but like a chess match, the game has to be played until a resignation or checkmate occurs.

The grand experiment Port in the Storm is to take each perspective of two in permutations of eight to develop a 64 grid to look from different perspectives.  The players role play themselves based on the interaction between people that get along for a common purpose.  The game will suddenly have changes that happen and the reaction to the changes will determine the value of the perspective, relative to each other. The form of metric measurement developed for Existence will carry over into the grid system - although individual flow mechanism will be at the choice of the community that operates the turf.

All facets of this fractal system will be rewarded with influence - a currency that will help set direction for the game at large.  Each area requires imagination, and acceptance of each peep in the group as a relative equal - peeps own talents in interaction will determine the form and flow for each group.  Some of these terms will develop new and novel definitions over time.   For the moment, the game is so early in development, that the form of the experiment is not fully set in stone.  As an area modulates, the technical assignment will change to fit the process already in use, rather than impose an outside set of arbitrary variables and constants.

To play : just think - start forming a role play identity with an alter ego that is consistent to the form that you imagine yourself being.  Look into yourself for an idea of how you want this character to operate and then get hold of me.  Post a comment here on blogger and i will respond and then ipso facto.  Or use one of the other channels that i leave open from thyme to Thyme. 

Namaste' ...  hari'

February 17, 2014

Myth Change and Climate Change

     I am stepping out on the blog and talking in broad terms about things like depth and width. Other scientists, especially the university based PhD's, seem to be protecting a hidden agenda with their off the topic thoughts.  My thoughts are that they are piled higher and deeper in their own little world - which is an individual construct.  Each of us have the capacity to think to that depth - the degree is notice that such person has jumped thru the formal hoops.  Remember the reason for education as a formal construct in the first place - to implant a common myth.

   There are new things being revealed each day.  If we hang up on too many areas outside of our personal knowledge base - then we are diluting our time spent on the things we feel are important.  My work on group theory in chemistry is applicable to the social structure - and entirely different in the approach.  I am in beta testing on myself - it has to work for me before i can share the system.  It also has to work for anybody - so i like finding extremely difficult people to work with.  Like you.  We are all extremely difficult and very easy at the same time.

   Things that happen in the world are being driven by a hard toxic agenda.  Ours would be not to reason why, but just to do and die - if we believe that mythos.  We don't.  However, in the absence of a system that works, we have to make due with what we have - or bring the change.  Keep filming, keep studying and don't spend too much time paying attention to the games on a global scale.  This focus area can be summed up by a simple two word construct - Power Voiding.  The current power is shifting, but to where - are the meek to inherit the earth?  Perhaps we are the meek.

    Enjoy monday morning - this may be kinda deep - but i think that if we each stay on path - the light will prevails from this apparent whirled of darkness.

Namaste' ...  hari'

On another note - people have been inquiring about chemtrails and geo-engineering - as doc, i have been part of the information exchange - appearing in Michael Murphy's movie What in the World are they Spraying?  as lemme, i have been listening to the spirited channels of the ascended masters and seeking wisdom from completely outside the scientific sphere.  The following text is taken from Dr. Kathryn May, PhD - who claims to be channeling while presenting this information.  Doc has a PhD in chemistry - has put in the time and effort to know how molecules work.  Remember - PhD : the BS is Piled Higher and Deeper.  But Uncle Albert says 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.'  You decide.

namaste' ...  doc

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There has been a very good example of this need in your current experience. The snow is falling in historic amounts in the East of the U.S. while the West is experiencing historic drought. "Chem" (chemical) trails have filled the skies in both places, crisscrossing the sky in checkerboard patterns. You are told they are only the vapor from jet planes in their regular flights. If you believe this, you have been completely hoodwinked. It is easy enough for anyone who cares to question this to discover that flight paths are carefully monitored and constructed in such a way that airplanes would never criss-cross one another at similar altitudes. Your air traffic control would not permit such traffic patterns on the part of commercial jets.
You have been told officially told that HAARP is indeed a weather monitoring system, and that clouds can be seeded to produce rain. If this is true, why have they permitted the devastating drought to continue? Why is there no official explanation for the lack of positive results when there are obviously constant trails in the skies across the entire country? Would it not be an obvious conclusion, using only the facts, that the immediate result of the chem trails is indeed what we see immediately following their appearance? This would require, of course, that you be willing to open your mind to the possibility that there is indeed a group in power who are engineering the very droughts and floods you see happening around the world.
You protest, "But that doesn't make sense! Why would anyone want to destroy the crops (in the West) and bring the greatest business centers on Earth to a standstill?" Why indeed? You have heard the term, "Follow the money." Now, do it. Who would benefit from the failure of the crops that are being currently grown, while simultaneously rescuing their businesses from the investigations and prosecutions which are now underway? The producers of GMO technology and its accompanying profitable factory farm procedures. Billions of dollars are at stake. People are awakening to the truth that their food supply is dangerous and toxic to humanity, and that it is being controlled by a few very powerful corporations.
Now, in addition to following the money, you must also follow the legislation being written and passed in governments around the world. GMO crops have been banned in large areas across the world, and action is being taken in small communities across the U.S., in the absence of Congressional action. The market for these ungodly creations has been shrinking. Does it seem logical to investigate why the areas with the greatest vulnerability to being taken over by these practices are the very ones being manipulated in this latest "environmental disaster?"
We recommend that you watch the movie, "Thrive" if you wish to have a beginner's background for understanding what is happening on your dear planet this week, this month, this year. It has been a struggle between Light and Dark. You have been at the center of this struggle. How can you remain asleep while the destiny of the entire population - human, flora and fauna - of your entire planet is being decided?

February 14, 2014


With depth covered, the next topic is breadth.  How wide the expanse?  There used to be a term, Renaissance Man, that described people who had a seeming knowledge of everything.  The first two names that come to mind are Walter Russell and Linus Pauling.  

When you find out the diversity of things that Russell was into - your jaw drops.  This man was the sculptor of many famous busts in the first half of the 20th century - two Roosevelts, Mark Twain and his characters.  That is an accomplishment of a lifetime - it was one of many things Walter Russell did well.  Yet somehow, I fail to see a Russell pedestal anywhere that toots his horn.  Russell had his own form of spiral periodic table that worked comparably to the Medeleev form - it doesn't make the cut in today's chemistry texts.

Linus Pauling is the guy who was wrong, then right, then wrong, then right about vitamin C.  His activity within the peace movement of the 1960's created a lot of people that disliked what Pauling stood for - so they attacked his reputation.  People do not realize that Pauling's major work - The Nature of the Chemical Bond is the best chemistry text every written to explain how things work on a molecular basis.  Linus was also instrumental in the race to the chemical structure of DNA - won by Crick and Watson based on the wonderful work of Rosalind Franklin.

That age, the middle of the previous century, was when the cogent attempt to change the knowledge base was happening.  The people out in front of the sciences were true renaissance men; other folks could not grasp the science that was placed ahead of the practicality of everyday life.  The idea that a pursuit of truth in a new form, with new equipment and ideas, seemed a promise at the turn of the century - but two world wars took the world on another track.  Science was used to further the war state: the marriage of technology with science produced the 'goodies' and 'baddies' we play with today.  It also resulted in great depth in a number of areas that led to less breadth within the persons that pursued those areas.

Each historian interprets history in their own weigh - looking at events that shape thinking on many scales and levels.  The assumption of the German position from WW2 in governance operations and education has led us to a current crisis - where the spinning globe is spinning off kilter for the human race as we currently watch.  

The direction that we took changed when there was nobody left who understood everything to the point where integration passed and differentiation remained.  In less than mathematical terms - there is nobody running the ship of the greater society.  Too much complexity of depth and not enough deep people with the breadth to cover all the topics and the time to think about them, when not employed at some make-work job.  All jobs are make-work in today's whirled.  Thyme to read Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

The inside joke of lemme howdt is to let me out from the day-to-day empire.  Action accomplished, that movie is changed.  For lemme - he is happily isolated on a world in the sphere of love sounding - #44.  This world has a connector to world #177 - mind minding.  This section of the map will be the initial setting for a few of the first stories of the great coming together, in response to the long descent.  

A world made by hand cannot be achieved by exploring the linear axes of time and space - we cast our line anew.  The tales of adventure will replace the old line heroes journey with a sense of how each individual responds to a group adventure.  Gains and losses get measured in different weighs, depending on the interactive journeys of individual player characters as they negotiate the new earth.

Now - the breadth of the new landscape of the new earth has yet to be established.  Each area created by the pairing of Treei themes will take on a sense of perspective that runs within the theme.  The choice of theme is set for the players at the beginning of the game based on the entrance form into the game.  That - has yet to be determined and is not germane to the task at hand.  First task is to be yourself and look inward to decide what it is that you want to be and to do in this creative fantasy land where you play a role in the investigation of knowledge.  

To see the big picture emerge from the perspective of a diversity of little pictures is the goal.  Each game is a scientific experiment to collect knowledge in a form that can produce different looking results.  The average of results over a longer period of time will demonstrate trends and the analysis of trends will determine the pathways available in future experimental games.  The games may not be fair, but they will give every player the same footing in a similar situation.  Just like life.

The specific goal is to conceptualize what life is like on the next larger fractal levels.  We are very good at finding life at smaller and smaller levels - as our biological sciences have been able to dissect the individuals and provide highly accurate anatomy and physiology sciences.  That chemistry and biology are supposed to meet together in biochemistry is a problem - because the direction that one approaches the topic initiates from a different belief system - even though there is only one whole.  This is the nature of duality and in the new sense of oneness - this picture must be converged to make proper sense and become technically correct.  

Nature provides the overlap and we know it works.  How it works is something we do not know, but we are messing with the metabolism of a living planet.  To try to impress ideas of science that are incorrect as to describe how nature works without being proper to chemistry is a fiction that has become the basis for both the medical establishment and big pharma.  We as humans are responsible to all other species on this planet to get real and learn this area accurately, before we start playing with nuclear plant meltdowns and genetic engineering.

When each depth has its own reality and does not report to the general breadth of knowledge - then we have to pull the plug and start again. This needs to be done on a local level, not a global level, to reestablish a form of reality that will give the present a better shape.  Together we can evaluate mass, form, flow, power, love, sound, mind, and void and integrate them all into a working system that treats Gaia better than being an extraction, plumbing and sewage system for a single species.

Namaste' ...  doc

February 13, 2014


Depth is a topic that is too deep for some folks.  When information is collected for measure, the depth of measure indicated how far we can trust our analysis.  In the weigh - the deeper you go down the depths of the rabbit hole, the more support is required from the background of your current beliefs.  When i talk about knowledge, there is a difference between relative knowledge and absolute knowledge that requires address - science pretends to address only absolute knowledge and sometimes sees things through aquamarine colored glasses.

The depth that you know a topic is dependent on the amount of time spent gaining expertise in the area.  We all have different learning curves and different means of getting learning across.  By continually plugging at a topic and looking at it through many visual, auditory and ambiance based perspectives, we can determine our reality to the depth necessary to explain most phenomena.  Conflict occurs when concepts cannot be transferred fractally;  the incongruence toward as above, so below becomes readily apparent after a few iterations.

To know something well is to study it in depth for a significant number of hours.  There are also mechanisms where people can get complete downloads in a novel area in a very short period of time through alternative means.  What you believe should be internally consistent with your weigh of thought.   If you come to a point where something is no longer making sense - the time has come to design an experiment that evaluates the alternatives.  You set up a test and measure the results. 

In science, results are probability distributions.  In chemistry, the yield is based on a theoretical 100% yield being the perfect use of all the molecules of the limiting agent - a highly improbable event under any circumstance.  Sometimes, 15% is a very good yield, especially for multi-step processes.  By learning how to coordinate your hands with your skills, you get a feel for how to do chemistry and small changes in technique can significantly improve yields.  To get there though, you have to be doing the labwork and spending the hours that it takes to get the skill sets right.

Seems to me that it would be this weigh in any profession.  There is a basis set of information that has to be learned and then the rest can be derived from the weigh the pieces are reformed into parts.  The skills reach a level where you just know - you no longer need to refer to the books on the shelf, because you already know your topic well enough to know what the books say.  There is confidence in knowing a topic in more depth than anyone - there may also be a tendency to make it up at the edges.

Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. The time has come to reevaluate the imagination base from a variety of perspectives in great depth.  There are things that we fully believe that just are not true.  There are also things that we fully disbelieve that are true, nonetheless.  There are borders on our depths, such that the physical integrity of the whole does not add up the pieces of the whole in any weigh that fits the 'real' pattern - in today's amerika it is the reel pattern that the media wants us to believe.  What do we know?  How do we know?

If i no longer think that something is right, i slide it off into my flux box and try not to use the concept again until i have rectified the challenge that had me disturbed.  I sometimes get beyond my depth and have to clarify some instances in other fields - often, i misinterpret what somebody means with a term that they chose to imply something that was not in my vocabulary.  I have a miniscule vocabulary and know word derivation, so a misused specific term can be misinterpreted to mean what i think it means, rather than the speaker's proper definition.  Often - the multiple meaning are also double entendres.

Too deep for me to go much further now.  What we know, in depth, will be what sustains us, no matter the cause.  Enjoy being - the journey is a important as the destination.

Namaste' ...  doc

February 12, 2014

Why Weigh?

The wise attempt to clarify the whys, while everyone else tries to keep their heads above water.  The question is why?  The ability to accomplish anything is based upon your endurance toward the task - keep at it for enough hours and eventually you will see the weigh.  

When we measure, we are looking for quality and quantity.  The two balance and are measured in different manners.  But how can we know about things that we cannot measure?  For instance - where is your mind when your body is asleep?  How do you know that your dreams are not real?  What happens at the biochemical level that gradually builds up energy for the next day's expense?  How do we know what to believe, when so much of our information comes from compromised sources?

To seek answers to these questions falls into the bounds of physics and meta-physics.  Here, we do chemistry - we take for granted that atoms and molecules do exist even though we cannot see them.  Our arts of spectroscopy and chromatography allow identification after separation - if we can isolate something that produces proper spectra - then we can say we know from a point of fact.

But what is that point?  It is a developed consistency with the means of extracting information, by resolving discrepancy by reasonable explanation.  Reason is based on experience, which is what used to get published as science, before the game became to keep the system consistent while allowing the world to vary.  Heisenberg just wasn't sure - momentum/position - how did it clarify?  Only at the quantum level...

A quantum is a unit of one.  It is a category, not an item.  By fixing the quantum numbers, you identify the one.  Each has an origin in a physical property - like spin.  We are really, really good at spinning - look at how the media changes the story to flash the party line.  If only it was a real party, rather than those boringly useless politicians.  I stopped paying attention for the time being - the goal of our worship.  

The time being: she is currently in control of everybody's destiny.   When we live in the moment of now, we are open to all of nature's creations to talk, to use and to integrate with our souls.  The bonding that provides the chemical energy between atoms is similar to the bonding between two people that converge into the present now - where point of view determines the outcomes of many endeavors.  If you think it will work, pursue the concept and it will work.  Have doubts?  Time to pack it in (for now) and investigate deeper.  How do you evaluate?  Use the weigh.

The criteria of the weigh are whatever you make them.  As more people converge onto the weigh, the measurement will take on different forms and more solid grounding.  To get statistical significance, we require about thirty trials over whatever time period is necessary.  To tell if something will work the first time is a trick of the game now, because humans hardly give things that don't work a second chance.  But we all have needed one at some point and taking a second chance is not a bad idea - if you think the first chance should have worked.  The world is charmed and strange.

Hope this makes sense, because this thyme zone doesn't make cents.  To strive to produce value to convert to other values does not require money or control.  It requires due diligence, to remain in the sense of the new, in the now, and not to slip back into old patterns of learned behaviors.  Stay above the cognitive dissonance; play in the resonance field of love.

Namaste' ...  Doc / hari'

PS - lemme invites readers to come visit a small online unity community - to see how we do it.

February 11, 2014

Experiment # 42 : Mapping the Grid

When the blog posts go in segments, there is an exhilaration high that comes about when finishing a sequence.  The set of eight posts on the Treei concepts are finished and we now have a solid grounding in the weigh that the order can be measured - by looking at the eight different symptoms and classifying the gist of the topic down to one or two focus views.  Each foci is a place on a map that is disjointed from other places - but in contact with the self unity.

Let's set the playing field for game #42 - a fractal grid that has every location distributed at a random interval with 2 to 6 nearest neighbors.  The grid of 64 is not enough space here, but four quadrants of 64 each will work fine for this extrapolation.  That gives us 256 (64 x 4) different spaces - which work fine for hexadecimal nomenclature.  In lay language - we can count the spaces individually in two bytes to keep track of a place.

Let us designate the four quadrants as North, East, South and West and choose one of these quadrants to work from.  Each quadrant can have a different map - the practical use of this system is already modeled in a game called Starweb by Flying Buffalo, Inc out of Scottsdale, AZ.  The Starweb game is fascinating for the teamwork required by six different character types each attempting to score points through a different course of action.

Okay - fractal down to one quadrant - a single grid of 64 that follows the specific order of the calendar - take each of the eight facets in permutations of two - mass massing, mass forming, mass flowing, mass powering, mass loving, mass sounding, mass minding, mass voiding and on to form - form massing, etc.  This system in a model of the genetic code, which takes permutations of four items in groups of three - also a set of exactly 64.  The I-ching uses a grid of 64 within the Tao - which translates to the Way.  This system is called the weigh - because it will become a means of measurement in a variety of focus areas.

The focus areas get chosen by the peeps that wish to focus.  One of the things that current American society is very good at is not giving anyone time to focus.  The juggling act of having a fixed amount of time to get through everything that has to get done is a mixture of balance of work, family, world and self and the more the first three intrude, the less time for the fourth - self.  If you read back to a community of one - you will notice that doc no longer has children and spouse at home.  Part of the dynamics of change is that the stable substance of ground can shift at any moment and change one's perspective.

Part of Experiment #42 is to become comfortable shifting away from the logic of the old game.  The society is all consuming of the time that we have - there are things that must be done in a certain weigh on a certain time frame because that is the only way it has ever been done for any of us.  Our education system has created reactors that don't have time to analyze in depth, but think they know from the experiences that they have had.  Those experiences are mostly imaginary and come from substituting ourselves into the television/movie actor's hero journey - as the hero rather than part of the supporting cast.  In fact, we project our expectations upon that supporting cast and envision them in the roles we need them to play, all the while never seeing that they are indeed playing the same role of hero in their own journey.

So for this game - let's get one thing straight - no hero's journeys, please.  We are each one and we are all one and we can honor each other as we wish to be self honored.  Be good to yourself and be as good to others, but also be true to self and get in touch with your own feeling about things.  If you are ready to be yourself and part of a bigger global community, then ask yourself - which two themes do you resonate with.  Are you love loving, or form sounding or void voiding?  I hope not that last one - void voiding can be a very lonely place if you don't have complete mastery of self.  But it does come every 64th day and the void voids before restarting with a new mass massing.

If you are tracking with Bubble Game #1 - well done.  The numbers should mostly be in the 3, 5 or 8 category - thought some of you with service roles have way higher numbers to report.  Keep tracking and near the end of February, i will list an address.  I am tracking several different things at this time - this game is interactive and the rule for the scientist is that you can either be a participant and not track or you can be a tracker and not participate.  Hari' is the tracker and doc is a participant in the areas where doc was already grandfathered in to the area.  lemme is in doc's category and thus - neither lemme nor doc can leave their designated areas on their game world.

Once the map is formed and the game flow starts, the power and love quadrants will already have some things going on - due to the nature of their thematics.  All other areas depend on the population and who is focusing on which depth area - and that is where you get to choose - if you are playing along.  At this point - all current characters are in development and the volumes of places and levels will populate worlds only after a critical mass is reach.  

That is determined by Fibonacci and that is why keeping track of bubbles will be so important.  The whole scheme has an inversion layer that goes through the zero point - but that is a secondary mathematical model.  Please realize, that these games are experiments in the evolving science of socio-chemistry : that strange attractors guide chemical bonding in weighs that only love can explain.   

Frequency is currently defined with a time component and time is a distinctly different manifestation than what we believe - time changes form according to scale.  So we need to redefine the basis set of what we know for sure and what we think we know - because the illusion that we carry does not fit the reality that is offered to us.  To change the movie - change the coordinates of what we call time by changing the scalar view and getting off the idea set by science that love and spirituality have no value.  After all, zero and infinity are the same concept, when taken as above, so below.  Why not take chemical bonding and love energy the same weigh.

Namaste' ...  doc / hari'

February 08, 2014

a Ted Rall Cartoon : mostly false, but funny


And on the eighth day, there is rest in the empty nest of the void.  Expansion of nothingness.  The state of being where is is good enough.  The place we seek on our meditation.  The place where we can step back and see that we have done good.  The final component of our harmonic set of concepts that need to be investigated individually and in pairs in order to see things through a different light. The completion of axes of our grid of sixtyfour.

The mass took form and began to flow in power and love such that the sound stuck the mind - thyme for contemplation in the void.  The absence of attachment to the idea that sparked the sequence.  We give homage to brother Armando for creating the Treei concept and his teachers, which include Alan Watts.  The sense that nothing is real leaves us with nothing to get hung about - imagine strawberry fields forever.  Or not.

Void is quiet silence of knowing and then going deeper beyond knowing.  It is using each other aspect after the fact and evaluating how the integrity of the package could be improved on the next cycle - because every 64 days signifies the start of that new cycle.  As soon as the void voids, then the lights are going out, one by one, across the world ... then a new day shall dawn for those that go on and the mass masses as though for the first time, on another level of expansion into emergent behavior ... climbing a stairway to heaven

void where prohibited - you must be 64 days or older to qualify to read this disclaimer.

Namaste' ...  doc