February 11, 2014

Experiment # 42 : Mapping the Grid

When the blog posts go in segments, there is an exhilaration high that comes about when finishing a sequence.  The set of eight posts on the Treei concepts are finished and we now have a solid grounding in the weigh that the order can be measured - by looking at the eight different symptoms and classifying the gist of the topic down to one or two focus views.  Each foci is a place on a map that is disjointed from other places - but in contact with the self unity.

Let's set the playing field for game #42 - a fractal grid that has every location distributed at a random interval with 2 to 6 nearest neighbors.  The grid of 64 is not enough space here, but four quadrants of 64 each will work fine for this extrapolation.  That gives us 256 (64 x 4) different spaces - which work fine for hexadecimal nomenclature.  In lay language - we can count the spaces individually in two bytes to keep track of a place.

Let us designate the four quadrants as North, East, South and West and choose one of these quadrants to work from.  Each quadrant can have a different map - the practical use of this system is already modeled in a game called Starweb by Flying Buffalo, Inc out of Scottsdale, AZ.  The Starweb game is fascinating for the teamwork required by six different character types each attempting to score points through a different course of action.

Okay - fractal down to one quadrant - a single grid of 64 that follows the specific order of the calendar - take each of the eight facets in permutations of two - mass massing, mass forming, mass flowing, mass powering, mass loving, mass sounding, mass minding, mass voiding and on to form - form massing, etc.  This system in a model of the genetic code, which takes permutations of four items in groups of three - also a set of exactly 64.  The I-ching uses a grid of 64 within the Tao - which translates to the Way.  This system is called the weigh - because it will become a means of measurement in a variety of focus areas.

The focus areas get chosen by the peeps that wish to focus.  One of the things that current American society is very good at is not giving anyone time to focus.  The juggling act of having a fixed amount of time to get through everything that has to get done is a mixture of balance of work, family, world and self and the more the first three intrude, the less time for the fourth - self.  If you read back to a community of one - you will notice that doc no longer has children and spouse at home.  Part of the dynamics of change is that the stable substance of ground can shift at any moment and change one's perspective.

Part of Experiment #42 is to become comfortable shifting away from the logic of the old game.  The society is all consuming of the time that we have - there are things that must be done in a certain weigh on a certain time frame because that is the only way it has ever been done for any of us.  Our education system has created reactors that don't have time to analyze in depth, but think they know from the experiences that they have had.  Those experiences are mostly imaginary and come from substituting ourselves into the television/movie actor's hero journey - as the hero rather than part of the supporting cast.  In fact, we project our expectations upon that supporting cast and envision them in the roles we need them to play, all the while never seeing that they are indeed playing the same role of hero in their own journey.

So for this game - let's get one thing straight - no hero's journeys, please.  We are each one and we are all one and we can honor each other as we wish to be self honored.  Be good to yourself and be as good to others, but also be true to self and get in touch with your own feeling about things.  If you are ready to be yourself and part of a bigger global community, then ask yourself - which two themes do you resonate with.  Are you love loving, or form sounding or void voiding?  I hope not that last one - void voiding can be a very lonely place if you don't have complete mastery of self.  But it does come every 64th day and the void voids before restarting with a new mass massing.

If you are tracking with Bubble Game #1 - well done.  The numbers should mostly be in the 3, 5 or 8 category - thought some of you with service roles have way higher numbers to report.  Keep tracking and near the end of February, i will list an address.  I am tracking several different things at this time - this game is interactive and the rule for the scientist is that you can either be a participant and not track or you can be a tracker and not participate.  Hari' is the tracker and doc is a participant in the areas where doc was already grandfathered in to the area.  lemme is in doc's category and thus - neither lemme nor doc can leave their designated areas on their game world.

Once the map is formed and the game flow starts, the power and love quadrants will already have some things going on - due to the nature of their thematics.  All other areas depend on the population and who is focusing on which depth area - and that is where you get to choose - if you are playing along.  At this point - all current characters are in development and the volumes of places and levels will populate worlds only after a critical mass is reach.  

That is determined by Fibonacci and that is why keeping track of bubbles will be so important.  The whole scheme has an inversion layer that goes through the zero point - but that is a secondary mathematical model.  Please realize, that these games are experiments in the evolving science of socio-chemistry : that strange attractors guide chemical bonding in weighs that only love can explain.   

Frequency is currently defined with a time component and time is a distinctly different manifestation than what we believe - time changes form according to scale.  So we need to redefine the basis set of what we know for sure and what we think we know - because the illusion that we carry does not fit the reality that is offered to us.  To change the movie - change the coordinates of what we call time by changing the scalar view and getting off the idea set by science that love and spirituality have no value.  After all, zero and infinity are the same concept, when taken as above, so below.  Why not take chemical bonding and love energy the same weigh.

Namaste' ...  doc / hari'

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