January 08, 2014

Community of One

     Sometimes, you find yourself alone within time and space.  There are other beings here, however we just seem to be wrapped up in our own thoughts, our own mechanisms and our own beings.  This is necessary for contemplative thought - we have to turn down the sound and screen out the visuals and embed ourselves deep into the nature of nature itself.  I have a gray cat watching me as i type - realize that we are never alone - that each of us is a part of all of us and the peeps - well, why do we assume that they have to take human form.

     When you are confident in your ability to be alone on your own, then try to grasp the idea that you are now responsible for the entire community of life - all is one, we are all one.  As people grok the ascension taking place and more of us go with the flow,  it becomes easier to manage the task of keeping oneself healthy and in love with life.

     I have some good friends who are having very rough times.  They insist on being in the world of the storm and wish for me to see things their way.  Even though i write continuously about leaving the whirled behind, they insist on bringing it back, again and again and again, in multicolored debris.  I send them my love, but not my attention.

    Things are never what they seem and always what you believe them to be.  The attitude that you approach with gives you the altitude to take flight and the aptitude to enjoy yourself while being.   This does not mean we don't deal with the good and bad - we just don't dwell very long at either place.  Aloofness does not signal disinterest - it is just difficult to follow modern logic when you are not engaged in the system.  Each time it calls me back, there is an ebb and flow for me to find the balance and to get away from the constraint.  

     When i believe that i have mastered community of one - i then approach community of one.  Fibonacci has two ones in the sequence and it is important to take the time to remaster the self.  The whole one and the small one are indeed the same - as above, so below.  Affirmations may help relieve doubt - when you have come together to be yourself, no matter how the stage plays out, then you are ready to move to a community of two - with full knowledge that it will likely go back to one soon.  

     Two is a give and take - a sanding down of the rough edges and refinement of the means of choice.  We can see new things that are pointed out to us and take them in to internalize our new frame of reference.  We don't erase anything from our one, we just add and appreciate more diversity as a point of two rather than one.  Two implies duality - one is the first part of the solution, but it does grow until all and every are extrapolated from every conceivable point of view.  And we are still all one.

Namaste' ...  doc

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