January 14, 2014

How to Change the Movie

   If you made it through the last post, you will note that doc is saturated with the business of dealing with people.  As a hermit, one appreciates the down time where reflection is allowed to precipitate thought.  When the interaction is constant, the need to be always on limits the down time to - what can i do that needs to be done in this window of time?  The pile stacks as less gets done and more piles up.

    Multi-tasking is not a valid solution.  Nor is microsh*t's one experience for everything.  Whoever thought that one up deserves to be stuffed with code and beaten like a pinata.  Each of us has a means by which we work best and we know how to do the work that we do efficiently.  When they change the color of the backdrop or make a shortcut - it disrupts the expectation pattern and slows down the process.  I can see many jumps in context based on parallel lines - but only if i have the time to look.

    Life cannot be done from rote response. By working with people and community, i have to remove myself from the personal line of interest and hope that other people can take care of my personal well-being.  Since i do not accept pay for work, i have to find other schemes to have income to do the work.  When i spend time with people - i learn their motivations and goals and can accurately access the value of their work - on the scale that they are working.  I can only compare it to what i know when i work with me.

     I have not worked on me very much this past 6 weeks and i have grown tired of the rat race of travel and up-keep with a different place in space and time every few days.  The structure is erratic and the need to pay attention to things that were off my radar screen has heightened my awareness of how insane the current movie has become.  I will write fiction - i can see the stories unfold - but you cannot get there from here.  Only I can and i am not sure that i want to.

     Y'see - the common illusion is breaking down and i believe this is a very good thing.  Rule of force and power over is not a paradigm that has long term sustenance.  To really develop community properly on an organic basis, we have to get it right at the simple number levels - it has to work for the one, before it can work for the two.  At the stage where two become one - i.e. twin flame - the two entity and the two one entities still retain their original form.  We always operate as one - when we partner - how often are we subsumed into the two without being able to retain our unique one.  At scale - when do we start a new quantum level?

     So - to Change the Movie - one starts by changing the perspective of self.  Take a chance to identify yourself from outside your current entity.  My friend watches hummingbirds and can be at one with the birds without fear, as long as she can control movement.  The birds can perch on a stick floating on water to take a bath - and the stick interacts with the bird just as the human observer interacts with the bird.  The bird and stick and observer all cooperate - though we do not assign the stick consciousness due to our bias.  Yet wasn't the tree once alive?

     Life is water.  If it has water, it holds consciousness.  Wow.  Parameter changing event - water of life - water of love - water of rain - water thinks it is a person - how much water is there in the world.  To change to looking at the world from the scale of water - well that can be a different prospect for the imagination.  The scale - how deep, how wide, how long, how many quantity, how clean quality (even what does clean mean?).  And this is just one of the many things we can think about if we give ourselves the time to think.  About water.  only.

     The trick may be to consider everything as people instead of just people as people.   Every self-thinking entity considers itself as its own basis set of one - we need to include their perspective in our new world-view.  From the scale of the smallest cognizant entity - the water molecule.

     Hmm - more later ... Namaste'  ...  doc

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