January 30, 2014


Once mass is formed to flow, the next stage is giving it some juice - power.  Whether we are talking physical motors or an electrical plug, power is the device that allows impact.  To power down is to turn off your engine and let your hair out of the bun.  The motive force present depends on the horsepower - a form of language not taught in school measurements.  How many people today have encountered a real live horse?  Blessings to Chantilly - my silver friend that made it 17 years after we rescued her as an old mare.  

Animals carry power in their presence.  The larger the animal, the quicker time moves for them, in a bodily sense.  Learning to control time has a unique power - turn off money and the power grows exponentially.   In the current illusion of power, time is money and assembling money gives one power to live above the rules.  Fortunately this illusion will not hold much longer - you get what you believe you will get : the old Chinese curse is may we live in interesting times.

Power to the People! was a slogan of the 1960's.  We live in the image of power to the corporation;  then again according to our supreme court of the land, corporations are people too.  Doctor Rich called us peepholes.  That is a powerful image that allows me to include everything with senses as people - the animals, plants and crystals all hold power, in their own weigh.

Power vs Force is an interesting conceptual diversion.  When Luke used the force, he had all the power of the galaxy in his hands - but power in this sense is quite illusionary.   His mind gave him the power - along with the confidence built in the hours of time improving the skill set for further use.  

Imagination is power - the ability to leave oneself and create in a new image is a freedom that only takes isolation.  We have been taught to equate isolation with loneliness and tend to not appreciate time alone to ourselves, until after we have kids.  The ability to work alone comes from hours of practice;  you have to put in those hours to develop power in your knowledge of how your point of focus works.

Power over you is given by you with consent or taken by force.  When the time is well spent, it seems to evaporate before you even notice that you were there, spending the time.  That is true power - when you can control your own time.  Then the focus becomes, how you use that power of time.  

Making certain that power is shared with other folks in your bubble of trust is one weigh to measure how far along you are coming.  Our enlightenment here is a learned weigh - just as the Tao is a learned way.  There are many different weighs and many different aspects - neither good nor bad - just there waiting to be evaluated by accurate measurement on a scale that we can function upon. 

Keep your head down and watch what happens without attachment as the current system dissolves away.  Know that the scope of change depends upon what you are willing to believe - everything has to build to a proper crescendo and then it happens - the game changes and we are where we believe we are - here in the now.  Write your own ticket - you have that power, but realize that all we do is being watched by each and every one of us.  We are acting out history - the tales we tell will be priceless, powerful human drama of epic proportion, if you buy into the hero's journey rather than the we are all one, we are each one future.  You have to learn yourself first.

You have the power to find the place where your heart sings;  you have to have the power to go into yourself and believe what you believe based on the knowledge that you have.  Seek a truth that makes sense by your perspective.  Question the source of all knowledge, even here, and do not accept truths unless you truly believe them to be true.  That is how knowledge can give you power, especially when you figure howdt whom you can trust.

May the power be with you, as the force is with Luke.   

Namaste' ...  Doc Hari'

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