January 06, 2014

Alice doesn't live here

   The Thyme Howdt team has been under the weather for the past few days.  The traits started with COPD and fluid worked its way into the lungs.  This started about a month ago in the harsh winter cold that was created for us to give the impression that climate is changing.  It is, but not the weigh you think.  This is an excerpt from a good read - also listen to the mp3 weather report from Jan 5.

     To recognize the climate meltdown has nothing to do with Al Gore (he is a part of the problem in this equation), it has only to do with understanding what the data dictates. Global geoengineering is taking us from the frying pan and putting us in the fire, the spraying must be stopped. Not only the spraying programs tearing the climate system apart, they are literally poisoning the entire planet and every breath we take. Please get educated and get involved with the fight.

     Here is where i differ - this is not a fight or a battle.   It is a lifestyle change that must be taken - to get off the lame stream media info and correct the ills that are broken.  The powers that used to be want war and conflict - we must bring them peace and love - with a firm resolve to stop the chemical agenda.  And the bankster agenda.  And the globalization agenda.  And every other agenda that removes self-determination and sovereignty as basic principles or organization.  

     The time has come to localize - to let go of the big and scale down to the manageable.  To withdraw consent from the forms of governance that we have and to step up into the roles that lead us out of this current maladjusted cognitive common reality.  We can look at the facts the same way or we can look at the facts anew in a different weigh - the time has come to choose.  I am not alone in this view.

     To wit - the questions of how to view the information present comes into serious question.  People who have watched this whirled take shape over the last 50 years have developed the sense that the common illusion is a truth.  It is not.  The spraying is real - look up to the skies and see.   The elements found - barium, strontium and aluminum are all cations with little biological significance - yet they create aerosol cooling and get into places where they tie up the natural chemical systems.  It may be thyme to devote this blog to basic chemistry - the topic has been placed out of reach of the general public and the misinformation is making decision making processes null and void.  In fact - the entire education system is in place just for the enhancement of this faltering collective reality.  We can change the movie, but only by acting in our proper roles.  Young people who are not jaundiced by this common misbelief may be able to see fact for what it is.  We need to support them, not tax them into slavery.

     My role is as a healer and as a Cassandra figure.  Since people cannot grok the leaps in imagination that i take to connect the dots, they tend to glom onto a particular sentence to argue, rather than looking at the whole picture.  Unity is not about each of us thinking the same - that would be boring and counter-productive both.  Unity is about each of us thinking alone, in the same direction for common goals - and then listening to each other with full intent.  That means actually listening, not thinking about what you wish to say next or responding harshly to the latest use of a fabricated buzzword.  The red queen once stated that words mean exactly what i think they mean.  Alice doesn't live here any longer.

     The term understanding means to agree to the basic rhetoric of what is being told - the legal system assumes that if you stand under it, you give them control.  And you have!  We now under stand nothing - we have to put all the pieces together once again from first principles and reconstruct a common vision that takes us into a new and novel process - a horizontal power structure where the best qualified person makes the call, using the advice and consent of the people gathered around.  We know who we trust and we know who has an agenda.  We are all greater than 21 - which is half of 42 - the answer to life, the universe and everything.  Thyme to put away the rose colored glasses and return to a reality based system that honors nature at all scales and reverses the trend of man, conqueror of nature.

namaste ... doc

PS - the three links in this document are the three lemme award winners for truth based reality in 2013.  Congrats to Geo-engineering watch in the current truth category - the Arch Druid in the historic truth category and Kunstler in the future truth category.  The lemme's are like the emmy's, only more significant in that they come from a sum of the pieces POV.  The whole bloggosphere is the new news media - discern what you believe and make that reality happen.

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