November 30, 2011

We Will Be Watching

The universe presented itself to me again last week and i hope i passed the test. I was able to pass along documents and bear witness to events that are playing out on a global scale. We do not know who the good guys are or who the bad guys are - the only people we really know are ourselves. I claim to be a good guy, but everybody believes that they are on the side of good. It is all in the definition.

And it is all good. I started writing about the journey - it is hard not to blog details, so some will leak, but the story is another vision quest - learning about the persona that i have taken on. I can see things through the visions - the people and places are orchestrated into a constellation governed by the stars. I represented the moon and the stars with Catherine when i first landed in Ashland - the mini-whirled that now appears as the eye of my storm.

Because I was asked to bear witness, i was able to see clearly in situations that i never would have encountered. Understanding the accordion format of fractal mathematics allows me insight at all scales - i can climb through the portal of Alice's looking glass and arrive at Alice's restaurant. My mettle was tested and found to be metal. It was quite a Thanksgiving, i know i am blessed. Now, it is time for me to watch.

I like to absorb information and then reconstruct the form. Getting outside of my comfort zone shakes my interior and places me back on the path of what it is that i need to accomplish. The time to stop and withdraw consent has come - the game will be played out and then we pick up the pieces and go home - if there is such a place any longer. Space is such that perhaps the time to pack down and ratchet down another level - they are going to do what they are going to do. Record, report and watch closely.

November 29, 2011


The entire economy is a fraud by banksters. Why play? Don't pay anything to anyone! Withdraw all your assets from the system and put them into real goods - because what you have on hand when it ends will be what you start with when we begin again. Maybe.

Look at the sky on the open road. As we wonder what they are spraying, we have a new report. It was not enough that we find Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, now we must worry about nano-particles. They want to make us fear fear itself. Don't buy their gambit. One of the sentences has me very confused - " Invisible except under the magnification of powerful microscopes, these nano-size radio-controlled chips are now being made out of mono-atomic gold particles." Why would they be spraying Ormus? Ormus is a healing agent - i know, because i synthesize it. It does wondrous stuff - has to do with the alignment of water molecules. So, really, it is time to look at all our assumptions and validate them one more time.

To this end, i will be concocting a new form - it will take a little while to gather what information i need. I would like assistance creating a business model - one for the future, not of the past. Touch base through the Scientists of Transcendence group.

November 28, 2011


Good food

Good food is the reward
that drives the crank
that winds the world
Clean water and air
provided by growth
of the knowledge base
Once we place aside
our petty disputes
of political elder days
Focus on joys of life
rather than stressful turmoil
as the miasma of chaos
descend into new whirled orders
created from the product
of human enterprise
Spirit endowed
by development of
Blessed company sharing
goblets of fine wine
over a tasty course
Good food is the reward

(c) 2011 lemme howdt

Looking back at the future

Adventured down the path of tomorrow while bearing witness to historic content. There are motions to take back the property of all the people indigenous to gaia - with deep forces playing each other from all sides. We each have our own visions - this is a vision that suggests what will be coming this next year - the speaker Nassim Haramein is a world renown physicist who does not believe in conventional scientific wisdom. His physics makes sense to me, though now i also like dr. bhat - or perhaps i'll just create my own.

November 19, 2011

Real time - Climate Change

November 19th for the first snow of the year - the hummingbird on the right was not too happy, but the sugar water dispenser on the porch is not frozen. His mate arrived - the two hummed for me a bit and then flew off. The flakes are large and the accumulation is immediate. Climate change - what an interesting concept - seems that it has always been the same - weather changes in short order. Occupy the weather! Today. for me, that's snowballs.

November 18, 2011

Economic Dominance - why ?

As i watch the media (true cognitive dissonance), i notice the focus on economic issues to the exclusion of all other debate on all other things. The fundamental assumption that $$$ leads to a 1 % vs 99% mentality begs the question that the whole illusion is falling apart. Knowledge is not wisdom - we are facing issues that we have never seen before, yet we are focusing on buffoonery at a national level.

Look at the material balance. Now look at the distribution of assets. Now look at the balance of power. Now look at those violent Occupy protesters - who insist on living off your dime. Huh? What? I suppose being attacked and using self defense is encouraging violence. I struggled once, before understanding that violence is a component of life - in nature, the predator and the prey both seemingly agree to the system and there is an acceptance at the end.

The system message does not make sense. Today's Doonesbury "we can't schedule you until you're in the system" - nails a point -old style to be different, you have to sign up to be different in their organized way. What part of leaderless do these people not understand conceptually. You are not a leader by getting me to pay you for training on how to be a leader like you. Organized peace is very old school - let it go. We do not need different kingmakers - you need to be able to do your own thing in your own way. We do have leaders and they lead by example, not by order and organization.

What is the core reason that we have government? At what level of integrity should we address the problem? Who knows how the system really works and how many co-dependencies are involved in making change? We have to make change. We need a highly fertile chaos to shake up the current broken order - the next world order should be completely natural and make sense in the terms of scale that we can action upon.

My scale of action is coming back into the curl of the fibonacci spiral. I see some parallels that demonstrate the perfect symmetry of the universe on the surface of a mandlebrot. It opens and closes and breathes in and out. Let go of the economy in the sense of converting one thing to another - stop the kinetics and watch the steam blow off. Counting change in terms of nickels, dimes and quarters is futile - be part of real change - occupy will evolve, while beating civil people physically here with the toys of war must be stopped. Change begins at home, now, today. Be that change. Learn to Exist.

10:30 apparently, i share this opinion.

November 17, 2011


Had to chuckle - more here

November 16, 2011

Occupy Thanksgiving

If we are serious about stopping the motor of the crash - perhaps the first thing to do is to appreciate each other and not spend a dime for the rest of the weekend. Do the normal social things we do, but blow off all weekend shopping and (dare i suggest) cut up that credit card. If we, the 99%, take time off to stop, think and redirect focus, then perhaps the future can be brighter than the media suggest it will be.

There are many things that require consideration. Each of us must think about what we want, where we want to be, what we want to do, how to be free. To the level that we wish to be engaged, we should endeavor to excel. Be prepared and take a good attitude along into the future. Only - the now is now and this is all the now we get. The transformation begins with each of us, individually. I have been there and back again - and i like it there better than here. At least right now.

Share a few hugs.


I attended a meeting last night concerning the growth of industrial hemp as a cash crop that a local economy can be based upon. The crowd of about 100 seemed to believe that we had to take the initiative and just plant the crop - following as many of the current laws as possible, while realizing the trap that the laws have been written to prevent the process.

There were people there that were concerned about a lot of local issues. Jurisdiction is a funny concept, because the usurpation of responsibility has not been accompanied by the fulfillment of that responsibility. I can contribute, but the economic system will not pay me for that contribution because i refuse to follow the rules imposed in the game. As a game theorist, i no longer believe in the concepts on which the current economic game is established.

If i am the banker in a monopoly game, and i can make a profit off all the other players in the game, they could never win consistently over the long term. Erase the phrase monopoly game and there you have it - the banksters win, the game over. I have quit the current economic system and will accept the support of others by free effort exchange. I own my time - i will barter with you for your time and we shall see what we can make of it. The idea of localizing responsibility depends on the law enforcement of a common agreement - i no longer agree to any of the 'law' produced by anyone but the creator.

So, if this is your first time reading this site - realize that you caught me in a moment of being way out there in attempting to construct an alternate system of community reality. I call it Existence and i have compounded my effort to create a base game of confidence and competence that requires some POD people. Education is key - new organic models of education are required. This means forming a new system of one-on-one personal dynamics - that is my next quest - to clear my plate so that i can pursue the next fractal reality of my earth existence. There seem to be 13 possibilities in a grid of 64 and i can see the math. The Fibonacci spiral works in both directions - with exponential growth if you get too far out of your orbital.

I am not an anarchist, and i will attempt to follow natural law as i understand the game. To old friends that know me, the scribe has left - the researcher has returned and the data is setting in the books and written words. The pace of going forward will be reflected, inverted and reemitted in fractal waves - we seem to be through 13 and approaching 8 - time will stop at 1 and then will stop at one and then will increase to 1 back on the way to 2. This numeracy needs to be investigated - so as i create the Ormus model, i will attempt to introduce a math-less number grid. The speed at which we pace shall be the determinant - be where you wish to be, doing what you wish to be doing, you could be there for quite a while.

Be well, my friends,
both old and new,
critters in all forms,
enjoy today

November 15, 2011

A Post for Pets

Okay – getting ready to face whatever may come requires making contingency plans for many things. We all know that legally, we should have a will to direct our assets to somebody other than the taxman. But in a more practical sense, if we didn’t go on tomorrow – who will take care of our pets? This is a very important technical consequence of life which is extremely important to those pets. Other people's attached pets are lost when their person passes. I have a lot of animal friends at my human friends homes that I would take on in a pinch, if asked. Depending on the personal living situation – a dog or cat is often the only friend that will listen and be there for you. So be there for them, right now, and think about where their next kibbles are coming from, if it’s not from you.

Fall Colors

My friend Dianne took these monuments of fall colors during a walk through the park - enjoy!


Administrative rules trump constitutional protections. Jesse Ventura - conspiracy theory host - was the governor of Minnesota, elected on the Reform Party ticket, tried to sue to stop the TSA from usurping our 4th amendment rights - he found no court that would accept jurisdiction. Courts follow their own law written by lawyers for the benefit of keeping the system. We are expected to not be ignorant of the law. Now read this. Why do we believe that we have a rule of law?

November 13, 2011


There is another there out there
and i can get there
Again, i think ...
i was out there
wandering in the garden
where all things made sense
the economic free world.
But you reeled me back,
placed my thoughts
on mundane matters.
Take care of my needs
and we'll slip away
to bring back riches
from Columbus' orient.
Only after we unshackle
the chains and the burdens
of artificial reality
now imposed.

(c) 2011, 2004 lemme howdt


Sometimes it pays to deliberately deceive ourselves - we get to avoid truth. That truth may appear to be unpleasant, but it is what it is because it is truth. There are many ways to get to truth and if we forget that things all have to add up, we can assemble different collections of thoughts, where non-truth can be pared out later - like cleaning bad spots off a piece of fruit. If you notice the bad spots and let them go, your fruit goes down-hill rather rapidly. Unless you are using a persimmon.

Reality - is whatever we make it - Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. We need both. I live in my own imagination and do not need to burst the bubbles of creative fiction - but concurrent reality means that if you point it out to me and i choose to ignore - then i am deceiving myself and no longer exist in that reality.

To fix myself, i objectize the feelings and energies into a piece of matter. Instead of having tension caused by rolling emotion - i take my particle and put it in the box and then look into the box. It cannot be a wave because i have observed it to be a particle. We enforce duality into this range of space at this time - no wavicles. No shades of grey. Either or. One love. Bah - it's a horror story that i choose not to weave my way through this minefield.

So i go to the shelf and i place that book back into it's order and pull another set of pages to determine the new path. The lesson in grounding was well taken and the play is set - the essay written, the conclusion reached. Whether it was worth the effort - it most certainly was - but the learning experience and the take home message was not what i thought it would be. I guess that is why they are called lessons.

I hope you caught the reference to Plato's Cave. The shadow world created by our observations without confirmation creates illusions of what is and what can be. Open your horizon and stop limiting the view based on artificial constraints that are imaginary in nature. You never have to elucidate the demons, but once you do, you can no longer neglect to serve them, until you dissipate their power. I turn it off by no longer feeling - i did feel there and got burned - just needed to turn down the heat.

Heat is reflected in rate - things generally move faster when the temperature rises. When you slow down, you cool off. If you don't like the cold, you keep moving and generating heat - more gets done. But when the stop comes, it is harder to orient. There is something else here too - missing from the equation. I feel off balance and know that spin has a way of reorienting our perspective. Maybe i'm reading in too much - but something nags that seems obvious to others but not to the aspie crowd - perhaps we are better off for it. I don't mean to cut you off - but i mean to cut you off, i have to, for sanity sake. But i would like to know the answer, so the door is slightly ajar.

I think that i'll watch football and sort paper - mindless clearing of artifacts that open the doors toward new endeavors. I hope you always miss my touch - and can conjure the feeling up from the memory - i know i can. I love you, he said, as he walked through the door, never to return that way again ...

November 11, 2011

Airing Dirty Laundry

The holier than thou's are going to bring up everything they can to convince you that we are all evil. The Penn State witch hunt has already seen the perps tried by the press in the court of public opinion - even before we assemble the legal system. I have no trust for the legal system - but let's hold back the piling on. Whatever these guys doing, it is a symptom of a much larger problem - catholic church is just as culpable. So are others.

The Herman Cain witch hunt on the other hand is just politics as usual. The whole game of sexual harassment in the work-place is a mis-interpretation of personal rights that has caused me to lose all faith in the current concept of common work-place. History is an event made up by the writer of the story. The personal ethics of interpersonal interaction change depending on the times and the mores of the individuals.

I have been led on before, i have also been charged with stepping over the line twice. Once was retaliation for catching said student cheating - and i defended myself in the process which had no merit at all. The second was at the nickel mind and the impropriety was blown up politically rather than confronted - it was known viral before i even knew that i had said anything. The same collection of persons led to a suicide (bless you tom), and it was a lesson in placing people in impossible personnel situations. I can not be responsible for somebody else's behavior, but i can be cowed to watch without speaking.

It is all a judgment call. Everybody sends signals - we misread them and then hide our actions in shame - winking at worse actions because we all have skeletons in our own closet. Sex is. It can be used manipulatively or shared in love. It is not what it appears to be at all. If you look at the basis of the internet, you have pornography of all types. Free speech guarantees things we don't like. When we impose moral values imperfectly, we break our own psyche rather than fixing them. We cannot legislate morality. We can enjoy sex.

In my opinion, 2012 will take care of sweeping a lot of this moral ambiguity out of the system. It is done, not legitimate and until we come up with an alternative, we are living in bizarro-land. In fact - we have been there for a while and i am much happier on the far side rather than the near side. So i am headed back across the drift - soon but not quite sure when. There are things to do, but i have kept most all of the promises that i made.

I wish to understand - i defer judgment in order to collect data as best i can without being invasive. I can see that i need to have some deeper trust and security - things change when we forget Maslow and i spent too much time off-kilter. There is a need to investigate other options of living together - i have only the final chapter left in Pinchback's 2012 text - i am surprised how close my life is to his - it implies that i can develop the shamanic tools - perhaps i already have. If you are a close personal friend - check in with me when you read this and i will hopefully know a bit more.

November 10, 2011

Zen Queen

The zen queen has her calm down to a science. Here she has manifested a wool bed - likely because the lap she wanted was predisposed. Such a love - likes to be petted. Parts of me hum in your tune.
Subtle has never been my forte. In fact, you would probably have to hit me over the head with a two by four to get me to notice something that has changed in the background rather than the foreground. So the fact that i appear to be noticing some little things that are going on subtly in the background seems odd and troubling. Note the color of the skies below - today is a binary day and i feel like a binary flu is - yet a hummingbird makes her presence known and i am not alone, even though it appears as such to the naked eye. Snowball also got too touchy-feely today : i think i will go back into the cave and watch the shadows move in front of the doorway.

An Existence Prayer

Life underscores the good and the bad

Creating novel new situations

As we deal with the reality of fiction

Our observance of the territory sways

At times I question my divinity

At other times I become confident in her aura

The beauty of nature is upon us always

The hand of god guides us as we turn

Sometime I lose the sense of drift

Come clearly focused on the moment of time

But other times I flail with my convictions

Noting that I know nothing, devoid of flow

Flow streams forth to construct endeavor

Happenstance to base the way of life

Understanding that knowledge is a component

Not the means to an end of the game

The game never ends – we sweep along

Selling photographs of memories to ourselves

Images of what we envision, turned our way

Not capable of remorse because we live in it

However letting go and trusting Great Spirit

To follow us and guide us well

Clearing a path that we may tread with others

Dealing away the casualties of the day

My spirit prays that I find love in myself

For all the things that I care about

Concentric circles rotating around distant suns

Guiding me to achieve the best I can

Giving up, I trust in the nature of the world

And will motivate to be all that I can be

With heartfelt solace of the newborn day

Achieving the things I was destined to do

My cup runs over, as I am one with god

As god is one with the spirit in me – amen

© 2008 lemme howdt

November 09, 2011

Post OWS - What comes next?

Occupy Wall Street has created a new meme that is counter to what the powers that be would like us to believe. The system requires a reboot and a change and each of us must realize that we have to give up our past roles. The merging of corporate government with the control function of telling people how to live life has to stop. Nobody gets to have it their way for somebody else, not you, not me. Everybody will be affected - we have to turn to love and trust and that starts with Peace.

The 'you hafta do it this way' sect has taken oven everywhere and there is a distinct one-size fits all flavor to this current phase of fascism - they are mean spirited and have no caring capacity. The change is come - we hafta do what we hafta do - get back to base Existence and work things back up locally in each community, taking responsibility for our own actions locally.

We currently live in a world where if you have money, then the law does not apply. Well, if you don't have money, then the law should not apply. We can print money just like the banksters - by developing local currency. The level of jurisdiction has to be determined - right now the mob mentality is overbearing.

Group theory has some answers - in chemistry, group theory is about the geometric relationship between small numbers of atoms. It is about symmetry and geometry. There are groups dynamics that come into play that need to be restructured from the ground - the out there is really too far out there. My time is coming to speak - there are many gems embedded in the past history of this blog. Data Mining 101 - coming to a blogspot near you.

Each of us needs to become a group of one. WE are all a group of one. Our diversity of opinion is to be cherished, not fought over. Our approach needs many voices, some rational, some emotional, all grounded in reality. So what comes next is - whatever we have to deal with as part of our today. Stop. Smile. Be still. Meditate. Think. Slow down. Regroup. Share love - be responsible for you. Get ready to respond, firmly and gently and be a pillar for the people that count on you being there. Be ready for whatever comes next.

November 08, 2011


Okay - the drift is such that the springs are sproinging - people do not understand the workings of chemistry in biological systems. As a metal chemist, there are simple functions for each of the elements that are unique to those elements. It is like having plumbers and handymen - for a real plumbing job, you need a real plumber. But - he has to really know his plumbing. We have a myth as to how our plumbing works - and metals in biological systems have a significant role at low levels, but can be toxic at higher levels. For most plumbing things, a handyman works fine.

Chemistry is a physical science. Clusters of atoms work like clusters of people. It goes back to group theory. There is a distinct symmetry to the universe, which stores energy in more ordered systems. The arrangement of atoms and the creation of bonds relies upon the proximity of local order - the more order, the more conformation of species. There are distinct differences between the organic world and the inorganic world - life is the interface between the two events. The difference is a duality that really does not need to be - the shapes of life are real and not simple.

Think about the hedron - the smallest hedron is the tetrahedron - the four sided figure. The symmetry is four fold, such that orientation appears the same on each of the four faces. The four goes into the sixty-four - that is the next lower key - the sixteen. Numbers are not what they seem - but we are locked into a thought pattern based on arithmetic and mathematics, that we lose track of numerology. Once i finish Existence, I'll move onto Marshall, promise. The time change is happening and we are evolving backward as well as forward.

I have purged a few chapters of Existence - the examples of what didn't work can wait for more inputs before the data becomes significant. Measurement is the key - get tuned into the weigh. Go visit Existence and maybe copy the pages for future use when the net goes down. I have the ability to share more - but i need the support to get beyond my lower maslow levels - so my time is precious and off the plate except by specific request. I always listen, though i can't hear when i must listen between the lines. talk to me

November 06, 2011

Rabbits Endangered

Humans apparently are not the only species capable of cheating.

November 04, 2011

Wherefore this time?

Thyme to resolve a time issue. If time shifts for more than one person - that is the people are moved to a different simultaneous timeline due to an individual change created somewhere else in time, does this prove causality, the link to cause and effect, to be discredited. In essence, by changing me, i change the world and the world retroactively shifts to accommodate my new changed point of view. How did everyone else shift, or did i shift them.

This takes me back into my life as a screenplay theory. The idea is a take-off of the Truman show - where the cameras are always rolling and the actor is omniscient to the script twists. If you look at some of the first films of movie sets - the reactions of the actors seem like they are just as surprised by the action as the viewer. The universe seems to always let us in on the joke just before the tsunami hits - but if you read the proper tea leaves, there is time to bail.

Unreality happens - that time spent off time that doesn't seem to be there except for our own experience. The symptoms seem to imply time travel very much - as retro-reconfiguration is a motif expressed by Hollywood in many ways and forms. It goes back to 60's kid psychology - when everything was Brady Bunch and Donna Reed and we got to think about our future choices - Jetson's or Flintstones. We got Dick Tracy's watch and Maxwell Smart's shoe cell phone - modern life is a fractal of old time television. Groucho - is that the most ridiculous thing you ever heard?

So - when in doubt - stop. If you are in a hole - put down the shovel. In the Fibonacci sequence one is followed by one. You have to get them both down before you can progress to two. It's always a two-way street, back and forth, left and right, red and blue - only it's not - that's just the mindset that we have been given kicking in again. Hot water - hot water with ground beans - another Friday and much to do. The volume of material is starting to ooze howdt from my creative juices - watch what comes for high theater purposes.

Be aware that we have crossed another spin threshhold - March 5, 2012 is another guess. The last Tzolkin - ah : go back and read , the write is all wrote - you were there, then you were here, now you can go back and forth - just try to remember how - in the future. The past is rewritten, the future not yet there , so the only place to be in in the now - that's all we know and that will change - all the time, if my guesses are correct. come touch me, my love

November 02, 2011


How about this carved pumpkin?