October 26, 2011

Global Revolution

Serendipity does not happen - this reality sandwich article suggests

' Existence in this world is an initiatory process to prepare us for the transition to other conditions of being, other worlds or bardo realms beyond this one. '

The book that i have been working through at night is Pinchback's 2012.

The universe speaks - welcome to the roller coaster - i'll be off to pick grapes. Get wet.

October 25, 2011

Double Entender

The tide of anger is increasing as they pit us off against each other - we must not spend our time arguing between you and me. I concede your right to disagree and i'm okay with that, as long as you hear me out. I agree to hear you out, but i do not agree to change my mind. There are things we know, and then there are things that we think we know. There is much confusion.

Duality is a big issue, because we just assume it to be true. That is mostly happenstance, because once we observe something, then the ability to observe it again provides a reinforcement of the original. But there is just as much instance of two as any other number - if you really wish to drift out of orbit - start looking at thirteens.

I had to see what match dot come was about, so i signed up as ormus dude and i put a few minutes into contemplating their questions. I found a suitable photo and walla - no access until you pay them the money for their 'free' service. All the rest is tease. The photos and the tales are real, but you have to pay for using their e-mail system, which is private. I was wondering what the catch was. I don't play pay for play games - however if rabbit from GP wants to return my wink...

Interpersonal relationships reinforce our concept of duality. I wonder if the emotion of the times is going to force greater imbalance in the roles of the sexes - i tend to believe in the love the one your with philosophy, but emotions are fragile and i get hurt too easily. I also run blind in some of the 'common culture' sense and need a friend to look after me. I miss her touch...

Nuff o dat - be well and smile. Hope to see you soon.

October 24, 2011

Our Next Evolutionary Leap

My comments on the opening session of the Global Oneness Summit.

These people are 'leaders' of the rich white community - holding hands is important for the kumbaya. The acceptance of all people as [people of voice is important - each individual should speak to their own offering. I offer to educate - if you wish to exchange information - take action and tell the world.

Participate when they ask you to speak - say what you mean and do not pander.

October 23, 2011

Try to imagine

Sometimes, imagination works better than vision. Working in the dark allows you to not see the surroundings - which forces you to focus on the task at hand. Imagine a mobius strip vortex shaped like an infinity symbol. Now place a roller coaster rail along the surface and pretend that you're along for the ride. What happens when you get to the twist in the middle? The place where the inside of the ribbon becomes the outside comes complete with an inversion - which turns everything inside out for the opposite trip. If the rail wasn't regular, you would lose track of the track.

Now that you have this image firmly embedded - superimpose a time line above the graphic. What are the units of the timeline? Aeons - or years - or seconds? You know - it doesn't matter what time-line you assign because it all works the same. We converge on a point at any given moment and once it passes, we assume that that moment is over and continue on to the next. But do we ever reach the point where the infinity symbol inverts?

Are you holding the image - the final downhill of the roller coaster riding a single loop that inverts every other time that you hit it? (You have to go throught the entire symbol once to get back to the starting point - both the inner and outer tracks). Sew if you can't picture this image - think about a bowtie and a string that runs the periphery, then goes inside the bowtie and runs the exterior surface from the inside, til it returns to get out.

Now - another leap of imagination - The loop is stacked - another infinity of larger size surrounds the ride that we have created (a tiny bowtie manifests inside your other bowtie). Everything acts the same, looks the same, feels the same, except it's land of the giants - each object is 3.14 times the size of the prior object in the same form. This means that the scaling is different - for things to look the same, the dimension would be 1.61. Somehow these two numbers look like the same difference conceptually as the difference between radius and diameter. Not exactly - there is 0.07 difference - let's call this the wiggle room.

Conventional mathematics in base ten is stacked - there is no wiggle room in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Nature does not play with exact mathematics - the are fuzzy. Computers work based on fuzzy logic. The graphic field, a McTaggart concept when applied, to Lovelock and Margulis Gaia theory is not fixed but fractal. What this means conceptually is that life has wiggle room and time can have several pathways.

There is no time but now. But there are simultaneous nows that converge upon each other because all timelines must fit into vortex of the single point in the renewing roller coaster loop. So we get ourselves returning to visit us in this convergence of 2012. Be at peace world, because Pogo was right - we have met the enemy and he is us. But that's okay because we are also us and we can stop fighting any time we realize that. Peace will come at the convergence point, life will invert, time will freeze over and everybody gets to start again because life goes on.

I have been invited to become a peace ambassador through the shift network - because i demonstrated an interest and it fit their paradigm and my paradigm. But after the events of Peace Week - the shift network shifted back into commercial timelines and wishes me to purchase training that i feel that i have already been gifted. So as i take the stage - i offer my services to the Shift Network to actively teach and learn the new weigh - the system of evaluating that we will have to use to decide how we become the change we wish to see.

Meanwhile, i'll be digging in the dirt. Try to imagine ...

October 21, 2011

Be well my love - words in music

What do you do when the handwriting finally meets the reality? Pack up and move on, I guess. Or listen to the reverend jim - like she did one thousand times before... Funny how it comes together. I will do better next time - i already played the emotion card on this one. Always in love.

October 20, 2011

Interpreting Life through rock philosophy

'Each monday seems to offer new options, because the bright options of the previous monday are already closed pavements. Nature creates spontaneous behavior from point sources, redundantly so that different paths can evolve and the one that works best can be chosen at a later time. Reading tea leaves is a practiced art form.' DLT

Occupy everything has many different spins - and each of them is a proper reality for the bearer of that opinion. Consensus reality is breaking down and the myriad of possibility will have to sort itself out. Concrete formulation is melting - the aerodynamics of reality is shifting plain, plane, plain as day. By george, buy george : but never bye george? (hint : $1 )

The very last line of the Bohemian Rhapsody is 'any way the wind blows free'. Looks like occupy might create a way, the weigh, the whey, away. Words mean exactly what i say they mean, said the red queen. Go ask Alice...

So i drift into the confines of a new and novel reality that is contingent on being two places at once. The place i am and the place i am not will both have the same comprehension - i know that the dualism is contingent on the reality breaking one way or the other. Somehow, it always gets broken. 'I want to hold you in my arms forever, baby' but the winds of change percolate through the realm.

Off to recreate what has yet to be created ... because what a fool believes is real is real. get reel.

Flag at Half Mast

I am saddened by the passing of the victims of a militarized police force. Was this really necessary to 'protect' the citizens of Ohio? We have a wildlife zoo in Winston Oregon - this could happen here - would this be our response? These animals were likely never out of their cages before. The question is - how do we stop the game?

October 19, 2011


Kept in the dark and shoveled sh*t. The fall rains are upon us, so the time to get edible fungus is upon us. I enjoy wandering the woods - any excuse to go out is well taken. (Don't find this type much, but i do love it when i do.)

These little buggers do more for the earth than any plant or animal. They regulate exchange between the earth and the plant and the bugs. Mushrooms are masters of decay - they breakdown nature into edible components and then shuffle those components off in exchange for value. They trade the trees metals for sugars and help to enable the redistribution of natural wealth. Perhaps i don't mind being a mushroom geek too much.

Let me put in a plug for an old friend who has a good concept - Elaine Ingham and her Soil Foodweb provides an extremely good starting basis for understanding how natural systems work. The model system of exchange economics that we embrace will have a bio-mimicry basis - so the mushroom dollar takes on a world of potentially greater importance.

Remember that energy is sub-divided into two types potential and kinetic. Potential energy is energy that is stored away for future use, while kinetic energy is the type that is being used on the fly, while being generated. Consider that hydro-power can be generated from the flow of falling water - now go check your elevation. If you have a head drop, you have the potential for micro-hydro - and i can trade you mushrooms for power. At least we can eat our shrooms - we cannot eat fiat dollars.

October 18, 2011

Culture War


Equitably distributed

Immorally via dogma

Railroad religious

Big Science guardians

Creating yeast

Popping bubbles

Arising against

Machine status quo

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Sited upon a radar screen

Crosshairs triangulate

Leaders become wormfood

A call for unleavened bread?

Railroads circle wagons

Guardians loathe bridges

Cede no conquest litely

To railriders ever ever

If the shoe fits, legislate the size

Shape, color, width, height

Dispute existence

Howdtside parametric bounds

Preconceived perceptions

Perscriptive percolations

Coffee for the mind

Empty orders for the soul

Guardians miseducate heathen

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Klinton’s is is not is

Orwell’s minitrue connection

Keepers of the gears of thought

Creepers of the wheels of justice

Reapers of the wealth of knaves

Peepers through the bars from truth

Railroad numbers perpetrate

Wrest aweigh chips of granite

Needle right of weigh into

Sacrificial purge of reality

Manifest reflection mirrors

Template guardian order

Calling forth chaos

On the international stage

Lennon imagined whirled peas

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Guardians railroads chugging

Pretend fiscal engineers

Have answers to queries

Requiring magic wands to fix

While the wizards wearing robes

Punish thought crimes

Illucidate sins around rhetoric

Absolving by dissolving

With underlying assumption

There is value in money

Waiter, the check

Premises are no longer valid

When natural law deviates

From railroad legislation

Guardian regulation

My mommy protects me

My daddy defends me

My dog bites me

His humanity offended

By my current attitude

Oblivious to feeding hand

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Sports scores reflect

Metaphoric value

To the approach toward

Land management


Railroad shipping

Total volume

Converting value to money

Guardians enacting

Gaia’s 300-year plan

Process rot to au natural

Requesting all persons

Chinese menu time

Column A or Column B

Forest policy choice

Elective choice

Any choice

Legislated, regulated

Railroaded and guardianed

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Why bother?

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

Spaghetti Theory

The bloggosphere gives you access to all sorts of opinions, from people who get their news from a diversity of places. It is quite a switch from talking to local people and dealing with local problems. The uber-structure and the grass roots are two completely different worlds that each of us have to negotiate - our job world and our life world are completely howdt of tune with each other.

Occupy Wall Street is a different form of civil disobedience than prior attempts. The people involved on the ground are not professionally versed in starting a revolution - they do not know the previous mistakes because they never experienced them - the last real civil disobedience died in the 60's : before any of the under 40 crowd had any recognition. The paradigm shift will occur in fractal formation - it is impossible to change everything all at once.

This society will take on a natural morph, based on what each of us choose to do. Disengagement from the current paradigm will require several drops off the cliff, as we lose an area of productivity and have to rebuild it from scratch. If you think you know something - better check your premises again. There is a lot to get ready for, but that ready mind-set is different for each individual. I am ready, but i am not prepared, because the changes will need to be dealt with as they come and one change will cause other changes as an outcome.

I call it the spaghetti theory - each strand is continuous and unique and twisted around every other strand. The two ends are discreet, but the fractal movement outward based on the fibonacci sequence complicates immensely between 8 and 13. The muddle in the middle is a maelstrom - time to be in the extreme - all in and all out, both at the same time. Sorta like high/low poker. Or meiosis.

The world is upside down and inside out. It is spinning, the jurisdiction question is - no! Local needs to operate locally. The best thing that i can suggest is that you read Existence and see what i have done to create a possible pathway to the future. The Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth stewardship movement died on the vine - too early and not adaptive enough. The way nature works is that there is a cooperative competition where those on the inside work together to make the inside a much better place. They watch the outside for clues and sometimes bring in something new. When they need it. If nothing is broken, then nothing needs to be fixed. If everything is broken - then put away the tools and stop breaking it more.

The spaghetti is cooked - it can either be unwound or eaten. Let's just digest this financial system, give it a good belch - then digest the political system - give it another burp - then puke our guts out and start the process all over again. Dead stop - pull the plug - regroup and build up from the grass roots - each doing it our own way, not by mob rule.

As for me - i am not a Patrick Henry, but i do prefer individual liberty, with responsibility. I like the constitution, but realize that if the government ignores it, we the people are powerless to enforce it. We need a reboot - but with a great equalizing. We need a good sense of measurement - to observe milestones and to equilibrate. The harmony of my spheres needs some sympathy - i resonate at a frequency that has few acceptable outlets.

I am grateful to be taken in by a warm group of individual friends that have made a commitment to be there if i need, as i am there when they need. I have measured my own social circumstance this year, and have a better idea of the chemistry of the unit cell - body centered cubic with me in the middle. I have altered the state to a merkaba - not quite octahedral, but six sided. Interesting how the water freezes to six sided ice crystals.

So now is the time for personal satyagraha - ghandi's fix to changing the face of the world. My heroes from the middle of the past century, King, Einstein, Pauling, Ghandi never would have accepted the dichotomy of current life. The spiritual and the scientific combine to provide a sacred geometry - it is this form that i emulate on a personal basis - while watching each of you choose your own form of chrysalis.

I am neither left nor right
I am not up or down
Not top, not bottom
Just here when you need me

lemme howdt 2011

October 17, 2011

Occupy ...

I have found a new blog to follow that includes some cool photos. Not near as cool as this crop circle, but we knew that the aliens had a better sense of humor than the banksters. The protestors also have a better sense of humor and the revolution will be playful!

October 15, 2011

Thoughts about Leadership

Just a few things about leadership that have me wondering lately:

First: What is all the ruckus in the media to push Bill Clinton back upon us. Weren't we rid of this joker?

Second: The idea of Occupy Wall Street being 'leaderless' seems to have the media real hot and bothered. But as soon as somebody is identified at a leader, self same media brings fangs out for the attack. Why do they think that they deserve to know what our leaders are thinking?

Third: How many people will tell you how to do something that they themselves have never done. Why do they think they have any expertise? Because they read about it in the media? Because somebody told them so? Why do we accept credentials from book work?

The last question is not rhetorical. The reason we accept credentials is because the people who have earned them have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about their field. To get a PhD requires writing a dissertation of original thought. However, there are specific boundaries set by the gate-keepers that keep the thinker 'real'.

The obvious is usually simple - we spend our life looking for complication, when it doesn't necessarily exist. I prefer people who think about things before they embark on action - but too much thinking leads to inaction. Perhaps inaction, while we reevaluate is in order, to characterize the coming chaos.

I think we need people trying the same thing in different ways without consulting each other. This way we get to apply original thought to a specific challenge. The group think motif currently employed forces everyone onto the same page, with compromise guaranteed not to work.

Do your own thing, not somebody else's image of what your thing should be. Be your own leader and do what you need to do.

October 14, 2011

Existence: Chapter One

I finally stopped threatening to publish and decided to publish my book Existence. I am going to do it in serial fashion - putting just a bit at a thyme howdt, so that people can absorb the message. Please enjoy the read and make any necessary comments. I also have an associated photo album, since the editor was clumsy at best (but free!). Enjoy!

October 11, 2011

Grunch Thyme

Always find interesting stuff at half past human The time to prepare is well behind us, now is the time to 'top off your tank'. Spend the weekend where you want to be, with people you want to be with. Oh, keep your head down.
Personally, i am traveling this week - having the need to finish a few things that were left up in the air. Juggling is a hobby - so is life. Sit back, watch and enjoy - don't get too hung up on what you are watching - detach and be ready for anything.

This post took an extra day to post because the machines are starting to protest, in congruence with Occupy Everything..

October 08, 2011

Time are getting rough

You know that it is time to be nervous when they start talking about wokking the dog.

This pup attended our Occupy Ashland protest yesterday.

The new weigh needs to be different from the old whey - will be working to create change!

enjoy being

New Blog

The time has come to separate the education and entertainment values of modern life away from the blog description of life as it has been. Come check howdt the Jefferson Agronomic Guild blog brought to you by the one weird state of Jefferson radical free-lance scientist.

Also - a note of observance on the passing of Steve Jobs and Al Davis - the world of get yourself rich economics lost two veritable leaders this week - but that world no longer exists. Do your own thing with the cards that you have currently been dealt - the change is what we make of it.

October 07, 2011

nature's refrain

numbers cause numbness

when collated tabularly

relative weights indicate

trends of systems of life

measurement alters reality

result precedes conclusion

irreversible actions occur

as we push round pegs

into square holes

insisting they fit just fine

© 2005 lemme howdt

October 06, 2011


Leave it to nature to place a tree into the center of our true value system. As a person, i think i appreciate the thought behind this tree a lot more than i appreciate the thought behind the political undertakings of the Occupy Everywhere movement. As i play up to the casting, which i did only because it was put up or shut up time - i find that the images are changing as fast and furious as fiction. If we need to live in a fiction, then we need lots of sex to keep us entertained, hence the tree.

People are now finally worried about their near term future. Kinda late, but better than never. The climate changed overnight at the beginning of the week - the hundred degree sunshine became the fall rains - a misting of water raining from the sky. Hopefully substantial enough to allow mushroom hunting this coming weekend. Once again, water rocks.

The diversion that we see is leading us somewhere beyond where we wish to go. They yank your chain for no reason other than they can and they smirk as though they are getting away with something. The winds say remain anonymous - while the beast pushes and pushes in its need to have martyrs. The presstitutes are going to slant everything that is said to their own orifices - they have already started shredding the demands, because that is what demands are for. Shredded documents, shredded wheat, shredded lives.

Draw the line and say no more. Lenny Bruce had a lot to say about the power in the 60s - i see that the Peace House has placed him on the altar - a liberal mockery of a movement that they are way off track with. This is not about left or right - it is about top and bottom - the different quarks of the system as it spins out of control, with blinding speed. It is time for a thyme howdt - a poetry notice that blows their minds - recommended at the price, insatiable an appetite - wanna try?

Alas - we end up back with nature - freddie mercury would enjoy the tree in the photo. Be in love, at peace, with joy.

October 05, 2011

travelling thru time and space

Water - sorry about the poem - sometimes the text editors have minds of their own - i could not technically handle the fix.

Things are happening double time - so i am going to attempt to get going with the things that i need to do. One of those things is to be the Truman of the Truman Show - allow the whirled to function oblivious to the whim of the me. Encourage my folly - i really am going to let it go and chill to the idea of extraction and release.

I have to laugh - as the protest gets more defined, it is greater folly. They are throwing diversions at us, we must focus on getting to where we wish to be. i am here - maybe i'll go get some shrooms - the rain brings chantrelles and it began on monday. Yum. Forget their follies and worry about our own - be prepared for anything by challenging assumptions. Eat well, sleep well, enjoy yerself.

October 04, 2011

State of Water

The State of Water

Travel near, travel far

Little water molecule

Taking the phase of life

Become solid, liquid or gas

State your state of matter

In ephemeral states of mind…

Gas – water evaporated

Blowing in the wind

Coming together

Condensing as clouds

Manipulating climate change

By being in the aerosphere

Holding rainbow images

While recollecting thought…

Liquid – water droplets

As raindrops keep falling down

Hit the ground to splatter into

Puddles that soak the dirt

Or run downhill to the stream

Land sheds water into

Rivers, lakes and oceans,

People, plants and ice…

Solid - water holds people together

Single molecules tether within

Protein functional groups

Providing internal pathways

Which pass along food and fuel

Redirecting resource nutrients

Between intentional cell sets

Living their weighs of life

By manipulating cycles into

Bursts of valuable commodity

That brings internal community

To keep us feeling internally well

Quantum – water in a singlet space

Whereas triplet states occur

To mediate electron flow

Water directs the scenario

Conscious of local linkages

Coordinating complex networks

That keeps us all alive

Thank you, Great Spirit,

For the water of our lives

As the water, in our lives.

© 2007 lemme howdt