September 29, 2011

A simple fix

James Altucher and I seem to think alike. However, James has brought to paper an idea that i wish i had written. He has come up with a solution for the problems of the medical profession. I know a few doctors - i dislike most of them. They are not healers.

I have a compound called Ormus that heals, but i can get in lots of trouble for selling it to you. I make it from gold, sand and water. Very simple, almost too much so. Nut : i have a friend who is a cancer patient attempting to follow an alternative treatment regime who is afraid to take anything not okayed by his doctor. I said - i am a doctor - please try Ormus before you actually pass away - it could heal you now you know. He thinks he'll wait.

Bye my good friend. There will be others joining you soon. Namaste

September 28, 2011

GMO - hello

GMO - hello

Where are the bees?
I do not know
They had to go
But why is that so?
A thing called GMO
In all we grow
Made the bees go
That i know

2011 lemme howdt

Baseball Season is Over

Today is the last day and there are two wild card races that were over last month still to be decided. As a Mets fan, i would like to see two more games tomorrow. As a fantasy manager, i have Ellsbury and Scutaro - so Sox and Jays win today. I also picked up Myers, so the Cards and Braves get to lose. I rarely post about sports any more - but the metric performance measures of baseball are the most accurate long-term science records that i have ever seen. Just imagine what it would be like if we measured the performance of GMO crops on land with the intensity that we measure Jacoby's batting average.

My favorite baseball blog is From the Bleachers. I haven't seen Moneyball yet, but i expect to see it sometime soon. I wanted to read the book first, but y'know - people who read this book don't abandon it to used book stores. It stays on the shelf - like any good book. Perhaps, in our new way of thinking, we can incorporate the lessons of life and sports into a common culture - play fair and leave the game competition on the field. Cooperative competition - we are all in the same league, but there are different measure of people performance that tell us how we are doing, in relation to where we are. The metric used to be money.

So my Mets had a terrible season off the field and still managed to put out an entertaining product. Are the Phillies going to win as many consecutive NL East crowns as the Braves did, or will my Mets actually assemble a talented team. One of these years, Steve and I will get to go to a game - i want to see a ball reach the bay in McCovey cove. For those of you who don't speak the language - that is the way life works. You can speak many languages, if you tune you ear properly - but you have to decide what is worth it.

Gee, I like being a curmudgeon. Let the playoffs begin tomorrow!

September 27, 2011

only three days left

and another conspiracy theory will go poof. But, then again, i'm like the guys talking in the film - just trying to make sense of the cacophony of information flying fast and furious. is this today's false flag? or are the aliens here already? inquiring minds want to know.

Play Games

The financial nonsense continues to provide cognitive dissonance - but more people are turning to games as means of keeping entertained. This is the first step to recreate our games into an education system. Game players learn quickly and pursue epic wins - Dr. Jane McGonigal is my new hero! The object is to be playing the right games. (look for her TED talk)

I play chess derivatives. These are games that use chess pieces, but push the envelope in how they are used. The wierdest non-chess game is racing kings - no real chess involved. I play mushroom chess - where you are kept in the dark and shoveled sh*t until you figure out what you opponent is up to. It is called Lao Tzu Chess.

I enjoy games where players must cooperate to get to their victory. I remember Gauntlet - a four player game where the monsters kept coming. Five dollars worth of quarters with four separate people - an elf, a valkrye, a thumper and a healer - get to team up and we could get three hours for our 20 bucks (after many 30 minute trials). Now how many kids have five bucks a day to burn today?

The Dungeons and Dragons role playing games set the stage for new games like Project Restoration. PR is a move to change the world, by playing a game. I have a Simultaneous Civilization game buried within the PR context, hopefully developing a virtual Mondragon model that can get us through some of the tough decisions before they become real.

Concepts of equity are not available in the outside system, so we really have to understand that equal is not always fair. I have been blessed with natural ability to think in abstract terms and to see models as implications of what if. I tend to work up front and i always get screwed on the back end, supposedly because i make bad deals. In reality, i tend to trust people at their word and often am let down by mistakes in judgement. I will continue to make mistakes trusting people, because we need to trust each other. Now, i will deal with fewer people.

Dr. Lenny Thyme will be starting a club - Thyme Howdt. This is a means of taking time out of the rat-race and committing to personal sovereignty. If you want to be in the club, you must be able to support other sovereigns with 4 hours of work each week - this is non-self-directed obligation - with no carry-over. Reporting is transparent, all your other time is your own. This four hour tithe is called work - just document the work once - no bonus for going over.

The game plays by identifying bio-mimicry opportunities. If you can use science to demonstrate knowledge - big bonus! But science ignores so many things, that we are going to have to reclassify how we believe facts. So everybody gets to set their own rules and i share common features with other like minded avatars - until we can build an organic village that acts sort of like a borg/beehive - a collection of self-enabled teammates causing change.

If you want to play - respond to me directly through any channel that you have. The order of response is significant in some metrics, trivial in others. There will be sub-games within games and game inventors are a highly rewarded species. I will look forward to collecting a roster, with an eye on Fibonacci.

Speaking of games - the Dow is going nuts - way up - big oof coming - the monetary system is just another rigged game. Time to take thyme howdt from it all.

September 22, 2011

Nature's Weigh

Look around, about
People: shed the fear
As everything flushes
Nature Survives

Being on a plane
Looking at green and blue
Carpets of earth and sky
Nature Permeates

A small fly settles
Buzz talk directed
Seems highly important
Nature Communicates

Time is short, things to do
Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis
Reconditioning the surface
Nature Regenerates

A new world focus
Get along with every thing
Balance give with take
Nature Loves

Look around, about
Growth thru organic means
People that honestly notice
Nature Appreciates

2011 lemme howdt

Change of Me

Solstice is here, the international day of peace was observed yesterday and now, today, we look at things from our own perspective. The way it is is not the way it has to be - the organizational structure is broken beyond repair. We the peepholes need to take care of ourselves, individually and make the world the place that we wish it to be.

This means going internal, getting into self not as ego, but as self - achieving a higher plane of existence. Ouspensky talked about three lines of action - the self, the universal and the specific. He talked about how our attention could only focus on two of the three lines simultaneously and that the third would be suspended for a period of time - but never neglected. Too many people have been neglecting the self line for too long a period of time and are in virtual free-fall. They know not how to behave, because they are not in tune with the golden rule - treat others as you would have them treat you.

I am a private person that plays on a global scale. I can take on a role character that can operate on any note of the accordion - i can talk to a stadium full of people or a room of four year-olds. I can talk chemistry with physicists or homeless persons. I can blend as a chameleon - wherever necessary. I enjoy working alone or in small groups much better than in large groups, yet i can facilitate any meeting aon any scale.

I am a speaker for Gaia - i communicate with the other beings of earth. I have had several NDE - near death experiences - and i believe they are natures means of refining time-lines. Nature works by self-assembly in a zero-waste field. Everything that is matter matters - even though we the peepholes forget such simple things. What goes in, comes out. simple

Five years ago, i became untethered from my personal reality. I became so involved on the global and accordion tethers, that my personal life crashed - a lot of things that i never saw coming came all at once. It took a while to crawl back - i am not bitter or hurt by the past that i have lived. I just don't plan on doing it that way again.

Now i need time for me. I watch the hive buzz and see that most are not in tune with nature. I cannot lose that tether - so for the time being, the accordion must fold in. The system works have closed the channels of commerce anyway, so i return to my models and my mathematics - game theory and group theory and resign from interacting with the world, except as a whole large entity that my character can encompass. I can do videos and speaking engagements - i still need to earn a nut, even though for the life of me i can't figure out why. The free things of life are no longer free - water is life. More on that later.

So - i will have to alter relationships. Come visit from time to time - on a personal level we can connect. For now - i will see about publishing, about data mining and about life on two strings again. Thank Ouspensky - i can devote some time to mondragon implementation. The specifics of scale must follow the phi ratio - no greater than fibo five for me, in most cases. Chemystery awaits apprentices ...


September 17, 2011

So that we know

So that we know who is purchasing the political system - notice that the fence sitters are buying favor from both sides. 

September 12, 2011

The last shot at unity

I am an agent of the change I wish to see. I am an inorganic biochemist by training and a games theorist by avocation. I am a scribe, you always see me with a notebook. I am a healer, a listener, a poet and a bard. I am a sports fan and a science fiction reader. I am a voice of Gaia, a leader of thinking people.

For several years, I have been in Ashland learning a new element. I spent 20 years in Roseburg, being a forest advocate, teaching people math and science, managing an analytical laboratory, and doing research and development on water purification. I am a local resource on natural resources from biochar to watershed, macroinvertebrates to mushrooms. A few years ago, I had a vision quest since then my path has been a long haul uphill.

This is not the world I grew up in. Donna Reed and the Brady Bunch never were real people. The myth that surrounds us is carefully crafted mind control, that has painted an economic reality that is as stale as a Norman Rockwell magazine cover. We, as people, have to make change. I can give you three quarters, two dimes and a nickel for your dollar - it will not get us anywhere. I have tried several vehicles to do things in Ashland - GlobalAshland (Tuesday 6:30 - Culture Works = potluck) is the latest, hottest model.

My basis is peace and love. We, the local Ashland crowd, know each other well enough to talk the talk, but we haven't come together to walk the walk. Now is the time to localize, to look at everything we have and everything we need and to just do. We have resources, why do they not belong to us? We cannot allow our elected officials to shirk our responsibility for clean drinking water for the profit of a few on some ski runs. If 300 year old trees are the desired outcome, then why clear them for convenience and money? That these trees survived on a weathered mountaintop is remarkable, it is an honor to commune with them. Look at these photos.

We cannot allow the current deranged system to eat us alive. Space based missiles are not defensive - I find them very offensive and i support Dr. Carol Rosin's treaty! We need to act on a global basis, while acting on a local scale. Meryl and Danny have stepped up to lead the Global Ashland food and farm council. Meryl is young, but not young enough to be a leader in my community. We need to listen to our children and allow them to lead with all the support we can muster for them. I welcome a fresh breath of life, of reality for those of us who have only known the television/automobile lifestyle. Neither technology is efficient nor productive. Our Sacred Events Productions can be used to build a new media - combining education and entertainment into hands-on apprenticeships.

Science is the discovery of the unknown. As a scientist, I set up a field, an experiment, to define the conditions and to see how they relate. We are in a world of emerging behaviors - in Ashland we have a different mix of people, with many natural and unnatural resources, The game now is poker, it's the last hand, and we are drawing one card to a four card royal flush. Join me in building an inverted pyramid grass roots structure, where light shines on all people. Help me find a peace where no person is chewed up and spit out for lack of capital, where the banksters are behind bars and the people are self-reliant.