January 30, 2006

Natural Anarchy

There is a yin and a yang between different scales, but nature maintains a consistency across all scales. Consensus is not necessarily agreeing with the dominant opinion, it is really driving for the conceptual understanding that relates to all points of view. Knowing when to defer to better expertise is part of the process that doesn't really exist in the show world consensus. But then, the powers that be don't really consider the force of the masses, until the masses gain leadership that can't be bought off.

Anarchy, in our current understanding of politics based on our life's point of view, would never work for a society where there is an intolerance of intolerance (happy faces everybody). But from the aspect of chaos theory, chaos and order are also yin and yang and feed off each other. To get to a higher order, one must use focused energy to break out of the energy well, but to direct that focus on anything other than breaking the well diminishes the force available to overcome the barrier. When things get very chaotic, a natural order takes over that is a much better fit for the situation than was originally there with the entrenched order of the past.

Anarchy doesn't have to be totally chaotic - it calls on people to have both self-control and self-respect. Not what we see in our world today. Funny how people value choice and resent discrimination, when the two are sides of the same coin. How can you choose without discriminating and how can you discriminate without values of your own, that differ from your fellows? what a piece of work is man ...

A bit of chemistry, embedded

Bizarre story of man vs bureaucracy. Environmental Protection Agency? Huh? If this isn't justification for closing down the EPA, nothing is. In fact, let's we the people vote in an entirely new congress, close the entire executive branch and recreate the government constitutionally based from the organic constitution. What total nonsense - how has science allowed the foxes to run the coop to the point where they can willfully destroy value? Howdt-rageous.
Alphas and Betas are completely different types of radioactive particles. Alphas are helium nuclei - relatively large, non-penetrating and major damage to anything local to the emitter. Betas are electron bursts, highly penetrating through everything and leaving a wake of distruction in the path it creates (as things reorganize to replace the loss of the distruction). The comparison would be like a suicide bomber to an invasion unit. Radon is an overblown fear generator - DU is a serious environmental hazard. Gamma Rays are a third type of radiation.

January 29, 2006

Trees for Fiber

The Empress Tree is a fast growing carbon sink that potentially could reduce the pressure to log ancient forests for pulp and paper products. In addition, the wood has potential for fine furniture and good weather resistence for outdoor structural application. The tree regenerates 4-7 times after harvest, which can be done reasonably on a 10-12 year cycle. Plus, the greenery is good forage material - as seen thru the eyes of this little spider below. My 'A' tree did about 4 ft, my 'B' tree was deer browsed and is barely a foot tall. But other folks have done significantly better - i don't pay any attention at all to the trees other than massive photography, altho there is a compost pile in between. The root structure on these puppies really goes to town - having a span of twice the basal area of the crown. I wouldn't be surprised to find that it fixes nitrogen also. Picture credit to Keith Kridler. If you are interested in trying these trees, call Wonder Earth Partners in the Pacific NW - or Keith down in Texas. Or respond here and DL will pass along interest.

Eye Candy : The Great Howdt-doors

Didn't blog yesterday because i ran up into the hills - snow at 2500 feet is always entertaining. Stopped frequently and took picture - here are a few: Ended up at the Tokatee Hot Springs - yum!

EH - 64 : Politics: Texas Style

Committed to nonviolence, determined, in this post-Gandhi era, against violence, nevertheless we are once again in the position of the Framers of the Constitution. In the post-revolutionary emergency, the Founding Fathers took things in their own hands, violating their clear instructions from the states by proposing to create the United States, which the states then created. In the crisis we are in now we must not be misled by expostulating lawyers or posturing politicians.

Ronnie Dugger talks about Texas political dysfunctionality and calls for impeachment. Can we impeach an entire government, lock, stock and barrel? The law is what is is, do we live by rule of men or by rule of law? Who's law?

January 27, 2006

Real Class - Tree Planting

The time is coming to start some courses - forest tree planting will be offered in the next few weeks - based at the Riddle Education Center through YC.C and Moodle, in conjunction with the Alder Creek Children's Forest. Dunno how this will work, but if you are a teacher with a class that wants to plant trees, (or a student with the desire to learn to plant right), we will find somebody to give your better tree planters the opportunity to start some new trees in a savannah of your choosing. The info will be broadcast in a firm where the in-class portion is supplemented by the online material - if you wish to see the lecture on film, perhaps we can find a means. I dunno. eventually. For now, i'll get a planting guide and vocabulary list together, along with pertinent discussion. The demo class for this task will be at ACCF on Friday February 10th - in Canyonville Oregon. Class takers remote from the location are welcome to contact Dr. Lenny to make other arrangements - we will see to it that you can demonstrate skills through our Tall-P network.

EH - 63 : Algae

from the January 11, 2006 Christian Science Monitor:


We have lots of algae here (seasonally) - plus moss, lichen, fungi and many other stellar characters that play in modern forests. Come howdt and wander - do some science and find yourself an idea that just makes sense (and money). Plus i'll show you the cats! Call Jane Green for details on how to get here. (Go to the great cat world park link to contact jane - this is a blog, not an advertisment).

January 26, 2006

Future Past

light years away
minds lie fallow
discharged capacitance
over pressurized
burnt out, stressed out
no longer functional

reinvigorate soliloquy
looking with eyes shut
equilibrating mental status
elongating brain waves
which dance in colors of
blended witch hazel aroma

still, incubating thoughts
original in content
vertical disintegration into
horizontal hierarchy
invigorate by healing peace
melting thru red violence

tears drip, coexisting
with tumors of rapid growth
as ideas battle reality
reality imposes silly widgets
can minds overcome into
entirely creative blaze

2006 lemme howdt

January 25, 2006

A democrats view

Well written, thoughtful - and mostly wrong. What will help rural amerikan farmers is government getting out of the way of local food production. I do agree that big ag has worked the rules to slay competition - just as big medicine, big law, big banking, etc. time for small - but not with big help - with big stopping from being a complete drain on our resources with their mickey mouse legislation implemented by a hopelessly entangled web of bureaucracy.

Saving Small Farmers by Rep. Marcy Kaptur

We all know that small farmers are in crisis. What many Americans don't realize is just how much worse things are getting. Because of trade policies like NAFTA, the United States will become a net importer of agricultural products in 2006.
While agricultural subsidies have risen to record levels, the prices American farmers receive for crops like corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton and rice have fallen 40 percent since 1996. Some farmers have been able to survive temporarily through emergency payments and subsidies from the government; others, like their counterparts in developing countries around the world, are selling off or abandoning their land. The American dream of small farming is dying.

Congress has a chance to address the crisis in 2007, when the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 expires. While recent debate has focused on subsidies, they are just a Band-Aid on the real wound: prices being controlled by the global agricultural giants. Despite being championed as a boon to small farmers, recent trade agreements have benefited the giants, not those who grow the products. Making matters worse, we have seen a steady erosion of domestic programs that used to benefit farmers by insulating them from volatile prices and correcting the inherent tendency to overproduce. The government has allowed those megabrokers to dictate policies that benefit them -- and kill small farms.

Agribusiness is thriving in global markets governed by trade agreements favoring it over small farmers. Cargill has cornered about a quarter of global grain production. Two companies, Monsanto and Pioneer, control 60 percent of the U.S. corn and soybean seed market. The top four beef packers dominate 83 percent of the market, four pork packers control 64 percent of the pork market and the top four poultry processors account for 50 percent of that market. This concentration allows these companies more power to set prices -- and further squeeze out small producers. Small farmers are reduced to mere contract growers, with little power to negotiate.

We need a system that will boost farm prices, both domestically and globally, to better reflect the true costs of production. That means several things: stepping up regulation of agribusiness worldwide; reviving domestic price-support systems that benefit the farmer first, not the big broker; strengthening rules against agricultural dumping internationally; and managing domestic supply through food security reserves, energy reserves and conservation set-asides.

We also have to recapture the market in our communities. In many places it is almost impossible to find locally produced products because big grocery chains prefer to deal with high-volume wholesalers. I have introduced the Farmers Market Infrastructure Assistance Act (HR 710), which would construct, improve and rehabilitate local farmers markets. We also must find ways to take advantage of other promising markets for local farmers -- school lunch and breakfast programs, senior citizen meal centers and hospitals.

Our energy crisis also holds the promise of a new domestic market. The byproducts and waste of agricultural production can be used to produce clean and renewable energy like ethanol, biodiesel and biomass. I have introduced the Biofuels Energy Independence Act (HR 388), which would fund the production, development, storage and marketing of all forms of biofuels.

These proposals only scratch the surface of creative, farmer-friendly solutions that must address the destructive trade policies of recent years. All it takes is some good, old-fashioned ingenuity -- along with leadership that supports America's farmers and ranchers. It's time to tell the big operators that they've had their day.
from alternet

Rainbows and Eggs

Have a migrane today - tried a new doctor perscribed medication and it made things much worse. So, i'll post photos of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and a 10 egg omelet that actually came out like the cookbook picture rather than continue with deep thought.
The building is Roseburg High School, which is not one of the most exceptional schools in the state, rating low on the report card. RHS is the best school around, but it competes with urban schools in the grading scheme. Meanwhile, all our average rural schools compete with each other. This community might as well graduate college sophomores for all the learning that goes on after the tenth grade mandated tests. Students that are self-motivated still have an opportunity to do well, but too often, they get bored with the inattention of the teachers, who are too busy jumping through education cartel hoops.
But the rainbow says it all. This omelet fed six, the eggs contributed by muscovy ducks are larger than what you can get from markets that sell chicken eggs. Plus - we have control of the entire process that goes into feeding the ducks that create the eggs - organic farming with dr. lenny's inorganically enhanced bunnydoo compost. (Good chit!)

January 24, 2006


I know that i'm way howdt there thinking when i can no longer track where i left my keys. It seems that as more and more creativity overwhelms the bypass routs, the mundane tasks get abdicated. But losing keys is an insta-crisis, especially when you live in the boonies and have to drive everywhere to get anywhere. Which is why i really like the net - i can do library research at three in the morning, if i so choose.

Keys also get lost during times of frustration. Lately, it has been tough to consult on direction with people that will provide valid criticism rather than people telling me what they think I wish to hear. Too many people have become too condescending without really listening or engaging their brains. Science knowledge lies in the approach to science, not just the focus of interest. I am interested in the mechanism by which people conduct their science, not the specifics of what their science is about. It becomes about the scientist rather than about the research, when the focus is publish or perish. However - i have enough to say that i'd better publish, because i can't keep track of my keys until i do a major brain dump.

January 23, 2006

EH - 62 : Year of the Tiger Howdt

Step up to the plate - Devvy is throwing fastballs. High and hard. As an independent thinker, poet, bard, scientist and person, i will play a role as catcher of some of her pitches. If you wish to be empowered to action after reading Devvy's post - it's up to you to do something. If you are in the Pacific Northwest and wish to run for an office, this blog is available for logistical and tactical support. Information exchange and debate will be necessary to refine positions: all independent political activitists are welcome to cross-lynx - the idea will be to look here at political ideas with Science Eyes. If other folks spend their time looking at things honestly thru their own eyes, with the emphasis of honestly - to thine own self be true - perhaps we can do. My tiger is charged - come share the approach to new energy sources - molecular bonds! We can bond the heck outta the political system by a political chemistry approach. Whatdaya got to lose, besides the chainz.

January 22, 2006

Changing Values

Men have emotional problems that we have been taught to contain, but when people's needs are real, sucking it up just doesn't work. An ear to cry on, a sympathetic voice with encouragement will often make the difference in attitude for the future. Music from the 70s sometimes pops in as verse to complete a thought and - cruel to be kind - is the one that comes here.

Our lives, our moods are governed by a sense that we are fulfilled in our work. Values becomes real when we choose to harvest them by appreciating the things we enjoy. If we build up too much value, without taking the time to enjoy and recharge our systems, we burden ourselves with frustration when somebody else swoops in and harvests the value we have built.

Our society must start investing in people that store value instead of consuming it. But really, we must decide what is valuable and harvest the returns from it, as often as we can afford to, without depleting the value. Being honest as to what constitutes real value is the first step.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Ghandi

Scooby Doo Philosophy

When you are up surfing the net at two in the morning, your perspective on blogging changes completely. Thus when i found In Lehmann's Terms, the title of the blog got me reading and my reward was finding one of my all time favorite's Scooby Doo! For blunt reality - Scooby is right up there with Bugs Bunny. Skepticism is an important trait in keeping a handle on the pursuit of truth - and characters that demonstrate realpersonthink have always struck a chord.

My favorite character is Marvin Martian. The original pre-P.C. Bugs episodes portrayed the gullibility quotient perfectly - a comic extension of Elmer Fudd. The episode where Bugs continually has Fudd shooting Daffy during Duck/Rabbit season - with the beak turning - has me rolling every time. Cartoons often said things that otherwise couldn't be said.

Now on the net we can say anything. You just have to be careful that what you take for truth fits with everything else within your belief system. Consistency is not giving the same answer each time, but rather using the same rational debate to generate the latest best answer given the knowledge currently at hand. Now, it's time for pillow talk. G'nite.

January 21, 2006

Predators and Prey Psyche

Leave it to the press to go gaga over something that is a lot more common than most people think. The predator prey relationship has many many variables - we have had rabbits co-habbing with Rosie for extended periods of time, if he wasn't hungry. We also have seen him refuse the same rabbit three times, but gladly go for a different rabbit in quick form, so it was not a hunger thing. My observation is that it is an intelligence thing - animals are not racists (speciesists?), but they can differentiate friend and foe. But this is the usual predator prey relationship.


manifest destiny
changes pendant
emotional condition
whirlwind apparal
conditions evolving
empire's new clothes
boom over boom
violence enforced
smugly manipulating
mutually assured
until we step up
invoke profound
manifest destiny
return control
to chaos, not men
armageddon push
dies quietly in peace
as trades of value
replace rules of force

lemme howdt (c) 2006

Dr. Lenny's Nu Golz

I wish to slowly build independence of thought thru a political anti-party by supporting volunteers that do things with support to do more things. My focus has changed along with my sense of urgency. Nothing is urgent - peace has to come first, before rebuilding, or else what is rebuild will be destroyed again. I will be a vocal civil disobedient ghandi type and tell people what i think (as if i didn't), but without the pressure of needing to make a living.

I step up, which may make me a target, but i don't think so. It is time to get things done. Sidelight energy will be focused on youth education, natural resource stewardship and political independence - which will not leave time for some other interests that no longer bear relevance with my bigger picture. I am back to being a scientist, pursuing hypothesis. I have much to write, much to synthesize and several correllaries to a theory that will take years of intense data collation to prove or disprove. And i will need a humongous amount of reps, but we happen to have a humongous amount of souls in the world, so not having time to deal with most adult people will not bother me in the least. Before i get to really do - we need equipment and facilities. Five years max. But the game theory application is already started, this should make learning fun. Whisey Dotsey (YC.C).

Most people are so worried about their personal status that they play their cards too close to their vest and are afraid to give honest opinions on anything. Not only politically correct, but just plain correct is an obsession and correcting people with different points of view just pisses us off. I try not to tell, i try to listen and learn, but the bs that people say, when they are supposed to know better, just depresses me. It wastes my time to attempt to counter this belief fiction. They want cake, but not to work for it, to have it provided with no work. You can give these people flour, eggs, butter and a pan with a heat source, and they will consume all the goods without taking the effort to turn on an oven to bake the cake. Then they cry - i have no cake.

It disturbs me greatly when folks believe that their scientific opinions carry equal weight to mine - even though i have been working in this field, biological chemistry now for oh, 26 years and they are making things up off the top of their head. We call this process consensus. I am supposed to be a guide to helping apply my field to help others collect valid data - not just another opinion in the crowd of what might be done. Science is very broken when people will not defer to expertise, but insist on believing without working to support that belief.

If you wait for enough semi-scientific opinions that sound good, you can pick the one that supports your policy and do whatever you please while the pseudo-experts argue with each other. The real experts are all in the field collecting data, not arguing with each other in conference rooms. Government science will continue to support their political masters, but i don't understand why they would deliberately sabotage the value of their property, our property, the stuff we let them take care of for we the people, our national forests. There is no route to do independent science, unless people like me just do independent science. And activate politically - to return our system to the people, so that they can trust professionals again, rather than live in a world of lawyers rigging the balance and arguing non-documentable fact, while business elites skim the profits of everyone else's labor.

January 20, 2006

Big Nose

Y'know, sometimes when i'm feeling low, the first ones to recognize are the cat and the horse. The horse has this way of sticking her nose in your face and snorting, without blowing horsey snot all over - just a way that animals can sense things that humans could attune to better, if we wish to pay attention.

January 19, 2006

Raise the Ante

highs R higher
depths R deeper
playing 4 marbles
owls N murrelets
have become
valuable steaks
4 controlling
affairs of men
to be or
not to be
knot 2 despair
butt 2 succeed
with the art
of self control

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

Trade Ja - Sure- bink - done

Looking at restructuring personally to be in a better position to elevate life to the plateau that i wish to be at. Reading eastern thought and accomodating to the idea of man acting with discipline in his own self-interest. It is to our supreme benefit to elevate the level of our neighbors value, because it reflects on our value. But, to each his own, and my neighbor and i share different values. But we talk, reflect and share our values. We agree to disagree. People are out there to make money - if that is what they value.
Our current political system does not agree that we could possibly find value in anything else. So the PTB will print more money and be the first to use it. While i personally restructure, i intend to collect the data of the past five year experiment and translate it into the forms it needs to be in to interpret the results. The second ONRRI has been launched five years to the day of the first ONRRI and so we can set back and wait until we get rolled howdt again before we tinker. I wonder what our monkey count is. By the third ONRRI, i would like to have secured the equipment required to do the job for real. We have to verify our assumption and our knowledge base.

January 18, 2006

Quantum Leak Theory

Each of us has the capacity for exceptionally creative, courageous, or even heroic behavior, but a lack of self-assurance often gets in our way.

You know an article is good when you take 20 minutes to read it because you have to keep coming back to it as your thinking diverges. Butler Shaffer did that this morning at LRC - his comparison of Rand to Lewis and the comparison of opposites just got me going.

I have had recent insight and now have the self-assurance to do what needs to be done. I do not have the data to analyze, but the grand hypothesis and experiment are set in motion and the rules are just the rules of good science. What are those rules? Well, they concern the care and handling of samples, the definition of interrelated factors - which variables are dependent and which are independent - how many things can be considered or removed from consideration - it there a valid control sample and enough repitions to be statistically significant - have we validated the assumptions - would other eyes see different things - are we self consistent within the eight dimensions - length, width, breadth, time, scale, hurl, imaginary and converse.

hurl is likely a new concept for most people. If you take the common three dimensions and integrate over time, then hurl would be the relative movement of the whole system as viewed by Einstein's fictional outside observer. The theory would be that the galaxies move non-linearly relative to each other - picture a universe on the surface of a changing rubix cube.

imaginary can be reach though the mathematical imaginary numbers i and -i, while converse is a concept that when thought thru should explain the missing dark matter. But - (caveat, this is theory, i offer no proof) - human sentience is the ability to turn matter into energy at non-relitavistic speed - no speed of light square factors here. Missing matter has been converted to energy and energy frequency and wavelength have more importance in chemistry than anybody currently considers. (cept DARPA - yikes).

i could never buy quantum mechanical tunnelling, but i now truly believe in quantum leak (yes i mean leak, not leap!). The leak is that energy produced at one wavelength can be harnessed and stored at a second wavelength - with the intermediate energy harvested by the organism in a cascade of dispersal. Energy gets converted into matter by chemical bonds. It's time to reconsider bonding theory, but to do this, i really must find Wangbo and reread skim the nature of the chemical bond. One of the assistances that i could use (way beyond my skill level) would be a historic analysis of the context in which each 20th century scientist worked.

the experiment to design the proof is underway, but good science says do not look at the data (analysis wise - you have to see that you are doing the correct protocols, so quality assurance data checking is good science) until the experiment is done. that gives me about five years to develop the theory, but i think i can prove chemical sentience, in context by redefining some physics and chemistry. Einstein and Heisenberg both refocused in 1913. Pauling picked things up, but never really worked on the grand unifying theory. quantum leak theory is where the human mind can havest energy by tuning the wavelengths and gleaming off certain chemical reactions carried out by enzymes. Oooh. shivers and goosebumps - it's consistent on yet another level.

January 17, 2006

The voice of 20th century science speaks

E.O. Wilson is right up there with Fritjof Capra on my list of respectable people in the world of conservation biology. This editorial yesterday lays howdt the dichotomy of science v religion. Essentially, Wilson is asking for non-believers to take science as another religion. Agree to disagree and not have to believe. But I really wonder if Wilson has access to verifiable facts that the rest of us do not have access to – because both his fundamental conclusions are leaps. Most people would quibble about the second one accepting random mutation as the mechanism on a number of counts, but the first has me amazed. I guess that while I agree that biology does follow the laws of physics and chemistry – I do not believe that we have these laws right yet.

EH - 61 : Science

Mike Rozeff is a money guy - a professor of finance. But he seems to have his finger on the pulse of social issues. In this piece, he demonstrates the pseudoscience of social control on the backdrop of nano-technology. I enjoy Mike's spin!

Dr. Lenny's observations are in agreement, except for one minor detail. The structure of investment in corporations is bottom line oriented to the next quarter, so invest in the future is 2-5 years out, not 20 years out. As a young research scientist, i worked on applying the techniques that i understood to a NASA low tier water purification project. I worked with enzymes, trying to increase the turnover rate - how many molecules could be converted per unit time, at a given concentration. The technical science innovation was unique, but the PTB of the company claimed the patent, put my boss on it with them (a younger, hotshot with a chocolate nose and schmooze) and they lost a very productive scientist to 'why bother'. They got the next few grants and bought a few more years, but the project went to the shelf.

Now that i understand why to bother, basic science is not being done. Years of playing fast and loose with the facts and using knowledge to pidgeonhole information in profits have taken the game away from the curious. If it works, that's what you do. Modifications must be only to save costs. But - the people who actually understand how the natural systems work are not working the systems. They are off observing other systems. That's why when it all comes down, the frame within the frame will still be there. Form and substance are both necesssary for activity - today we play with the substances without form. When scarcity arrives (if it ever really does - i have some doubts), the substance will have absolute value and the form will increase the relative value.

One major problem is that when we left the path of the descriptive and headed onto the path of the theory, we stopped checking the premises and repeating the prior work efforts. You do not get anywhere in any field without spending the time working in that field. It works for agronomists, for laborers, for scientists and for children. The more time you spend searching for learning and understanding of how things work, the more you learn and understand the mechanisms, the forms and the substances that make the spacial coordinates align. Reactions need proximity and energy - luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Math is a tool that allows us to speak in both finance and chemistry. It is a foreign language that is much more than tallying up coins for change. Chemistry is to biology as math is to chemistry, a tool for understanding the form that things must take to be valuable. If we look at the products of our industry, focus on using wastes as raw materials and retool the process design, then there are significant economies of scale that can increase efficiency with less material use. But - to do this we have to understand molecular chemistry on the nano-tech level. take 10 to the power of 23 and divide by 10 to the power of 9. This gives 10 to the power of 2.5 or about 300. Nanoscale is still 300 times bigger than molecular scale (you see now that nano is not the proper descriptive term for where thay are working), so bulk materials will still be dominated by surface effects. Individual molecular design, the building of the 23 atom IBM sign, is electron microscopy stuff and not practical. The key is going to be the mixing parameters - how to efficiently pass molecules through each one of the micromanipulations necessary for the proper transformation. In other words - catalysis effects.

The adventure of a lifetime is to figure out how to do something that everybody wants to do and nobody can currently do. Like time travel, or beam me down scotty. Chemistry provides the basic substance building blocks, and the manipulation of form adds value. Come help me realize that value by developing a science network channel, one learning student at a time. See you at your classroom.

January 16, 2006

St George Blog

Vache Folle is a frequent commentator at Independent Country. The anarchists that i relate to all have a strong ethics that hold themselves to high standards. Our positions as corporate tools allow us to 'earn a living' so that we can press our political point of view that we never personally signed on to anything like a constitution, so why do the clowns on the potomic believe that they have jurisdiction. Oops - can't say that in public. Anyway - welcome to the Crosslynx, Vache.

Martin Luther King

"A true revolution of values will lay hands on the world order and say of war: This way of settling differences is not just. This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation's homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into veins of people normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice and love." MLK
But at this moment in history, being decent in our private lives is not enough. There is too much at stake, and too little time to correct the course. We face crises on all fronts: Political, economic, cultural, and most dramatically, ecological. We cannot know how much time is left before destructive forces set in motion cannot be turned back. We should be scared, and that fear should motivate us. MLK
Having the confidence to listen to your drummer and take your own beaten path is the ultimate achievement for free thinking people. While I have a dream is noted, the nightmare vision is oft buried in the memory hole. But people cooperating with each other, respecting knowledge when it comes with wisdom, and spending time on things worthwhile were all themes of King, Ghandi and Pauling. Self governance requires holding up standards and behaving in such a manner as to demonstrate the belief. People like to remember the King myth - they forget that his ethics were strong, but his morals were uncommon. It would be nice to read the unfiltered history of the 1950s and 1960s, to understand the basis for growing up in King's amerika. dl
The times they are a changin. BD

January 15, 2006

CUIP - Politics Tomorrow

tonites word of sanity
unifying individual selves
update us independents
concerning independence
no political strings to
stagnant current system
we civic minded waynes
do it new, from home
merge with big labor
onna national scale
from steady local value
now 'powers' on the run
one party corruption
distant from real folks
it may gel, it may gel
staying power cuz
we're here on the ground
connected, networked
new universe, who knows
'power' comin to chat, eh
belongs to we the people
we speak our language
people speak, think, speak
change our world
call on us, we been there
we been here, we be here
building from the grass
root force of change
from the bottom up
from the bottoms up.

January 14, 2006


We all like our highway projects, especially when the public works is to reinforce the bridges. The weight of triple trailers was never translated into a design feature of the pre-historic era. The road under the freeway is where the action is, so i couldn't help but look up and snap a shot of the road to nowhere, that will soon be what carries cars as they fix our bridge. would rail transport for freight make more sense than trucks?

Measure Up

How do we know what we know? By what criteria of measurement can we validate what we are told, with what is real? Does the discontinuity of the official line have any significant ramifications in how we choose to live life? Sink or swim, publish or perish, go along to get along? It's all up to what you value spoke the great harrison in a drug induced dimentia called thirtythree and a third, why did they stop timothy leary theory?
What i value is peace, cooperative competition on a level rules based playing field where creativity and hard work is rewarded rather than harnessed. Galt's gulch. The America of the revolution, not the Amerikan one party system of today. As i watch with baited breath, i continue to invest my time in networks, building thought from various diverse POVs into a rational common direction - which cannot be done with the corruption of the information at hand. The entire body of knowledge ought to be remeasured from scratch with the data validated by repetition rather than by control. Current QA/QC methodology rejects outlying information - but probability requires that sometimes the results are minority occurence from the bulk of information. These are still valid results, not to be ignored.
Things change, while things never change. It's all a matter of time, relative time. But time is frequency dependent, in fact, time is defined in terms of cesium emissions. Atomic clocks. With age, we learn to control our time, to waste it as we wish on productive or counter productive tasks, again depending on POV. Given the time and space of today - i plan to have one heck of a ride on the rollar coaster of life. Glad you can join me in the quest for proper knowledge, truth for its own sake.

January 13, 2006


why take two steps
when one will do
depends on the cost
of the efficiency
streamlining humans
create mechanical beings
who take emotions home
and bathe their wives
in frustration and anger
which take a mental toll
when custom disallows
result is bottled rage
where mister marionette
played on both sides
candle burns his middle
in service bondage service
to bondage service bondage
a treadmill to nowhere fast
when all it would take
is appreciation of interest...
obscure statistics flow
brews poured
world forgotten
kickoff is six hours
of distance focused reality
where invaders leave men
alone; no thought play
beer flows, flows, flows
and the boys can be boys
until the final whistle...
princess charming barks
life in honeydew world
signals return to the grind
grind, work, grind, work
dump thought at the door
efficiency of streamlining
human robot costs
borne of the model
of children aspiring toward
push envelopes
for treadmill jobs
when creativity pends
on interest (doesn't anyone
care enuf to recognize
life is too short for
trivial pursuit) when
nothing ever changes
until you decide
to make the changes
instead of handing off
to another drone.

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

EH - 60 : agrikulture

Kevin at the Mutualist blog started a thread on agriculture myths - my comment didn't seem to take in the system, so i will reproduce it whole here.

The rural/urban divide seems to have a gush in the urban direction and a trickle back into rural spheres after one has made a life and wishes to set back and enjoy the spoils. Closed minds gradually are opened with persistence, but most rural children never really make a mark that allows them to move back home.

The lack of a rural paper economy means that people cannot find work sitting at a desk shuffling paper - those jobs are filled by older people that can't afford to give up the domain they have built. Individual fifedoms protect people from real work - only force gets people off their butts to do in urban america - but even doing is defined differently.

Meanwhile - those lazy urban sit on your butt types, that immegrate daily between cubicle and tv screen with a fast food diet supplemented from an aluminum can, where will there food come from when the trucks no longer stream down the freeway? Voting to take more, i suppose.

See - rural amerika can stereotype mean narrowness just like urbana. fact is, a lot of intelligence here is anecdotal, and thus discounted by the education elite who feel that only a paper trail establishes the validity of an idea. reality based observation and thinking go a long way at every level of intelligence, in every situation.

Wisdom carries a different weight from intelligence, use it when you find it - it will save you a lot of pain (or a lot of work, tho work is not something that can be saved - we don't store work, we only store the potential for work. Somebody still has to actuall do something to get something done.

January 12, 2006

EH - 59 : Wisdom

... to extract wisdom like this, one must become observant. Very observant, because these lessons don’t come pre-labeled as lessons so they’re easy to miss. In fact, they don’t look like anything other than ordinary everyday experiences because, to most people, they aren’t anything other than ordinary everyday experiences. But for those who understand this secret, they are much more. They are invaluable.

Blair Warren seems to give very good advice, in that it agrees with much of the advice that dr. lenny gives. Watching, observing, taking notes and investing time in thought is what brings understanding. If you know something by figuring it out, then you have a means to compare it to other things. But doing, rolling up your sleeves and being there first hand is when experience in the little things that make the bigger things. Depth, then breadth. Watch, Try, Get help, Try again, Try again, Ask, watch, Do, succeed, smile.

Bottom of the ninth?

The Reason roundtable on Sarbanes Oxley is about as esoteric as you can get. But the reading is about the bureaucrats telling the beancounters how to count their beans and requiring a paperwork trail so that the shark lawyers can recount, demonstrates why there is no longer any real jurisdiction in this country. Work to demonstrate that you are working and do not, DO NOT, work on anything that might accomplish anything beyond generating paper. No change - stagnate everything. No creativity - stagnate everything. Regulations that have not had congressional approval are not laws, they are rules. Stop following stupid rules, ones that harass you so that you can't work. Stone walls require lots of effort to maintain, at the cost of everything else.

Miasma occuring as more and more energy is pent up and no routes are available for release. When it blows, man will it blow. I'd best go look for lemme - he has been howdt of touch for a bit too long. People are stopping, galt's gulch is filling, sheeple are watching the Alito, Fitzgerald and Abramoff show - so what else is going on while they are distracting us? Two out, nobody on and mighty Casey is still in the dug-howdt. Boom, boom, howdt go the lights? Y'know, it is a 162 game season, and the Mudville nine played again the next day, even though Casey did strike howdt.

January 11, 2006

EH - 58 : Fixing Politics

To understand the depth of the fix that is going to be necessary, we must develop an understanding of the psyche of the beast. For those who chase money, the cesspool in a feeding trough. For those who chase value, it should be totally irrellevant. Instead it has become the foci. To get approval from the masters is now the goal of most people's working life. Congratulations. Jump to the hot link before continuing. Now, Read this anarchist government piece and laugh so that you don't cry.
Anarchy and Chaos are vastly different, anarchy can be considered a form of chaos, but chaos uses many forms. Since order develops from chaos, the more chaos, the finer order results. The current order has been expended, but the trappings still abound. To live with other people in a time of anarchy requires self-discipline, and a knowledge of your individual capabilities. Building a smaller group to work together, a tribe, will be a phenomena that comes from the chaos as people with complementary abilities find each other and exchange mutual value. If the monetary system bellies up first, empty bellies will be the first driving factor into chaos. If the political system bellies up first, we could get a more severely controlled order with no intermediary chaos - a very bad deal.
Perhaps we could choose our chaos - take a random strike at the root of the current order! We the people could elect 435 congressmen by write-in honest ballot in the 2008 election, with Rep. Pon Paul as the chief executive. We would at the very least restore a constitutional government with this path, especially if the 435 new representatives were truly representative of all the professions of people in this country.

January 10, 2006

Math News

Incredible as it may seem, this link goes to an interesting article that people can understand that demonstrates the importance of math in lay terms without being too technical. Of course, that too is a catch phrase and this is dr. lenny, whirled, twirled and generally freaked howdt. Having some fun now and so hup ho, yeah. i wonder if mr natural comix are still in print? Tubbing?

January 09, 2006

Blasting Howdt

Strike the Root uses HD Thoreau quotes (today - "If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law." ~ Henry David Thoreau) that reflect the aire of the times. They allowed lemme howdt to guest edit this past saturday; he didn't come up with anything quite as good as today's two lead pieces by Kaercher and Szechwan Death. Along with Mike Rozeff at LRC, today's trifecta of libetarianarcho philosopractice is far howdt.

The point: as any Freedomista, anarcho-capitalist, Austrian economist, gun nut, Federal Reserve conspiracy-theorist, gold bug, secessionist, political monkeywrencher, dope-smoking marijuana-reform activist, civil libertarian or other amateur or professional contrarian possessed of even the most rudimentary understanding of his beliefs will tell you: the fundamental human right is the right to be left alone.

What's Up in My Psyche

I wish to start a new school system, which I launched formally last week. I believe that depth built before breadth in worldly knowledge might help youth start eagerly learning again. I have spent the past five years developing the follow through and trying to make the system work in high schools, which led to the pain of direct confrontation with the state over direction of individuals.

Sad, because the adults desire for control and money penalizes the youth’s future. In rural America, kids are beaten by narrow minded adults who compete with bright kids and put them down, while they are in middle school, or even elementary school. I taught into chemistry to community college students – adults who wished to be nurses couldn’t grasp buffers – so the school eliminated the chemistry requirement for nurses. No – can’t work in the system, must create the alternative.
The key is co-learning. My field now is natural resources, but education is needed to do valid research and research is needed to find howdt which facts in our support system are pure BS and which are semi-BS and which are real. Learning to measure objectively without bias is a tough skill to master. When Einstein proposed relativity, people began to see the value of howdtside observation. But since Linus Pauling and Carl Sagan passed away, who has been a voice of science for the public to trust? Bill Nye the science guy?

If you wish to join my quest for proper measurement - you know how to contact me - through this site. Link to YC.C and come along on the adventure. Middle school youth grade level is the initial focus, but High School and 'Normal Person' levels are also ready to go. If you have field expertise already, let me know. Now - time for me to go quest for knowledge, by synthesizing collated information.

January 08, 2006

Alligator Rock

Traveling East on 138 from Ash Valley to Glengarry, I stopped to photograph alligator rock. It would have been a natural for Elton John, but somebody wasn't thinking in marketing terms. Anyhow - somebody was really creative.

January 06, 2006

Pig in a poke(t)

Notwithstanding the fact that they are more mouths to feed, Danger and Cricket are the newest additions to the menagerie. Cricket rides in a shirt pocket - this cavy is a marshmellow. The other is constant chatter - but oom bowie gawa - these rodents are sharp.

Jim got me going again

Was in Independent Country reading about an article about big bad big box. Since i had already read and thawt about the theme, i was able to come up with this pearl of wisdom.

The world is fuzzy - it long ago became who you know, not what you know. People who knew something got harnessed by people who could make bucks by wheelin and dealin. But knowledge found in brains and not on paper is what really makes the system work (when it worked, if it ever did work).

Boat Rockers and Root Strikers are slowly getting to the 100th monkey level. I hope to get howdt of dodge early and the signs are positive for the first time in a long time. Status quo would normal swing polytix to the D world - but they are just as discredited. Hammer the media and they lie, don't hammer the media and they lie. Don't recognize the media and whether they lie or not doesn't matter.

Continuing on with the theme, what is lying? To thine own self be true conflicts with the laws and regulations enforced upon us by the nanny state, without using common sense to see the violation of natural law. What are the bounds of natural law? You think about it. Where do we start at indisputable. Gravity? all Physics? What about chemistry - can we take molecules for granted, or must we verify what has been demonstrated as proof by the synthesis realm. Biology? A deep stretch as far as I'm concerned.

I'll take for granted the classification system originated by Linnaes and others is valid description. I'll buy into anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and the other observational descriptives, but the utility biological sciences like forestry and the integration between the biologies has to be broadly based on exact chemistry and the understanding is just not there. Applied engineering is pretending it is real research and anything that vaguely demonstrates monetary value must be consumed, not developed (politically, not sciencewise).

Go back to chemistry and we have a major discontinuity that can't hold up with biology. That quality is sentience. Until we can explain what it is that allows humans to build a bridge or write a book, or create energy from matter, we don't have a handle on evolution, conservation biology, or many other applied fields. What we need is clean observation and measurement and not self-serving lies. But the lies have endured so long, that we have to recheck our premises. Until we do, science is another religion, one with the capacity to create weaponry to fight ideology.

Paging Mr. Serling - music

Get howdt - down the road and look at nature, with your own eyes, your science eyes and help resciencize science.

January 05, 2006

EH - 57 : Integrity

Doug Bandow, formerly of the Cato Institue, makes some very appropriate points in this apology for nefarious nebulus action. The fact is that if you limited the 'regulators' to only disinterested people, nothing would ever be regulated properly. People act out of self interest; fostering cooperation rather than competition is how groups get ahead of individuals. Mutual aid societies were villified, but really, that's all life is about. Mutual aid between you and your friends and relatives to have enough to lead the 'good' life. Of course, good is a subjective term.

January 04, 2006

Western Civ : Today

Had the camera howdt, so i took another shot at the abstracting obstruction.

Photo Journalism Hunny

My wife, letter howdt (precious and smells good) is a photographic extremist. Photo A is a riffle on the west fork of the coquille river, Photo B is a big-leaf maple. Western Oregon is an howdt door playground : and we use it as a backdrop to entice people to measure and record with us.
So much that we don't know is important, so much that we do know is trivial. Too bad we are confused as to which is which, most of the time.

Science Eyes

novel new
must pay
2 fine detail
life thru
olden wise
science eyes

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

January 03, 2006

Creek at River Stage

Last week, the rains came down, and the water got high. The 15 foot incised bank on the neighbors property was just deep enough to hold the water, as seen from the photograph. Notice the large house sitting in the flood plain - this was about an hour before crest - it didn't quite make it there, but i'd bet they were nervous. The ground saturated and we had standing water in the basement for the holiday weekend. This is only the third time in 12 years that we could see the water in the creek from our house. which is a very very very fine house. with two cats in the yard. life used to be so hard, now everything is easy cause of you ... oops - got singing CSNY.

Beach Cave

Sometime, words don't do a picture justice - this is photography by mrs. lemme howdt

January 02, 2006

What Happened Before

Steven Yeats has started another new blog, concerned with the metaphysical questions of what does the fossil record actually say. The earth as a fluidized solid is somewhat consistent with the observation of rapid structural change of surface geology - good luck on this search for truth! I'll plan to be a commenting contributor.


We welcome a new blogging service to the fold, in helps that it might help get the word howdt.

Science Mechanism

Science doesn't bother much with what people say, it's what the interpretation of the results of the data say that means something. Experimental design requires control of variables that leave very little to chance except the dependent and independent variables - change the IV and see what happens to the DV.

Observation is required to see that all of the assumptions and controlled variables (those parameters that are adjusted to give bearings and context). Measuring data, both directly pertinent data and peripheral meta-data, give Joe Scientist the ability to check the facts against his predictions and refine the theory that Joe is trying to prove.

The first stage of observation is recognition, and people have to become very familiar with the material they are researching to be able to notice when a change has an effect. That is one of the reasons most people run to the library to scan the literature for information first - see what is howdt there and create the theory based on the context of current debate. Plus you can look at other people's data and see if Jane's reality that she measured fits the new envelope that your current hypothesis is unfolding.

Google has now set (or will soon set) the entire library of information generated by humans onto our desk-top. But, we have to interpret and verify the information to make sure that the knowledge that we create fits the reality, at least if what we are doing is to be called science. The question is whether the printed word in peer refereed science literature represents reality depends on the standards of the criteria applied. But we live within a framework, a lattice structure, that defines our interpretation, and to question this paradigm, requires us to disbelieve everything that we read and verify it for ourselves. Not humanly possible.

Or is it. If individuals each rethink their premises and identify places where these premises are in conflict, then turning to the expertise generated in a different field by the same process, should identify more of the real questions and provide acceptible answers for things that can be controlled through the independent variables. Essentially - what i am requesting is a group knowledge sort by scientists restating what is real and known, what are the cutting edge questions in the field and why are they relevant?, and what measurement tools are used to verify this reality?

When i was a kid, i sorted things. Baseball cards were my passion, and i'd sort and resort the deck two, maybe three times a day. Sort by number, by color, by position, by batting stance, you name it, we sorted it. It got us so familiar with baseball statistics and how the game was played by the numbers, that i became a numbers junky and started learning advanced math. That gave me new derivatives to sort by. The hours spent with a ballgame on TV in the background, a threesome of stratomatic dice to recreate my own game of the game, and paper to keep records. This has been replaced by videos, x-boxes and virtual challenges.

Schools, provide a lot of information with no depth to the knowledge, and context only comes after the student brain can start putting two and two together from reality based experience - which kids no longer get. No expertise in depth spent by hours of doing - but they can play games that require hands/eye coordination and application of serious thought to trivial escapades providing entertainment value to take up the hours of boredom that come about from not having an in-depth interest.

Science doesn't bother much with what people say. If you want to know about something, you spend the time doing it and finding out. The ONRRI approach, through YC.C, is now available to people that would like to seek knowledge. Register as a student, and investigate the basic structure of Redile - developing depth prior to breadth - as an approach to teaching science. There will be eight 8 levels of the playing field, so do not worry about depth level, that is my job. I will need a sorting hat, but the goal is to attract youth into paying attention. Anyone wishing to learn can join me in my quest for knowledge, or really allow me to join you in your quest for knowledge using my approach to broaden the bases (basis) when the need is apparent.

Dr. Lenny Howdt
ONRRI (Ornery)

January 01, 2006

All fired up

To celebrate last night, we had a few friends over and had a bonfire. It was good to 'unclear' the air and generate a little CO2 for global warming. or global cooling? Gee - we are up from 0.024% to almost 0.036% CO2 - think we can stand it? I was howdtside a little while ago and detected embers, so i collectd some if the dendritus around the fire, stirred with a pitchfork and got things restarted again tonight - on a campfire level rather than a bonfire level.

Once again - Western Civilization - a statue of recycled household consumer goods.