March 31, 2015

New Chemistry Discovery

A major research institute has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element ' Governmentium' has a single neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, for a total mAsshole size of 311.

These 311 particles are held together by forces called morons, which in turn are surrounded by vast quantities of electron type particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is totally inert. However, it can be detected, as it impedes every reaction with which it comes in contact.

Governmentium is a true anti-catalyst. A tiny amount can cause a single reaction to take over four days to complete, when it would otherwise take less than ten seconds. Governmentium has a half-life of four years; it rots, but does not decay. When morphing, it undergoes a change where a portion of the assistant neutrons and the deputy neutrons switch places. In fact, Governmentium's mAssholes will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will allow more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quality is referred to as 'Critical Morass'. When catalyzed with money, Govenmentium becomes Administratium, a different element which radiates just as much ooze,as it has half as many peons and twice as many morons.

April Fools : Namaste' ... doc

March 28, 2015

Who We Are

Some highly entertaining thoughts have come to mind as i clarify my intention and focus on the surroundings. I see myself as a person wearing many hats - each one ready to come off to the appropriate person that can successfully take over a position that i have responsibility to do. I have a tendency to push myself my further than most, as curious enough to pursue a question until i have an answer that makes sense.

My friend Teasy asked a simple question last week and it took me a long time to figure out how to answer the question. In fact, i am still wondering as i write this answer, because every rabbit hole leads to a different rabbit whole. I raised Satins for 15 years and learned genetics first hand by trying to improve shoulders while producing meat to feed a family including several dogs and a large snake. Rosie the albino burmese python would eat rabbit when he could get it - which was about every other month. 

The question is what were we attempting to accomplish with the framework of Existence. Existence is a website that was produced from our early attempt at permaculture in the Ashland Oregon farm of Dead Indian Road ( i kid you not). We had a three acre field with local irrigation district flooding and we grew a three sisters garden with Pumpkin and Squash, Corn that originated in Mexico and beans that were planted too late in the season. Doc was associated with some Grange folk and the entire process was premature - we were renting land from a large landowner. Self-ownership was not there.

So much happened, but the collation of why things didn't work turned out to be a social manifestation. So, now i find myself moving in the same direction - toward intentional community via social permaculture. This seems to me to be an oxymoron, as social is together and permaculture is individual. It all is about being able to live independently of the grid. The network of road, electricity, microwaves and other artificial energies is beyond our ability to maintain when the lights go off. To be self sufficient personally has been my quest now for several years - we can live from land without further contrivance. We just don't have to.

As a natural resources chemist, i can see things as a function of scale. Much of the writing here discusses how things change or remain constant depending on the harmonics of scale. Personal responsibility has to be under self control as much as possible. Having the discipline to know when to share and when to gift, paying it forward, is an investment in individual people. This is the scale that we have to think about for new system thought. People Scale.

Town here is as small an urban area as one can imagine - 825 peeps by the 2010 census. The rule of law dictates jumping through hoops set up as preconditions based on economy from the way it is, outward. I believe that we have to look inward. Each of us knows what we expect, and what we can do if things change. Guess what. We are the agents of change. 

The illusion is that we have a common vision without discussing what our individual visions are. We each need to define ourselves, to ourselves. So in defining me - the duality schizophrenic lemme/doc pair -, I developed greater insight into how to do what it is that 'we' have to do. First things first. We need to define who 'we' are.

The new weigh can only work if each individual is empowered to be who they are. We can define all sorts of roles, but each of us wearing the hat of a certain role is responsible for fulfilling the purpose of that role. Defining what 'we' need is a matter of coming together and learning about which ties bind us - by each of us telling our stories to each other. A new media awaits - where we can pop off each others screens and have a holographic discussion in a virtual living room. 

Yes, it does mean getting out of the bathrobe on weekends, but hey, isn't being real much better than just watching a reel. We can change the movie by recording ourselves and becoming the movie. There are a few preconceived notions that have to go, which will lead to a series of posts on topic. For now - i challenge everyone to define themself in three sentence. Hold that thought on an index card.

Namaste' ... doc

March 24, 2015

It's Always Something

Ya never know, it's always something. The air is thankful for the water vapor and the current rain brings out mushrooms - winter chantrelles this weekend. Gaia's presence has enlightened me as to how to change the world - one footstep at a thyme. The game progress, as the call for unilateral surrender precedes every battle. We no longer have to battle.

The compliance officer claims to know more about the law than the judge. The council wants to beat the city into submission, then use them to mop up the spray paint on the bridge trestle. The third gazebo is being built in the park, if the rain stops. There is no youth center in town til the reign stops. Thirty-one people at the meeting, so there must be at least three dozen opinions of what took place.

We can purchase a recording of the entire process for $12.50 - if only that would buy us justice in the just us whirled. The fine has been incrementing by $60 dollars per day and a lien has been filed on the non-resident motel.  The zoning change was not grandfathered in and the rednecks wanna run off the hippies. The hippies wanna stop the rednecks from cutting down all the trees. The rednecks piss on tennis shoes, the hippies piss on work boots. They think alike, they act alike and they hate each other for being who they are. And meanwhile, everyone steals the entire region blind. 

Big Timber and Big Green are like the Walrus and the Fisherman, shucking the local oysters, enabled by the grubbermint jonesing to 'balance' a budget. That 53% of Douglas County is federal land and pays no freight (fed gov does not pay county real estate tax) means that everyone lives off of our local dime. Perhaps Nancy was right - just say NO.

So the locals get to govern us-selves and boy do we need a different form of governance. To start - each individual needs to produce something to pay their weigh in the new system. If you have a role it is way better than having a job. Job stands for just over broke and no matter how much you make, it costs a little bit more. But if community can absorb the cost and make the expenses paid be for food, housing and clothing. It sorta does already, given that half the folks are either employed or kept by some formal agency.

When we get right down to it, there is no valid currency and no real production. People can be of service to each other, but to get paid to be of service requires that people prioritize what your business has to offer. If everyone has their own cottage industry, using the Mondragon model, each business owner would be sovereign. That means she is responsible for any affects of that particular flow of action. Apprentices can be trained to accept responsibility, freeing the sovereign to invest time and effort in the businesses of others. Like the Three Musketeers, we can be all for one and one for all.

However, we have to get off the mine, mine, mine kick. We can use productive hours as a measure of action, where people earn an hour card for each hour that allows them to draw hours out of the community for their own projects. By having a common learning center with information technology available, we can empower each other to grow our businesses for the benefit of all. The shares can be contributed to the social welfare of all, then extra funds can be set aside for larger projects or divied up as further resource. Entertainment grown locally can get us all out of tunnel vision - videos don't have to be the mind-suckers that they currently are.

Just a few ideas. After all, it's always something.

Namaste' ... doc

March 23, 2015

from Family to Community

Connections are built to recreate the concept of integrated family. The search for individuals with deep connection is built on resonance frequency - the terms of the game are vibration based. There are many genetic states that contain different patterns - the simplification of DNA into a to strand model lacks substance - the chains change configuration and dynamics based on geometry. 

Water welcomes us to the liquid world of biochemistry. Water is everywhere, water is water on every fractal level. New things happen because the water of our bodies reach out to touch other related water structures based on the like attracts like theory. We seek our own kind and the search for self is on of the most difficult things that we can imagine. It is thyme to imagine.

Finding the doodlebug will become active rather than passive. The amount of intention within our tribe in this community will challenge the youth to be who they are - the learning experience of follow the leader coupled with telephone is not functional. If you don't speak Skyrim, you might have a life - thyme to weigh in on life again.

'Words say exactly what i believe them to mean' said the white queen to Alice, who took the blue pill that day. The delusion of exceptionalism is over - we create our own states within the mind based on what we allow ourselves to think. I am a point source of bridging the old with the new - i have not been in contact with the old for so long, that it morphed away from the image that i used to create the model. There is no bridge between here and there - your belief system is only either based on how it was or how it will be.

I have a book - Human Scale - written by Kirkpatrick Sale thirty-five years ago. I have a system - the Mondragon model created in Spain in the 1940-50s, based on the development of cottage industry. I have a theory, that the mathematics of chemical group theory concerning geometry in space is directly applicable to sociology. The relationship of matrix algebra and imaginary numbers fits in with the quality of number theory, as opposed to numbers being used simply for amount.

The place here is as small an urban landscape as one can imagine.  The growth projections in the 1970's plan for the city estimated a population of 2000 by 2010 - the population today is about 800. Yet the same folks are creating a new plan to reckon with the next twenty years - i was placed here to get involved. The local industry is the mill - big timber runs amuck inside of deals with big grubbermint - the region is so poor that our application for third world status was denied - this is fourth world - which can soon vibrate at fifth dimensional wavelength.

First - olive branches - love wins. No battles - we must form a people's court that establishes common support between sovereign beings. We must choose - but whatever we choose is okay - there will be lots of choices. Cottage industries are based in the home and contain no more than five principle persons in the endeavor. The idea of creating a lifestyle that you can always have relies on supporting yourself in a new system, where FRN are essentially worthless. Get what you need now - because you will not be able to take wealth forward in conventional form. We will try to condense some time frames and use FRNs to catalyze the search. Ding dong the witch is dead, the emperor has no clothes.

We all have the same number of hours. Leverage yours by making something that you can exchange for what you need - it ain't gonna be pretty, but it is what it is. Good attitude elevates amplitude - fly like an eagle ...

Namaste' ... lemme

March 16, 2015


It has been noticed that there have been no recent posts from doc or lemme. The hermit returned and without a vehicle, space has been closed for 'repair'. There is much churning in the whirled and some people enjoy our hobbit holes where the mechanisms of power and force are not welcome at the buffet. However, this week is not the right week to be wordsmithing as too much is still unresolved and we are only an eclipse away from whatever. So until then ... namaste'   doc and lemme