September 24, 2013

Werk, werk, werk

   Mel Brooks as the cross-eyed, cross-talking senator in Blazing Saddles had the best 'Hello Boys' comedy line ever delivered - it serves me as a laugh before a serious subject.  Now that doc is off the mountaintop - it seems that the weigh has caught on with over 250 distinct hits.  Thank you for reading - we are going to change the whirled one person at a time: each of us as one, all of us as one. Today's diatribe is just an observation of how it seems to be - after 10 days of listening to songs from the wood and being howdt in nature.

   The question that i have is what passes for work.  I am looking at how many people have valid work and find that it no longer exists.  I am listening to NPR - National propaganda radio - and i cannot relate to anything that the political system is doing.  It is specifically anti-people and the people or sheeple seem to be eating it up.

   It is funny how only income drives some people.  Their circular reasoning is that your income is your worth or value and that whatever your means is becomes your social category.  You hang out only in your economic status cover and every level of economic status sees themself as carrying the burden.  So we all go to work to pay our bills and perpetrate the system because that is the only vision that we are sold.  The things cost more than we can afford and the taxes come out before we see them, so we dont get how badly they really dig.

   Then there are the sponges - the people who get because they qualify for some social safety net that entitles them to some piece of the ever-present everything without having to do anything.  We look outside ourselves and we should be looking howdtside to ourselves.  The 3-D world is what you make it - the 5-D world is whatever we build in the image that we see as we change our thought patterns completely.

   What do you do as your work?  Do you do it for the paycheck, or for your own edification?  Do you have more debt than income?  Have you always worked?  Do you work with your hands or your mind?  Do you like what you do?  Do you always do what others expect you to do?   Do you know a lot about what you do?  Can you focus on your own thought - or do you need constant direction?

   Okay - now we move to a new idea - your work should be an investment in yourself.  You are the only person that has control over your actions - unless you believe in mind control.  Doc does believe in mind control, and has some new stories to tell.  Upgrade and Marvin both came on the scene to shroomville last week - the spiritual rebirth at the location where the unspiritual mental death of the old way took place.  The new weigh begins where each of our pathways are governed by our choices.  We are divine when we need to be and real when we feel emotion and hear the music.

    Each of us marches to the beat of a different drum.  Economics forces us to live in a single beat that drives everything with the banksters on a role creating Monsanity - which plays with GMOs and really changes things in the operating system.  What operating system?  Oh, that would be nature - a place that doesn't worry too much about human design.  What people believe is what they are told, framed through the acceptable forms of knowledge transfer.

   Let me give an immediate example - an NPR story on a gentleman in England getting six double yolk eggs in a package of six eggs and the astronomical odds of this happening at random.  They did not mention the radiation emanating from Fukushima or Chernobyl, nor the genetic engineering of all animal food stocks - especially corn and soy.  You think that maybe the answer is not random - it is metamorphic.

   There is much at play on Gaia - it is thyme to step to the plate and use our sports analogies and our musical guidance and love the one you're with.  The goal is to question the knowledge base - the scheme is that we only know what we know and we defer to experts who tend to know things that we don't know.  This parcels out information to everyone on a very unfair scale and some people use it as a weapon instead of a tool.  If the patents remove knowledge from the university system for economic profit, then the system is no longer true and cannot be considered functional.  We have to come up with something better - real quick, for our own benefit.  Who are this we kimosabe?

   I am doc and i am lemme.  i can only be responsible for me and me.  We are all one - i am responsible for all human behavior, all animal behavior, all plant behavior, all shroom behavior, all rock behavior, all ecosystem behavior.  Nature does not use economics - we still have to support ourselves.  I imagine everything in my personal holograph - all the people that enter have a reason to be in my life at that moment.  People turn up and find you to guide you on your path, but it is your path and not their path.  It is all our path.  

   You get it.  That's why you are reading this.  Now do something different - turn off the nonsense that NPR tells us, or Alex Jones or Faux News.  Listen to people who make sense and come up with the same results as you observe, from a different direction.  We do not have to all think the same - we do all have to be light, when we are not dark.  It is a yin/yang light and dark, but you control the balance of your own vision.  Action will set you free - let go of the way things are and move to weigh the way things are.  Measure twice, cut once and by all means trust your judgment, and trust your pet's judgement - they already know.

  Now get to werk.

   Namaste'    doc     092413

September 23, 2013


Sneaker Freaker
Fill the Beaker
  Tell us what you know
  How you know you know
Usta call you whistle blower
We really don't want you to know
Life is bliss in ignorance

Freaker Sneaker
Break the Beaker
  If they know they will rebel
  They must never know
Life is ignorance in bliss

Just go away
Or you'll go away
To stay

2013  lemme howdt

September 12, 2013

The OAK Institute

Lots has happened in the past 24 hours - Doc has a special announcement. 

The Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge will be working with the Northwest Education and Training Institute and the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute to promote an experiment in Fibonacci growth patterns.  The OAK Institute will question knowledge the existing knowledge base in a participant interactive format - a reality television show without the television.  

Doc will be working on several projects for display that will begin the experiment - which is to measure the rate of growth of a point source of ideas.  I figure that we require 30 repetitions to get statistical significance, so there will be a new form rolled out every so often until we have enough data to see the conclusions.  This is a bio-mimicry experiment done by a chemist - please bear with me.

Since I agreed to run a chemistry class for Vincent Finelli and the USA Prepares folk - We will be able to operate the OAK Institute on several different levels.  There will be an agricultural concern on a micro-business scale run by Dr. Richard Alan Miller - and there will be discussions of sciences outside the realm of current science - meta-physics, sacred geometry, and interpreting the illusion, fact and fiction.  There will be regularly scheduled discourses will be archived and a forum for discussion of many topics. 

To raise some early capital, I have asked NWETI to run a special rate - $5 bucks a month, payable in quarterly amounts.  The site is active now - use the orange sign up button.  There are other courses in various fields already offered - be entertained and Doc will be back on-line in 2-3 weeks.

There are some other science courses that i currently have ready to go, but off-line at the moment.  If we have enough takers, those topics can also be initiated.  The goal is to learn by teaching and to get some real information.  Doc can speak to chemistry, and can draw other expertise into the forum.  There will be higher levels to invent later on - this experiment has to be done under strict protocol and so i cannot go into detail here, at this time.

Enjoy the equinox - be back soon.  Namaste'   doc

A Quick Note

Doc is headed back to the hills to escape the heat of late summer - the hermit will return after the equinox.

addendum:  not quite yet - one more post coming.

September 10, 2013

What is my Role?

To be light and reflect transparency
To explain in a form that tells a new tale
To uphold truth and congregate knowledge
To learn while teaching, to teach while learning
To conquer fear with love and peace
To be the light at the end of the tunnel
To answer to the divine and strive to be better
To scribe, to think, to dream with imagination

2013  lemme howdt

September 07, 2013

The new weigh game

In order to learn differently, one must look at the context of new material and determine the proper flow that integrates the substance into the knowledge base that one already has.  This requires evaluation of that knowledge base and the rejection of facts and items that no longer fit the paradigm.  What we know and what we think we know are two different things - the latter ready to trap us in illusion.

lemme howdt is the game piece that questions all answers and doc is the game piece that answers all questions.  Between the two poles is a very confused, isolated schizophrenic individual that doesn't get along with the constant drumbeat of lemming society.  The person creating the little picture here has a lot of past experience observing nature and human interaction - the humans of this whirled are totally insane, collectively.  The real game is to keep calm in the face of exploding realism - because we make this up as we go and we are at the point where the narrative deviates from the history.

So - what is this game?  The concept of playing a game is one where there is a winner and there is a loser and at the end of the game, both say "good game" and continue on with life, in whatever form it appears.  There is no game in the old game any longer as the old game now is whoever collects the most toys wins - with the advantage of corporations being long lived people with no collective responsibility to keeping other entities alive on this planet.  The game of scorched earth is a monstrous Monsanity - what in the world are we spraying and dumping?  Can we declare game over and start a new game?

Guess what?  The answer is yes - the end is near.  When we 'the people' withdraw our consent from every form of governance and take on a new form of organization - they 'the minions of greed' will start their next set of gyrations attempting to get other people against us people. The key is mind control - who has control of your mind - you, them and their telley?  If you turn off that idiot box, then you score a point in the new game.

The internet has all the information that you will need to play the new game, but the rules of the old game are fixed in place in the current world set-up.  Buckminster Fuller invented a world game almost five decades ago - but the game was applied to the system at that time in such a way that the cost of learning to run that game on the scale designed is a lot of time and effort. This weigh game should make sense and be easy to play.  It involves evaluating information and seeing which form is correct in application.

Life is full of symmetry - nature makes things such that the cost of duplication is facile - once something is, it does not have to be reinvented again.  Nature uses different forms of expression to say the same thing - there is natural redundancy all over to ensure that if one mechanism breaks, another is there to fulfill purpose.  All mushrooms are not Aminitas, but all Aminitas are mushrooms.

The first approach to the new weigh game is to measure things and evaluate them based on what you already know.  Aminita mushrooms are poisonous or hallucinogenic, depending on what reference you believe.  It requires experience and gutz to determine if you should eat the mushroom - the pictures tend to imply that if you munch out, things will be all right.  Doc did not eat the above shroom, even though the mural showed the same scene.

To join this new game means to get off the idea that this form of existence is going anywhere further.  To change the movie, we each have to start acting differently, supporting each other and our efforts to be different - to not march to the warring drumbeats of insanity.  The first two steps are easy ones - play the game of Project Restoration as one of the 144,000 and join the mole group.  (There are 13 groups there - my team is the moles and we are chasing the bears.)  The second step is to come to a love party - at the GFP chatroom.

The GFP is the Galactic Free Press - a positive media for individuals who want to know what is happening as the earth changes within the grid.  The weather reports tell of current earthquake and CME conditions.  The earth allies contribute information - very little of the lame stream news finds its way to the press.  The tongue in cheek irrelevance is a plus - you get to enjoy something different than the same old, same old.  There is one requirement - you have to suspend your personal beliefs on every topic and just roll with the flow - no illusionary downers are allowed.

If there is war in Syria, then we get death and destruction.  If we stop the war, there are many more things that require stopping.  If we force ourselves to believe only in what is 'real', we miss a lot of the show because we already have a preconception of this reality.  We are caught in a box defined by our means of exchanging information - we talk at each other than with each other.  There is a better weigh - Thyme to look for the improvement.

See you all at Project Restoration - and on-line counting game that really starts the putsch when we get to 144,000.  This seems a large number, but numbers work differently than counting on the scales the game is played.  Enjoy and remember - games are ways to learn new concepts and we badly need some new approaches to avoid the same old song.

Namaste'       doc

September 05, 2013

Changing the Movie

Serendipity is what happens when the stars align and things just happen because they are supposed to happen.  This morning, Doc spent two hours on the internet radio on USA Prepares with Vincent Finelli and Richard Alan Miller.  The topics ranged from clean air and chemtrails, to clean water to how to deal with the continuous nuclear radiation source called Fukushima.  Doc agreed to teach a few basic chemistry courses to the USA Prepares listeners - so keep abreast of the timing which will be after the equinox.

The conversation was deep - the result was that it is time to change the movie. Fukushima is an end of the world as we know it event - the idea of what the radiation can do is deeper than i wish to go into at this moment.  The net solution is to capture the energy in other chemical entities - using bio-remediation with atomic absorption, chelation and potentially nano-technology.  These are scary words for people that don;t understand science and that is just the way that the people that do understand the science prefer it.  They want you to fear - it is time to grok with love.

The geo-engineering programming claims to be beneficial, how do we step back to evaluate what we think we know to see if it is real?  There is so much information available on the internet that anybody can find an article that supports their point of view.  The search engines mine our data to feed us exactly what we expect to see to confirm our opinions.  The one problem is that none of what they say is true - we need to be able to verify the information independently from a second source.  

Since the USA is a country divided into two color groups - red and blue that have roughly equal numbers, the confusion of which information to believe is contributing to the current status quo - analysis paralysis.  How can we slow down the pace of life for enough time to look at which information is correct.  We badly need to challenge our current knowledge base - especially in areas where the system is broken.  

Doc can look at chemistry as his filter and take any concept and verify that it stands by the principles of chemistry.  If we can have a dozen different experts in a dozen different fields doing the same type of analysis, perhaps we can discern truth from the confusion.  Another problem here though is transparency - the fact that we don't have all the information and that certain concepts are state protected secrets for only those in the know.  The free dispersal of information just doesn't take place in open fashion.

We need a different approach to education.  Doc and Dr. Richard Alan Miller are ready to change the movie.  Class was in this morning at USA Prepares - there are things in the works to bring more information out in a different form.   If you are interested in being part of this new process - keep in touch with this site for more.

Namaste'     Doc

September 04, 2013

One Simple Solution

Sitting here this morning talking about blood sugar regulation and diabetes, i got a glimpse of the nature of things that crystallized into common sense.  By looking with love at the problem - i found that some diabetics are both hypo and hyper glycemic - that they couldn't start or stop the process without insulin.  I then thought about the number of different molecules involved and the brain wrapped about the parallels to human society.

Diabetes is a regulatory problem - the body doesn't know when the food is gone and starts digesting itself - hence a rise in blood sugar and all those nasty problems.  Our society has been on high fructose corn syrup for too long and shows all sorts of diabetic symptoms.  The solution seems obvious - cut the regulation volume and unplug the pathways.

Just think - if congress is the opposite of progress - what could be done by removing most of the regulations from the system.  Complete and utter chaos would occur.  This is a very good thing - see the writings of Butler Shaffer for many creative examples.  But we still have economics to deal with.

Take the big picture now to the small scene using the 'as above, so below' and 'like attracts like' supports.  If the economic system were stopped and the world localized, then all resources of nature could be kept in custody by the people in their homes, where they would refrain from fouling their nest.  With little regulation, people would be encouraged to share their talents and work together to find new ways of feeding and building - with support from the uberstructure provided by the internet.

There are so many ways that we can change.  I start by changing way to weigh and measuring my own actions carefully.  This is the time to question the illusion - what we know is real and what we know is unreal.  Doc knows chemistry, he doesn't know social structure.  Doc knows sacred geometry and mathematics.  They agree to about a 97.5% fit - which seems good enough for nature, but not good enough for the math elitists.  The realm of numbers is way more than mathematics can prove, but then, then sometimes forget that zero and infinity are really the same concept.

The weigh is a measure of what we know or what we think we know.  The concept of knowledge assumes that what is written in textbooks is gospel and that ain't necessarily so.  The concept of billions and trillions like we have in the monetary system is irrelevant on the scale of single and double digit numbers that we deal with daily.  The weigh is to unschool ourselves - to realize that common sense is not common at all.

Each of us is a loving and caring individual.  We are told things that degrade our persona and when we believe what we are told we are told we are good little boys and girls and given a star.  Doc quit that system and left - what he came back to is a lot of spiritual egos telling about their shiny stars.  That is all ridiculous.  The fear of terrorists and the fear of govt are two sides of the 'make everybody scared' coin. 

I am no longer scared - i am angry.  I am not a terrorist and i resent be treated like one by the banksters and their judicial insanity of corporation that has no heart and no soul.  That what was formerly blackwater is now monsanity - the GMOing of our food sources is beyond insane, it is genocidal.   And now they have mercenaries?   We got Rumsed over.   I expect to be taken at face value, not assigned a label and carted off to a line to wait for my number to be called.  

The key lies within the water - where we used to assume that water group in cluster of 150 - 250 molecules at a time, we find now that they group in the millions or tens of millions at a time.  We should look at how this changes things at the cellular level - which is why i started looking at diabetes.  Nature is not at war with man - let's get over the idea of conquest and work together to fix things, then we can get back to economics and poly-ticks, if we really wish to, at that time.

September 02, 2013

Gaia Requires our Attention

Doc has been deep into the issue of water this summer - so deep that he let go of the course of the current world circus.  This past year has been an adventure - last Memorial Day was spent in the heat of the North California sun.  The adventures took doc to Colorado and Montana, then back to Oregon to analyze metal presence in rock, then off to the nirvana of the hot springs.  This pet dragon guards the walkway to the Blue Pool from stray energies that might waylay my tasks, as deep thought has brought out intention.

Returning to the reel whirled, doc has figured out a few things.  Peace is an internal state - i had little idea that major tensions has escalated to the bombing point.  The icky wetness of fear permeates the bloggosphere - the information i get is that a full court press is being enacted - squeezing the american and world publics.  Some of my links have really gone off - the levels of attack on the nature of nature come everyday - chemtrails and GMOs dominate the false pretense.  I bring love bombs based on the actual science - now we collectively must look deeper.

Doc has decided to return to the field - the reopening of ONRRI will take place in the near future.  There are a few loose ends to tie up, but the requirement for academic presence to discuss science principle for public consumption is stil in effect - doc's doctorate needs to provide support for the basis off his knowledge.  As such the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute will join the Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge to seek some new answers to difficult questions.

My first questions is - should we concentrate more focus on the air or the water?  We all breathe the air and the constant presence of chemtrails and radiation from many sources including Fukushima and Chernobyl.  The geo-engineering must stop and climate change addressed with full transparency of fact.  The idea that we have to prove the nonsense is nonsense stands in question when the naysayers can disregard any factual evidence that they don't like.  Truth resonates - let's have some.

The water is the lifeblood of the planet.  The floating plastic islands in the Pacific and the radiation contaminated garbage should be addressed.  Overfishing needs to be stopped and the use of rivers as a sewage system is an unmitigated disaster.   The question remains - why is there no attempt to really clean the Gulf oil spill - except for indiscriminate use of the toxin corexit?  Can we address the monsanity and clean the water - the source of our sentience?

Doc needs help here - a group of folks that will start looking at ecologically empowered life, rather than the current rape of Gaian natural resources.  We can start with methods to exchange minerals with earth rather than taking them.  We can trade value for value - however, we need to redefine what really is of value - beyond all economic systems.  The whole concept of money is so broken that we should give it up entirely.  Work has become make-work as most of what gets done is of little to no value at all.  We need a better form of weighing - to make things work better instead of the more, bigger, best consumption pathway.

No more deliberate fouling of our nest!  Let's watch the spin spin out carefully and reserve our emotional stake in the flow to personal matters only.  

HBD dad and GL kirbs.  LV to Daniel, mom and everyone else too.

namaste'    doc