September 24, 2013

Werk, werk, werk

   Mel Brooks as the cross-eyed, cross-talking senator in Blazing Saddles had the best 'Hello Boys' comedy line ever delivered - it serves me as a laugh before a serious subject.  Now that doc is off the mountaintop - it seems that the weigh has caught on with over 250 distinct hits.  Thank you for reading - we are going to change the whirled one person at a time: each of us as one, all of us as one. Today's diatribe is just an observation of how it seems to be - after 10 days of listening to songs from the wood and being howdt in nature.

   The question that i have is what passes for work.  I am looking at how many people have valid work and find that it no longer exists.  I am listening to NPR - National propaganda radio - and i cannot relate to anything that the political system is doing.  It is specifically anti-people and the people or sheeple seem to be eating it up.

   It is funny how only income drives some people.  Their circular reasoning is that your income is your worth or value and that whatever your means is becomes your social category.  You hang out only in your economic status cover and every level of economic status sees themself as carrying the burden.  So we all go to work to pay our bills and perpetrate the system because that is the only vision that we are sold.  The things cost more than we can afford and the taxes come out before we see them, so we dont get how badly they really dig.

   Then there are the sponges - the people who get because they qualify for some social safety net that entitles them to some piece of the ever-present everything without having to do anything.  We look outside ourselves and we should be looking howdtside to ourselves.  The 3-D world is what you make it - the 5-D world is whatever we build in the image that we see as we change our thought patterns completely.

   What do you do as your work?  Do you do it for the paycheck, or for your own edification?  Do you have more debt than income?  Have you always worked?  Do you work with your hands or your mind?  Do you like what you do?  Do you always do what others expect you to do?   Do you know a lot about what you do?  Can you focus on your own thought - or do you need constant direction?

   Okay - now we move to a new idea - your work should be an investment in yourself.  You are the only person that has control over your actions - unless you believe in mind control.  Doc does believe in mind control, and has some new stories to tell.  Upgrade and Marvin both came on the scene to shroomville last week - the spiritual rebirth at the location where the unspiritual mental death of the old way took place.  The new weigh begins where each of our pathways are governed by our choices.  We are divine when we need to be and real when we feel emotion and hear the music.

    Each of us marches to the beat of a different drum.  Economics forces us to live in a single beat that drives everything with the banksters on a role creating Monsanity - which plays with GMOs and really changes things in the operating system.  What operating system?  Oh, that would be nature - a place that doesn't worry too much about human design.  What people believe is what they are told, framed through the acceptable forms of knowledge transfer.

   Let me give an immediate example - an NPR story on a gentleman in England getting six double yolk eggs in a package of six eggs and the astronomical odds of this happening at random.  They did not mention the radiation emanating from Fukushima or Chernobyl, nor the genetic engineering of all animal food stocks - especially corn and soy.  You think that maybe the answer is not random - it is metamorphic.

   There is much at play on Gaia - it is thyme to step to the plate and use our sports analogies and our musical guidance and love the one you're with.  The goal is to question the knowledge base - the scheme is that we only know what we know and we defer to experts who tend to know things that we don't know.  This parcels out information to everyone on a very unfair scale and some people use it as a weapon instead of a tool.  If the patents remove knowledge from the university system for economic profit, then the system is no longer true and cannot be considered functional.  We have to come up with something better - real quick, for our own benefit.  Who are this we kimosabe?

   I am doc and i am lemme.  i can only be responsible for me and me.  We are all one - i am responsible for all human behavior, all animal behavior, all plant behavior, all shroom behavior, all rock behavior, all ecosystem behavior.  Nature does not use economics - we still have to support ourselves.  I imagine everything in my personal holograph - all the people that enter have a reason to be in my life at that moment.  People turn up and find you to guide you on your path, but it is your path and not their path.  It is all our path.  

   You get it.  That's why you are reading this.  Now do something different - turn off the nonsense that NPR tells us, or Alex Jones or Faux News.  Listen to people who make sense and come up with the same results as you observe, from a different direction.  We do not have to all think the same - we do all have to be light, when we are not dark.  It is a yin/yang light and dark, but you control the balance of your own vision.  Action will set you free - let go of the way things are and move to weigh the way things are.  Measure twice, cut once and by all means trust your judgment, and trust your pet's judgement - they already know.

  Now get to werk.

   Namaste'    doc     092413

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