April 30, 2006

When I'm 64

this is a response to a rigorous intuition thread that got way deeper into dr. lenny's brain than he thought he was capable of going. sanity is only for the feeble-minded.

it's an example of reality playing hardball with our ability to see it, because although we can indirectly observe the entanglement we appear to be unable to _ever_ directly observe it; it's analagous to seeing a lot of trees and knowing that that many trees make a forest but being forever unable to see the forest for the trees.

Anonymous attempts to explain a concept that fat lady seems to get. Looks to me that we have a problem of scale, but both anon and the lass are correct - just not as deep as it seems to go. We place ourselves in the middle and assign an arbitrary value of one. we are one, so to speak. We can conceptualize avogadro's number, which leaves us 10 to the minus 23rd down, plus then the subatomics, quarks and perhaps strings.

On the other side, astronomers keep finding new galaxies and far away distant objects like black holes. We can now conceptualize 10 to the 25th. This gives us a range of 60 powers of ten (awesome website out of FSU, but you'll have to find it for yourself). Our range of observation is limited to plus or minus three - a grain of sand to our solar system. With magnification, which most of us cannot use, 'they' tell us that certain things exist.

I include dr. lenny in the they, because i am well versed in the theory that we use as chemistry. The duality of nature - particles and waves - is lost as a single one entity when it is divided into the component systems. But if we don't artificially divide it, it doesn't divide. Determinism is a self-fulfilling prophesy. If we use occam's razor - the simplist explanation is most likely, and combine it with schroedinger's cat's para-existance, then there must be a means of communicating with the other entities in nature that we are not using, which cuts us howdt of the loop. I should say consciously using.

At what level sentience? The dna known as nonsense dna has a purpose that is hardly nonsense. if my theory is true, it is a light receptor that can take crystal form in fluid of significant electronic capacity (blood, seawater). The would be 64 different sets of these codons and every sentient being can be in constant communication with other beings in it's 64 group. Whether the group is tunable or switchable or what remains to be seen, but lemme's poems channel too much of the thoughts of other sentient beings, both human and not for it to be simple coincidence. like dissolves like ... the sentience level seems to be water - which can interact by choice with DNA - the start of an energy cascade that is triggered in three phases.

now this intuition must be proved by rigorous determination of the facts available that allow thinking howdtside the box to conduct the necessary experimentation withhowdt interference. my guess is that it has been done before and has been stopped and restarted from time to time...
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April 29, 2006

now whut

it always seems to be something, doesn't it. i miss roseanne rosannadanna and her wry observations of the world at large. i still can't ever forget the entire diatribe on presidential erections and how obscene it is to talk about such things in public. Oh elections, never mind.

sex not war

people like sex
sex likes people
can't we eat out
puritans that
can't stand us
having sex
sex is energy
sex is spunk
sex is fun
encourage sex
not war!

EH - 97 : Gasolene Price

"So, let us trace this sorry story to its most recent beginnings. (1) Congress requires new fuel mixtures during the warm weather months which are costly and disrupt available supplies, but those mixtures do not make the air any cleaner; (2) The President and Congress decide to invade Iraq and now are making threats toward Iran, thus guaranteeing political instability and violence in the largest oil-producing region of the world; (3) Congress requires even more ethanol mixtures, despite the fact that it disrupts supplies and ethanol manufacturers cannot meet the goals; (4) gasoline prices spike, and members of Congress call for arrest and imprisonment of oil executives."

Time to replace 100% of congress by drafting Ron Paul as president and defeating the seniority system, without losing the form and function of the US Constitution. I normally wouldn't ask the reader to go through deep economics, but William Anderson really drives this economic argument into the word of real things for real people.

April 28, 2006

yoke the dang beast already

i guess that futzing around will be a thing of the past - motivation stirs when one's own is disturbed by the festering maelstrom. i had been content to sit and pick a little, talk a little - cheep cheap cheep - talk a lot pick a little more, as in the music man, but sports dominate the headlines when they wish to pick a nit. so consider it done, 1st step is to regroup and consider the damage... considerable, but everybody is still alive, knock on wood. if i didn't know that humiliation was part of the deal, i might be more upset - but conscious decisions, once made are chosen.

my read of things may have been far off kilter, that wool shaded my eyes ... policians call it plausible deniability, the army 'don't ask, don't tell'. things you don't know can hurt you and things you do know can hurt you, so which way would you rather be hurt. was already hardened for even worse reality, but it gets me goat that they can't play it on the level, even with the chips stacked in their favor. So ends cannot meet, and yet they must ... life goes on.

may we ?

that change vision
can clearly illustrate
a preferred path
to get there from here
vignettes of morph
areas where cooperation
undermines competition
where prophets profit

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

April 27, 2006

EH - 96 : Chaos and Order

"chaos inexplicably leads to order."

As Ali puts it - WTF? inexplicably???? chaos always leads to order and order always leads to chaos. the depth and breath are the question. Read this mainstream science pablum at your own risk. Then laugh, and laugh and cry and laugh again. sheeples. gotta love em.


owls are not what they seem

the Timber War is Over !!!

Hold on to your rip-saws - this just in. Notice how the Yahoo! article gives very little information, but is long on how the timber industry must now decide whether to buy off on the deal. The new Canadian government has decided to march lock stock and barrel with the current US government. Now the lawyers get to sort it out maybe, while the pressure to cut goes on. Problem is, the US and the timber industry are salivating too loudly over the pacific northwest forests. Where do they think clean air comes from - oh - technological advances in pollution control. I see.

April 26, 2006

All you know is not

"the scientific manipulation of public opinion was necessary to overcome chaos and conflict in a democratic society." -- Trust Us, p 42 Stauber

Hang onto your reading glasses - this one makes you think. From It's happening here!

why would anyone wish to overcome chaos, when the knew world order is the real problem?

How to Save the World

This piece on natural organizations is worth reading - the title link is to the main blog-site. This type of philosophy is being shared by more and more people, equivalency exchange without the need for excess acquisition - but filling the needs of the productive members of the organization.

Though i could quibble with specifics all day, this is how the AQ58 system will operate. Here is my initial comment on Dave Pollard's post. (now i'm going back to look at his blog - thank Kevin C. for the tip)

zero waste is a very odd term when you get down to defining it. as a chemist, i tend to look at the carbon flux, and we are narrowing the scope while increasing the velocity in a monolithic system, while a natural system appreciates the meander and breadth of the flow. i see the need for models - where are some of these organic companies.

i have been struggling lately - but can a corporation/organic company have a sentience of it's own, like a hive of bees? DL

April 25, 2006

EH - 95 : Food

"Like any good jeremiad, this one eventually transits from despair to hope, noting that the "yearning in the human soul to smell a flower, pet a pig and enjoy food with a face is stronger now than anytime in history," before moving into a matter-of-fact discussion of this year's prices ..."

Michael Pollen at Mother Jones gives an excerpt of his latest book - on the future of community agriculture. I would do the on-farm sales if i thought that it would absolve me of the need for inspection, but the rules on operating a stainless steel, washdown kitchen to butcher a few rabbits and chickens is not at all viable, on a cost per unit basis. The inspector alone costs more than the legitimate mark-up. Rules must be different from Oregon to Virginia.

"Much of our food system depends on our not knowing much about it, beyond the price disclosed by the checkout scanner; cheapness and ignorance are mutually reinforcing. And it's a short way from not knowing who's at the other end of your food chain to not caring - to the carelessness of both producers and consumers that characterizes our economy today."

Breach of Faith

faith, the girl, was just a slut
as any babe might be
her need was need of male ego
to cuddle, have accept, to see
her vulnerable desires
to trade herself for love
necessitated reenforcement
from strong built arms above
such the coquette played her boys
then dropped them quick as shit
when a smile could bring another on
a tease lithe blond don't quit
but as harry became carlos
became steve, and john, and rick
each dump off came bits easier
she became a hardened prick
so when bill changed on to teddy
bill was not quite set to go
he cut her face, sliced her breast
left a pile of bad used ho
she wasn't cute with facial scar
no guys would come nearby
she now lives in the pad next door
some nights i hear her cry...

2006 (c) lemme howdt


Going back to the climate talk, the speaker showed a commercial from the national ad council. The whole entity of the ad was identical to a poem that i had written a month earlier - we are wired together in more ways than we know. Now i am trying to recreate my blogger identity because i messed things up in trying to make some changes. That is how you learn, to change and follow whereever it takes us. Step inside my reality - laughs and cryies, kisses and hugs, partings and greetings. positive attitude can dominate negative temprement, but physical and mental pain cause haste and haste makes waste and waste is too much of our current problem. enjoy the day.

April 24, 2006

Energy Wizard

rambling subconscious

between cheap off the record labor and an unsupportably high minimum wage, the entitlement mentality has grown to the point where the parasites feed at whatever trough is running until it dries away. socioeconomically, the entire process is so juiced that nothing of value may be owned without the regulatory function usurping, complete with taxation, bureaucracy and micromanagement. dollars are worshipped, thought is penalized, change is feared. the magnitude of the numbers is astonishing, the inevitable collapse will be incredible. to people that consume and produce nothing but anger, building value never crosses the minds. once you give up and buy in, you go where it takes you. dignity is a self-important emotion, but it allows us to carry on in a manner that we can accept. morality and ethics are personal and when the situation offends enough - the time to change has come. it was long overdue.

EH - 94 : Climate Politix

"And then there are the peculiar standards in place in scientific journals for articles submitted by those who raise questions about accepted climate wisdom. At Science and Nature, such papers are commonly refused without review as being without interest. However, even when such papers are published, standards shift."
R. Lindzen 2006

Richard Lindzen is an MIT scientist heavily cited by Bjorn Lomborg in the Skeptical Environmentalist. He understands that complex chaotic systems such as climate achieve certain newly found order dependent on the depths of the chaotic oscillation and the thermodynamic stablitity of the new products under the new conditions. As a super under-funded scientist due to my political activity - this article explains much that bothered me when i heard Jane Lubchenko talk last week.

Something else is extremely odd about the whole show - but i'll have to blog on that later. I would like to introduce the energy wizard - who actually may end up being the comical chemical wizard, or bard, or guru, or curmudgeon, or raconteur, or ...

April 23, 2006

Empires Fall

Added another site into the crosslynx - Empires Fall. The piece on Asbestos and New York City is interesting - makes me glad i live on the other coast. The worst thing you can do is stir up asbestos - a cloud of dust that is continually stirred up by the daily movement of 10 million people - hmmm. I'd like to see the graph of the blast radius based on the epidemiology of this one, and compare it to Chernobyl. I wonder whether longitudinal studies have been set up to quantitate the eventual damage as a function of health and wellness. Time to see what the CDC is up to.

April 22, 2006

Earth Day

Does it seem to me that this year, there is more whining going on about the earth day celebration than usual? If the Ds wish to go out and celebrate a made up holiday to worship Gifford Pinchot, why should should the Rs care? Global Warming, Global Cooling, Ice Age coming, Magnetic Pole shifts - gee - you would think that the earth hasn't been there and done that a few times already.

Such vanity in thinking humans can change the climate, when volcanoes pump more carbon dioxide than all the cars. But the carbon dioxide concentration will decrease on its own as the oil runs out and we have nothing left to burn. Perhaps combustion as an energy source should be limited to campfires and barbecues, with wienies and marshmallow. Begs the entire question - now that we have mostly burnt through the one time bounty of fossil fuels, where can we derive the energy necessary to exist? How much of the economic system will go into chaos over energy diminishment, and will that be a bad thing? Just look at what we have now for policy, is this good? Happy Earth Day, as if it matters.

It pays to do all the little things you can to conserve, but the incremental difference that it will make is infinitesimal compared to the scope and scale of the world carbon flux. This net flux is decreasing by partitioning the higher order organic matter into carbon dioxide and methane, the energy wells at the ends of the carbon cycle. If we move from petroleum to foodstuffs for fuel, it will enhance the effect, not diminish it. A diversity of approaches is required, as we live in a monocultural mindset.

But we are going to be rethinking group american economics real soon, by necessity. Happy Earth Day - it does matter (and energy!).

April 21, 2006

Blogfight! - Interactive Blog League

Thoughts rumble and create their own wave momentum. There are some very very deep commentary at some of my favorite blog sites. Rigorous Intuition has a running debate on every post with regulars that have developed a community character. I look forward to eventhorizen spin on the latest post - just to see how the nits get worked out of the post is a delight of logic.

Being an evaluator, i am always looking for new test scoring methods. Inventing new games requires differing approaches and scores can be adjusted to weight in favor of desired outcomes. The scoring system that i think best expresses the aesthetics of performance is ice skatings judges with cards on a 10 point must system. Immediate feedback - visual satisfaction - specific criteria in different skill classes and several different complementary events.

I challenge the bloggosphere to help refine my format for Blogfight! - a bloggodebate where a topic and time is set, and a series of criteria can be used for entrants to have fair arguments on areas of political policy. My thought would be to have a 12 team league, with 7 seats in play for each team. The topic can be posted with seven sub-questions - one for each chair. The teams have a week to fill their chair with a person that presents a position essay - the type a Strike-the-Root site might publish. All teams must be then able to argue pro or con side to any specific question.

Everybody not officially on a team becomes a public judge - and the contest sides for each of the seven new more specific questions is drawn at game-time from a random bowl for all team. The two players drawn from the pool of twelve get 10 minutes to blog their pro/con answer to the question and the public scores the event. The 10 non-chosen team bloggers become the cross-exam panel and for the next hour or two - seven freelance blogs - questions and comments.

After the debate - public is polled again - score is the difference in movement of opinion from before and after the debate. The seven debates can go on for another period of time with repolling, until the question is decided. When a supermajority of the bloggosphere has decided a debate is resolved, we can go with the givens and get on to other debates until new information can be brought forward.

I believe we must systematically comb the knowledge base for errors and correct the mechanisms that have allowed integrity to become a battleground, rather than a given. This may be a way where we can retire some things that might not come up for debate because they are too low on the radar screen. I like keeping track of things and collecting statistical data - if i can't be the next commissioner of baseball, then perhaps i can serve as commissioner of Blogfight!

April 20, 2006

moms's Garden


science eyes in back of head
looking internally at external focus

think hard, let go, think harder
imagine a solution, my chemist friend
which contains the scaffolds of
building blocks comfined to
set combination dictated by
natural law and order

time comes and settles
quakes and rattles,
congregates the group
into pockets of
homogenous entertainment
metals find metals
like dissolves like
people in harmony with
people who look like them
before the industrial revolution
raw materials lived in pockets,
people lived in pockets
where their comfort then was drawn

soon mining dug
our pockets of ore
dispersed a catalytic seed
across the earth
fertility growth enhanced
nature flourished and ripened
all used the bounty to
support and multitude
diversity gained to receive
many wavelengths of our new found
sources of potential energy,
stored over the centuries

rapidly dissipating into
all is one, one is all
use, use, as the cycle flux enhances
catalysts increase the rate
the pocket supplies diminished and dispersed
the people pockets diminsh and disperse
the earth flourishes today
at the cost of many tomorrows
when they buy into
zero sum thought games

so to increase the dispersion
industry goes to task
a newer fresher set of
catalyst stirred into the pot
shaken, waken dispersed
through means to supply
more energy into the field
to sustain unsustainable growth
and the population grows
feeds it's cause, such the earth
turns to service of the growth

the forms of the mass are
different on the back side
of the henderson hassleback curve
old catalysts no longer
catalyze material forms
new means vested to
manipulate the form
heed not the diverse
approaches to nature
fade off is as entropy
dominates enthalpy
the spring requires a new reset

thus will our nature
by our nature
enlighten a new dei
so much random energy
buzzing in the lights
thumping in the day
inputing into brains
some excitation energy
requires burning off mass
activity to maintain shape
and score and timbre and form
but our forms turn to mush
on artificial food,
on artificial light,
on artificial knowledge
provided by the complex illusion
that cohabitates in the resounds
of our brains which wish to
understand that which cannot
make sense cause consistency
embedded by true application
has become subservient
to pursuit of fame and fortune

something has to explode
the collective human psyche?
what's the matter is what's the matter
energy is matter, matter is form,
but evolution takes part of the mix
scrambles the eggs into
new combinations, seemingly
build into only the same parts
until we envision
the form of the grace
is that one is all
form is substance
that which have been
differentiated simultaneous
must be treated as
continuum and no long apart

that when werner and albert refocused
grand unity became a pipe dream again
until now, the revisitation of
our impetousness directs
serious contemplation of where
in the embedded thought of time
the contradictory argument arose
to co-opt the display of chaos into
a current broken order where
no forest exists in the trees
no trees exist in the forest

so back to the book of linus
to rediscover all he could C.

2006 lemme howdt

Cutting Edge of Science

Attended a sponsored talk last night by Jane Lubchencko - one of Oregon State University's shining starts - a molecular biologist discussing global warming. Of cource, climate change is the new buzz-word as the main stream media is set on scaring the beejeebers out of the idiot public. And Ms Lubchenko demonstrated that she was bought and sold by the system and her employer grubbermentD, which continually spews nonsense contradictory to the grubbermintR. She used discredited data (the hockey stick graph), showed most data back only to 1850 and told us stuff about what other folks did without showing any real data of support. Then she showed two blatant pieces of propoganda from the National Ad Council that were as bogus as the fried eggs simulating your brain on drugs.*

I was terribly disappointed. Here i thought i was going to see a new presentation by a major noted scientist, a member of the National Academy. And what i got was the manure i could read in a news magazine - in fact, she showed me pictures of news magazine covers to have me buy in support. When I asked why the state climatologist and fellow Oregon State University scientist George Taylor gives a vastly different presentation, she simple told me that George Taylor was a meteorologist and not a scientist and really doesn't understand science. From the quality of the presentation and the support of the argument with data - I'd say that Ms Lubchenko would not be able to compete with Mr. Taylor in a legitimate debate. Which their common employer (and dr. lenny's alma mater) Oregon State University aught to be holding for the public to learn, rather than sending contradictory speakers to the same area, both brandishing the same credentials.

In dr. lenny's opinion, both lines of though refer to a broken model that doesn't hold water about how the earth respirates. There is no doubt that climate patterns are changing, but global warming is a given in an open system where incident fresh energy is input for use and emitted back as less ordered, harvested used energy. (as light, still coherent and thus highly ordered). The key is in the chemistry and none of these scientists seem to understand that their assumptions have not been properly validated in frame of reference to what we know as science fact, rather than the propaganda that has been spoon-fed to us.

If you wish to learn about science - start observing things. Document the time observing and when you have hit some pre-set benchmarks (50h, 250h, 1000h, 5000h), take stock in what you have learned and track your pace. Answer your own questions, while you generate new questions, and save the hard ones to ask somebody wioth more experience. The questions that start to stump dr. lenny, like what is sentience (thanks vache), make us think deeper into our own thoughts and that's where the breadth of expansion takes place.

It's like when we discover a whole new field of illusion that we never conceived of, then find that other's have explored that field to great depth. And the light really turns on, beeping and buzzing, when you find that the folks that honestly explored that field have developed the same basis set of mechanisms on how things work in their field, that you have found in your field (which is necessary for a continuum in science). The synergism builds as the disussion of the fine structure takes place and the lessons learned in one area are transfered and interpolated into the other area. The key is to listen, and integrate, and resolve the inconsistencies that arise from the difference between observation and theory. That is the cutting edge of science, and jane lubchenko was just not there. Disappointing.

April 19, 2006

EH - 93 : Bipartisanship

"Americans care more about their team winning the electoral championship every four years than about the fact that the whole game is fixed."

Anthony Gregory remembers Waco and wonders what it would have been like under the current state party. Electoral politics has no bearing on certain aspects of life. "If ever Americans are to have their rightful liberty, a political realignment must emerge that shatters the dishonest and distracting constructs of left and right, Democrat and Republican, and focuses instead on liberty versus the state."

But the state is we the people and we have to decide what the function and distribution of state resources should be. Dr. Lenny believes that the state should control no resources, and work on an ad hoc, as needed basis at the level that is closest to the problem addressed. This could be done as informally as possible - but somebody somewhere has to have responsibility for making the decision and immunity from retrospective reinterpretation of the history of the events.

While here, i'd like to question why the rules of historians are changed in the modern era to allow secrecy of the past to proliferate. The questions of state that are sealed while the principals are still in play has become a fraud for defending the historical recreation of fact via fiction that gets telephoned through generations of public school pablum. What you believe is what you believe, but sometimes those pesky inconvenient things called facts are found in that more pesky inconvenient thing called reality. Once all the key players are gone - as in WWII - all documents of the era need to be released for public scrutiny! Note added 5:45 - now read this.

April 18, 2006

Metaphysical Reality Query

At what point does sentience begin?

Dr. Lenny has a theory, but would like for folks to give it a few blind shots - just to see if my answer to the question is even in the realm of current thought - while anticipating a diversity of answers to a very vague open ended question.

Former sentient being


When the deck is stacked and the game is rigged, you just quietly fold your hand and walk away from the table. Eventually, the drama unfolds, the hand plays itself out and the players in the end get what they feel is coming to them. Even though the game continues at the next level, the mark never really sees it coming until it is too late to do anything about it, if at all. The bigger, badder sharks gravitate to the high stakes; the fried fish fall farther. When the only game in town is crooked, time pays to start a completely different interest field and let the game play until the winners are clear and the losers are gone.
Maybe we'll be looking alone at each other when the dust clears - have confidence, be prepared for anything and stay away from the con games, until it's time to come back and pick up the pieces, to rebuild once again.

April 17, 2006

Chime Howdt

Thyme 2 Ring in the Tax Year - perhaps this is the last time for whom the bells toll. The time has come to recognize illegitimacy and no longer allow external sovereignty over our dominions. Thus, it requires reading The Black Arrow by Vin Suprynowicz or Robert Louis Stevenson or somebody like that. To visit V for Vendetta in the theatre and mime along with Howard Beale when he claims, I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. The chime is right - ding dong! Unelect the entire congress - currently the opposite of progress.

April 16, 2006

Scheming Mind

Everybody that plays chess ought to visit Scheming Mind to learn to play some other games with chess pieces. This is cheap entertainment that allows one to think. The site is awesome for correspondence chess and is not a live chess site (though it can be done). I like Benedict's Chess - which is really like Othello with Chess pieces - the attacked piece changes color rather than being removed. Plus - it is a very cool community.

The real problem : illiteracy

When it gets down to it, the problem in current amerika is literacy. There are too many people that wouldn't know a book from a shoe and do not seem to understand the written word. The spoken word makes perfect sense, but the theories and practices that we use are all built on the basis of picking up depth of understanding from the background reading materials. And if you can't read, you just can't grasp the arguments for those concepts. So as long as they were explained in a manner that can be grasped, the concepts seem to make sense, but often are grossly misapplied. Way too often by people who we expect should know better, but maybe don't know because they will not admit they can't read.

And now we move to Alice speak, where the definitions of words are exactly as i means them to be. People can use any word in any context, and the interpreter has to be aware of the context to connect the thought. But when enough people are illiterate, who can't read well enough to evaluate what they are reading, then Houston, we have a major problem. I wonder what the true literacy level is - and how we can unbiasedly test for it!

The problem is more complicated by the fact that the schools pretend that people have been taught to read and people pretend that they can read, but they 'prefer not to'. Ah, Melville's Bartlebey comes back to haunt yet again. Fact is that reading is so fundamental to being, that people that can think enough to manipulate the written word can pull the wool over the eyes of most of the common masses. The readers here can use this for whatever it is worth, but to grasp this means you are not part of the problem. In chemistry, that either makes you part of the solution, or part of the precipitate (we the offended who live in fear might just pretend to be precipitate, because being solution draws all sorts of unwarrented attention).

The net effect is that we will not only end up dividing this society into tribal factions (initially formed for self-protection), but also we will lose a great deal of the practical knowledge that we take for granted is readily available on demand. It will not be local, unless now we work to make it be local. When communications go down and the ability to travel is contained by the high costs of fuel, then the immediate level of accomplishment will be simple survival. But after it all shakes howdt, then many enclaves of ability will co-exist independently and these galt's gulches should be enabled to work to accomplish - but few of them will have all the bases covered.

Take the time to verify that the people you love can read, and if they can't, help them to learn. It may be embarrassing to them to admit that they cannot read, but it is worth the effort to phonetically work with them to grasp the letter sounds and make the words - a sharp person that doesn't read will discover the world they were missing, and hopefully we can restart thinking and debating ideas as a normal course of action again.

April 15, 2006

Talkin baseball & math

Morneau then dropped his 35-inch, 33-ounce bat and picked up Mauer's 34-inch, 31-ounce model, hoping it would help him get around on Rivera's famed cut fastball. He stroked a lazy single to right, and Mauer raced around third to beat Sheffield's throw, whipping the more than 42,000 in attendance into a frenzy. (AP)

Advanced Placement Baseball Math Test: Explain the physical difference the change in bat causes and calculate the time savings. Plot the vector trajectory for the ball off each bat and discuss whether the game outcome might have changed.

The guy who did this video spent as much time at RBI baseball as i spent at stratomatic in my childhood. As a Mets fan ever since i could say Choo Choo Coleman, i was there with Tug and Ya Gotta believe, down with Darrell and Doc and back up when this account allowed me to understand the charmed life a Mets fan leads. 2001 was a good Met year, but the start of this season, well, all systems appear to be going, going, gone.

My fantasy teams will end their second week tomorrow. The Carl/Chone tandem is eighth in stolen bases and tenth in league standings - the heads to heads split last week, and should split the other way this week. The Shelton/Oswalt team has good potential, the keeper league is really too early to tell if any trends are real.

Is it my imagination or are ERA's significantly up this year? Juiced baseball, juiced players or just juiced life? Please leave Barry be!

EH - 92 : Education

Charlie Reese gets it - the education system is prison for young adults - it sets them up to learn at the school of hard knocks big time, as not having work experience can only be solved by getting work experience and currently, youth are not allowed to work. Enterprising youth can use the opportunity to work for nothing to build their resume, but otherwise, youth is priced out of the job place by minimum wage and too many marginally employable people. But whoever validated the issue that we must work to earn a living? Do we have a choice to not be born? Don't we get born into this world with nothing but our soul and our birthday suit?

April 14, 2006


People dealing
cogdis overbearing
as background noise
find other means
to distract from pain
spanking monkeys
on Jackson's songway.
Cranking turns disreality
down the chute of
bright lites, bumper crops
lost souls yearning
2 release their pain.
Puritan morals
prohibiting visual release
drugs enter the mind
audio framework
as orgasm substitutes
while brains melt away
4 lack of true release
from stresses that
never go away.
When the lights flash
brain goes dead
k'thump ...

(c) 2006 lemme howdt


Just had to put a picture of my little buddy Diesel onto the site. This was last June - he now is up over 300 lbs. I'll get a new picture soon. This photo also bears membrance of Cyndi - who became tiger-lunch a few weeks ago. These cats are not little kitties. Great Cats World Park - Cave Junction, OR.

Double Play (guess i'll let it go)

Just had to put a picture of my little buddy Diesel onto the site. This was last June - he now is up over 300 lbs. I'll get a new picture soon. This photo also bears membrance of Cyndi - who became tiger-lunch a few weeks ago. These cats are not little kitties. Great Cats World Park - Cave Junction, OR.

April 13, 2006

Summer Job in S. Oregon

EDUCATION AND OUTREACH INTERN - Klamath Bird Observatory is seeking an Education and Outreach Intern from Early June - September 2006. Compensation is $500 per month. The Education and Outreach Intern will assist with KBO's summer program. This includes interpreting for the public at bird banding stations, developing curriculum for and conducting of summer camps, coordinating of Family Days, participating in monthly birdwalks, attending local festivals and events, and developing education and outreach materials for festivals, newsletters, and website. An interest in education and interpretation, familiarity with birds, effective communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work flexible hours, including weekends, and ability to perform work in the outdoors undervariable weather conditions are required. Candidates with experience in environmental education, curriculum development, event planning, and the ability to identify western birds are preferred. Please send a resume and cover letter explaining your interests, specific dates of availability, and contact information of 3 references to ASHLEY DAYER (email:aad@KlamathBird.org). Application open until position is filled.

EH - 91 : Govt. health care

"This is the cancerous proliferation of suffocating laws, regulations, bureaus, and councils. There is no cancer on the presidency as John Dean thought. There is a cancer on society, spread from the federal and state governments. Government is the cancer."

Mike Rozeff pulls no punches today on this Mass. whole power grab. I can vouch for this in other aspects of society - the unpaid bureaucrats on boards include Dr. lenny. But - how can you get the information without being a participant, especially when you have specific expertise in areas of concern. This is the people's voice in the system - the set of 'unpaid bureaucrats' that watch what the government is doing and stand ready to do what we believe is proper.

Boards and Commissions at the local level, whether appointed or elected, are where the debates happen. Non-profits like watershed councils and districts like soil and water conservation districts depend on their unpaid board members to keep the balls rolling for physical improvements in our way of life. Hard to castigate people for playing in the system when it is the only system in town available to play in.

Do we get real knowledge in our fields by being on the board, or do we contribute knowledge to other folks on the board? A resounding yes in both areas. People have to level with you - you can ask direct questions and get direct answers. You can also gather feathers and arrows - but once in, you represent your interests. And since there is no pay - when there is no collusion and just people working toward consensus (which should always be based on informed consent), we might have a workable way out of the ditch without destroying the whole concept of self-governance.

But we cannot appoint/elect self-serving people, nor can we fill our plate with disinterested people. So it becomes a collusion to get as many of the interest bases represented in a way that detracts from none of them. We think Tom Cruise is the only one who deals with mission impossible. But, the motor still runs...

addendum: More insight from Eric Phillips.

April 12, 2006

Dr. Lenny's Nukes 101

Nuclear radiation comes in three main forms - alpha, beta and gamma. Each has a different means of carrying energy - but many nuclear elements emit multiple particles in their decay cycle. Let me run down each form of nuclear radiation in layman's terms and then talk about briefly about decay. Inspiration from Vache Folle's site - St. George Blog

Warning: Chemistry talk - if you want to learn to speak chemistry - sign up for the intro chem course at YC.C. starting soon. For this quickie lesson - proton and neutrons live in the nucleus - electron exchange outside the nucleus makes normal chemistry happen. Nuclear chemistry is a sub-branch that erases the electronic properties and deals with strong and weak forces that hold atoms together.

Alpha Particle - this is a helium nuceus with its electrons stripped off. It is real particle matter - non-penetrating but like a nuke to the biological area that it goes off on.

Beta Particle - this is an electron stream. It is highly penetrating (goes thru things like a hot knife thru butter) and then all the biologics that were disrupted in the path have to rebuild their lives.

Gamma Ray - very high energy emitted as a fixed frequency dependent on the element.

Decay - Each radioactive element has a know emission sequence that sets off particles until it can rest in a stable non-radioactive state. Some of these are very unstable and happen in microseconds - some are very stable long-term and occur infrequently enough to allow a build-up.

Plutonium is forever was a catch phrases of the No Nuke movement. The stability is measured as a half-life. This is the time it takes for half of the material present to decay.

youth hear

mechanism busted
self serving advisors
diminish learning --> be wary
distrust proliferates
as overwhelming winds
blow battered beaten souls
who never had a chance
cynical wisdom arose prior
joy, peace, wealth, love,
security violation sphere <--
boomer goin down
value goin down
cept in when ya look
thru difring eyes
current up down
down up topsy turvy
negate the positive
brutal oz matrix world
alters physically when trust
discerns focus to truth
rite is proper, y'no y'know
gotcha soya gotcha work
y'do what y'do cuz
butcha dunno how ta do it <--
dew comes first
softening the sphere
from icky wet change
to sunlit horizon

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

April 11, 2006

EH - 90 : Enviropolitix

Joshua Frank goes into great detail on something dr. lenny was well aware of - there is no enviro-win in Washington. Big enviro spends its molly-coddling with the judiciary rather than the ineffective legislative branch and the overwhelmed dicotemy of the executive branch. The departments of interior and agriculture have political leadership and management career hoppers pulling to resource extraction and some long term civil servants under their 5th president that sort of blow in the wind. Most of the Carter starters are retiring and then we'll get on with the people added since Reagan took office. The one party system has no recourse and once the courts break through the legal wall erected the resource grab will go full volume.

And then same big enviros who held up the dike in court rather than bring any timber volume out off the forest will have shot off their foot instead of constructively focusing on methods to enable fire load hazard to be reduced on national forestland. By doubling the pressure on private timber by removing 50% of the land base, all non-urban, the big enviro just didn't listen to their science staff. If fedgov had actually done the surveys as required by law and discovered the wealth of value that the forest has to offer, beyond timber and wood products, We would be managing lands rather than watching them burn and fighting over the salvage. Managing for timber and other resources, like carbon sequestration, air and water purification, and energy storage.

Time come back please

Yesterday was a day where time evaporated. Guess that happens when you have your head buried in a book. Crossing the Rubicon by Ruppert and The Black Arrow by Suprenowitz arrived the same day last week. My April is set - smelling the flowers and writing, reading, writing, thinking and writing. And editing a volume of lemme's poetry.

April 10, 2006

inane ramble - incoherent?

as i ponder, i fear that it no longer matters politically - the course of action seems set. Time investment looks to me like a value unappreciated - it's not worth anybodies time to do anything long term. only how long is long term? People - are too worried about other people's lifestyles and not nearly worried about taking care of things that matter. Matter and energy, energy and matter - time and place, place and time - scaffolding for something else, it's there, another there out there ... lemme wrote a poem. It's there. truth, waiting in the offing; to know is to know.

There is another there out there
and i can get there
Again, i think ...
i was out there
wandering in the garden
where all things made sense
the economic free world.
but you reeled me back,
placed my thoughts
on mundane matters.
take care of my needs
and i'll slip away
to bring back riches
from Columbus' orient.
but only when you unshackle
the chains and the burdens
of artificial reality
now imposed.
(c) 2004 lemme howdt

April 09, 2006

EH - 89 : MBA

William Fisher details the ten premises of business administration and looks at the president's performance as CEO of America, Inc. Dr. Lenny has never really looked at life through MBA-POV, having advanced in fiscal matters by learning cost accounting from dad in junior high and ignoring all else. In the 90's, security meant investing and life insurance, so rather than scratch my head, Dr. Lenny did a MLM thru Primerica/CitiCorp and learned some interesting micro-economics. Then he stumbled into mises and rothbard and the austrian folks and so i see a world that makes integral sense dynamically - but it is just not the world we live in today.

So i wish to object to some of the premises in the article - on economic terms rather than political terms, altho the two are interwoven in the time/space arena. I will paraphrase Mr. Fisher - please object if you feel i misinterpret.

1. Have a coherent vision of your organization. What is coherent vision? light has coherent and incoherent components and the mixing of two lights creates perterbations on one - as seen in diffraction patterns. One must always have both coherent and incoherent vision to see - why do MBAs eliminate 50% of the system from the start?
2. Hire people who are smarter than you are and listen to them for building the vision. Who is smarter or dummer than others? We all have different talents and some of these talents do not require intelligence to be the scale of measure.
3. Listen to people who may not agree with your vision. No argument here.
4. Understand your stakeholders, pay attention to their views and keep them informed about how you're doing. Perhaps the last clause should be what your doing rather than how your doing. If there was a bit more transparency in business practice - rather than secrecy pseudo-justified by costs and competitive advantage - then perhaps built in obsolescence could be build out of the system, creating more real productivity.
5. Understand your competitors and the environments that you both operate in. Absolutely!
6. Give your strategists lots of latitude but subject them to frequent reality checks. What is today's reality economically? What does this country produce, beyond debt and more paperwork? Accountability in a hierarchy just assumes given reality and that is why the economic foundation rests on an organization called the federal reserve, which is not federal and has no real reserve. Ahem.
7. Establish benchmarks to measure progress. As long as the benchmarks measure doable achievements that monitoring learning capacity, i am for this. But benchmarks are always proxies and proxy cannot measure the real progress, because innovation doesn't work that way. The assumption that if you spend eight hours in the cubicle working, you will get eight hours of productive work done is utter and complete nonsense. Yet they all punch their time clocks. And this isn't even the 'real working class', who has the 'actual work' to do - which requires little thought and much mechanical ability. Really? Everybody thinks all the time. Stop telling people to be mechanical and not think. Oh - business cannot profit if we are not all lemmings? nonsense. Build thinking into everybodies tasks, but don't ask people to think beyond their thoughts. This will confuse some people - let's not dissect this statement now - but i will defend in in another post sometime. (the thinking beyond thoughts clause - everything else is fair game).
8. Develop alternative realistic scenarios. Yup
9. Be willing to admit errors, even if this means altering the vision. We are constantly in error, based on our factual base and the knowledge of which facts we happen to believe at the point in time we are presented with them. The vision base needs constant alteration, because it morphs as reality morphs. This goes back to my reasoning in answer one. Always let the vision morph - because it will anyway. When you know facts that you thought were true are not, and change your reasoning, or when you find new information that presupposes prior interpretation, then leveling with the reality and coming 'clean' to that reality need to be done transparently based on economic, ecologic and social considerations.
10. Maintain the integrity of the organization and its goals through sound internal accounting and ethical guidelines. Accounting is all economic, ethics is all social. Where is the moral, the ecologic intergrity in this? The idea of sustainability, as the word was meant, means operation in a closed loop system, regenerating waste into productive use. The co-opted term sustainability means piling on the bandwagon of pointing fingers and crying for major change for everybody else, while continuing conspicuous consumption for profit until it's all gone.

I would like to thank Mr. Fisher for the lesson in theory of the firm - micro-economics. Hopefully, my criticism here will be seen as constructive and not destructive. I also believe that in some cases my criticism is totally unjustified and based on a narrow POV that can be broadened by listening to less smarter people, the antithesis of MBA premise #2.

April 08, 2006


EH - 88 - "Sue quis ipsos custodiet custodes?"

Ryan Setliff give pursuasive argument to supporting the USC in this book review of Andrew Napolitano's book Constitutional Chaos. We the people must answer the title question to this blog and judges are simply the default answer. It is a matter of who do you trust to represent the We in the phrase We the people. Better decide soon.

talkin beisbol

A week into the baseball season and i have a few questions and observations -

Will Trevor Hoffman or Mariano Rivera ever be asked to pitch? What about Tom Gordon - will the Phillies ever get ahead late? Sure am glad that i picked Chris Shelton! Head-to-head team yesterday was 23 for 49 with 9 home runs. Vernon Wells and Felipe Lopez each has a pair. But games aren't over until Sunday and i've had my share of 1 for 30's. I like my Mets, they look like a contender. I like the Jays, they just keep coming. Mets over Jays in six. Cantu and Reyes are both special talents.

April 07, 2006

Urgh - theories

Why don't we just nationalize the economy and declare ourselves the republic of haliburton, bectel, mobil and monsanto? After all, government is the fastest growing industry today, by far. The only effective unions are public employee unions, built at the expense of public unions. The political sphere is a usurption, of interest, both in time and space.

In fact - to describe modern publik edyoucayshun results : GED - an albatross for every kid that gets one : HS Diploma - this one sings, i can pay enough attention to stay bored in school : AS - you can play in the system - BA/BS mass lemmings in debt : MS - thinking indoctrinated lemmings : PHD - piled higher and deeper: LIFE - bears no relationship to any of the above; if you can put things together. Cognitive dissonance ensures that you cannot.

Models go wrong in prediction because we the modelers cannot comprehend inputs that are not in the model to begin with. If we limit ourselves based on what we already know, our models lack the ability to respond - they have to fit past data to be a predictor of future data, but they cannot anticipate. So toss all the climate models, and start comparing results of actions taken based on those models. Especially when the model is a black box and not your own derivative.

Game theory plays well for modeling, especially when the results can be treated statistically. Refinement through iteration allows a narrowing of the range of error. If we stop repeating things and dehabilitiate redundency, then we are at the mercy of the weakest link in the chain, with a wide realm of potential error.

April 06, 2006

Flea Bit

fleas like moist
warm and damp
buried under fur
or warm wet towels
waiting to snack
on poor fleshy delite
we notice their bite
blame mosquitos
more visible palatable
pests dujour

fleas like moist
remind that clean
is effervescent
ephemeral and mostly
lots of work
especially when
no dog lives at home
to collect up radical
fleas like moist

2006 (c) lemme howdt


if the federal government has to give some people amnesty, why not give the non-violent convicts that are sitting in jails for using dope a blanket amnesty and allow them to begin the process of rebuilding their productive lives?

Substantiated Again

"So it's time to reconsider games, to recognize what's different about them and how they benefit - not denigrate - culture. Consider, for instance, their "possibility space": Games usually start at a well-defined state (the setup in chess, for instance) and end when a specific state is reached (the king is checkmated). Players navigate this possibility space by their choices and actions; every player's path is unique. "

Wired Magazine editor Wil Wright goes into the second generation, second life concepts on how attention toward computer and video games can be focused to attune the creative. Once the methods are developed, the approach should give us a hunt and peck, trial and error method for the approach of science fact. (major repetition) A virtual second life computer simulation can work through the potentials of the first life realities and allow the user to avoid bad choices (if they wish). But will still dominates in the end, and reality, while played like a game, does not allow you to roll back to a good departure point and try again.

If you like games, then games theory applied to science should be your forte'. The Zone school at ONRRI will kick officially on October 1, 2006. The build-up is getting exciting already. Salinity is on-line at 1:00 pm today at the lecturehall, if you want a preview of what the future of asynchronous education holds.