October 30, 2014

The Result of Fictive Wealth

What gives with google's new 'service' of keeping you signed in after you have signed out? Please NSA - go back to being invisible and stop annoying us.  In fact - just go away! The lame stream media is hooked on the fear junkie pipeline. It is all coming down. The bottom common denominator is described very well by the arch-druid.

That’s a great deal of what drives the ongoing crusade against alternative health care—every dollar spent on herbs from a medical herbalist or treatments from an acupuncturist is a dollar that doesn’t go into feeding the gargantuan corporations and bureaucracies that are supposed to provide health care for Americans, and sometimes even do so. The same thing is driving corporate and government attacks on local food production, since every dollar a consumer spends buying zucchini from a backyard farmer doesn’t prop up the equally huge and tottering mass of institutions that attempt to control the production and sale of food in America.

It’s not uncommon for those who object to these maneuvers to portray them as the acts of a triumphant corporate despotism on the brink of seizing total power over the planet. I’d like to suggest that they’re something quite different. While the American and global economies are both still growing in a notional sense, the measures of growth that yield that result factor in such things as the manufacture of derivatives and a great many other forms of fictive wealth.
So the question becomes, what is your skill set. We each need at least one unique skill.

Namaste'... doc

October 27, 2014

Rainbow Courtrooms

Since the justice system has become the Just Us system of profit, those of us who prophet for a living have to replace what's broke with something better. The liars (lawyers) take an oath to the Queen and the riggings are well demonstrated in the movie Idiocracy. In 2007, as part of a vision quest, I saw how the future legal system operates - in a Rainbow Courtroom.

Imagine a video game show on television where the viewer is the jury. The armchair is wired to have eight buttons of different colors - each paired as black and white, red and blue, green and yellow, orange and violet. The scale begins with the colors in the proper order Roy G. Biv.  The judge has a panel that illuminates the witness chair in any one of the six rainbow colors - depending on the alignment of the speaker.  Each color describes a persuasion of thought - green is environmental, yellow is engineering, red is conservative, blue is liberal, violet is spiritual, orange is mental and black and white are the absolutes.

As each color is displayed and the testimony weighted, the viewers push the colors to either the black or the white relative to the pair groups - if the green/yellow has more impact - they become the edge nearest to the black and white. The focus is on the truth in the testimony as compared to the known facts of the case.

As the jury consists of everyone watching, the scores of the placements of colors could be placed in a mathematical algorithm that shows the best blend of the audience. It could be that a test of knowledge in the area could be part of the game. It also pays to have everyone directly affected to have a voice different than those indifferently affected, watching for entertainment.  Also - expertise in a field of testimony could be shaded deeper than hearsay, using the color panels and a weighted slide-bar for intensity.

The game would be a feature of a whole new media system, where interactive gaming principles guide the population to investigate deeper into their specific area of interest. The court could be used on several different scales and pretenses - I for one would love to investigate the entire body of hard sciences without the gate-keepers.  If i had a bullshitometer that would all me to evaluate the information based on what i already thought, and the known fact and facets of the system, wow, i could learn anything. The depth is limited by the time available.

To become an expert at a game, one must spend the time to creatively think through all the nuance of the game.  To create a production that teaches how to do things differently, will require an approach that blends what we already know with what we don't know, because the paradigms have shifted. To let go of the previous for profit reality is not going to happen in this world of the cabal time-line. To keep one foot in each door, will not allow any process to stand, so the door that is ajar will close as soon as the yin/yang is imbalanced in one direction.  Black or white.  Final end-game has no color, unless you know how to mitigate your whirled.  

In this game, the time required for proficiency increase as a function of the depth of the level. Players start up and work their way down. Players start charmed and work through the strange. Players start top and dig to the bottom. There are just quarks of the game. It takes about five minutes to get hooked on a simple video game. It can take years to master the game - Sid Meier's Civilization comes to mind as a thousand hour game. To get a doctorate equivalence - ten thousand hours direct on topic is required. Some multipliers work to enhance personal effectiveness, but if you don't spend the time, you don't gain the knowledge.

To get in the game requires unschooling. You have to give up what you don't know for sure and then build your personal belief system on what you still have remaining to work with. Some things can serve as models for completely different things, but models break down when you explore them in depth and compare them to reality. But you know someone, who you think is an expert in every area that you deal with. Evaluate them on the rainbow courtroom color scale and see where they lie, as a function of both color and intensity. Is there a third axis that you can track that is not covered substantially in this system?

There is much work to be done thinking this through; we have the advantage that i have already seen the courtroom working in tangible operation. Perhaps we can create some stories that begin a series of new myths, because the shelf life of the current system can be measured in weeks, maybe even days. Be ready for whatever and stay away from incendiary situations.

Namaste' ... doc

October 24, 2014

Manifesting Mass from the Void

Manifesting what one desires depends upon focus of thought. Having the discipline to think through a ramification of that thought before you release it, allows you to create an image that goes with the flow; that brings you what you desire. The world is full of difficult people; you don't have to deal with their constipation, unless you wish to.

Doc needs an apprentice and has already discussed the situation with the man. Realize that the jump off the edge of the cliff took place twice for doc's former being - once literally, once figuratively. The illusion dissipates each time we move through an irreversible gate. The center is the cusp where the hourglass only allows one through at a time. Fibonacci governs new growth, especially in the lowest of lowest grounded forms.

Imagine the pyramid upside down. The growth reaches toward the stars and the great central sun. The mysteries of Gaia can be riddled about, as she is alive and a water being, as you and i are water beings. This water being needs a pee break and some more liquid joe, before we tarry forth.

The light has come, the game is one of standing back and watching. The signs are such that we will gradually fall into the elevation as determined by our frequency of vibration. Molecular chemistry involves sharing love between electrons, spirituality is coming to grips with the fact that all indeed is a single electron. As above, so below. The only weigh to be.

What seems and what is are two different notions, until you begin to look at other facets of your gemstone. The alternate reality described in the image of what you wish, requires letting go of what once was. There is a reason that most people cannot let go - self is a person that they are scared to be with alone. Your inner discussion has led to the whirled that is present and reel - the hollywood fantasy can be achieved only in the matrix. Unprogramm yourself by being outside with nature, talking to animals, plants and minerals.

Nothing is what it seems - we create the illusion of being just by being and imagining where we wish to be. Hamlet led people off - the question was never to be or not to be, but what to be. We can all be the people we expect to see in the mirror and start getting comfortable with the idea of "me-the-creator". Each of us can express ourselves in an avatar that plays to the viewers of our personal social medias. Information is readily available on any topic - the guide to learning is whoever's footpath you choose to follow.

If you are interested in learning chemistry involving the extraction of organic materials and the render of oils, tinctures, creams and resins, let lemme know. Short term would involve three days, with travel expenses: long term is negotiable in-kind or kindness - monetary values are too three-dee, but need to be considered. Doc will prepare a document after considerations are considered.

Namaste'... doc

October 22, 2014

How to Work the Holograph

Imagine - strawberry fields forever.  Let me take you down, down, down to the bottom of the pool and blink... okay - now we are up in the stars, playing at the cosmic level. Everything you can see has a form that you can recognize, but you've never been here before. And, y'know, it makes me wonder, what's going on. It is change for change sake and there is nothing material in the alterations.

Change is a hyperbolic function. The lower down that you were; the higher now that you shall be. Rules are simple, treat others better than you treat yourself. Choose random acts of kindness. Be there for the individual peeps. All animals are sentient peeps. All plants are sentient. All crystals are sentient. Water is the seat of sentient life and works at every scale of the lattice.

What is happening can be called energy differentiation.  We are changing according to our resonant frequencies - the higher elevations are with love and peace, joy and wisdom. Lower vibrations mix to drag us down, they serve no apparent purpose except outside control. You live in your own mind, to the rhythm established by your beating heart. Heart and mind work together to balance actions - the person that you are has the keys to your particular model of being. Doc seems to be a '58 Dodge - in each system, our avatars change form. Our current attachment is to a 5th element 'meat Popsicle' - because we tend to believe in physical appearance.

We don't have to believe in anything at all. The holograph works like the Star Trek Next Generation promised - artificial intelligence is just another possibility that we ourselves have introduced. You get exactly what you believe that you will get, because you are in charge of your own manifestation. However, it never quite comes in a form that you expect. In this time, our common delusion is formed by a concrete weigh of thinking, enforced by a school delivery system that has manipulated all human form. Nothing is as it was; we create what we expect based on the peeps that we interact with.

Now is the time to withdraw into self and resonate at higher frequency. Give up the worry caused by 'illusions of reality' - the new story has to work its way through the congestion caused by peeps who still believe in the common myths. Nobody reading this fits into that category - you know better. Get a handle on your own thoughts and live with air that you can breathe, all the time. Surround self with higher vibes (4:20) and realize that you have no room for anything that might bring you down. It's only Castles Burning. There is no time delay - you can change your mind in an instant, when you follow your heart.

Namaste' ...  doc

October 21, 2014


Because we needed to hear it again.

October 15, 2014

Raw Basic Explanation

So much is happening that is imaginary and very little is happening for real. What is reel is coming at us in full cognitive dissonance with Obomber leading the Ebola choir. Solution is eat lots of vitamin C, altho you can also just mitigate the possibilities thru prayer. We are tethered to a false belief system and our frames of reference have all turned askew.

Hunter S. Thompson professed that 'When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro'. If we each keep our personal frame of reference, then whatever happens should only cause minor disruption. Remember, the second law of thermodynamics does not hold for open systems. If all moments converge into the single moment of now, then every instant creates its own unique timeline, which parallels both the immediate past and the near future. Let us define the limits of this dynamic equilibrium.

On the one hand, nature has never learned to count - she uses ratios to compare things with 1:1 being the easiest and 1:2 being different than 2:1. Fortunately Fibonacci holds and the golden mean ratio serves as a template for all life. The flower of life holds the sequences and is open to interpretation, using the tools sacred geometry and group theory. 

On the second hand, we have a simple doubling function. Since one doubles to two and two doubles to four, the lower reaches of this function are similar in dynamic range, but from eight, sixteen and thirty-two, things take off fast. At some point out there in space, the two lines cross - i don't wish to run the manual calculation tonite, but i will do it as a discipline within my field at some point soon.

I finally got a good peek at the three lowest octaves of the Walter Russell periodic table.  The snake form makes pseudo sense - Russell describes and patented the radioactive elements around uranium, but the steamroller of progress flattened his myth. If you seek Russell's work, take the time to be amazed at his artistry as a sculptor - busts of Twain and two Roosevelts, plus a collection of statues from Twain's fiction. The man must have had immense patience.

Doc is currently too tied to the system of science that defines things based upon other things. Chemistry is a construct that presents a point of view. The absolute correlations between physical measurement as reflected by spectra that measures peak intensity of multiple energy wavelengths and molecular geometry is fully described using vector matrices.  

Okay - the new reality is such that the collective holographic is dissipating back into the aether. The tangible will not pass through the center of the cosmic hourglass - we get to go in spirit and nobody really knows what happens to these meat jackets. I should qualify that statement - the cats know fully well what is going on aetherially. When you reach a reset point where one is such a large number that the golden mean dwarfs the doubling function, it has to reset itself asymptotically. Thus we can quantum jump from wherever we are in physical space to where we expect to be in any other world that we can envision. The means is spiritual and cannot be measured with current scientific equipment. However, we can say that everything on the macroscale must be symmetric to the finite microscale, such that the mobius strip never breaks continuity.

That strip produces both electricity and magnetism from the zero point, an orthagonal vector into imaginary space. Euler's Law holds here, but in nature, two phi equals pi, even though this violates the terms of Newtonian mathematics based physics. Still, dissimilarity in non-adjacent vectors is allowed, as long as there is no formal point group in play. Left handed symmetry of amino acids and DNA comesfrom a place where directional symmetry was broken, well before any big bang created duality.

So, now that i have lost everyone not surnamed Einstein, the key is in the harmonics of spheres. One is always spherical in essence - yet a reset of scale would not cause any tangible change of illusion of the past - it only sets the future after the strange attractor has erased the root of the prior spin. When two are one, as in twin flames, then the numbers can vary depending of the context of unity - a couple can act as individuals, but an individual cannot be the couple, even though he can have consent to act for two. This concept can also relate to proxy governance, but that is an altogether different subject threat. Wanna try, kev?

Will get home this weekend, but the adventure continues infinitely until we converge on Seattle. The Cascades are calling my shaman - the breeze through will sweep away ill winds. The key is that the key events have already happened and the fractal radiance is still in the lower fibonacci regions - where the doubling function dominates.  We have switched timelines; as events play out the armageddon mentality will fade, as that whirled is teased away from Gaia.  lemme may leave this space for a new format of expression - the result requires a suspension of 3d that Doc is not ready to accomplish.   Yet.
Namaste' ...  doc

October 09, 2014

Passing Daze

Traveling - have a context design specialist working with me on systems group theory.  We have taken the first quarter of the book and given it the sound test.  If all works, the project is full sail ahead - have some minor conundrums, but all seems simpatico.  No real words forthcoming now - though lemme hangs in the divinity room, iffen ya need to catch him.

Namaste' ... doc