October 30, 2014

The Result of Fictive Wealth

What gives with google's new 'service' of keeping you signed in after you have signed out? Please NSA - go back to being invisible and stop annoying us.  In fact - just go away! The lame stream media is hooked on the fear junkie pipeline. It is all coming down. The bottom common denominator is described very well by the arch-druid.

That’s a great deal of what drives the ongoing crusade against alternative health care—every dollar spent on herbs from a medical herbalist or treatments from an acupuncturist is a dollar that doesn’t go into feeding the gargantuan corporations and bureaucracies that are supposed to provide health care for Americans, and sometimes even do so. The same thing is driving corporate and government attacks on local food production, since every dollar a consumer spends buying zucchini from a backyard farmer doesn’t prop up the equally huge and tottering mass of institutions that attempt to control the production and sale of food in America.

It’s not uncommon for those who object to these maneuvers to portray them as the acts of a triumphant corporate despotism on the brink of seizing total power over the planet. I’d like to suggest that they’re something quite different. While the American and global economies are both still growing in a notional sense, the measures of growth that yield that result factor in such things as the manufacture of derivatives and a great many other forms of fictive wealth.
So the question becomes, what is your skill set. We each need at least one unique skill.

Namaste'... doc

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