October 27, 2014

Rainbow Courtrooms

Since the justice system has become the Just Us system of profit, those of us who prophet for a living have to replace what's broke with something better. The liars (lawyers) take an oath to the Queen and the riggings are well demonstrated in the movie Idiocracy. In 2007, as part of a vision quest, I saw how the future legal system operates - in a Rainbow Courtroom.

Imagine a video game show on television where the viewer is the jury. The armchair is wired to have eight buttons of different colors - each paired as black and white, red and blue, green and yellow, orange and violet. The scale begins with the colors in the proper order Roy G. Biv.  The judge has a panel that illuminates the witness chair in any one of the six rainbow colors - depending on the alignment of the speaker.  Each color describes a persuasion of thought - green is environmental, yellow is engineering, red is conservative, blue is liberal, violet is spiritual, orange is mental and black and white are the absolutes.

As each color is displayed and the testimony weighted, the viewers push the colors to either the black or the white relative to the pair groups - if the green/yellow has more impact - they become the edge nearest to the black and white. The focus is on the truth in the testimony as compared to the known facts of the case.

As the jury consists of everyone watching, the scores of the placements of colors could be placed in a mathematical algorithm that shows the best blend of the audience. It could be that a test of knowledge in the area could be part of the game. It also pays to have everyone directly affected to have a voice different than those indifferently affected, watching for entertainment.  Also - expertise in a field of testimony could be shaded deeper than hearsay, using the color panels and a weighted slide-bar for intensity.

The game would be a feature of a whole new media system, where interactive gaming principles guide the population to investigate deeper into their specific area of interest. The court could be used on several different scales and pretenses - I for one would love to investigate the entire body of hard sciences without the gate-keepers.  If i had a bullshitometer that would all me to evaluate the information based on what i already thought, and the known fact and facets of the system, wow, i could learn anything. The depth is limited by the time available.

To become an expert at a game, one must spend the time to creatively think through all the nuance of the game.  To create a production that teaches how to do things differently, will require an approach that blends what we already know with what we don't know, because the paradigms have shifted. To let go of the previous for profit reality is not going to happen in this world of the cabal time-line. To keep one foot in each door, will not allow any process to stand, so the door that is ajar will close as soon as the yin/yang is imbalanced in one direction.  Black or white.  Final end-game has no color, unless you know how to mitigate your whirled.  

In this game, the time required for proficiency increase as a function of the depth of the level. Players start up and work their way down. Players start charmed and work through the strange. Players start top and dig to the bottom. There are just quarks of the game. It takes about five minutes to get hooked on a simple video game. It can take years to master the game - Sid Meier's Civilization comes to mind as a thousand hour game. To get a doctorate equivalence - ten thousand hours direct on topic is required. Some multipliers work to enhance personal effectiveness, but if you don't spend the time, you don't gain the knowledge.

To get in the game requires unschooling. You have to give up what you don't know for sure and then build your personal belief system on what you still have remaining to work with. Some things can serve as models for completely different things, but models break down when you explore them in depth and compare them to reality. But you know someone, who you think is an expert in every area that you deal with. Evaluate them on the rainbow courtroom color scale and see where they lie, as a function of both color and intensity. Is there a third axis that you can track that is not covered substantially in this system?

There is much work to be done thinking this through; we have the advantage that i have already seen the courtroom working in tangible operation. Perhaps we can create some stories that begin a series of new myths, because the shelf life of the current system can be measured in weeks, maybe even days. Be ready for whatever and stay away from incendiary situations.

Namaste' ... doc

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