August 28, 2009

Running the Numbers

Okay. Thyme Howdt. Stop the cacophony. It is time to stop and look at the information and substantiate the claims and counterclaims concerning climate science. The latest
item describes how a slight variance of sun temperature impacts Pacific Ocean currents. The article describes the use of three models to clarify the separate components of major interest that cause measurable effects at one tenth of one percent.

Dr. Lenny has always understood that the amount of solar intensity measured as radiant heat is a couple orders of magnitude greater than the heat generated on the surface of the earth. This research sets the number at three orders of magnitude. This implies that any action taken on the surface of the earth to affect climate change would have a maximum .1% effect.

The Copenhagen meetings scheduled for this winter are going to set some pretty heavy world environmental policy to counteract the effect of global warming. Do you think it might be time for a new school of thought on international politics?

This is not to imply that we shouldn't stop fouling our nests or that we should begin addressing the proper scale resource distribution. Gaia has some serious resperatory problems concerning our atmosphere. Now that we have somewhat successfully addressed chlorofluorocarbons, nitrous oxide is the next big bad guy. Let's hope that the first movement is not laws against dentists!

August 27, 2009

Geometry via agriculture impaction

Language has many different forms in nature. What are these images trying to communicate? The symmetry patterns recur at different levels of scale. As above, so below. There is something under foot ...


Do you speak this language
Towel of babble english
Invoking red queen wisdom
Words devoid of meaning

August 25, 2009

Burden of Proof

Sometimes we delve into places where few people have gone before. When you start rearranging the puzzle pieces to find a different picture, you have to sometimes step back and ask yourself - how do i know this is true?

As a scientist, the mechanism for publishing truth is well defined. The submission takes on a life of it's own in the peer review process, where editors give your thoughts to referees who have proved their enlightenment in the area of concern. The system creates an old-boys network where additional science must be built on the foundation of prior verified science. Each advance must show rigor in moving the state of the art forward.

Otherwise - you can write science fiction and not have to deal with the burden of proof. Pons and Fleichman tried to take an end around and go to the popular press with cold fusion in the 90's. The science establishment then ganged up to discredit them. Fine tooth combs will always catch some debris, but now the jury is still out on cold energy sources. I believe that energy works differently from how it is explained currently, but the burden of proof to demonstrate different energetics is well beyond the scope of my ability. I do have the math background to realize that our current thinking is skewed.

So what can we do to redefine our approach to a world view that doesn't hold together except with the bailing twine of political force? Neal Stephenson's latest work Anathem uses fiction to delve into a world of crossed timelines. My tangents to reality are based on his thought stream, along with the thought of Nassim Haramein in working with particle geometry. Nassim was on Coast to Coast AM with George Nouri on August 18 - well worth the listen.

I sense that we are stuck in the current fiction only because we accept the values of the thinkers that came before us at face value. The assumptions that went into setting the ground work need to be reexplored in terms of new knowledge that is being passed through the people of the earth at a huge rate of download. Our computers allow mechanical redefinition of our own lives, pushed to faster and faster rates of spin.

Sometimes we seem howdt of control - stuck in our boxes of limits and regulations. What worked in the past is not working now, and we have no latitiude to make individual responses. How do we teach our youth to use judgment when the course of action has already been perscribed? The time has come to step beyond conventional wisdom and explore new territiory in accommodating life.

The four deer that just visited and the hawk that has decided to call lead me to believe that nature has this climate change concept figured out. One current agenda (The American West at Risk) suggests sustainable growth is still beyond Gaia's support capacity and that people must change behavior. I don't see the latitude available for people to make these changes.

"reaching for true sustainability represents a profound change in current American culture and economic life. Yet it takes us back to the practices of only 60 or so years ago. Americans, particularly in the Western states, have a long way to go before reduced per capita consumption takes them to the level of most Europeans, who live quite well and tend to register higher satisfaction with their lives than Americans."

I would like to read the entire book, but i do not believe in the process of being risk averse. We need to have multiple models to test theories against - not just a single system that holds an idea to be true until proven false, then discarded for eternity. The cost of living in this society is rising in a zero sum game that breaks down for everybody except the priviledged few. Time to change focus and allow beings to be, without requiring that everybody play the same money chase games to climb the mountain of establishing proof.

August 24, 2009


I have been thinking about the thinking process. We are all wired together, but some frequencies get more resources than others. When chosen, you are dislocated and may start over on a newly reoriented pathway. The crisis point at the event horizon is the personal vision quest.

Once you open your senses, you are introduced into a different world - a fractal of the one that you were in. It seems the same ... it looks the same ... but some intangible morphogenic field lets you know that it's time to move on and face a reevaluation/revelation/reorganization of what you know. You have only truth to work with.

Consider that absolute truth in the personal sense may not be truth in the relative sense. We can have experiences that are entirely delusional and never really happened. We sense that it happened, but perhaps it was on a tangent to the main time-line. Several different concurrent realities can exist simultaneously on different scales, nominally to test concepts off the beaten path. Probability suggests that sometimes things need to be repeated several times to comprehend the latitude of response.

The information currently available dwarfs the sum of the rest of historic time. We can allow the current means of distribution or we can take it upon ourselves to cognitively dismantle our current scenarios while re-mixing components that work through creative foundations to replace the current dysfunctional institutions. First task - classify what is broken and what still functions. Remember, form follows function.

August 23, 2009

Sharing Medicinal Value

Last evening i experienced a Kava-kava ceremony. A group of eleven were served the herbal extract and encouraged to use the gathering as a declaration of intention. A large single-piece wooded bowl housed the tea, which was served in a coconut shell. There was a specific protocol that the group followed, sharing thoughts and sometimes sharing silence. The individual connectivity allowed me to share some thoughts on 'the system' in order to develop a means of building better systems for the future.

The ceremony had us offering tea to the earth and grounding ourselves through our conversation. The thoughts that i shared concerned developing a different approach to community education. Everybody has a voice that should interact in building community consensus, where we hear to each other out on the issues and address the form of delivery. People learn in different manners - having a mentor that shares your point of view helps us digest what we have learned. It takes us doing the action and applying the lesson to get the feel for how to use the knowledge that we have wisely.

Sometimes we tend to mistake intellegence for wisdom. They are vastly different scales of measure. Wisdom comes from instinct and experience, learning how to deal with situations with acumen. I get the sense that the advanced essence of the Kava-Kava has helped me clarify in my own mind where the action needs to be applied. Each of us should figure out what it is we want to be doing and start doing it - as frequently as possible. As changes come, we will be happy because our work brings us joy. The conscious state is to be here now, with awareness of who we are, where we were and where we are going.

Would like to thank Kiwina for supplying the awa medicine and the stories that share this indigenous knowledge with the world. Learning about the plant was one of the awesome features of the event, there are now eleven distinct species in this genus. This was a pay-it-forward type event - i will find a gift to return to Gaia for the special insight that was shared by the collective. Group intent is to have a local assembly that meets regularly and shares Kava in a meditative setting. This spiritual communication portal will help enhance our grounding of several levels of community.

August 20, 2009

Way Howdt Here

Sense that things are crescendo-ing as words spread across the landscape. The human dynamic is a wild card emotion that flutters across landscapes. The dynamic interplay of systems has subtle effects on the future of those systems down the road. So now that the cherries have been picked, the next congressional battles will be between pork recipients. While medical assurance wars can be entertaining, they will not get us any closer toward true stewardship to Gaia.

Meanwhile, stuff is happening on a local scale. The garden is full of squash and corn - everything else seemed to be labeled deer food (or so it seems). There will be plenty of barterability in the local economy this fall. Finding the proper agreements so that people willingly communicate to develop consensus is urgently necessary.

So what is the real story? What can we believe as true and what is just imagination gone wild? Things seem pretty solid, the fruit on the trees ripen. Economics aside, this summer continually brings amazing people together on levels of higher consciousness that alter the way we communicate. Watch nature - enjoy and relate and things seem to work : pay attention to the creative media saturations and you get an entirely different picture.

I saw District 9 the other day. I guess that i watch movies for the message they send rather than the action. The cinematography made the picture tough to follow, but the actions of the characters evoked a news really type story. Total fiction, just like current newscasts. The plot creates an interesting mirror to view the trends in societal personal economic security (or lack of it).

August 17, 2009


One little element causing so many problems in this brave new world. The climate geniuses claim that if we can control the output of carbon dioxide, Gaia would instantly turn rosy on us. There are so many forms of carbon, that this element has become a buzzword all by itself. Lets take a step back and look at the element carbon in a slightly different light.

Carbon as an element has several allotropic forms. We are very familiar with two of these forms, diamond and graphite. Diamonds have a regular three dimensional structure where tetrahedral units branch in every direction. Graphite has rings of carbon atoms in planar sheets that can smoothly rub off each other to leave a carbon residue - writing with a pencil. Coal and petroleum are mass forms of carbon that has many different hydrocarbon compounds combined together.

Hydrocarbons are compounds made from carbon and water. Organic matter has some sort of auto-catalytic life component that allows reformulation into substances like carbohydrates, proteins, DNA, lipids and other biological forms. When we use carbon for energy production, the form of carbon is shifted by breaking down these building blocks and recombining them into new forms.

Methane and Carbon Dioxide are the two compounds that provide the energy extremes for carbon. It would be wise to stop the combustive energy processes before we overwhelm the ecosphere. In order to make sense of the carbon future - Dr. Lenny has teamed up with Wonder Earth Partners to provide a forum to ask and answer questions about carbon sequestration in natural systems. The discourse will be part of an on-line carbon conference - which will feature speakers and panels that sort out the business prospects involved in climate change. Hopefully, we will find some ways of bio-mimetically reducing the airborne carbon load without diminishing the flux of life in our Gaia-sphere.

August 15, 2009

Sports Talk

As troublesome as the world can be, we always have sports as our diversion back into gladiator mode. The first round of NFL pre-season is upon us, and the news media wants us to know that the high school and college football players are hitting the turf. My game has always been baseball - a number junkie from the time that i learned that rolling dice could be used for strat-o-matic. We even corrected obvious mistakes on the cards.

Herewith as a Mets fan - i think this season is in the books for my team. In shopping for a new favorite I've realized that i got too far away from the game this summer. This is likely the first season that I didn't read daily boxscores and get the flow of the whole game. Sort of adrift, just like my team.

Baseball is a game of pure statistics - performance criteria is very obvious, but the skill sets of the players are highly diverse. I can relate to the John Kruk's of the game - but i have no idea who that player in the majors is today. It seems insane to pay athletes to play games, but if the entertainment dollars are to be spent, then the talent deserves to have part of the revenue stream. We value actors, rock stars and athletes for the diversion they provide from a reality that we cope with, but don't thrive upon.

Imagine if we rated our personal performance in terms of baseball type statistics. Gee - I was seven for twenty last month in opportunities to take out the trash - .350 . But really - if a batter hits .350 that's pretty awesome. Why do we demand that our kids get 90% or better for an "A" and hold them to such an absurd standard of measurement? No wonder they are confused. They can get better math experience by watching baseball with an adult that by the drone of a teacher talking algebra at a chalkboard.

So to end this stream of conscience, I will formally adopt a new team for this pennant race. Santana and Cain are going at it later today - perhaps attaching allegiance to the Giants for the rest of the year will keep me entertained by the pennant race. When the series is over, the trailer will be rehitched.

(Cool photo, Steve : you look pensive)

August 13, 2009

Forests and Trees

Dr. Lenny was surfing the net, gleaning information when he located two (!) Counterpunch articles on forest resource management.

Living at ground zero of the timber battles of the Umpqua and Rogue Rivers, I have learned quite a bit about both sides of the coin. When you look at forests in terms of combustible carbon, there is a huge fuel load that creates a ladder for fires to get from the ground to the trees that allows current fires to burn hotter and longer. Had earlier fires not been put out, those ladders would likely have burnt to the ground well before they became significant.

Having said this, I enjoyed
Wuerthner's take on the topic of forest ecology. Always willing to share an opinion, I agree that the entire approach needs to be thought out from a different perspective. The second article is Donnelly's piece concerning the energy game and forest biomass. The cost of moving woody forest debris puncture anything but in situ energy generation.

The Umpqua National Forest is demonstrating their pyrolysis unit next week - but it still requires hauling wood. If a third of the mass of biomass was ground and sprayed back onto the forest floor, this would enable soil building to occur. The eco-system processes of soil building, oxygen generation, water and air purification and general aesthetic pleasure are reasons to take a hands-on approach to forest resource management. Come join the discussion!

August 12, 2009

People Be

People be who we are
Rather than our images
Float into mystic realms
With passion for breath
To enjoy life fruitfully
For time offers few chances
To experience aliveness
Connect to trees, water and wind
Intangible glyphs nature offers
Wonderment, fascination
Sacred space abounds outdoors
When people be who we are

2009 lemme howdt

August 11, 2009

How does nature ...?

My last post must have been channeled by an inherent knowledge that this TED talk by Janine Benyus was posted. I was talking chemical - this is more biological. Her 18 minute talk is well worth the time to listen and marvel in awe...


Perspective is based on the vantage point that you look from. The event horizon is approaching on the current timeline; the healing feeling has taken me into a world where i feel peaceful, yet not sedate. The 'What happens if' games are about to begin and the here we are is, well, here we are. We have reached the level of distraction that only the middle of August can bring.

Nature always finds the path of least resistance in the short term and the most stable location at the final resting place. The energy may be stored in a temporary well for some period of time until the wear of time erodes the barrier to allow reaching the stable state. Population densities of molecules depend on the initial levels that were present, with factors for each mechanism that removes part of the collection through an identified reaction mechanism. We chemists separate the products, use what we need and then record the statistics and meta-data. The same reaction repeated has slightly different conditions that affect the percentage yield.

The meta-data are the specific conditions of the environment, the temperature, air pressure, humidity, scale, and other things that are factored into the equation.
Each experiment builds the model to a better refinement. At some point the operator knows the factors well enough that the system is predictable and the model validated.

Now here is the question - Are the economic models that they talk about ever validated by a comprehensive look at the data approach? What information is relevant as an indicator of conditions that allow proper feedback loops to develop to validate this economic system?

It depends on our perspective.

August 10, 2009



There is a perceptible change in the temperature of the current illusion. Setting in the Peace Village Festival connecting to a morphic field of community with 15 other soules, we tested the weather of experiment with intention. The connection came with a game of guessing as to who the leader of the action is, when the decision of leader is followed until the central guesser figure howdt who that leader was. When the leader became a mirror of the followings, the point person figured howdt that no leader existed and the coalescence happened.

The group age ranged from 13 through 60. Each person agreed to remain a participant for half an hour, without being told what they were committing themselves to. Each person had an opportunity to speak, but it was not necessary for the persons to say anything. Most of the people were uncomfortable - the essence seemed to blend in connection with various couplets. There was a lot of talking, both before and after. I hope i can remain connective with some of the new people that i met in the circle - i already knew about half of the individuals. The spark was extinguished, but i now have a better vision of what can be done by intent.

Special kudos to Larry, Brent, Alan, Tej, Leila, Shiloh, Dominic, David, Laura, Bari, Raquel and everyone else that engaged to share conversation. The next village will need to morph from the sterile ten by ten cubical vendor containers surrounding open space to a community of interaction across intersections of activity. I hope to use Existence to work out the demographics and logistics, so that the ideas we use are vetted through a thought process before effort is launched. We have to stop spinning our wheels and do the things we have to do. Different is rarely right or wrong, it's just different.

August 07, 2009

Ice Photos and Space Technology

For those of you who like to follow esoteric science - the USGS has released satellite photographs of Arctic Sea Ice taken during the 2000-2008 time frame. There are several sets of photos that demonstrate clearly that the ice is melting. The net effect on the water cycle is not readily apparent. Might be a good topic to explore at Existence.

On a worrysome note, the ability to monitor the weather using satellite technology depends on the ability of NASA and NOAA to keep the data streams open. According to former Oregon State University professor Jane Lubchenko, Obama's head of NOAA, the agency is playing catch-up. And NASA missed the comet that hot Jupiter last month, causing a Pacific Ocean sized crater. Y'think mebbe we are ready for a now system approach? Read for yourself here.

August 06, 2009

Cosmic Forces

Sometimes things happen because they are destined to happen and no matter what we do, these things are going to happen. The solar eclipse due to occur in about four hours is one of those things. Since plans are to attend the Peace Village Festival (where Dr. Lenny will be sharing water quality skills at 10:00 am), the metaphysical information loop has encumbered my space.

The information has disappeared from my view as readily as it appeared, but there is a tetrahedral crop circle that was found recently that may signal a new profound age of peace in the world. I will be at the peace pole tonight to usher in the changes - with an eye toward putting together a poem.


PS - Home on the ranch - the squash are starting to come out - and the pumpkins are beginning to orange. Is this supposed to be a short summer growing season?

Crop circle have very specific geometries - check howdt this link! The second one down is the one that
i referred to above. This has me wondering ...

August 03, 2009

Seen on a T-shirt

I believe that it is inhuman to require people who have a genuine medical need for caffeine to wait in line behind people for whom it is a recreational experience.

Thanks Scott. Remind me of my need for qophy - i do appreciate the aesthetics of the aroma, of the essence of the brew. And the humor.

Hunky Dory Commentary

History is clearly presenting us with a new set of mandates: get local, get finer, downscale, and get going on it right away. Prepare for it now or nature will whack you upside the head with it not too long from now. Attempting to maintain anything on the gigantic scale will turn out to be a losing proposition, whether it is military control of people in Central Asia, or colossal bureaucracies run in the USA, or huge factory farms, or national chain store retail, or hypertrophied state universities, or global energy supply networks. JHK

The view from the underground is very different from the picture painted by the mainstream media. Therefore the time has come to promote our own media - keeping information circulating that can actually be acted upon. The level of commitment is changing - the amount of buy-in to just keep afloat has become absurd. As new ideas roll off our brains, we come to find that nothing can be financed unless you don't need the resource. Powder keg time.