June 29, 2011


Gaia wishes connectivity
with all species on earth
most listen well, say hello
humans ignore the call
over-burden the mechanism

resolution is a strange attractor

everything changes suddenly

hints come to we aware folks

prepare for instant evaporation

rapid motion to get to stillness

silence without noise

sets a footing for rebirth

connectivity begins with touch

give up the ghost

let life treat us

rather than work

we should just be

allow each other

time and space

tantric meditation

twos and fours

be with me

hold me tight

accept my love

by love in return

when we can

Gaia comes

accepting love

in form of peace

she loves me

she loves me not

it no longer matters

Gaia calls...

lemme howdt 2011

June 23, 2011

Last Saturday's fare

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows - at the Wild Rose - enjoy!

June 17, 2011


Words are chosen specifically
to impact events of the moment
characteristic patterns evolve
twisting concepts beyond recognition
'same old always as it used to be'
with pomp, flash and window dressing
like lipstick on a pig; and yet
somehow they really seem to believe
whatever nonsense pops into their head
especially the gossip about you.
Time to leave the radar of life
unencumbered by the need to earn to live
in place of actually living.

2011 lemme howdt

June 16, 2011

Me - I'm just one of my circle of friends

One thing that we can do - create a list of goods and services that we have to barter. The size of the we is just you at this moment, but i will do the same and get it through the network, one person at a time. This would be an already have list rather than a want list. For instance - my services include chemistry, education, natural resources, and general health (both spiritual and physical). I can butcher animals, give good massages, listen to problems with a rational mind. I also sort and measure very well, including abstract thinking and projection.

Be creative and think howdtside da Baax. I can help people with course design, but tend to fall apart when dealing with fine details. I believe that everybody is correct - that we can have different points of view on everything and still work together. I am a journeyman scribe with a formerly photographic memory - too many continual experiences to count. I like adventures.

So - if you want to play - go to Existence, sign up and be in my virtual space. If you are a Hedronist - well, we are creating the game as we go - tune in, turn on and drop howdt!

now a short poem by lemme howdt:

Y Ground

clarity, truth, reality ...




destination ...


2011 lemme howdt

June 15, 2011

The Simple Weigh

One of the great contrasts of this society is that our parents spend all the time in the world teaching us good judgement and the society tells us to throw it away and not discriminate. As we learn to take responsibility for our own actions, we are called upon to make choices that manifest themselves in different than obvious ways. A Sovereign society requires exchange of values and ideas - we are responsible for our thoughts and words, as well as our actions.

So how do we evaluate? I like to measure things by a simple weigh. If things have mass, then i use a scale - pounds for me, grams for small items, a balance for comparisons. For idea evaluation, i use Ben Franklin's method - draw a line on a blank page - good on one side, bad on the other. Fair evaluation of both sides is a basis for divining truth.

Thoughts have mass. Soul's have mass. Mass is substance, even though it may not be measurable. That is why we need units of measure - to help define the scale. Our current scale is from zero to infinity (and beyond). Buzz may know more than he lets on. According to our friend Nassim - humans are in the middle of the scale of size - about 33 of 64, if we use a 64-grid system. I believe this is a rather arbitrary number, but in this context, let's take it as a given.

We are very good at getting smaller (thanks George Carlin - but not that way). What i mean is that we go from us to our organs to our cells to biochemistry to proteins, fats and lipids to macromolecules or polymers to compounds to elements to protons, neutrons and electrons, to quarks to strings - a whole lot of good theory. What do we have when it gets bigger?

Scientists (like me) understand a phenomenon exists called emergent behavior. It is something that comes about when smaller things are combined together. For instance, a cake emerges from flour, eggs, water, sugar and confections - but if you didn't know how to mix the ingredients, you would never get to cake. At least, I would never get to cake (bread is yummy (stop that)).

So here is a hypothesis on emergent behavior at the space level - Gaia is radiating pregnant behavior and is due on December 21, 2012. At this point, the solar system will move out of the shadow of this current paradigm into the way it always has been - within the influence of the second sun - we have a binary local solar system. Our sun has been between earth and the second sun, thus shading our knowledge. Look at an ellipse with two node points - the paths can be around one, around both or between both and around (figure eight).

It seems that i have had knowledge of this since my 2007 vision quest, but did not understand the manifestation until very recently. The time has come to return to sacred space - the photos of Toketee at the Existence site show one of these spaces. Grounding has left me feeling the vibration of the heart-beat of the earth Gaia, and her daughter - life breathes in a giant mobius strip - as above, so below - so physics are changing and grounding brings more vibration, not less.

The 60 cycle hum needs to be turns off. The 50 cycle hum in Europe needs to be turned off. The electric field, perpendicular to the magnetic field needs to be dampened, such that the subtle energy field of spirituality can be sensed. Sign up for the emergent group simultaneous civilization and help me work out the details of the Metrix - a measurement system - such that we can weigh new evidence and refine more hypotheses of what is really going on.

June 13, 2011


On monday mornings, i look forward to Jim Kunstler's column. When i start early, i have time to look at the comments - he often gets into the multiple hundreds. There are regulars - today i had the time to check howdt the liebowitz society - way cool. My buddy Anu Ra had been talking cottage industry for years - he will like the message.

The topic is getting ready for whatever is coming. I have not been blogging lately because i have been motating - grounding my electrical field in order to establish my spiritual field. The 60 cycle hum is affecting me as i type - i am that sensitive to change, because i initiate change. Don't fear the reaper - a BO cult classic - speaks truth - seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain, you can be like they are...

Investment rules have changed entirely, the only thing worth investing in is your self - the things that you wish to surround yourself with when you no longer have access to getting more. The game shifted from unlimited growth to zero sum long ago, without the textbooks informing the populace - just another trick of the mind suck machine. Time to forget everything we learned and reconstruct life from the basics - like water from chocolate.

Makes no sense, but what does make sense. Take stock and make a list. The things we need are available now, but anticipating needs involves reacting to circumstance that hasn't changed the playing field yet. We assume that we will need to eat, thus we garden. But what if we ascend to a higher state of consciousness and can live at breatharians on sunlight, air and water? Nonsense Dr. Lenny. Well, maybe not.

We are responsible for our thoughts. Thoughts have mass, just as a soul has mass. But look at the scale by which mass exists - one atom is over 10 to the 23rd power smaller scale than human life - yet we call our starting point here one. We perceive time in terms of seconds, years and centuries . On any other scale, these terms become meaningless - think of centuries from the perspective of your dog or cat. hmmm.

So what is coming requires no action, except priming the pump and getting yourself ready for anything. Be on top of your game, whatever that is. I write - thus, i need to practice my writing. I write in my daily journal, but i don't always post. Go to Existence to read my posts!

Here is 'olde' space - blogging is like so passe' in the new order. Like no. Don't believe the crowd. They are not hip. Believe your intuition, believe in your circle of friend (ah, Rickie Lee), believe in whatever the facts add up to from your perspective. But please don't follow the muddle in the middle by disengaging your brain and succumbing to the mind-numbing force - the net.

Yes - the same net that i am using. It is a tool for tools. That is why, i am grounding, getting off the net, letting my nature meet my nurture with-howdt too much howdt-side contact. Pick and choose to believe only some of what you read - there is much disinformation. Keep a very large crystal of salt handy. Get a consistent picture and then blend your time line into my thyme line and suddenly the net disappears and you are in free-fall. Walking a tight-rope with no net.

So go do! Namaste.