January 02, 2014

To Bring Change ...

     We're so sorry, Uncle Albert.  We're so sorry if we caused you any pain.  We're so sorry, Uncle Albert.  But there's no one left at home and i believe it's gonna rain.  And we don't wish to let the reign come down, not quite yet, though i don't really now why.  I think, but then i speak, and often I then have to remove the foot from my mouth.

     Doc has been asked to observe the formation of community from the overview perspective.  The reshuffling of living arrangements requires something different to be in place before change can happen : inertia of this type of thought keeps us in the box and does not allow the freedom to imagine something different, something better.  We have to keep what we have - but why is still not apparent.

     Doc's theory of community is different from most people - the idea of working with like minded people scares doc - doc is a one-of-a-kind mind and does not have a doppelganger.  Perspective is a cross between depth and breadth with an added course of width to complicate things.  As we change our mode - we might find some interesting new visions coming about.  The trick is to be open to new ideas - to listen and champion others to accomplish their thoughts.

     Doc is Whiling Away the time in a used book store/coffee shop - discussing changes in the lifestyle with a set of old dear friends.  Each has their own unique weigh of seeing the whirled and the optimism is inherent in every endeavor.  The ability to hold two conflicting thoughts together until one of them proves to be correct is beyond most human mortals.  However, until we suspend the consensus reality and develop our new paths - the tendency to allow things to remain constant repels the forces to conceive change of the weighs.

     The other major task on doc's plate is to come up with a new valid theory of radiation.  We can see the damage of alpha and beta particles based on their current definitions of helium nuclei and electron stream.  The atomic chemistry of transformation makes intuitive sense based on the periodic table.  However, when the questions come to gamma rays - we all turn into the Hulk and try to force the Bruce Banner approach of modern thought.  It doesn't work.

     If we imagine life before there was an atmosphere on Gaia, then the stray radiation from space striking earth would have been the energy source for the early transformations of one species into another.  The whole process of evolution is a construct to explain patterns left in the archives of decayed past civilization (and all prior life.)  There are major gaps in the theories and many possible derivative explanations that could make sense.  

     Being locked into the science/math construct of exactness, we refuse to allow nature the wiggle room that it needs to respond to new inputs of energy.  Today - our energy is both over ordered and terribly chaotic.  The result is easily seen in the weather patterns - they make little sense from the viewpoint of a continuity based system.  Yet if we try to form all inclusive communes - we quickly fail because we obscure our own light.

     Everybody has their own vision of the term community - there is really no need for convergence here.  Consensus based on group think is artificial consensus any way you slice it.  We need to attempt to reinvent life in a form that is comfortable - everybody has different comfort levels.  If each person can define a role and fulfill the expression of that role, then we have a system where parts can be integrated on a mix and match basis.

     When we use math terms like derivatives and integrals - we are talking of calculus.  Sometimes I wonder if we need to go back to addition and subtraction.  To simplify life, we have to grow back to basics.  How to do that?  The themes of basic life will be a continuing thread of this 2014 season.  We are within 5 days of my 319th birthday on the Treei calendar - i intend to accomplish a lot before my 320th.

     Namaste' ...  doc

     Healing solutions are also on the table at all levels of endeavor.

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