February 23, 2014

Role Play

Today is a sound voiding day - kicked back and listening to Steely Dan and being tempted to go pour another cup of qophy - coffee in lay terms.  The habit of misspelling certain words is a deliberate attempt to highlight the meaning of the word in the context of misuse.  That howdt implies out and not how-dee-tee is one that i would think is obvious, yet escapes comprehension in some highly intelligent peeps. Thyme usually refers to time, but sometimes it is my weigh of saying that the doc persona is up to something.  The role play within revolves around being able to keep ones own characters in their own specific roles.

Most role play characters take their definition by having certain mutable characteristics.  As the game progresses, the skills that the characters acquire get accumulated into improvements that show up as score.  Attaining an ultimate score is the goal of the game - having other characters with similar scores demonstrates a ranking system within that specific area.  When we call the game an experiment, then the score that we collect during the game is data and the ultimate achievement from the game is the ability to answer the question that the test was designed to answer.

Role playing is acting and it is not just dungeons and dragons.  We can have spy games, secret agent games, fantasy games, hero's journeys - any scenario that we design can have players that stay within the bounds of their characters and share common experience.   Existence was designed as a role play game - it became a website under freely accessible conditions.  The site is a demonstration of what can be done with local permaculture - one group's journey into the sublime reality of food production.  It was a place to share - the whirled was not ready for it at the time it came through.  Que sera'.

The character attributes give definition to the roles that one is playing.  These criteria include things like physical strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, charisma/charm and constitution.  The game rewards bring experience in dealing with features of the landscape and may be relayed in dynamics such as power and influence, via the accumulation of tools, skills and skill sets.  Thus healers have different goals than warriors or merchants - the goal of the experiment is to collect statistics that allow prediction of the phenomena of the larger scale that the game relates toward.  

All games share a common feature - to win the game.  We do not win experiments, but when the game and the experiment are one in the same - we bring in a new cognitive dissonance.  The goal of these games is to learn to build community, from the local level to the global level within a horizontal hierarchy built on love, compassion and trust.  It removes the fear factor embedded in the current society and requires some factors that suspend belief in the reel whirled.  We all know what is true based on what we have already learned - what we have already learned is to be a tool for the corps(e) of decaying empire.  New input required.

Seems to me that we need to look very closely at the current indoctrination system called education.  The premise that information is freely exchanged to give the collective of people the ability to improve their lot, is the myth we have been sold to keep us contained within the parameters of the current system - which supposes that our vote buys us the ability to control grubbermint for the common good.  There is no common.  You are not an average person.  Everybody is unique and worthy and has value as a person from their own personal perspective.  Common sense is a farce for social control - you control your own social behavior.

So the role playing that you see hear and act upon is conditioned on developing a new system with a horizontal hierarchy that enables people to be themselves and live together in a unity community for all.  As a chemist, using group theory, i grok (heinlein - to understand) how small units interact with each other.  Beyond eight is a whirled that is bigger than one can handle - except for the tool of symmetry - which allows projection of like groups into dimensional arrays.  If you use matrix algebra, the results simplify and are readily modeled.  

Each game satisfies a simple hypothesis - the distribution of space and time within the game belong to the players.  The first immediate goal is to tell a story from the perspective of the individuals living 'on the land'.  Each community forms in isolation around an individual who starts something that will achieve a personal goal.  As the player enlists the aid of a community - the individuals bring the land perspective into the architecture of the essence of that community.  The form and style are interpersonal - the results will be measured in terms that branch the differences and offer multiple perspectives.  It will develop better as we play - remember - it is a game and should not be taken too serious.  Yet.

If you want to become part of a unity community with lemme - follow this link ... (warning : alice's rabbit hole, you may lose track of time ).  There is a short (15-20 min) meditation at noon PST daily.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

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