February 05, 2014


Mind your manners.  In our current evolution of thought, we have generated mass which takes form in a flow of powerful love, generating sound.  This is all inputs into your mind.  That place that other people vie for attention and control.  You have your own mind made up - or you are in the process of making it up.  Once all things come together - the mind creates an illusion of dreamworld - a garden of love of infinite dimension.

Mind is only one of eight different concepts that give us a basis set for the grid of 64.  It is the seventh in order - the one that has no natural symmetry in geometric nature - until you consider the body centered six membered ring.  Seven is a joker, a fun loving number that is just another weigh od looking at things.

The mind is the integrator of the various senses - your hearing, your vision, your sense of smell - all of these are filtered through the brain and give response to nature.  Humans are part of nature and not the conquerors thereof - this is not a war - it is a Monstrocity.  The mind believe what it is told and when turned off - will believe anything that it hears.  Discrimination is the ability to filter through the fluff and find truth buried in the offering.  Only the mind can sort that way.  Sorta.  Never mind!

I remember when the late Richard Pryor lit himself on fire trying to freebase cocaine and then joked about it - raising money for the ignited negro college fund because a mind is a terrible thing to baste.  We don't mind too much when people say outrageous things, yet our mind tends to wander off when the conversation is mundane and boring.  It only is boring if you don't listen.  People sometimes like to play mind games - i like to use my imagination to create.  Sometimes - it doesn't quite make sense, but that is the mind trying to rationalize instead of being in the now.

Now picture in your minds eye, bliss.  A garden of joy where peeps treat each other with ultimate respect and music flows like lemon drops,high above the chimney tops.  The mind can create an image - the idea of change is to look at the images in a different light - one that alows rather than rejects.  The mind can set you free - or it can harness you into sheer terror at the thought of being left out in the cold - alone.  That is the battle - how does your mind see?

Some people call the mind ego.  That is their ego talking.  You are who you are - with feelings and emotions and habits in the weigh that we do things.  You are unique within yourself and your experience is the sum of your senses.  It is not just mind, not just heart, not just gut.  Emergent behavior suggests that at larger scales, the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts - there is newness in the mix.  Ego aside, take care of yourself and others will want to take care of you, because they project themselves into you in what they see.  A mind trick, so to speak.

Now keep in mind, that you can change your mind at will.  We expect consistency of thought - yet when some facts 'change' in form from true to no longer true, other facts rush in where angels fear to tread.  We learn that as we learn, some things that we thought were right were not exactly right and turned out to be wrong.  Experience is sometimes a trial and error process and our memories deceive us, we bring in legends of our own minds.  Taking notes helps, our mind can shape any image to see what it wishes to believe - quite adaptive in that sense.

We have a common illusion that seems to be the same in each of our minds.  To generate this morphogenic field in holographic form, we have certain convention that we accept to describe how we see things.   When my eyes see red and it registers in my mind, is it the same color red that you see that registers in your mind?  Or is it that we learned convention, and the wavelengths differ based on our eyes reception?

Such is the expanse of where a mind will go.  We have now covered seven of the eight segregated areas that combine to form the axes of the grid of 64 - all the meat and potatoes are here. What is not here is what we cannot see because we cannot imagine in that weigh.  But as we segregate in order to accumulate in different focus areas, the building of concepts from the ground base should allow us to alter the outside mechanism and bring calm out of the chaos, shelter from the storm.  Something that I suppose most of us, wouldn't mind at all.

Namaste' ...   doc / hari'

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