February 18, 2014

Port in the Storm : Game # 52

How does one create a world, within this world, to get yourself to a place where you resonate at a light vibration?  First thing is to get into the state where you have the time to think.  If you do not have the time to think, then you will not be part of a mind based group - but there will be  64 base groups and only 15 of the are mind based - with Mind Minding being a basis set that crosses itself.  The Mind Minding location is doc's home location in the game/experiment - the world number is not released.

Mind Minding is a knowledge tracking station.  It is also the home of ONRRI - the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute - where Doc does his analytical chemistry in support of the mining industry to earn his annual celery.  The idea that each field has a knowledge base that is internally self-consistent, yet not interchangeable in scope, is extremely frustrating to watch - each science describes the same natural system which works without any description necessary.  Mind Minding is an area that provides an education architecture - you can teach what you know.

So, what we have in the reel whirled is the different sciences coming together in angst because the mechanism of flow does not allow the form to be supported.   The basis for the common knowledge of the cutting edge has been removed from the purview of the average citizen - in fact, from most citizens.  We have a schizophrenic law making process with absolutely no law unmaking process.  We have a fear society that needs to be transformed through love - and we have a light battle with dark where the light has obvious victory, but like a chess match, the game has to be played until a resignation or checkmate occurs.

The grand experiment Port in the Storm is to take each perspective of two in permutations of eight to develop a 64 grid to look from different perspectives.  The players role play themselves based on the interaction between people that get along for a common purpose.  The game will suddenly have changes that happen and the reaction to the changes will determine the value of the perspective, relative to each other. The form of metric measurement developed for Existence will carry over into the grid system - although individual flow mechanism will be at the choice of the community that operates the turf.

All facets of this fractal system will be rewarded with influence - a currency that will help set direction for the game at large.  Each area requires imagination, and acceptance of each peep in the group as a relative equal - peeps own talents in interaction will determine the form and flow for each group.  Some of these terms will develop new and novel definitions over time.   For the moment, the game is so early in development, that the form of the experiment is not fully set in stone.  As an area modulates, the technical assignment will change to fit the process already in use, rather than impose an outside set of arbitrary variables and constants.

To play : just think - start forming a role play identity with an alter ego that is consistent to the form that you imagine yourself being.  Look into yourself for an idea of how you want this character to operate and then get hold of me.  Post a comment here on blogger and i will respond and then ipso facto.  Or use one of the other channels that i leave open from thyme to Thyme. 

Namaste' ...  hari'

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