February 19, 2014

Wave Theory: Light = Music

Imagine wonder.   Sometimes, paying attention is too costly.  Let the world glow and the light will find weighs of seeking you.  Wisdom is a learned asset - try things for the novelty of doing something different and having the experience.  What qualities do you have that you are pleased to share, and what things would you prefer to stay back in the recesses of your heart?  Let those latter things go.

Sometimes, we tackle difficult tasks, because we are up to the results of the transformation, even if we know that the work will be difficult - we assume the result and the journey will both be worth the effort.  The focus of direction can be self directed or outside focused; the individual that moves to make change takes on a responsibility for the results of the effort.  On different scales it is like giving birth to a child, or birth to an idea, this birth to a change.  We shift our frequency.

The visible light spectrum is noted by the moniker Roy G. Biv :  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, clear.   The clear is the sum of the all - the absence of any wavelength would be black.   What is a wave - a vector that has direction and carries information.  We use frequency to measure waves in terms of cycles per second passing a fixed point.  Each wave length is a distance and we count how many of these distances pass a fixed point in a second.  To us, a few blinks of an eye.  But to someone riding the crest of the wave, what would the time environment look like???

We all serve for the time being.  The time being is a she person and she gladly accepts our sacrifices of our time to her lot - but she really wishes we would control our own time better rather than worshiping her.  Time is an illusion that tethers together morphogenic holograms in a sequence of patterns that resonate within the information field that we generate.  In other words - we create what we have based on what we think.  Poor Rene - he still thinks that because he thinks that he is.  Everything is and self-recognition is the basis of our thinking style.  Or so we think.

The thyme has come to step back and watch - to let go of concepts of time and space and distance and seconds and to be, as we resonate at frequencies that enhance our individual moods.  Share the love, joy, and peace by letting go of the fear based misery of what seems rather than what is.  It is so hard to tell, that we get caught up in our mind rather than our hearts - just let the love flow.  

Love sounding in the background is music to my ears.  Music is light at a different frequency - waves that hit our ears rather than our eyes.  As we build our imaginary alcove - it will become real; we can see the interplay of dream time into current reality - if we let the reel whirled go.  When we do, there is no going back - bridges swing in the wind and one crossing per person is all that they can hold.

Be - for the purpose of being.  Ask - what would make me happy?  Guide yourself toward your intention and be at peace within yourself.  Ask yourself - why?  Why, me?  Because we are all we, we are all one and our personal experience is important to each and all of us.  Create a voice that represents your point of view and then, seek others that enjoy similar traits.  The music can flow - listen to it and enjoy the context.

Namaste' ...  hari'

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