May 25, 2014

Musical Dominoes

Virtual people are forming communities over the air waves - hopefully, telepathy , remote viewing and beam me up, scotty transporter technology will allow interpersonal visitation in real time and space.  I wanna bake bread, with a friend in Norway.  We share talk and music - sight and sound - but smell, taste and touch would be nice to share too.

When we share music, we play dominoes with the song themes.  We can take any facet of the song and meld the following song into that topic. The jump has to have some logic, but artist has the same first name is a type of allowable jump.  We gradually try to build songs that have all the jumping themes - so it gets pretty tricky.  Lots of fun.  All it takes is a chat room and a you tube connection.

The chat room can be found at .  The bandwidth is littered with pop-up ads, but good ad-blockers make it somewhat smooth.  You get your own room, just by signing up.  I play in several different rooms - Divinity being the present favored location.  This will be a wave of the future, once the technology catches up.  

Elvis Love Me Tender to Jackson Browne Tender is the Night.  mebbe Bob Seger Night Moves next - the game never ends ...

Namaste' ... doc

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