May 13, 2014

Consciousness III

The internet is not reliable any longer.  The whole net neutrality game is about buying time and restricting the free flow of information.   The changes will come as the cost of connection increases.  Of course, the real cost of connection is pennies - especially if the costs of the hardware are included and amortized.   The bandwidth problem comes from the intense use of video - lots of conflicts, especially when multitasking.

Bandwidth and frequency are related functions.  As we move along the electromagnetic spectrum, the wavelengths change and the colors shift.  When we change our personal aura, the effect is noticeable to the peeps who are watching.   The color scale of Roy G. Biv applies - St Germain's violet flame is at the low energy end of the light spectrum.  We can alter our personal frequency at will, by conditioning our minds to remain unencumbered as we create novel thought patterns.

As we develop our conception of a holographic universe, the question becomes how we keep the same images together for a group of peeps as opposed to just our own conceptions.  When we come up with an outside the box thought, the needs to express that uniqueness has to take form by novel means.   As peeps come together and engage in discourse, the meme get picked up and altered, but the base frequency of the idea transmits over a greater range.  Soon, there are 100 monkeys that all get it.

Physical reality comes in a duality format because that it the weigh we have been taught to observe it.  We get mixed messages that are not clear, until we go within ourselves and begin to ask the questions that have answers that matter.  But on what scope and scale?  That is for each of us to choose.

There are two absolute points on the scale of consciousness.  The first is the setting of one as your own personal thought.  Most of us reading this can grok (grasp) this topic.  The second absolute can be argued, but it is the consciousness of the human race, en toto, is a single thought form.   There are likely greater collectives, including Gaia as the thought form of life on earth and like both universe and galaxy have resonant frequencies.  All on different harmonic scales that blend fractally into each other.

The idea of collective consciousness as an overlay on individual consciousness is what creates the common holograph.  The idea of as above, so below gives us a form that can perpetrate through dimensions;  the idea of time has locked us into the belief that every other scale is like this one.  Self-similar does not mean exactly the same.  So many of our models get taken literally and not used for what they should be - a starting point into newness.

Namaste' ...  doc

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