May 23, 2014

Belief Systems

Each one of us believes in the things that we have learned over the course of our individual lifetimes.  The wealth of experiences that we have encountered have shaped our points of view based on values, ethics, morality and several other innate and inane factors.  We accept or reject information based upon the lattice construct for organization within our brains.  Each of us has recall and perspective, plus the ability to discern - to judge the value of any statement or object.

When more than one of us come together in groups, share love, and become a larger group of one; we have to integrate parts of other people's views and differentiate between some of our own ideas.  We always are one in our self - our individual partners get preferential treatment because we have come to know and understand the way they think.  When the group size reaches three - the ability to shift to two against one becomes a divisor.   We can have groups within groups and it seems that the larger fibonacci groups are compounded smaller groups.

School learning (or school indoctrination) have made it difficult for people to grasp reality.  We make common assumptions that people see things the way that we see them and fail to cross-check that assumption by asking the proper questions.  Some peeps are to be believed because their status demands it - and we allow them to keep up that illusion.  

For instance, the myth that a medical doctor knows more and cares about you, the patient, more than he care about the $$$ that he makes, is perpetuated by the professional verbage of the medical system.  He isn't any smarter than you - he just worked the system to use it to his personal advantage and 'they' tell you he is smart.  Big lie.

The whole responsibility for your health is upon you - get off medical pharma, eat good foods and take care of yourself responsibly.  You can save major bucks by never voluntarily using the medical system.  Health is a state of mind.  The best doctor is Doctor Who - a time traveller.  Him, i might believe.

Gaia is shifting, our world is currently filled with tiers and tears.  As the social order decends into social chaos, small groups of individual working together can achieve the altitude of their aptitude.  The cosmic consciousness is one where we combine our relevant experience and see if we can find a weigh that works for the benefit of all, rather than the benefit on few at the expense of all.  Even the terms used here need work.  We can talk past each other with images that mean something different through each interpretation.

The themes that we deal with within this blog make the reader think.   Doc tries to talk about science in terms that non science people can grok - while still covering depth within the topic.  The group theory and the game theory and the approach to wit are facets that doc has developed during his study into areas of the unknown.  Lemme takes those forms and combines them into other new forms - thru poetry.   The basis for music is poetry set to beat - all things can be stated elegantly in song, to make us think.

The counterpart to thinking is feeling.  Intuition is based on a sense of knowing:  when you play your cards differently, it somehow always comes back to bite you.  When we meditate, we slow down the processes of thought to the point where our senses focus on breath, on single concepts or color, or shape, or light.  It is from here that the projection of feelings into thought can be merged in such a way as to create a new field off onto a tangent.

A tangent is a different perpendicular direction - feelings with thought provide a clarity that can allow regrouping into a different physical time-space.   Our linear beings do not have access to this dimension - individuals can remote view to anywhere their presence can be felt, by placing their being into that emotional sphere.  We can empathize and be there - if we believe we are there while our physical presence is here.  There is another there out there, off limits to those who cannot conceive of the confuguration.

Belief systems are funny things - you only have to believe in the system that you are currently using.  Most peeps like to think that they use pure logic, yet emotion cannot be turned off as though we were Vulcans.  We have been conditioned to think a certain weigh;  what is true depends entirely on how much we believe in this conditioning.   To break it - we will construct a form that allows us to build upon what we know for sure and to question the things that we think we know, but might be different from what we know and the way we know it.

Socrates was the most educated man in Rome, because he understood how little he really knew.  Plato grokked the concept of dimension by watching shadows on the wall of a cave, and asking deeper questions.   Our NOW depends on our belief systems;  as we reject the current format and start individually grokking the effects of love and logic together, we become the vehicles for change.  Transparency will allow folks who follow the footsteps to work to personalize the routes to transformation.  

CoZ is here to help provide context - each of us alone must find a path that comes to unity through diversity and acceptance of many weighs, not just a system that forces fear in place of providing love. CoZ is a support structure to discern truth, on a person journey down a path less travelled.  We each have a support network, to take those first steps alone.

namaste' ... doc

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PintofStout said...

This sort of explains why I feel institutionalized in my current life and always have a lingering sense like I am looking to escape. Of course, escape can be harder when you take a family with you, but it may be easier, too. Much to think about.