May 08, 2015

what we can do

Blessed be you
Blessed be me
You and me
Together as we

We are strong
We are weak
We are imposing
We are meek

2015 lemme howdt cc

The meek shall inherit the earth - once the vast confusion settles and we stop fighting ourselves. Embrace that we have a dark side and a light path - because darkness does not exist without the contrast of light to elucidate form. Love is the answer - unconditionally offered with caveats that allow a consistency between 'love' and distaste.

You can anger me, but you cannot upset me. I am in control of my own responses to whatever the universe throws my weigh. I can sit back and catch all the flak, because i do not allow flak beyond the surface of my outer jacket. We are rubber, not glue: anything said bounces back and sticks to the sayer, not to the sayee. If we just do the things that we know we need to do, we will come howdt of crisis with a positive scroll.

The change has come, we can feel the vibration within us. Higher vibrations cannot interact with lower vibration because the signal frequency is too long - we can emit slow and catch on fast, but never can we emit fast and absorb slow. When we resonate at higher frequency, anything here that hasn't willfully come along will be disintegrated by the pace of action. As the illusion fades - we will not be able to support myths that have no basis in reality.

Each of us has our own conception of what is happening. We take our information in the context of what we know and evaluate the data against what we believe. The context of school set us thinking inside a system that establishes some basic fixed data - what we are told can and cannot be done. We assume a commonality of education, but the fact is that each of us holds things as true in the context of how we learned them and very few of us change our thinking pattern when we realize an untruth with-in out thinking system.

It is much easier to forget that you know something, than it is to act differently because of what you know. By playing the game when you know the game is rigged, you contribute to the problem rather than the solution. We have a whole whirled built on a house of cards and the foundational structure that we have been told is here is not here at all. The only thing here is a churning pot and to not become homogenized into butter, we the sheeple have to think for ourselves.

This means that you do not have to agree with me. You can look at lemme and say that this dude is a total psycho. (Come to the psychic (psycho) fair on saturday - tomorrow at Mystic Earth). Yet, if you can see the game thru my eyes as i have presented in the blog posts, you have to act with the knowledge presented and change your mode of thinking. We are abundant, and controlled by a Monsanity of corporate regulation that really doesn't fit the context - it consumes without supporting the mass, just the cream is taken and we all get milked, if we allow it. I don't - I enjoy my day immensely and do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

This does not mean i ignore the future or the past. The past history is a challenge because all the stories are changed by the victors in every power play, such that the heroes are the winners of whatever endeavor happens to be. That the illusion is whatever we wish to see it as is lost on people who want you to see only what they see. We can agree to disagree.

Events are happening ... more soon.  Namaste' ... doc


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