May 04, 2015

Full Moon Rising

All sorts of energy fluxxes, with ebbs and flows. The project is going strong and barely going, depending on which point of view you prescribe. To me, we are playing stuck in the rut games because the power is being held by a narrower focus of insiders and external recognition is not an allowable alternative. The mess is a mess and the attempts to get there from here are bound to fail because the mechanism is set up with more hurdles than a track meet.

To do is to become disenchanted with doing, because the resources that were necessary were reallocated to immediate situations where fires had to be put out, although why is anyone's first rational question. The war on forest fires has created tinderboxes of ready to burn forests that badly need fuel load abatement, but have no caretakers properly qualified to steward the land. The land needs to be lived on and loved, worked with and cherished, not harvested by clear-cut to pay taxes on life.

Sometimes we just have to give up and walk away and wish people luck as they proceed to crash and burn by running full face first into the brick wall. The idea that we can change things but leave the same ownership rules in place and work within them is a fools dream - there is nothing moving forward from the old system except ashes and compost - valuable restarting materials but not worth much until they ripen and are processed.

The war is on full swing today - the full moon is changing behavior and peeps are being peeps in all their glory. The shrew wails and the yung-uns shrink and nobody appreciates the clear blue skies. 

Namaste' ... doc

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