May 05, 2015

Funky Reality? Realitized Funk?

When things look god they turn howdt very badly and when things get really, really bad, everything turns up well. This cycle of misinterpretation is underpinning the emotions of the folks that believe in what they were taught - the strands unravel faster than the knitters can knit them together. So we get Baltimored - another false flag event that gives more power to the feds to enforce rules that fleece the peeps in the name of corporate personhood. The riots are deliberate - the schools have taught that with no justice available, you take just us into your own hands.

I watched the SNL sketch of the Orioles came with no peeps in the stands. SNL - Saturday Night Live has been far off my radar screen for years - i thought John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd were still there. But as Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna said - It's Always Something. And as Gilda's Emily Littell said - Nevermind. As we look at the ability of comedy to pierce reality by making fun of all the gestures, we find a system unable to produce laughter because everybody has been turned politically correct in their public face. PC fascism builds show ornaments that have no function, but look good. Sigh. The baseball skit was more sad then funny.

Life in the 1960's, growing up in front of a television, brought a skewed explanation for everything that happened. You never quite understood the whole picture, but the little picture was detailed and examined in great detail, by those baseball brains describing the play action. It led to situational thinking and over nine innings of game, the announcers commented on everything. So i learned how to think by a running analysis of the pictures, descriptions and accounts of the games. I never had the expressed interest of major league baseball, which claims ownership of the product, but y'know i heard that disclaimer four or five times a day. The Mets, Yankees and Phillies were were all local and the Cubs and Braves had super-stations. Cable was still just a piece of cord.

Today, everything on television is canned around the group think and the selling of a lifestyle. You need more gadgets to keep up and every gadget is shinier, brighter and better than before. Progress is fitting more gigs into less space to the point where i can no longer fit fingers into slots to remove cards. It is as frustrating as plastic seal on a medicine bottle, followed by an impossible trick cap. All because of a false flag known as Tylanide. Remember when the cyanide in the tylenol killed two peeps and everything then had to be supersealed for the chemical supersealant safety industry - the precursor of the TSA mentality,

To stop, we must really stop. The peeps just re not ready yet - i watched the events of the weekend essentially draw into question the thinking of the past five years - and the answer was to ignore things and go back to chasing the non existent money.  Take all the writing and development and turn it into a half hor dog and pony show for consumption by the funder deciders who must see how well fido fetches and whether Mr. Ed can jump. Have we developed the horserace with hurdles for our personal track meat?

The answer is to quit the system and pay no attention to the man with the levers behind the screen. I enjoyed the Wizard of Ahhh's - Pentatonix is a group of young people reviving the songs of yesterday with ah Capella branding. Ooh, Lala. The songs of the 60's, 70's and 80's are different from the events of the 80's and onward - the Ronnie revolution was the beginning of just say no to life. We have been monsanitized - can we just end the monstrosity - return from monsanity and stop spraying poison at everything? 

Noxious plants listed in oregon as invasive include Japanese Knotweed - a medicine plant that creates resveritol - which is packaged and sold as a high end pharmaceutical. Whole plant medicine works so much better. It could be a million dollar cash crop in a dwindling economy, but the state says its bad so they spray it with poisons, payed for by your local soil and water conservation district - the misnamed pushers of poisons on the world.

Know what they teach at school - that geo-engineering will save us from global warming, How? By spraying barium or strontium into our atmosphere? The magnetism of the elements foils communications by scrambling wavelengths - the whole universe is electric and alive - except the morons on the Potomac who want to see everything dead - selves included. That is the part i just don't get, the scortched earth is a waste of usefulness for future generations. Uranium shells - really? 

Play to the insanity and it pays with your mind and you chase concepts that are based on the nothing that is real. I choose not - like Bartlebey the Scrivener.

namaste' ... doc

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