May 06, 2015

Fires in the Whole

There must be an attraction to burning around here, as there have been 4 fires that i know of locally since the beginning of May. The imagery and symbolism of fire is a restart - because the Phoenix arises from the ashes. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This morning there is a forest fire five miles from here, but it is spring, things are lush and fire fighters are on hand doing 'controlled burns'. Yeah, right. How come all the pyros get paid big cash by the forest circus to fight fire?

Fire is a cash cow, a center of urgency that appropriates funds immediately at the cost of more worthy projects. Rather than remove the fuel load from the ground, the management specifies to throw resources at the fires as they grow to stop them, but the fuel load on the ground is always there, because they stop fires from removing the stuff. The value of the trees in board feet is all they seem to care about.

The people who fight fire are regarded as heroes, because we are a war tribe and we fight everything. Not me. Fire is my friend, another tool in the box. Nature knows how to use fire as an ally and to not fear the reaper on a good burn. But you remove your litter and there is nothing to burn. If we managed forests like individual tree beings and allowed each to have it's weigh, then the things we could use trees for would be made obvious by the things we no longer use trees for. Like pulp and paper.

Industrial hemp has the potential to replace wood as a source for paper and the people who 'manage' resources know it. They have made it legal to grow hemp here in Oregon, but impossible to get good organic fiber seed - because of import restrictions and over availability of seed oil hemp seed. If there is to be a cottage industry field of clothmaking, then we need to grow fiber crops, flax for linen, more things than just cotton. There are also animal fibers to be considered, angora rabbit fur makes awesome scarves, for instance.

Ah - back to the local fires. The first one was Davey's television set, which is a function of the way davey investigates the world. He was trying to screw with the insides and this is the same davey that once nailed a candle directly to the wall. if he was using his lighter for light to see inside, i could see how dust could flash and a fire result. not bright, but things happen to davey that weigh. We create our own worlds.

The barn fire was a problem of the wood timbers drying out over the course of the winter, as the constant heating of the space was not part of the original design. The house fire was a larger debacle, where the embers restarted and completed the destruction while the fire department worried about arson investigation rather than putting out the flames. Now finally, there is the forest fires just outside of town - no lightning, but really kinda wet here lately, so it really can't get away.

Going down in flames seems to be a big picture scenario here too. The lack of viable infrastructure makes here a 5th world nation - worse off than the third world because the value was here in the resource and the kleptocorporate legal establishment claims control of the domain, under the scheme of payments to banksters? Can we default already and get the criminals howdt of the control positions? Can we allow the peeps who know what to do make decisions of what to do in their area?

The idea is to localize and see what we need, from fire to fiber and just be able to do it - without permission, because we need none. Localizing will introduce the opportunity for new working models on all scales of endeavor. Just ask yerself, what do I wish to do and be in the flow path of people doing what your heartsong tells you to do. Instead of working a nine to five and chasing the merikn dream with a just over broke encumbrance.

namaste' ... lemme

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