October 03, 2012

What's in the Water?

   The first time you do something different, there are only two available outcomes, magic and disaster.  No matter how much prep time you have, no matter how well the frame is assembled, it either works like a charm or blows up.  The ability to say, yes, i've been through it once, is sometimes the only legitimate result that can be offered.
    Timing of course, is everything.  The first matter of course is to prepare and know your material.  The reason you endeavor to attempt branching out, is to expand the reach of the system, to see if getting that next larger size fractal changes anything in the pattern.  You have to be able to see the vision to steer the coarse, navigating the unknown to make it all that more comfortable for next time.
     Adventure is tarrying forth into the unknown, with your sword and trust dragon, ready for fight or flight and everything in between.  The pen is mightier than the sword and kitties are a lot more functionalable than dragons - imagination is the bridge to this adventure of learning. To market, to mark it, to buy a fat pig, home again , home again, jiggedy jig.

     Nursery rhymes used to be the purveyors of truth - each holding a witticism that conditioned the child to grok a concept.  What those concepts are have been lost in the telling and retelling of the tales, in the form of the old game of telephone.  The story changes subtly in each retelling until the point is, well, was, what was the point?  Jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack flash sat on a candlestick because fire is the devils only friend.
     Last night, i ran the trial run of my Water Class - The Many Faucets of Water.  They all dripped.  The mechanism hid the photo files in the dropbox and then wouldn't bring them onto all the screens simultaneously.  I thought i had the sequence that i wanted well at hand, but couldn't seem to engage the proper slide - kept getting back to the bug kids.  Now, i like the bug kids, it's a cute photo, but not ten times in one hour session.  I'd rather see the bugs themselves.
     I grok full well that this roll howdt is premature.  I am engaged in an SEP field and the only weigh to break the force field of an SEP field is to spin your wheels and cool your jets.  I believe it was Douglas Adams who explained that SEP is somebody else's problem - it would take you too long for too little benefit to fix the problem yourself, so you have to put up with it.  Timing of sequences works that way currently - we know the phenomena as hurry up and wait.
     The need to get things right is more important than the need to get things fast.  Right is a word that i use personally to establish things as symmetry allowed or symmetry disallowed - right and wrong.  I am very left brained rigid on this point and take an exceptional amount of crap from people who want to tell me i am not right and not even hear my definition of what the concept means in my usage.  This is my work, I set the rules.  That is how we think in this world - for gaming adventure - it is the starting paradigm in our hero's quest for knowledge.
     You get to be the hero in your own story.  The story is about cooperating to create the change we all wish to see.  The game starts in earnest as soon as, as soon as ...  as soon as the timing is right and that is not yet.  Stay tuned, same bat time ... same bat channel.  merrily, merrily, merrilly, merrallee : Life is butter dreams ... 
        namaste'     doc

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