March 26, 2014

The Weigh to Change

When you step away from the attachment and observe the situation from a detached point of view, you find that the current civil panic is completely driven by the media.  The lame stream contingent of the merikan press has decided that its opinionated world view is true and the rest of the world is false.  Since this media is owned and operated by the corporatocracy - obviously our problems are cause by our laziness and slothfulness - us not keeping up with the wealth.  Raz today popps some quotes from these octogenarian worldbridgers - who live in their own world !

Now, Let it all go.  That game ended - the whole economy is over.  The idea that we must pay to live is over.  The idea of individual ownership - well that one is going to play itself out over time - with many different attempts to change the parameters.  The new game picks up on the playing field of the old :  how much of that turf is chewed is not yet determined.  At the moment - use an image of an hourglass - the sand has run completely to the bottom and the inversion has not yet taken place.

Let us assess the natural resources.  Do we have water?  Food?  Shelter?  Light?  Clothing?  Access?  If we suddenly had to come to grips with absolutely no electrical grid - is there any plan?  So as we slowly work into the next mode of existence, perhaps we can work through some of the mechanisms of bootstrapping our system back up to something that is workable.

This depends entirely on scale.  The scale depends on how people congregate and the mixture of people has not at all been determined at this point.  Perspective holds many of the cards - the push and shove of impatience will guide the specific path that each one of us walks, alone, until we congregate.  If it comes down to the moment of action - are you prepared to take individual action?

Something is not stacked properly in the house of cards and the vision has suddenly clarified to make sense to those who can open their eyes.  The change is already begun;  the ecktomorphing of the holographic reality gives the image of false expectation.  To create, we first must vision.  To vision real, we must first eliminate the false.  How does one tell true from false?

Here is the weigh.  Validate the first assumption.  I am.  How do you know you are?  I am.  We are part and parcel of the same entirety.  You are because I am.  You and me make we by definition.  I know what i know and you know what you know.  We do not know the same things, so we are not in conflict until we disagree.  

Each of us has our own basis set of truth, as we see it.  An alteration of the truth, the realization of false in a thinking mode, requires due diligence to work through the thinking to make it back to a concrete whole once again.  Each whole is another fractal dimension where the agreement of perspective holds until the ratio changes.

Think of numbers.  Big numbers tend to leave us with an imaginary upper limit.  If i say a trillion dollars - we all think of US governmental budget scale.   Hardly any of us can count that high - nor do we realize that the ratio of very big numbers can be small.  We are so stuck on numbers being amounts, that we forget about the quality of numbers - there is sacred geometry that flows throughout nature encompassing all scales.  We just need to ease into some new thought patterns.

Become a seed.  For a moment, think about your future germination.  Once you get damp, you will sprout and grow roots - and start the nutrient exchange with the air around you.  You acquire carbon dioxide and water from various sources and put them together to make sugars.  These sugars are the stabilization of the physical structure that creates more cells.  

You trade sugars for metal ions with the fungi in the soils.  These metals serve as catalysts to increase the rate of growth of leaves - your eventual solar collector.  Once you have the process of growth down, your development into a plant comes quickly - the plant has many things to learn that the seed did not have to think about.  This is how we change our fractal reality as a function of scale.

Now, how many atoms of water are in our original seed?  If you guessed a trillion, then you are in the proper ballpark of order of magnitude.  Maybe.  We may be underestimating.  If we think of the number of digits in the number as a synopsis of the order of magnitude - we are probably dealing about a hundred numbers in our mobius strip.  The mobius strip has a front and a back and ties together with a twist, such that every pathway is unique until the loop restarts.

No matter where you start in the loop - water is a given constant.  There will always be water and it should always be flowing, although that is a function of temperature - beyond the scope of discussion as to the effect on this level of scale.  There are so many more water atoms than anything else that water really has to be the seat of consciousness - the frame that holds the holograph together.  

We need badly to know what really is at the next scale up - not in the rocks and stars sense but in the continuity of organic life.  Start with 'What is life between human and Gaia scale'?  What is the form beyond Gaia in large?  Very small has been the focus of science - very large the focus of philosophy.

Thyme to integrate socio-chemistry with water bodies at all scales.  

Namaste' ... doc

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