March 04, 2014

Share with me, Don't talk at me

I found myself annoyed this morning - it was a reaction that i did not expect.  I have been working on joy and love;  patience is one of those things that i feel is imperative - to be okay with other people doing what other people do.  I wish to be left to my own devices to do what i wish to do, so i should not tell other people how to be.  I should just be me and take things with a grain of salt.  Sometime, the grain needs to be very large.  I do not like being told how to do what i do.

I do not watch to learn.  When i watch a movie, show or talk video;  it is to be entertained.  Work is about watching everything and measuring in great detail, so when i get into my at ease state - i do not want somebody telling me something that disagrees with my world view.  I am comfortable in this world view and to change it means to get to work on a different aspect of self.  

The world that i left, which is interdependent on many things that i no longer believe, is gone and not something that i desire to get back to.  I will turn a video off rather than argue with the nonsense presented - because just thinking about how to refute the nonsense is participating in the nonsense.  My journey put me in touch with many spiritual egos - i learned to accept each for the person that was there trying - as long as that person was true to self.  

When the bubble deflates and the choices have to be made are difficult, we can all sympathize.  When the bubble inflates and the choices are different because something has changed positive, then those that play the old game and take advantage of the situation over their own personally professed ethics have me lost.  I don't get it.  We are all changing and we are all one.  If you want your one to be greater than my one - one of us is missing the boat and we cannot be together as one.  

Spirituality is not religion and it certainly is not the new age hogwash being sold to people at places like the Shift Network.  You cannot buy acceptance of a spiritual nature - you can learn how to do it from listening to the wisdom of others and then practicing it yourself.  Once you have put in a thousand hours, you might have a knowledge of the beginning of something.  The insta - revelation that changes a person does happen, but the consistency of the spoken word relative to its meaning, IN CONTEXT, is what makes a person real.

I honor and respect that others may think differently.  I have taken some paths that others will blanch at and made them work through the complete belief that this was the weigh to travel through the spheres.  I rarely think about what other people think and i do not have the perspective to see things differently until the time is taken to point out the differences. I actually listen and I can take directions:  as long as they make technical sense, because i can change a process instantly to make it work better, once i remove the constraints set forth by the limits of the system.  

Share with me what you need to accomplish and I can help.  Tell me how to help, and you have lost me.  I cannot see how doing something that i cannot see can help you - unless i trust you, i will do it your way because that is how you expect to have it done.  It may not be the same as my weigh, but that's okay - when you have my respect and i am in your cast of characters - I play it straight.  As long as i know what straight is - i 'd rather pay it forward and deviate away from the straight and narrow.

When you include me, i feel appreciated.  Sometimes, I would rather not be included.  I like to have my space and time under my own control and leave things like money out of the equation.  But we all need to live.  Why must i negotiate a solution to no one's advantage as a compromise when i have a solution that would work find, though not be politically correct.  

The game of thinking about what others are thinking about is an endless circle of missed communication.  If you want me to know, please tell me.  If i find out later that you didn't tell me and i assumed wrong, then no blame.  You have to point it out for me to notice, not assume that i think like you do.  Everybody has tunnel vision from the well of their own existence.  

Working together in unity is taking multiple points of view and shaping them into a viable situation.  Have fun.  Don't stress it.  And don't change your point of view unless convinced by the logic to do so - people are fickle and want their own weigh.  You have your weigh.  I have mine.  We can measure.  Then we can see which weigh holds.

Namaste' ...  doc

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