March 21, 2014

Group Theory V : Level and Scale

Complexity and simplicity are two sides of another coin.  There are basics and there are advanced studies.  Learning is a process of folding and unfolding one into another continually - you don't bake bread until after you have kneaded dough.  When we take stock of what we have, it allows us to make decisions based on the best response for the groups we represent.

To begin again anew with different assumptions, first requires addressing the framework of the current form of existence.  This is going to be a challenge, we all see the frames and interpret the same frame differently from each other.  Correctness is based on context and is not absolute.   If we take a look at our vision as the observer and ask what it is that we are observing, we see that vision is colored by each of the groups that we are affiliated with.  Can we cut those chords?

Music produces a chord stream and could serve as an easy sorting mechanism.  The question of which sorting mechanism is in play is one of the key factors in assessing a situation.  The first thing that is necessary however is a valid count.  The item that is being counted serves as an indicator for the extent of the objective - you need to measure something that makes sense to the situation.  When dealing with people, a head count is quick and easy at relatively small numbers - an estimate can be used for bigger pictures.

Let's talk about counting.  First, we generate a number of items, in this case people in a room.  There is no error, so to speak - five is easy to track, eight a bit tougher, the more the merrier and more possible error.  Let's say we can be off in the count by one.  Thus twenty-one is really a range from twenty to twenty-two.  But let's look qualitatively at the numbers rather than quantitative.

Since 21 is a Fibonacci number, it falls into a special class - a place where the cusp changes.  This forms a directional function - a vector.  To define a vector, we need both quantity and direction.  Thus, when we cross a number like 21 - it has a significance in changing the scale of the group.  I have observed that Form changes with scale by a factor of two - thus the form lags behind the scale.  When studying emergent behavior, we will be setting and resetting scale continually, in order to simplify a complex picture as depth overtakes breadth.

So, to interpret -  the 20th person in the room sets the vibrational frequency of the next dimension chattering, but is not enough to quite kick it off.  The dynamic of 21 instantly generates that wave, such that a drop back to the count to 20 remains on that next higher scale.  In fact, once scale is achieved, it is not changed until another Fibonacci number is crossed.  Thus, a level once achieved becomes the floor for the next level.

The rate of growth is another key indicator of process fealty.  In other words - as a group achieves a rate of growth for a function, that rate will change the frequency of the waves generated as a function of scale.  A stronger group - in cohesiveness, scale and count - will morph into other groups in such a weigh that it retains its own unique identity and assumes another portion of a greater whole.  This is the key to the property of emergence - this is the target of what we are endeavoring to comprehend.

Groups serve as basis sets - set theory is intrinsic to mathematics.  Once you define a group, it can remain itself until redefined.  The idea that group theory uses symmetry to define the irreducible representation of the group serves as a function of count, which i have expresses as level based on the Fibonacci golden mean set.  In other words - i think that i am onto something intrinsic, a weigh that will allow small groups to form without being consumed by the bigger groups and losing their identity as a small group.  Emergence will take place as the levels of scale increase, as opposed to the current system in play which consumes rather than nurtures.

The depth of theory here is a fractal of all that is.  I am one and we all are one.  In intermediate fractals, we get to set our one and then start over toward the next iteration.  I have my cosmic surfboard - it is an 8th level toy : it manifested at the level of 13 in unity.  I expect us to reach 21 shortly after the change of the month, although three possibilities exist : 1) growth 2) retraction 3) maintenance.  A new parallel gate opened yesterday in the as below, so above world - a new count can start.

Namaste' ...  doc

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