November 26, 2005

Running Howdt of Thyme

With the current meltdown progressing abnormally fast and still knot being noticed, i am tempted to have doctor lenny howdt run for US senate or congress instead of the county commission circus. But politics needs to be local and dismantling the system is the only reason to go to DC - one term cut and run! Of course, seniority will not allow that to happen, but electing someone new in 2006 while electing everyone new in 2008 may really get quick leadership change in the house done fast. one trick might be to create campaign literature in the form of a serial mystery novel, with a recap and new evidence being released on a monthly timeline directed at magnifying howdt the candidate's name just at the key time - November 1st, 2006.

But dr. lenny should not be a candidate for anything - he doesn't have the patience or the aptitude to deal with people he doesn't like full time and besides, he lives in his own cloud. But in 1994, in a special election to replace a certain disgraced senator, the victor democrat ron wyden beat the republican gordon smith, with a third party candidate from the American Party - Karen Shilling - drawing enough voters to affect the race.

Perhaps karen was 12 - 14 years too early, but there might be a lesson for libertarian type political candidates that wish to roll up there sleeves and slog through the mud. karen was included in debates on the coattails of the perot '92 campaign, but without any perotquism due to the abruptness of the formation of the anti-political united we stand group - which suddenly repoliticized in time to defeat dick lamm in the '96 election.

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